Sign this petition to help regain my dads innocence & rightful justice!!

Petition against the State of Florida by the Biay family. This is to show my dad has support and believers who know my dad would never nor has touched a young girl in an inappropriate way nor talked to them in any way. My dad is innocent. I know for a fact. My dad was railroaded by the state of Florida. The very state ill always call home. But home holds to many Demond’s for me now.


Dads been transferred again. All the guilt, pain and emotions hit me hard as I had to let reality sink it that he’s still in prison and will be Til I’m 22. It upsets me that I can’t do anything to help him. I still wish I could trade places with him because I know he still doesn’t understand. He called my mom and sounded scared and confused… All I wanted to do was hug him and tell him I love him. He’s further into the panhandle of Florida. I think he’s closer to Panama City now. But it breaks my heart because next year ill be flying down with Michael to visit family and friends in Jacksonville… I won’t be able to see my dad. I mean seeing my in laws and good friends is really nice. But nothing compares to seeing my dad. And actually knowing he’s all right when I look at him. I’m strong when I have to be. I always look strong on the out side. But in the inside… I’m dying.


Dad, You have supporters <3. 

Keep the movement going. 

This wont make your blog ugly. This is for my father. how many reblogs i get a day I will screen shot it to show your support for my dad. Every facebook and twitter post of #FreeADB or #FreeAlfredoBiay, i’ll do the same. 

Please hes been falsely accused of allegations that can NOT even describe my father. He’s my best friend, lets bring him home <3

Considering it’s the 2yr mark of my dad being in prison this made my day. Despite what anyone & I mean ANYONE, thinks or says of my dad I know the truth. I know who he really is. My father, my protector & the best damn dad out there. Fuck you if you disagree & unfollow me too. He’s my motivation for everything I do. #freealfredobiay #freeadb #freemyfather #pettyofficerbiay #gunnersmatebiay #usn

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First IG video. Baby niece dancing to maroon 5. #abbyrose #abs #freeadb

No one knows what worlds I would go to for my dad. What i would do to go back in time & fix everything. Next to my unborn child, my own small family, my dad is one of the biggest priority in my life. Without his care, sacrifice, love, determination & strength I wouldn’t be who I am today. Thank you #AlfredoBiay. I love and miss you #freealfredobiay #freeadb