"The Jones Couple’s basically the modern day Bonnie and Clyde, ‘cept with more explosions and a lot more blood on their hands."

What about that third guy that’s always with ‘em?”

"Eh. No one’s really sure. Some say he’s their lover, others their pet. If you ask me he’s just another psychopath along for the ride."


Michaels Heist was most definitely one of my favorite let’s plays of all time. 


RinRei Rockstar AU for Yuki119!!

ok so I thought rin would have piercings and gunk and he’d look super cool while rei is all cute and quirky and at first rin dislikes him because he just looks really dorky and idk but i had this idea that maybe rei was playing the piano/keyboard in the music room and rin overhears and thinks it’s beautiful and then rin asks rei to join his band?? (ok so idk if it’s just them two or rin’s just starting to start it up but idk the other dorks can be band mates too)

but anyway they’re end up having mutual crushes on each other and maybe make out a ton after gigs idk ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

bonus pic aka i cannot draw keyboards worth butt so pls forgive me:

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Taking pony requests!

Link me to your pony and I might draw him/her.


Let me draw your pony! I love colorful ponies. But Im willing to draw pretty much anything at the moment. Also, you can link me to original MLP FIM characters c: No problem with that. This Post shall be deleted by the end of this day. Thanks!

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