#ManCrushMonday #davidtennant #freebielist #2
He’s just brilliant. He’s genuine, kind, funny, talented, sexy, gorgeous, clever and just really enjoys life. He dresses flippin awesome & has great taste. He doesn’t get embarrassed, he just puts himself out there and has a good time. He does not get the Hollywood recognition he deserves for his amazing talent. And yes, I like many others, want to run my hands through his hair. And he’s Scottish. And tall. And awesome. (at Burnet, TX)


Trust’s new video for “Dressed for Space." 

#mancrushmonday #jensenackles #freebielist #3
You might think that it’s really Dean Winchester that I love & I’m confusing the two BUT Jensen Ackles actually is awesome. He’s a talented actor, he sings & plays guitar (check him out on YouTube), he’s very funny & down to earth. He is the only American on my freebie list and he just happens to be Texan. 😉 And he’s going to be a first time Daddy this year (at Burnet, TX)