Weekly To-Do List

 Includes 5 Optional Colors

Hello again! Honestly, I thought I posted this printable a couple of months ago, but I realized today that I didn’t so here it is! It comes in 5 colors from my main palette and has enough space for just about anything. 


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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I made some older anime-themed valentine cards you can print out and share with someone you love or your anime-loving friends. Click on each image to view it better at full size and to save it, or you can download the entire sheet to print all of them at once here. Enjoy & have a fun Valentine’s day (I’ve filled today’s queue with Valentine’s-ish posts today, too, so look forward to that later today!)

handwriting printable!

this is my first ever printable!

throughout my obsession with studyblrs, i’ve always loved free printables! and, since i needed to work on my handwriting before the new school year anyways, i’ve decided to share it with everyone!

i added:

 the alphabet in lowercase and uppercase.

numbers 0-9. 

the words hi + bye + and + you.

you can find it on my google drive here + please tag me in all your pictures if you do use them!

Class Information Printable

Another new addition to my newest collection of printables, I’ve created a class information sheet. Though generally designed for college students is also flexible for high school students. Printable includes:

  • Basic Class Info
  • Policy 
  • Needed Materials (up to six)
  • Important Dates (ie. essay, homework and exam dates)



anonymous asked:

Hi Emma! Can you send or give me the link to all of your printables from etsy without buying it? Thanks 💋

Hi! I’ll link you to both my freebies and Etsy printables - when you click, it doesn’t instantly purchase the item or anything, so no need to worry about that x



If you decide to purchase off my Etsy, you can get 10% off using ‘back2school’ at the checkout! :-) Hope this helps x

Definition of Terms Printable // freebies from The Arialligraphy Project

Wouldn’t it be nice to compile all those terms and concepts you have to learn into one neat sheet?

How can I make the most out of this printable?
The third column of the printable labeled “How to remember the term” encourages you to associate the concepts you’re learning to something you are already familiar with in order to improve memory retention. As Julie Neidlinger (2014) put it, “We remember things better by what they are associated with, not by what they are.” So whether it’s a much simpler, synonymous word or a funny story you remembered, if it’s going to help you understand a concept better, write it down!

Terms and Definitions (with cells set to a height of 0.5″, 1″, or 1.5″)
Terms, Definitions, and Formulas (with cells set to a height of 1″)

Download these printables: Google Drive

A tagged snapshot of your computer, phone, or study space using these printables will be very much appreciated. (Use #thearialligraphyproject or #arialligraphy!) 😊

Need help? Check out how I used this printable during one of my study sessions by clicking this link!

printable #2 - valentine’s day washi

download here

made this sheet of washi for you to use in your bullet journals! all you have to do is print it out on paper or sticker paper if you have some and cut to use! don’t print this jpeg because it won’t be very good quality, click on the download link above for the pdf version :’) hope you like it! please let me know if you want to see more washi printables!! 

ps. i’ll probably do a plan with me in my bullet journal sometime this month!

Weekly To-Do List (Ver.1)

Includes Only Weekdays

I’m feel like I’ve been posting a new printable every week, but I got a lot of ideas that I just can’t help it (。◕‿◕。) So here’s a weekly to-do list! I figured since people are the busiest during the week I only included Monday through Friday. Don’t fret though! I’ll be posting a full 7 day one very soon! Hope you lovelies enjoy this one! xx.


If I made an Etsy store for printables, calendars, resume templates, etc, would you guys be interested? I’ve thought about it for a while but never been sure about pushing on the idea. I’d definitely still keep making freebie printables but I’d make some more detailed and bigger packs for Etsy. I’d love to know your thoughts :-)


Sorry that this is late but I made some habit tracker printables for October! These are my first printables so they’re kinda lame lol. I was going to make November and December ones too but I don’t have the time right now so I’ll just edit this post once I get around to those. I hope these are somehow helpful to you guys! If there are any problems please kindly message me! 

Download links:
October: pink / purple / blue / orange


Hello guys! I was having some free time so I decided to make some more printables.

This time I designed a monthly planner for the upcoming school year.

The planner includes: schedule, trimester plan and monthly layouts from september 2016 to august 2017

You can download it here as a PDF. Tag me if you use it, I’d love to see it!!

Weekly Planner.

Guys, as promised, a weekly planner to go with your day planner. You can view and download by clicking here. 

Part of a #SISC challenge was to share what helps us get back on track, and I am a list maker and love to plan ahead. This planner is something I would use to get back on track and plan my week! :) 

What do you like included in your personal weekly plan sheet?

anonymous asked:

hi i just want to say thank you so so so muuuuch for the freebies printables! i don't have access to esty at the moment so they helped out a lot and motivated me to be more organized in the upcoming school year. thank you again 💕

Hey! You’re beyond welcome - I’m so happy you like them! I’ll try to upload some more freebies over the upcoming days. I appreciate it a lot xx

ive been getting requests about axolotl theme decor for back to school so tomorrow ill make some freebie printables for you guys 👌🏽

also yes you can use my axo art for that stuff but dont make money off of it or claim it as your own work!! and if used on the web credit is needed unless for personal accts like skype (if its public it needs credit)

lowkey thinking of making an axolotl paper puppet deal too




These are some adult coloring pages I designed, feel free to print and use them for personal or non-profit use. If you would like to use them commercially or would like a custom one, send me a message on here, or kik me (my kik is sparklemurderer).


Day Planner.

So, I made this daily plan sheet for myself, but I thought some of you might like the blank copy! I filled it out the way its intended so you guys can get a jist of it.. You can download it here. You can print multiple and use them for your week. 

Im thinking of making a weekly one, as well. If anyone would be interested let me know! :) Also, I still have the file open on my InDesign, so if anyone would want it personalized (color or word changes) I wouldn’t mind doing so.

Share with your friends! :)


Hello guys! Today I release my second design of daily printable planners! 🍪 I enjoyed making this one and it’s much spacious and flexible than the other one. I know that sometimes we need a planner that is not too “strict”! If you know what I mean! Anyways, I also prepared a PDF which allows you to print mini versions of the planner in case you’re they type who wants little printables that you could easily insert into a notebook or folder ❤️✨ if you want to this, same rules still apply with my other planners: follow me on Instagram (@anotheradrianne) then message me your username and I will check and send you the private link 😋