Things for Larries to Bear in Mind

1. Chances are EXCELLENT (but not 100%) that the contract with Modest ends 31 December 2015 or thereabout.

2. Modest were the ones previously imposing the visibly harsh closeting (whether at Sony’s directive or not, the tactics are not something we’ve seen from Sony before and they were not smooth and believable as closeting usually is and would have been if Sony was specifically directing the moves). That type of closeting is not happening any longer, whatever the reason, it is DONE.

3. Even if Sony wanted Harry & Louis closeted in the past, “the future is now” and trying to continue marketing 1D as teen idols is passe. Either they want to continue on as mature artists or they want to quit after their Sony contract is up. Either way, the closeting serves no purpose any longer.

4. Harry has had one (semi) confirmed girlfriend in 5 years, Taylor Swift. Louis has had two confirmed girlfriends in 5 years, Hannah and Eleanor. The likelihood of either of them getting a new “confirmed” girlfriend, as opposed to someone they are regularly linked to in the press, but NEVER TALK ABOUT, is pretty much nil at this point. (Has Harry EVER mentioned Nadine’s name? No.)

5. They are happy right now. Things are going well for the band; their careers, and images are doing well after a MAJOR blow to the band/brand and they are about to release their fifth album that they are really excited about because a) it’s as good as or better than FOUR; or b) it’s the 5th of a 6 album deal with Sony and they are almost free.

6. So while no one is asking you to enjoy the chatter about Tamara and Louis (though seriously, she’s cool, anyone I see hating on her gets unfollowed), it would behoove everyone to just shake it off (ha!). Louis isn’t going to be telling parma ham stories about her, she’s just a friend and a name that may be mentioned with his occasionally over the next few months to keep the excitement on this side of the fandom down to manageable levels.

It’s all good folks. Happy Louis and happy Harry (and happy Niall and happy Liam) is what matters, not shady timelines or our desire to see this as the last chapter of a VERY long, angsty fic.

They have a plan, it is clear and obvious, and it’s working. Let them do their jobs. And lets just sit back and enjoy being fans of some lovely young men :)

Timeline of Events in REAL Rosewood Time!

*Many spoilers ahead - STOP now if you have not watched every single episode of PLL to date. (I recommend that you open this post in your browser, rather than in your Tumblr app, because there is a LOT to load.)

Have you ever wondered how in the hell Rosewood’s timeline makes any damn sense? Well, you aren’t alone. I found myself frequently running into confusion about when things were actually happening in Rosewood, so I tried to search the internet for a solution. I just could not find an accurate timeline anywhere… so I decided to make my own. I’ve laid it all out for you the BEST I could, and I tried to be as accurate as possible.

*Please note that Rosewood does NOT function by the law’s of reality. Every month that I have listed on this timeline is subject to contradict certain scenes from the show. Because of this, I beg of you to please just ignore some of the minor details (I know it’s hard), and enjoy being able to track how much time has gone by. It is near IMPOSSIBLE to get this timeline 100% accurate, since PLL loves to bend the rules of space & time.

*Check back to my timeline often, as I will be editing & adjusting the last few sections to reflect details provided during upcoming episodes. I edit this post constantly so there are a bunch of other versions of it floating around out there (but this is obv the most up-to-date, so please check back.)

Let me know if you have any suggestions. This took me forever & I’m super proud of it :) 


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Spring 2005 - Melissa & Ian’s Senior Prom “A Night at the Opera” takes place at Rosewood High. This event must have significance since “Big A” makes the girls reenact it when they are imprisoned at the dollhouse 7 years later (525). 

June 2005 - Melissa Hastings (the Homecoming Queen) and CeCe Drake (the Prom Queen), along with NAT members Ian Thomas, Jason DiLaurentis & Garret Reynolds all graduate from Rosewood High (210).

October 24th, 2007 - Marion Cavanaugh mysteriously dies at Radley Sanitarium after jumping off, or most likely getting pushed off, the roof (213). 

October 2008 - One year after Marion’s death, Jenna Marshall moves to Rosewood when her mother marries Daniel Cavanaugh (Toby’s father). Alison invites her into their friend circle, but Jenna declines, thus the Alison & Jenna feud is born (213).

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October, 2008 - Halloween freshman year, “A” starts bullying Ali (213).

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Unspecified time in 2009 - Alison meets Ezra Fitz [who she nicknamed Board Shorts, in honor of his favorite beer: Board Shorts Ale]. She meets him at The Hart & The Huntsman pub near Hollis College when she is hanging out with CeCe. She lies to him about her age but NEVER has a sexual relationship with him (425).

Unspecified time in 2009 - Alison takes the Liars to Ian’s college frat party, where a drunk girl gets pushed down the stairs (by either CeCe or Alison). CeCe allegedly got kicked out of UPenn due to this (118).

Summer 2009 - The summer before Sophomore year, when the girls were the closest. They spent a lot of time at the lake, discussing their friendship and watching Alison bully everyone, including themselves. She targets Mona & Lucas specifically, but she really just hates on anyone that is labeled as a “loser” in her eyes. She is the epitome of a mean girl (108).

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Summer 2009 - Alison goes to Cape May several different times where she hangs out with CeCe, Jason, Melissa, Wilden & the yet to be identified “Beach Hottie” (who is probably Wilden himself, but this has not been clarified yet. Just remember that Beach Hottie is a completely different person than Board Shorts, because we found out (in 4x24) that Ali did NOT have a sexual relationship with Ezra, but did with Beach Hottie). Alison also has her pregnancy scare during one of those trips and tells CeCe that Beach Hottie was the alleged father (317). 

Summer 2009 - Ian Thomas was a very busy guy, carrying on relationships with Melissa, Alison and Spencer. He also was responsible for most of the NAT spy videos.

Summer 2009 - Spencer gradually becomes addicted to amphetamines and argues with Melissa the whole summer. She & Ali also have a lot of tension since Spencer was the only one who stood up to her back in those days (423).

