gonna do my daddy justice .

The story of the West Memphis 3 scares the fuck out of me, but gives me hope too. My dad is being wrongfully accused of one account of Lewd & Lascivious molestation & one account of Lewd & Lascivious conduct. He was said to do these actions the night of August 18, 2011. The day before the WM3 got to walk free. My dad wasn’t booked, until October 17, 2011 at 11:57 am. He was taken from me at Duncan U. Fletcher High School in Neptune Beach, FL 32266. Well, you wanna know what the girl, who i trusted and acted like she was a sister to me… she said my dad placed his hand on her butt. Not squeezing it, but just like touched her butt. She said it happen at 10:00pm at night. Which, is a lie also. My sister, boyfriend and I were out there til 3:00 am talking to her. She came out in a tank top and underwear. Who ran inside and insisted on her to wear pants? Me. Who went and got them? Me. My dad came outside 10 minutes after she put them on. Wasn’t even out of the house for 30 minutes. He asked for a hug from her which she always gave him one. He as being my dad, always put his hands on your waist NO MATTER your high difference (he’s only 5ft). The day i went back to public school, Oct 17. her mother called my father twice. OFF OF HER DAUGHTERS PHONE. My dad didnt catch the first call in time so he was like.. whatever they’ll call back. Two minutes later she calls again. From the look in my dads eyes he had hope, meaning he thought it was a job. He was out of a job since Sept. 2010. So he answered it, my boyfriend was driving and i was in the back seat. I listened carefully and watched his expressions. See, my dad and I are so much alike. We fight but he is my best friend. He is my daddy. He’s foreign, he was born in Manila, PI. on October 8. He’s been in the US since he was 9. But he still doesn’t understand complete English… trust me… trying to explain something to my dad is like pulling teeth… Normally he’ll just nod his head and then go ask my mom what I, my sister or boyfriend meant when we said something to him. Yeah thats my daddy. She asked him a question and my dad made this face, his face he makes when he doesn’t understand. And that was on our way to my old high school… He gets off and i look at him and im like dad who was that and he told me the girls moms name and im like ugh. Well the mom always tried to get my dad to drink with her, and she always begged my boyfriend to do yard work and watch her house for her. We lived across the street from them.  1466 Cove Landing Dr. FL, my old house. They say my dad admitted to it, and they have it on tape with the cop. WHICH CAN NOT BE PERMITTED IN COURT. Because they did not have my dads consent to tape him. They went off her word. And kept him in jail. his bond is $50,000 thanks to the lawyer that had a motion to reduce his bond. THANKFULLY it went from $100,000 to $50,000. Going off of someones word without evidence is called Hear-say. If the judge was a good judge he would have stated that and thrown the case out. But of course the girls mother is pushing this. What does she want from us? Money. We barely made ends meet before my dad got taken to Jail than we lost his unemployment. But whatever, my dad has 3 witnesses, she has no proof. I trusted her and she turned against me over what? I’m not sure. My dad has never been inappropriate to anyone. My dad is a United States Navy Veteran of 20 years. He would never do anything to make someone uncomfortable. He just always wanted people to be loved and cared for. He just tried to be a father figure to the girl cause she would always tell me how her mom calls her names and mentally abuses her and she would never get attention from her dad. Only her older sister would, this gave her the ultimate attention. All eyes are on her. For putting an innocent man in jail. My dad missed my 18th birthday, that only makes two birthdays he’s missed throughout my whole life. The last birthday he missed was my 6th birthday, when he was in the military. Today, January 24, 2012… he’s been in there for 99 days. He was taken away from my mom, who can not walk and he was her primary care giver. I don’t want sympathy. I just want my dad to get his justice. I’m asking anyone to help get this out, another innocent man is in jail. My father, a man who served to keep our country safe. Let’s bring him home guys.
Sign this petition to help regain my dads innocence & rightful justice!!

Petition against the State of Florida by the Biay family. This is to show my dad has support and believers who know my dad would never nor has touched a young girl in an inappropriate way nor talked to them in any way. My dad is innocent. I know for a fact. My dad was railroaded by the state of Florida. The very state ill always call home. But home holds to many Demond’s for me now.


Dad, You have supporters <3. 

Keep the movement going. 

This wont make your blog ugly. This is for my father. how many reblogs i get a day I will screen shot it to show your support for my dad. Every facebook and twitter post of #FreeADB or #FreeAlfredoBiay, i’ll do the same. 

Please hes been falsely accused of allegations that can NOT even describe my father. He’s my best friend, lets bring him home <3