TL;DR Ancestor Timeline

(This has been requested, so now I’m making a TL;DR version of the Ancestor timeline with all the facts that we know of and that I can remember.

The whole thing is very long so I’m going to put a read more in there. I hope you find it helpful! :D)

  • The Condesce appears on Alternia and grows up to kill the previous Empress and becomes Empress herself.

  • Dualscar, The Grand Highblood, Darkleer, Mindfang and the Dolorosa appear as grubs on Alternia in no known order.
  • They grow up.

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waffledogofficial  asked:

I hope I'm not bothering you but I'm kinda confused about when various events take place. I've been trying to find a good timeline for snk but there are none. Anyway, assuming that Levi is incorporated into the corps in the year 844 (according to No Regrets) would this mean he is recruited before or after the fall of Wall Maria? Also, apparently the year is currently 850? So Levi has been with the corps 6 years? Just trying to figure out the timeline here...

743 - Titans appear. Limit of known history.

745? - What’s left of humanity moves into the Walls. 

770-790 - Events of Before the Fall. Discovery of the nape as a weak point and invention and implementation of 3DMG.

785 - Ymir’s “long nightmare” as a Titan outside the walls begins.

prior to 835 - A plague is cured by Grisha Jaeger

835 - Our protagonists, Eren, Mikasa and Armin are born.

844 - Mikasa’s parents killed; Mikasa moves in with Eren in Shiganshina.  The events of A Choice With No Regrets begin. Recruitment of Levi into the Survey Corps.

845 - Fall of Wall Maria. The traitors enter the walls. Berick is eaten. Erwin is not yet Commander. Eren’s mother dies, and his father goes missing.

846 - Maria Reclamation Expedition used to sacrifice significant portion of population to curb famine concerns. Armin’s parental guardian(s) die in this expedition.

847 - Our protagonists and the traitors enter training as part of the 104th Trainee class. 

848 - Ilse Langer encounters a speaking Titan on the 34th Expedition Outside the Walls

849 - Ilse’s Notebook discovered by Hange and Levi. Annie begins teaching Eren to fight.

850 - The Invasion of Trost.

Roughly a week or so after that encompasses Trost cleanup/The courtroom scene/Sawney and Bean’s deaths.

One month (30 days) after that is the 57th Expedition Outside the Walls.

A few days(?) after that is when the battle in Stohess and the first appearance of the Beast Titan occurs.

The events relating to Stohess and the appearance of Titans within Wall Rose all take place over a span of 24 hours, starting with Annie waking up for morning call, and ending with Ymir revealing her true nature at sunrise.*

Subsequent events from Chapter 41 to the beginning of Chapter 51 cover another 24 hour period. 

The rest of the events in Chapter 51 occur roughly a week after that. 

*The times given in the revised version of the chapters in the tankobon were changed to fit a 24 hr period. This is why the times in the English scanlation won’t match.

Chronology breakdown

So by productive procrastination I clearly meant ‘stay up all night breaking the timelines down’. This is not breaking down the stories into chronological order, sorry, however, it DOES give you the exact timeframe for each written story, in case you’re getting confused about the timelines, since some of these individual stories (not even to mention series) span YEARS. I’ll keep this updated as I write more. 

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Stan's Timeline as of Season 1 (WARNING: LONG READ)

Okay, so after 2 hours of working out all the math, I have concluded that Stan would have to be born in 1942 in order for all the ages and dates to cooperate.

Stan, aged 6 in this picture, lived in New Jersey (evidenced in the playground wall behind him), and was bullied badly. (1948)

By the time Stan turned 10, his father signed him up for boxing lessons. (1952)

6 years later, (1958, age 16) Stanford’s boxing lessons paid off when he saved Carla McCorkel’s purse at a theater showing of “Grandpa the Kid”. Carla possibly started dating Stan (as they are in the 70’s?)

In 1965, a 23-year-old Stan sells StanVacs. (Also he has cleaned up that late 50’s acne)

In 1969, Stan ends up in Columbian Prison for who knows what. (age 27)

35 year old Stan appears to be dating Carla now, in 1977. (Also buffed up some, ooh hunkle)

2002 (verified by Wax Holmes, 1x03), a now 60 year old Stan steals wax figures.

And finally, in 2012, the Grunkle we all know, age 70.

Thanks for reading through all that, if you did, let me know in my ask and i’ll give you a special thing!