July 4th, 2009 - The Jenna Thing: Alison & the Liars blind Jenna (102).

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July 2009 - Alison blackmails Toby into taking the blame for The Jenna Thing by saying that she will unveil his inappropriate relationship with Jenna to everyone. He is sent away to reform school, which he ends up being thankful for since it freed him from Jenna (106).

July 2009 - Alison gives the girls their friendship bracelets (102).

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August 2009 - Alison arrives to the Hastings with a bloody lip. Only Veronica witnessed this. We still don’t know who hit her, only that it was a girl (323).

August 2009 - Alison goes to her grandmother’s house in Georgia (where she spent a lot of time with Tippi the bird whenever she visited. That summer she frequently called Mrs. Grunwald at Cicero College, so Tippi memorized the phone number). At some point during this trip, Ali heads to Hilton Head with Ian.

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September 1st, 2009 - Toby ends things with Jenna, explaining his tattoo “901 Free At Last″ (110).

September 1st, 2009 - Bethany Young escapes from Radley.

*The infamous night when Alison goes missing.

Chronological Order of Events: (This is only the order of events as we know it so far… it is definitely subject to change.) 

1.) On the morning of September 1, Alison is at Hilton Head with Ian. Melissa arrives and argues with Ian, so Alison steals the NAT videos from his computer and takes off. 

Dressed as Vivian Darkbloom, she calls Duncan Albert, who flies her from Hilton Head to a field in Pennsylvania. She has a scheduled meeting with “A” in Brookhaven (which was set up by their conversations through the classified ads in the newspaper). This is when Alison spotted Mona at the boutique across the street from the creepy Doll Hospital (Flashback from Episode 225.) Mona said in the flashback that she spotted Ali in Brookhaven, but we later find out it was actually the other way around. Ali spotted her. Even though it is strange that Mona would be in Brookhaven at the same time, Alison still doesn’t seem to put 2 and 2 together that she is “A” yet when she sees her. She is still underestimating “Loser Mona”.

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2.) Alison thinks Jenna is “A”, so after leaving Brookhaven, she stops by the school for the visually impaired in Philly to threaten her with the NAT videos (which show Jenna forcing herself on her step brother Toby). After telling Jenna that she is going to “bury her” if she comes back to Rosewood, Alison walks out. On her way, she gets a text from “A”: “Bitch can’t see you, but I do. Tonight’s the night I kill you. -A”. Alison then realizes that Jenna is not “A” and goes back home. 

Apparently, this confrontation was so harsh that it made Jenna break down. This is when Sydney Driscoll came into the picture. She was volunteering at the school, and gave Jenna a shoulder to cry on after Ali left… Then sometime later that day, Jenna ignores Ali’s warnings and heads back to Rosewood with Garrett.

3.) After leaving Jenna, Alison immediately rents out a storage unit. She hides the NAT videos in her old Tweety Bird lunch box then locks it away with the key. 

4.) Alison returns home in a taxi and is greeted in front of her house by the Liars. After they say their Hello’s, she goes inside to change and finds the yellow tank top lying on her bed (which was a gift from Jessica that they had just bought together a few days before). She puts it on, then sees an “A” message written on her mirror in jungle red lipstick.

5.) Alison hides the storage unit key in the bottom of her favorite snow globe. She heads over to Emily’s house and gives the snow globe to her, making her promise to keep it safe.

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6.) Alison has plans to have dinner with her family, so she heads back home. After dinner, she goes to leave for the sleepover in Spencer’s barn and her mother is talking on the phone. Jessica is distressed about something that seems to be going down at that moment (Bethany’s escape from Radley possibly?) and forbids Ali to go out, but of course she does anyways. On her way out, Ali steals some of her mother’s pills.

7.) Alison arrives to the barn and gets a call from Toby, which she initially ignores. After some laughs & drinking, she proceeds to drug the girls with her mother’s sleeping pills so that she can see if any of them are “A” or not. (Spencer eventually wakes up later due to her amphetamine addiction.)

8.) Alison then meets with the boys in this order: Toby (in front of the barn so he can thank her for getting Jenna off his back. He had just broken things off with Jenna that day. He also gives Ali his sweater because she’s cold). Then she meets with Ezra (in his car, where he breaks it off with her after discovering her real age), & then finally Ian (at the kissing rock, where he begs her to give his NAT videos back.) 

9.) After Ali refused to give back the videos, Ian, Garret & Jenna meet up in Alison’s bedroom to search for them.

[Note: From this point on, I am not 100% sure on order of events, but my analysis is close. Hopefully I can make it more accurate after the “Summer of Answers”.]

10.) From the kissing rock, Alison walks back to the barn where Spencer is already awake and waiting for her. Ali & Spencer get in an argument, which Melissa overhears but doesn’t see (Jessica & CeCe also witnessed this fight). Alison discovers Spencer’s amphetamine pills when they fall to the ground, so she tells Spencer to go back to the barn and sleep it off. 

Melissa then sees Spencer walk away with the shovel in hand, but doesn’t see Alison, so she thinks Spencer has harmed Ali in a fit of rage. Melissa frantically runs over to the DiLaurentis house to search for Alison & make sure Spencer didn’t do anything stupid.

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11.) Melissa arrives to the DiLaurentis house and finds Ian, Garret, & Jenna in Alison’s bedroom. Garret & Jenna leave while Ian & Melissa stay. 

12.) On her walk back from the fight with Spencer, Alison catches Garret & Jenna in her backyard. Garret pretends to kill her with the field hockey stick (why Alison went along with this, I don’t really know) and since Jenna is blind, she believes he has done so. 

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13.) After Garret & Jenna run away, Ali gets up from the ground and immediately meets with Byron in her back yard. (The fact that Alison is still standing next to the exact same tree that she had her confrontation with Garrett & Jenna at, proves that these events took place back to back.) She has been blackmailing Byron for money (due to his affair with Meredith) but this time he refuses her and walks away from the situation. (Garrett sees this taking place when he comes back to check on Ali). Byron sees Melissa walking out of the DiLaurentis house as he is leaving the back yard.

