Hey Texas! We’re bringing the #FortyPercent campaign to SXSW!

We know badges are expensive, here are some of the showcases where we’ll be that you can get into for free. Just RSVP! Click the venue name

Tuesday, March 17th

Wednesday, March 18th

Thursday, March 19th

Friday, March 20th

The CLEFguide to #SXSW Artist Watch

The CLEFguide to #SXSW Artist Watch

Oh what a wonderful day it is, we are a  couple of days away from from SXSW Music. We are clearly excited for this trip and are kicking off Day 2 of our CLEFGuide with SXSW Artist Watch. We will break down this list of artist between Mainstream (i.e. Wiz, Krit, Cole, etc) and Rising Stars. I know some of you all are thinking you want to chase around the big names but don’t sleep on the fresh…

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