Causes, Practices and Effects of War: WW1

WWI was a Total War: 
It involved Social, Economical Military and Political (SEMP) involvement 
Social: Soldiers and civilians were involved. Women also become involved.
Economical: Normal economy reconstructed to a war economy; focus of industry changes from consumer goods to war goods. 
Military: Conscription; Vast scale and intensity of war; Massive destruction; Aims to destroy other opponents
Political: Centralized power, use of propaganda to encourage and promote involvement in the war. 

West: The Schlieffen Plan was held up by unexpected and strong Belgian resistance. It took over two weeks for the Germans to capture Brussels. This allowed the British to interfere by leaving Channel ports free, enabling the British Expeditionary Force to land. The Germans made straight for Paris instead of approaching Paris from the West. The French backed into Bordeaux and the German impetus increasingly slowed down as it headed for Paris. There was trouble in keeping the army supplied and troops were exhausted. In September the Battle of Marne was launched by the French under Joffre against the Germans. The Germans were therefore driven back into the River Aisne. 
The Battle of Marne ruined the Schlieffen plan, ensured that Germans would have to face war on two fronts, terminated the war of movement (trench lines spread from the Alps to the Channel coast) and the British navy had time to bring its crippling blockade to bear on Germany’s ports. 
East: The Russians mobilized more quickly than Germans could have expected but made the mistake of attacking both Austria and Germany simultaneously. They were successful against Austria and occupied the Galician province, but the Germans used the previously retired Hindenburg to their advantage and defeated the Russians, once at Tannenburg in August and a second time at the Masurian Lakes a month later, in September. The Russians lost a huge amount of equipment through these battles and although they had a huge army of over 6 million men, they lacked in an amount of rifles. The German self-confidence was boosted from these successes. 
When Turkey entered the war this further threatened Russia since Turkey had the ability to cut off Russias main supply route through the Dardanelles. 
A success for the Allies in 1914 was the Serbs driving out an Austrian invasion. 

West: A stalemate continued in the west and there was not much development in the trench line due to various reasons. 
There was barbed wire which prevented attacks by slowing them down 
Reconnaissance aircrafts and observation balloons could follow action on the “no man’s land”
Trenches were difficult to capture because the continuous shooting from trenches made attacks suicidal 
Advance into the trench was difficult because the ground was churned up by artillery barrage
Any ground was difficult to defend due to “salients” - bulges in the trench lines which were vulnerable to attack. 
At Ypres Germans attempted to attack the French by poison gas but miscalculated the attack and when the direction of wind changed, the German’s themselves were poisoned. 
Russia had successes against Austria but continuous defeats with Germans, who captured Warsaw and the entirety of Poland. 
The Turkish blockade of the Dardanelles started having its effect on Russia. 
Gallipoli Campaign - partly to open up the vital supply line through the Black Sea. 
Winston Churchill supported the Gallipoli campaign in order to eliminate the Turks. 
The Campaign was a failure, since the Anglo-French naval attack failed when the ships ran into mines. After this no advance could be made. In December the entire force had to be withdrawn. 
The failure was a blow to the morale of the Allies. It was the last chance of helping Russia via the Black Sea. 

+ in May Italy declared war on Austria-Hungary 
Italy wanted to seize some Italian speaking provinces of Austria. In London a secret treaty was signed where the Allies promised provinces to italy. The Allies hoped that by keeping thousands of Austrians troops occupied Italians would be able to relieve the concentration on Russia. Italians did not get far with their goals and Russia headed for inevitable defeat. 

West: Two important battles: Verdun and The Somme 
Verdun: Germans launched a massive attack against the town of Verdun and hoped to draw all the best French troops to its defene, destroy them, and carry out a final offensive to win the war. This failed and the Germans had to abandon the attack. There were many casualties on both sides. 
The Somme: Series of attacks mainly by the British starting from July 1st to November. The aim was to relieve the pressure of the French in Verdun and take over more of the trench line, keeping German forces fully committed. The Allies only made limited advances but were able to lessen German morale. The Germans realized that Britain was capable of being a threat and was a military power. There were severe losses for all countries involved. Haig, the British Commander In-Chief received serious criticism and the Somme contributed to the fall of the British Prime Minister. 

David Lloyd George becomes Prime Minister: 
He improved the situation of the Allies through dynamic and decisive methods. He also encouraged the devleopment of new weapons. He set up a small war cabinet for quick decision-making. 

East: The Russians attacked Austrians in June to divert German attention away from Verdun. Austrians were demoralized but Germans were also left exhausteed. Romanians invaded Austria but Germans terminated this invasion and occupied entire Romania. 