14.) Melissa exits the DiLaurentis house, while on the phone. “Do I have to call 911 to get your attention?” (presumably she is speaking with CeCe, or maybe Wilden, in which the “911″ reference would make complete sense). It is also assumed that Alison heads back to the barn at this point.

15.) Melissa meets up with CeCe (who is also blonde & wearing a yellow top) in the back yard and begs her to help her get the NAT videos back. Jason walks outside drunk and high and sees this conversation, then passes out on the lawn chair. Melissa & CeCe run off. 

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16.) While Jason is passed out, Garret & Jenna slip a note in his pocket that says “I know what you did.” They want to make Jason think he is the one who harmed Ali (even though Garrett knows he didn’t even hurt her at all, so I am a little confused about this). This situation is also referred to as “The Jason Thing”.

17.) Ali arrives back to the barn where all of the girls, including Spencer, are fast asleep. She waits for a text from “A” but when she doesn’t get one, she decides to walk home.

18.) When Alison gets to her house, she sees her mother through the window. All of a sudden, Ali gets struck from behind with a rock, and Jessica sees it happen. She presumes Alison is dead, so she buries her in the backyard under the dirt at the gazebo. Whoever hit Alison with the rock did not actually kill her, but Jessica buried her anyway thinking she was indeed dead. (Why would she ever bury her own daughter, unless it was to protect another one of her children from getting in trouble?) The whole time she kept repeating “What did you do?“

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19.) Mrs. Grunwald, who is psychic and “had a bad feeling”, arrives in the DiLaurentis back yard just in time to pull Alison out of the ground before she suffocates. 

She drives her to a hospital and goes inside to get help, but Alison runs away when she isn’t looking.

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20.) Meanwhile, Bethany arrives to the DiLaurentis house at some point after all of this occurs, dressed in identical clothing, and is knocked out by an unknown person who hit her in the back of the head with the shovel. Her assailant hit her so hard that it left an indent in her skull, but didn’t quite kill her.

21.) Not sure exactly where Melissa was between her talk with CeCe & this particular point (and I would also like to add that I think Melissa is lying about this part of the story),  but unable to locate Alison, she heads home. On her way, she cuts through the DiLaurentis back yard and finds a blonde girl in a yellow tank top (Bethany) lying unconscious near the gazebo. She thinks Spencer killed Alison after witnessing their fight earlier, so to protect her sister, she buries Bethany alive (thinking it was Alison) in the same exact grave that Jessica had just dug for Ali. 

22.) Mona just so happens to be driving around that night and she sees Alison walking on the street, covered in dirt and completely in shock. They drive to the Lost Woods Resort, where Alison checks in as Vivian Darkbloom. She stays in Room 1, while Mona stays next door in Room 2 (her lair). They stay the night.

September 2nd, 2009 - Big A [Charles] allegedly abducts Sara Harvey. That morning she is supposedly spotted by her friend Avery, while riding her bike. 

September 2nd, 2009 - Mona helps Alison escape from Rosewood. She keeps the secret that Ali is still alive, then continues to steal her position at Rosewood High as the new Queen Bee.

September 2009 - The Montgomery’s move to Iceland for Byron’s one year sabbatical.

*Season 1 picks up one full year later. 

September 1st, 2010 - The one year anniversary of Alison’s disappearance (101).

September 2010 Aria returns to Rosewood after her family spent the past year in Iceland. The girls begin to bond again (101). 

September 2010 - Aria meets Ezra at the Hollis bar & grille (101). 

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September 2010 - Maya St. Germain moves into the DiLaurentis house (101).

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September 2010 - The Liars begin their Junior year at RHS (101).

September 2010 - Hanna is arrested for shoplifting, so Ashley begins her complicated relationship with Wilden in order to clear Hanna’s name (101).

September 2010 - Bethany’s body, presumed to be Alison’s, is found (101).

September 2010 - Now that the body has been recovered, Alison’s family decides to finally have a funeral for her (101).

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September 2010 - The Liars start getting ”A” threats. “I’m still here, bitches. And I know everything. -A” (101).

September 2010 - Melissa breaks off her engagement with Wren after seeing him kiss Spencer (102).

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September 2010 - The girls design a memorial for Alison, which Lucas later destroys (108).

September 2010 - Emily finally comes out to the girls, and then later to her parents (109 & 111).

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October 2010 - The police arrest Toby for Ali’s murder (110).

October 2010 - Mona [″Original A”] hits Hanna with a car (110).

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October 2010 - Ali comes back to Rosewood for the first time in a year to visit Hanna in the hospital. Hanna does not think this really happened because she is drugged up on pain meds (111). 

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October 2010 - Only a few weeks after Melissa’s breakup with Wren, she elopes with her high school sweetheart Ian Thomas (111).

October 2010 - Maya gets sent off to True North Juvenile Camp for the next three months (113).

October 2010 - Caleb is the “new kid” at Rosewood High (114).

October 2010 - Melissa gets pregnant (116).

October 2010 - Caleb starts staying in Hanna’s basement (116).

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October 2010 - The charges against Toby are dropped due to a corruption of the blood sample found on the sweater Ali was wearing (117).

October 2010 - Caleb & Hanna have their first kiss (118).

November 2010 - Spencer & Toby kiss for the first time at the motel (119).

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November 2010 Emily & Paige kiss during their first date [karaoke] (119).

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November 5th, 2010 - Hanna and Caleb have sex in the tent (119).

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November 2010 - Garret Reynolds joins Rosewood PD for the sole purpose of helping Jenna (119).

November 2010 - Spencer Hastings becomes a person of interest in the death of Alison DiLaurentis after turning in false evidence that “A” planted (119).

