Thoughts from USAvARG game

  • Congrats Press for scoring 4 goals, that is pretty impressive
  • Congrats Lloyd for the hattrick
  • Brian played very well in my opinion
  • Chalupy played well as well, welcome back!
  • That was probably the worst stream I have ever watched, so idk if Leroux actually deserved that red card or not
  • Wambach literally provided nothing today, except for drawing fouls, but literally just didn’t do anything helpful. And that miss when the net was empty…priceless. Please please PLEASE Jill, for the next game, have AROD play instead of Wambach. I don’t know why you refuse to play her.
  • I’m glad Kelley got some playing time, even if it was like 6 minutes or something. I think you could see her versatility on the field. However, because she played those few minutes today probably means she won’t be playing in the next game, but there is always hope!
  • Also, Congrats Naeher on your clean sheet and first cap (I believe)!