West: The Battle of Cambrai - demonstrated that if tanks were used properly they might break the stalemate of the trench warfare. Cambrai became the model of successful allied attacks of 1918. 
Italians retreated after defeat by Germans and Austrians at Caporetto. 
East: Russia withdrew from the war. Two revolutions happened in Russia and the Bolsheviks rose to power. In 1918 the entire German focus could have been directed at the West had the USA not stepped into the picture 

USA: In april the USA entered the war partly due to a U-boat campaign of the Germans which they opposed as well as the German attempt to persuade Mexico to declare war on USA. The USA supplied the ALlies with food, merchant ships and credit. 

The Central Powers were Defeated: 

German spring offensive (1918) 
Launched by Lundendorff as a last desparate attempt. 
The Germans broke through on the Somme and were close to Paris. 
French Marshal Foch helped defeat Germans 

An Allied Counter-offensive begins on 8th August 
Near Amiens - forced Germans to withdraw their trench line. Germany was convinced it would be defeated by spring 1919. 
An armistice was signed on November 11th. 

The Central Powers lost the war because: 

  • The Schlieffen Plan failed -> war on two fronts
  • Allied sea power was decisive
  • German submarine campaign failed
  • USA brought vast resources to the allies 
  • Lloyd George and Clemenceau were more competent than Central Power leaders
  • Continuous strain of heavy losses demoralized Germans 
  • Germany was badly let down by allies (Italy) 

theowlisthelimit  asked:

(cont) Are these timeline issues fixed in the New Millennium Editions? And if you have a corrected timeline, could you post it here? Thank you!

Fixing the timeline issues was one of the main purposes of the NMEs. So I think it’s safe to say that yes, those issues have been fixed.

No, I don’t have a timeline as such. The general progression of the New Millennium editions, though, is given in the “time fix” at the start of each book. So it goes like this:

  • So You Want to Be a Wizard: May 2008
  • Deep Wizardry: July 2008
  • High Wizardry: August 2008
  • A Wizard Abroad: Mid-July through early August, 2009
  • The Wizard’s Dilemma: Late September, 2009
  • A Wizard Alone: January 2010
  • Wizard’s Holiday: April 2010
  • Wizards at War: Late April / early May 2010
  • A Wizard of Mars: Late June 2010

…Hope that helps. :)


For nearly the whole series I have had trouble keeping track of the timeline. I had noticed a few plot holes and now after a few things in 4x21 I need to post so we can nut this out together.

Here’s my very rough take:

  • Before Sept 2009 = Pre season 1. This is shown in flashbacks and the first secret.
  • Sept 2009 - Sept 2010 = Pre season 1. Ali goes missing. Aria goes to Iceland, Hanna looses weight. This is explained in the pilot.
  • Sept 2010 - Nov 2010 = Season 1. Aria returns from Iceland, a body is found under the gazebo and A starts tormenting the liars.
  • Nov 2010 - March 2011 = Season 2. Still in the same school year as S1. We find out Mona is A and she goes into Radley.
  • Sept 2011 - December 2011 = Season 3. Alison’s grave is dug up. she has been missing for 2 years.
  • December 2011 - ? = Season 4


  • In 4x21 in Ezra’s Journal it says Aria spent 3 years in Iceland and also the girls regrouped after a few years

    This seems more like the timeline from the books. I did see someone made a theory that maybe Ezra is writing the PLL series under the alias Sara Shepherd. I wonder if that’s the case.

  • Aria found out about Byron’s affair in October 2008 (In the first secret which was Noels Halloween party 2008) A sends Ella a message in Sept 2010 saying Aria knew about if for a year but it would have actually been 2 years.
  • What is the real date of Alison’s disappearance. Sept 1 like Toby’s tattoo or Sept 7 2009 when labour day was in 2009
  • Spencer had a drug problem 2 years ago and when Ali disappeared. Alison has been missing for over 2 years. This must mean Spencer was taking drugs for a fair while.
  • Also Tom and Isabell’s wedding save the date seen in October 2010 in episode 2x8 said the wedding was Nov 2011 but they wed in over my dead body 2x12 only 4 episodes later. I guess that could’ve been a typo.
  • Ashley got the job at the bank in "the first secret" set in Oct 2008 and Mrs potter made her annual appearance at the bank in Oct 2010. It is implied that Ashley sees her every year, but she would only have seen her 2 maximum 3 times. Then her grave says she died in 2011. I guess this could be a typo too!!

Please let me know if you think of anymore!