November 2010 - Aria, Spencer, Emily & Hanna finally get their hands on the NAT videos that Alison left in the storage unit (121).

November 2010 - Melissa & Spencer get into a car accident while trying to track down Ian. Spencer is fine, and Melissa’s injuries are minor (122).

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November 2010 - Ian finds out Spencer has the NAT videos. He tries to kill her at the church, but gets pushed off the bell tower by Alison, who the girls still don’t know is alive (122).

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*Season 2 picks up immediately after the Season 1 finale. No time has passed.  

November 2010 - The Liars’ parents send them to therapy with Dr. Anne Sullivan (201). 

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November 2010 - Jason DiLaurentis moves back home to Rosewood (202).

November 2010 - Mr. Fitz leaves Rosewood High and begins teaching at Hollis. Ella Montgomery takes over his English class at RHS (202 & 204).

November 2010 - One week after the bell tower incident, Melissa & Wren (followed by the Liars) find Ian dead in an abandoned barn along with a fake suicide note (which is later revealed to be completely made up of “A” messages). Melissa loses the baby the next day, but continues to pretend that she is pregnant all the way until Season 3 (204).

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November 2010 - Jessica DiLaurentis temporarily comes back to Rosewood for the fashion show, which doesn’t end well thanks to “A” (206).

November 2010 - Pam Fields moves to Texas with her husband Wayne and Emily moves in with Hanna. The Field’s temporarily rent out their house for the next 6 months (207).

November 2010 - Wren begins his 6 month rotation at Rosewood Medical Hospital (208).

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November 2010 - The Liars obtain Page 5 of the autopsy report and figure out the true cause of Alison’s (Bethany’s) death: She was hit on the head with a blunt curved object, then buried alive (208).

[Note: Episode 208 created somewhat of a snag for me during my timeline-making process. Hanna receives a “Save The Date” invitation for Tom & Isabelle’s wedding. Ashley opens the envelope, and we see that her thumb is covering the first few letters of the month, so you can’t read it. All that can be seen on the invitation is: ”—ber 19th, 2011" (which I think means December 19th, 2011.) But this pisses me off, because it is totally 2010 in Rosewood time! It has been confirmed on numerous occasions that at this point, it is has only been a little over a year since Ali went missing & we know for a fact she went missing in 2009. So basically, this Save the Date invitation was a huge f*ck up on the producer’s part! I am going to choose to ignore this little detail. Come to think of it, this may be why the producers decided to stop putting actual dates in the show, because I honestly don’t think we’ve seen another specific date since then. (Besides Halloween Ghost Train, which just said October 31st, with no year.) So please, pay no mind to this little detail and others like it. It is a complete error on production’s part, and it probably happened simply because the episode aired in 2011.]

November 2010 - Jason kisses Aria (209).

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December 2010 - Maya comes home from True North (211).

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December 19th, 2010 - Tom & Isabelle’s wedding day: Alison comes back to Rosewood for a second time. She saves Emily from suffocating in the barn, but Em thinks it is just a dream (212).

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December 2010 - “A” sets up the Liars and they are arrested for being found with Alison’s murder weapon, the shovel. (212).

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December 2010 - Jason leaves for his grandmother’s house (who is now deceased) in Georgia immediately after the girls’ arrest. While there, he discovers Peter Hastings & his mother Jessica’s affair after he finds their love letters in a box Alison hid underneath the floorboards. This ultimately leads to the realization that Melissa & Spencer are his half sisters (212).

[One month passes between episodes 212 and 214. *213 is a Flashback.]

February 2011 - The Liars get to wear their first set of orange jumpsuits as they serve out their community service sentence (214).

February 2011 - Ezra & Aria finally come clean to her parents about their relationship (214).

February 2011 - The Liars discover Alison’s alias: Vivian Darkbloom (218).

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March 2011 - Spencer finds Alison’s Red Coat in coat check (219).

March 2011 - Jason returns home from Georgia & Spencer finds out Jason is her half brother (219).

April 2011 - Maya runs away to hide at Noel Kahn’s cabin (220).

April 2011 - Someone (Big A?) sets fire to the DiLaurentis house with Jenna inside. This is the first attempt on Jenna’s life. Spencer & Hanna save her just in time (223).

April 2011 - Alison comes back to Rosewood for a third time. She shows up to Spencer’s house while she is in a pill-induced coma from the hand injury she obtained in the fire. Spencer thinks it is a dream (224).

April 2011 - Jenna gets her eye sight back, but tells no one (224).

April 2011 - After Byron gets Ezra fired from Hollis, Ezria has sex for the first time (224). 

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April 2011 - Garrett is arrested for the murder of Alison DiLaurentis (224).

April 2011 - The night of the masquerade, Mona is unmasked!! She is revealed to be Original A & is admitted into Radley (225).

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April 12th & the early hours of April 13th, 2011 - Maya is murdered in Emily’s back yard (225). 

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Sometime in Summer 2011 - Byron & Ella get a divorce. Also, Pam Fields moves home from Texas & Emily is living back at her house.

[5 Months Later…]

*It has been almost 5 months since Maya’s murder & Mona’s “Original A” reveal.

Late August 2011 - “Original A” is back in the game. Mona says Red Coat is “in charge” and she begins to order her around, but we still do not know exactly who this person is that she was referring to (301).

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Late August 2011 - “Big A” anonymously begins to take over the game. Although “Original A” is still predominant this season, we as viewers finally start see “Big A”s influence creep in (301).

August 29th, 2011 - Emily wakes up at Alison’s grave, with the body missing from the ground (301).

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September 1st, 2011 - It has been two years since Alison’s disappearance & the Liars start Senior year at Rosewood High (301).

September 2011 - Wren begins volunteering at Radley (301).

September 2011 - The Liars start getting “A” texts again after 5 months of silence (301).

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September 2011 - The Liars start receiving mementos from Alison’s casket (302).

September 2011 - The Liars discover Jenna has her eye sight back (302).

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September 2011 - Nate St. Germain, who is really Lyndon James, moves to Rosewood (303).

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September 2011 - Spencer & Jason find Alison’s gold anklet at April Rose Boutique and turn it in to the police. There is blood on it (Alison’s & someone else’s, which later turns out to be Hanna’s).

Since the blood on the anklet doesn’t match Garret, the charges for Ali’s murder are dropped. However, he is still in custody for possibly being involved in Maya’s murder (305).

September 2011 - CeCe Drake moves back to Rosewood (307).

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September 2011 - Kenneth DiLaurentis moves back to Rosewood (307).

September 2011 - Spencer & Toby fight because she won’t tell him about what’s going on, so he takes off to hunt down “A” himself. This is around the time that Mona recruits him to the A-Team, in which he only joins so that he can help Spencer (308).

September 2011 - Toby returns after being gone for a couple of weeks. He & Spencer finally have sex (312).

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September 2011 - Emily kills Nate/Lyndon in self defense at the light house. Caleb gets shot defending her. It is revealed that Nate killed Maya… or did he? (312).

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September 2011 - Garret gets out of jail. His name has now been cleared for both Alison and Maya’s murders (312).

September 2011 - Toby is revealed to viewers as part of the A-Team (312).

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[One month passes between 312 and 313.]

October 31st, 2011 - Halloween Ghost Train: Garret is murdered and an unknown man & woman (Wilden & Melissa/Wilden & Mona/Jason & Mona??) try to push Aria off the train while she is trapped in the crate with Garret’s dead body (313).

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October 31st, 2011 - Bethany’s body is recovered on the Ghost Train in a bin of ice (313).

[Note: November 2011, the LONGEST month in Rosewood history, begins. This is a TERRIBLE month for the Liars! So much happens in so little time. I would love for the timeline to be realistic to real life, but unfortunately it just doesn’t coincide. So in order for us to understand, we have to pretend that the month of November lasts about twice (maybe even 3 times) as long in Rosewood than it does in actual reality. It is the only thing that makes sense since it is STILL November throughout all of Season 4, and remains November once we enter into Season 5, all the way until Thanksgiving. I did my best at estimating the weeks of November, and how they might have played out so that it makes more sense, but in the end it is just a bunch of craziness! We must remember though, that in a world that allows a town like Ravenswood to exist, there has to be some bending of the rules. *Read the following article for a better (and humorous) description of the timeline issue in Rosewood: 

Check it out here.]

November 2011 (Week 1) - Mona is released from Radley & returns to Rosewood High (314).

November 2011 (Week 1) - We meet Andrew Campbell for the first time (315).

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November 2011 (Week 1) - Hanna has the first official Red Coat sighting (316).

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November 2011 (Week 1) - Alison returns to Rosewood for a fourth time. She visits Aria at home, but Crazy Meredith has been drugging her.. so just like the other Liars before her, Aria, too, thinks this is a dream (316).

November 2011 (Week 1) - Spencer finds out Toby is part of the A-Team (316).  

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November 2011 (Week 1) - Ezra finds out about Malcolm (317).

November 2011 (Week 1) - Bethany’s body is released to the DiLaurentis family, since they still think it is Alison. They have a re-interment, or re-burial, at the mausoleum (318).

November 2011 (Week 1) - Jason has his infamous elevator accident at his father’s real estate office. Afterwards, he vanishes from the hospital & disappears from town (319).

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November 2011 (Week 1) - Jason, who suspects that Wilden is after him, runs off to Aunt Carol’s house thinking it is empty, since she died a few years back. When he arrives, he is surprsed to find his mother Jessica already there. She panics when she sees him and refuses to let him inside the house. He also hears noises coming from inside, insinuating that someone is in there with her. He never finds out who (604).

November 2011 (Week 1) - The girls meet Shana Fring (320).

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November 2011 (Week 1) - Ashley hits Wilden with her car. Later on, the Liars discover Jenna & Shana are the ones who helped him off the road (320). 

November 2011 (Week 1) - Mona devises a plan to fake Toby’s death. Spencer finds the body in the woods & she thinks he is dead, which inevitably lands her in Radley Sanitarium (321).

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November 2011 (Week 1) - While in Radley, Mona tells Spencer that Toby is alive. Spencer temporarily joins the A-Team in order to get to him (323).

November 2011 (Week 1) - Aria breaks up with Ezra after finding out he has a son. He starts teaching at Rosewood High again (324). 

November 2011 (Week 1) - Spencer gets out of Radley and the Liars head to the Thornhill Lodge. It is set on fire (which is later revealed to be set by Shana) with the Liars & Mona all locked inside. Red Coat [Alison] saves Hanna, but later says she does not know who saved the rest of them (324).

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November 2011 (Week 1) - Big A [Charles], who has been watching the girls from the very beginning, and maybe even earlier than we know, officially steals the game from Mona (324).

[Note: If you watch PLL on Netflix, all of the episodes in my season 4 timeline will be 1 episode off. This is because a recap special aired before the premier of season 4, and Netflix counts this special as episode “401″. However, I did not count the special as an episode. So that explains that.] 

*Season 4 picks up immediately after the lodge fire. No time has passed.

November 2011 (Week 1) - Big A [Charles] has officially taken over, and he signs most of his “A” threats with: “Kisses, -A” (401).

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November 2011 (Week 1) - Darren Wilden is murdered (401).

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November 2011 (Week 1) - Jessica DiLaurentis moves back into the family house in Rosewood (401).

November 2011 (Week 1) - Jenna begins to lose her eyesight again, and she moves to New York (401). 

November 2011 (Week 1) - “Big A” starts bribing Toby with information about his mother Marion’s death and he steals Mona’s mobile lair (401).

November 2011 (Week 1) - Pennsylvania State Police officers Lieutenant Linda Tanner & Detective Gabe Holbrook are assigned to Rosewood to investigate the craziness (401).

November 2011 (Week 2) - “Big A” begins to go after the Liars’ parents, particularly their mothers (402).

November 2011 (Week 2) - “Big A” tries to strangle & kill Mona, but she escapes. He tries to run her over (along with Aria & Emily) with her own car. Emily saves them, but injures her shoulder in the fall. This ultimately ends her swimming career (402).

November 2011 (Week 2) - Aria meets Jake & starts taking martial arts classes (402).

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November 2011 (Week 2) - “Big A” calls social services on Wayne & Pam Fields, making it look like they hurt their own child [since Emily’s shoulder is already hurt] (403).

November 2011 (Week 2) - “Big A” attacks Ella Montgomery with a swarm of bees (405).

November 2011 (Week 2) - After dumping the Mask molds that the Liars found in Hector’s studio into Torch Lake, Melissa moves to London for an internship (404).

November 2011 (Week 2) - Hanna gets set up by “Big A” and is arrested at Cicero College while trying to dispose of the gun that killed Wilden (405).

November 2011 (Week 2) - Ella leaves for Vienna (405).

November 2011 (Week 2) - Spencer & Toby go to Ravenswood for the first time and meet Mrs. Grunwald (406).

November 2011 (Week 2) - Ashley Marin is arrested for Wilden’s murder (406).

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[NOTE: Yes I know… November is STILL going strong!]

November 2011 (Week 3) - “Big A” hot wires a car and drives it right through Emily’s living room wall, nearly killing Pam Fields (407).

November 2011 (Week 3) - Mona goes to the cops and gives them a fake confession to Wilden’s murder. She does this to save Ashley, but she just gets thrown back into Radley (409).

November 2011 (Week 3) - “Big A” tries to drown Jenna in the lake by knocking her in the back of the head. This is the second time A tries to kill her, but Emily saves her (409).

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November 2011 (Week 3) - We see Wren for the last time to date, since he does not appear in Season 5 at all. He is at Radley, coloring in a picture of a happy family at a farm. He colors the woman’s coat in red (410).

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November 2011 (Week 3) - Ken files for divorce from Jessica (410).

November 2011 (Week 3) - Ezra finds out Malcolm is not his son (410).

November 2011 (Week 3) - Aria & Ezra start to get back together while Jake is at a tournament out of town. (411).

November 2011 (Week 3) - Travis clears Ashley’s name in Wilden’s murder since he was the only witness to the crime. CeCe Drake becomes the number one suspect (412). 

November 2011 (Week 3) - Mona is released from Radley… again (412).

November 2011 (Week 3) - Wren takes off to London unannounced and moves in with Melissa. Since when are they back together? Shana packs up his place for him. Since when are they friends? (412).

November 2011 (Week 3) - The Liars go to Ravenswood (412). 

November 2011 (Week 3) - “Big A” tries to kill Emily at the sawmill, but both Red Coats (Alison & CeCe) save her.

At the sawmill, Aria attacks CeCe thinking she is bad, when she is really just doing what Alison asked her to do (412).

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November 2011 (Week 3) - In Ravenswood, Red Coat [Alison] leads the Liars to Board Shorts’s (Book) Lair. The Liars do not know it belongs to Ezra yet, but instead think it belongs to “A” (412).

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November 2011 (Week 3) - Caleb meets Miranda Collins on the bus ride to Ravenswood, then temporarily moves there to help her (413).

November 2011 (Week 3) - The Liars discover, 100%, that Alison is alive! and also that she is Red Coat (413).

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November 2011 (Week 4) - Mona buys Jenna’s blue Mustang from Shana. Around this time, she finds out about Ezra. She is the first one to know about his book (414).

November 2011 (Week 4) - Jenna has lost her eye sight completely. She is still in New York (414).

November 2011 (Week 4) - Caleb & Hanna break up (414).

November 2011 (Week 4) - Aria breaks up with Jake & continues her relationship with Ezra (416). 

November 2011 (Week 4) - Hanna rebounds & starts seeing Travis (416).

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November 2011 (Week 4) - Spencer figures out Ezra is Board Shorts when she discovers him drinking Board Shorts Ale while eating boysenberry pie at The Hart & The Huntsman pub (417).

November 2011 (Week 4) - Mike & Mona start dating (417). 

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November 2011 (Week 4) - Spencer falls back into her amphetamine addiction with the help of Andrew & her classmate Brenda, who provide the pills (417).

November 2011 (Week 4) - “Big A” drives Shana out of town and she supposedly goes back to Georgia (418).

November 2011 (Week 4) - The “Film Noir” black & white episode (419).

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November 2011 (Week 4) - The Liars find out about Ezra’s book. Aria is heartbroken & breaks it off with him (420).

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November 2011 (Week 4) - Aria leaves to stay with her dad in Syracuse. She meets Riley there and has a fling with him for a few day (421).

November 2011 (Week 5) - Spencer returns home from 3 days in rehab (422).

November 2011 (Week 5) - Ella comes home from Vienna (423). 

November 2011 (Week 5) - Jason finally comes back to Rosewood for the first time since his elevator accident, but he is looking & acting a bit different. Apparently he had a bad relapse while he was gone and stayed at a half-way house in Philly (423).

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November 2011 (Week 5) - Noel Kahn brings the Liars to New York City so they can meet with Alison (424). 

November 2011 (Week 5) - CeCe is arrested for Wilden’s murder (424). 

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November 2011 (Week 5) - Melissa comes home from London & tells Peter her secret about burying Bethany (424).

November 2011 (Week 5) - The police inform the parents that Alison DiLaurentis is indeed alive. This is the last time we ever see Jessica alive (424). 

November 2011 (Week 5) - Ezra gets shot (allegedly by Shana) while saving the girls in NYC (424).

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November 2011 (Week 5) - Jessica DiLaurentis is murdered & buried in the Hastings back yard (424). 

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*Season 5 picks up immediately after the season 4 finale. No time has passed. 

November 2011 (Week 5) - Still in NYC, the day after Ezra is shot, Aria saves Alison & the girls by killing Shana before she can shoot & kill them (501).

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November 2011 (Week 5) - CeCe escapes from custody & Alison helps her leave the country (501).

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November 2011 (Week 5) - The Liars head to Rosewood PD. Alison goes rogue and spins her infamous kidnapping lie instead of doing what she & the Liars had agreed to. She was supposed to tell the cops everything about “A”, but didn’t (502).

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November 2011 (Week 5) - Jessica’s body is discovered by Pepe the dog (502). 

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November 2011 (Week 6) - Jessica’s funeral is held (503).

November 2011 (Week 6) - Sydney Driscoll moves to Rosewood (503).

November 2011 (Week 6) - Jenna comes back from New York to mourn Shana (505).

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November 2011 (Week 6) - Alison returns to Rosewood High (505).

November 2011 (Week 6) - Ezra & Aria have sex/get back together (505).

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November 2011 (Week 6) - Alison & Emily kiss (505). 

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November 2011 (Week 6) - Caleb moves back to Rosewood (505).

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November 2011 (Week 6) - Rosewood PD announces that the body found buried in the DiLaurentis backyard, who was previously thought to be Alison, was actually identified as Bethany Young (it only took them 2 years!). Seconds later, “Big A” blows up the Cavanaugh House (505).

November 2011 (Week 6) - Hanna & Travis break up (506).

November 2011 (Week 6) - Aria starts volunteering at Radley & the Liars get their hands on Bethany’s sketch book (507).

November 2011 (Week 6) - Hanna & Caleb get back together (507).

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November 2011 (Week 6) - Toby enrolls at the police academy (508).

November 2011 (Week 6) - Alison pays Cyrus Petrillo to confess to her fake kidnapping story. He is released after the 48 hour hold & leaves town (509).

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November 2011 (Week 7) - Melissa finally confesses to Spencer that she is the one who buried Bethany alive (511). 

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November 2011 (Week 7) - Paige & Emily get back together (512).

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November 2011 (Week 7) - Toby is officially a cop. [Geez, that was fast! Oh PLL timeline, you’re killing me!!!] Guess he really did study hard & graduate early (512).

November 2011 (Week 7) - Toby gets hit by a car on his way to graduation and breaks his leg (512).

Thanksgiving Day: November 2011 (Week 7) - Spencer is arrested for Bethany Young’s murder (512).

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Thanksgiving Day: November 2011 (Week 7) - Mona is “murdered” (kidnapped) by “Big A” on Thanksgiving. (512).

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[One month has passed between episodes 512 and 513]

December 2011 - The Christmas Episode: The Ice Ball takes place. CeCe comes back home to see Ali, Spencer is out on bail & the Liars discover Holbrook’s relationship with Alison. He only helps her because she portrays herself as the victim (513)

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[Three months have passed since Mona’s “murder” on Thanksgiving]

February 2012 - Mona’s mother has a Memorial Service for her (514).

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February 2012 - Paige moves to California (514).

February 2012 - Alison is arrested for Mona’s murder, and is charged with Bethany’s. The charges against Spencer are dropped (514).

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February 2012 - Toby finds the bloody knife in Mona’s back yard. Spencer & Caleb dispose of it in the kiln, where Caleb barely escapes death after “Big A” locks him in (515).

February 2012 - Ted asks Ashley to marry him (516).

February 2012 - The Liars discover Boo Boo’s Ice Cream Factory which is one of the locations being used by “Big A” (517).

February 2012 - After reading Aria’s essay to Talmadge College, Ezra sort of breaks up with Aria because he doesn’t want to ruin her college experience like he did with her high school one (517).

February 2012 - Mona’s “friend” Lesli Stone comes to town (518).

February 2012 - Andrew starts tutoring Aria (519).

February 2012 - Mike meets up with Hank Mahoney, aka Cyrus & gives him money from Alison’s (?) account (519).

February 2012 - Mike tells the girls about Mona’s plan to fake her murder in order to help them, but that he thinks “Big A” double crossed & killed her (520).

February 2012 - Spencer leaves on a brief trip to London for an interview at Oxford, which “Big A” sabotages (521).

February 2012 - Andrew & Aria start seeing each other (521).

February 2012 - The Liars find out about Varjak (521).

February 2012 - Ezra & Aria officially break up (522).

February 2012 - “Big A” frames Hanna. She is arrested and charged with being Alison’s accomplice in Mona’s murder. She is locked up in the same facility as Alison (522).

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February 2012 - Alison’s trial begins (523).

February 2012 - Someone (Andrew forced by Big A?) attacks Mike, Caleb & Ezra in the woods near Ezra’s cabin by shooting arrows at them (524).

March 2012 - Alison’s trial enters into it’s second month [with February being the first] (524).

March 2012 - After Lesli’s testimony against them, Alison is found guilty of murdering Mona, and the rest of the Liars (Spencer, Emily & Aria… Hanna is already in jail) are arrested for tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice, and accessories after the fact (524).

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March 2012 - Andrew is revealed to be spying (aka ”blue snarfing”) on Veronica & Melissa’s phone call about “Big A” (525).

March 2012 - “Big A” kidnaps Aria, Emily, Spencer & Hanna from the prison van and welcomes them to his Doll House! (525). 

March 2012 - While in the dollhouse, the Liars finally discover that Mona is indeed alive (!!!) and has been imprisoned there since Thanksgiving (525).

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March 2012 - After a few days imprisoned in the dollhouse, “Big A” makes the Liars reenact prom night from Melissa & Ian’s senior year (525).

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March 2012 - The Hastings, as well as the police, finally find out about the new “A”. Tanner & Toby discover one of his lairs at Campbell Farm & see the video feed of the girls trapped in the doll house. This video also proves that Mona Vanderwaal is alive (525).

March 2012 - “Big A” has a name. It is revealed to be Charles (525).

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*Season 6 picks up immediately after the Season 5 finale. No time has passed.

March 2012 - When the Liars went missing, so did Andrew Campbell. He becomes the leading suspect in the girls’ disappearance (601).

March 2012 - The Liars & Mona are locked outside the dollhouse, completely fenced in. Charles leaves them there to face the elements, before finally letting them back in days later (601).

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[One Week Later…]

April 2012 - Something horrible happens to the girls when they get back inside the dollhouse. Charles carries out punishments on all of them. They are forced to partake in certain “games” with him (601).

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[3 Weeks Later…]

April 2012 - Now that the police know Mona is alive, Alison ‘s murder conviction has been overturned and she has been released from prison (601).

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April 2012 - Spencer figures out that Charles is actually a DiLaurentis (601).

April 2012 - Radley Sanitarium is officially shut down (601).

May 2012 - Since Ali knows that “Big A” wants her badly, Alison, Toby, Caleb & Ezra all devise a plan to lure him out so they can locate the girls and break them free. They arrive just as the girls are trying to break themselves out (601). 

May 2012 - After spending a little over a month in the dollhouse, the Liars & Mona escape after setting fire to Charles’ vault (601). 

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May 2012  - The blonde girl from the dollhouse, who claims to be Sara Harvey, is recovered after spending 2 ½ years as Charles’ prisoner (601).

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May 2012 - The Liars return home to their bedrooms (602).

May 2012 - Lorenzo, Toby’s new partner, joins Rosewood PD (602).

May 2012 - Andrew Campbell is arrested (602).

May 2012 - Sara Harvey runs away to Rosewood and stays at Emily’s house (602).

May 2012 - Andrew Cambell is released from custody & cleared of all charges (603).

Rosewood has you.”

May 2012 - Kenneth DiLaurentis finally reveals the true identity of Charles DiLaurentis: He was Jason & Ali’s older brother! He had been a “troubled” child from Day 1 and was admitted into Radley after attempting to drown an 11 month old Alison in a bathtub full of scalding hot water. Ken says Charles committed suicide at Radley when he was 16 years old.

May 2012 - Hanna along with Spencer, Jason & Ali (siblings unite!) discover Charles’s tombstone in the backyard of Jason & Ali’s Aunt Carol (whether it is a fake or not is yet to be confirmed).


hi! i’m alex and i thought i would do a little timeline thing so that way i can update this as time goes on!

this is me in july of 2013

few months down the road to october (forced smile lol)

march of 2014 i was pretty happy with myself

may of 2014 is when i truly started to hate who i was and experience dysphoria, of course i pushed it to the side

july of 2014 i thought i could just push the feeling of masculinity away with femininity

august of 2014 i cut my hair to my shoulders, felt slightly better

september i forced the femininity on me, causing me to be more depressed and anxious then ever

then in october i cut my hair completely short in my schools bathroom. i felt happier then ever before

then in february of 2015 i cut my hair in a fringe stlye (ignore dan in this was for comparison)

then on march 28th i dyed my hair red

and now friday, april 17th, 2015 i feel more masculine then i’ve felt and although i’m not out to anyone but a few close friends(i actually have pushed my self back in the closet) i am happier then before.


Okay so like, I only learned the mythology au is coming back like… 30 minutes ago, and I’ll actually be discussing shiz going on with rykitsu and rebornica when rebby gets back from school, but I just had to doodle the V bros. (aka Vince and Vinny)

of course Vince is a naga and I REALLY want Vinny to be a harpy, I REALLY WANT THAT SO BAD! look at him, the feathery butt. I love him.

anonymous asked:

How do you think Slenderman's image has changed from 2009 to now? What do you think about the popularity of Slender-verse and creepypasta?

A Brief History of Slender Man

2009: Initial seeds planted. Intriguing character. Completely unknown. Mysterious and threatening. Massive horror appeal. Huge story potential. 

Slender Man is a concept.

More portrayals emerge. Even more threatening and mysterious. Theories fly wild and frequent. Forums buzz with life.

Slender Man is an underground icon.

Peak of pre-Slender identity. Slender Man is limited mainly to vlogs/blogs/fanart. Still imposing and cosmically horrifying. The Slenderverse is born. 

Slender Man is a fandom. 

Slender. Online press. Let’s Plays. The Internet finds him. He goes viral. 

Slender Man is a cult following.

Films. Parodies. Spin-offs. Jokes. He is a huge trend and a buzzword. The internet embraces him. The height of his popularity.

Slender Man is a meme. 

The stabbings, our fandom’s 9/11. 12 year old attempted murder. CNN. Global media coverage. Everyone knows his name. The unknown becomes known. Slender Man as a concept becomes hard to take seriously amidst nationally syndicated media pundit shit slinging. We are deeply embarrassed. The appeal wanes.

Slender Man is a tragedy.

12 year olds are to be tried as adults. Lives thrown away. Everyone’s sour and touchy about it. Momentum slows to a halt as we stop to take a breath. The wound is still raw. The unknown mystery of Slender Man, the very thing that made him interesting in the first place, is so out there in the open… it’s hardly a mystery anymore. Interest fades. 

Slender Man is washed out.

Slender, who? Oh, you mean from that Xbox game? I love that meme! Really spooky. He likes collecting pages! $20!

Slender Man is a joke.

Slender Man is brought into reality as a tulpa through our combined consciousness of being aware of his existence. He is extremely furious with our portrayals of him and begins to take down our armies. The Earth is finally his. It was his plan all along. 

Slender Man is Ǫ̳̤̗̲͖̣U̷̼̥̦̠̦͎͈R̟͕̠͢ ҉͎͎N͍͕͓͔̦E̞W̹͙͘ ̭̳̹͓̳͍̖G͡O̸̩̝̝Ḓ̶̜̞̼̬͓͖.