Straight ahead or two steps forward, two steps back?
Linear and non-linear narrative in BBC’s Sherlock

I was probably not the only one to be blown away by the complex narrative in season 3 of Sherlock. It has been nagging me for a long time, so of course I had to visualise it. 

What started as an experiment, turned into a monster that would not let me go. In the end, I just had to finish it, so here you go. (If someone ever tells you that they intend to make 224 frames by hand, please tell them to go learn animation properly. I do know that I ought to!)

This is what you need to know when watching the animation: 

  • The size of the jumps do not match time passed in the show’s universe. 
  • The jumps are placed roughly at the point in time in the episode where they take place. Since legibility takes precedence, complex episodes do not align well. 
  • Jumps forwards in time are only ­noted when they are very large and obvious in the storytelling (weeks or months) or when they are part of a non-­linear narrative. 

Considering the recent discussion about the order of events in A Scandal in Belgravia and The Hounds of Baskerville, I should also point out that each episode has a line of its own. I did consider letting the dots jump to the right line when there are flashbacks to earlier episodes, but that would have turned this regular monster into a flaming balrog that would have burnt me to crisp. So each line refers only to that episode and flashbacks to earlier episodes are simply put to the left of the events that actually take place in the episode. I hope that made sense … :-)

In case I make corrections, updated versions can be found here: 

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Hiddleswift Timeline (so far)

May 1st, 2016: Met at Anna Wintour’s house in NY

May 2nd, 2016: Dance together at the Met Gala in New York

May 2nd, 2016: Seen leaving the Boom Boom Room in New York

June 14th, 2016: Tom visits Taylor in Rhode Island

June 16th, 2016: They board Taylor’s private jet in Rhode Island

June 21st, 2016: Attend Selena Gomez concert in Nashville

June 22, 2016: Out to lunch in Nashville

June 22nd, 2016: Leaving dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Nashville

June 24th, 2016: Taylor and Tom arrive in Essex and spend the day with Tom’s mom. 

June 25th, 2016: Taylor, Tom, and Diana taking a beach stroll in England

June 26th, 2016: Taking a stroll along the beach with Tom’s family. 

June 27th, 2016: Taylor and Tom are spotted sightseeing in Rome

To be continued…..


So I guess here’s a timeline of photos I could find. I deleted a lot of older photos but basically this is the order of how my transition went. I think I was around 17? In the first photo and in the last one i’m 22. As you can see kinda in the middle I attempted to live as a women in order to make my family happy. My hair was still short in those photos but I had glued in extensions (took literally forever to have put in). After that the mullet came around where I slowly started cutting the extensions out of my hair because I hated being someone I wasn’t just to make my family happy. I cut my hair short again and took off from home to start T. When I returned home my family finally accepted me and the last photo is me 3 months on T ^^ i’m not good with sharing stories and stuff but a few of you wanted to see this sooo here ya go.
For the record I still have that black dress and I look fucking great in it😏

Gillovny Timeline 2016 (Part 1)

For the last 6 months, we’ve been spoiled by Gillovny, so I felt like we need an overview, to not forget. This is not exhaustive, and I’m open to suggestion if you think I missed something. 

Jan 7th: David and Gillian cuddling for an interview on E!. David makes a dick joke but Gillian doesn’t get it. Instead, she wraps herself around him.

Jan 10th: Gillian’s tweetWh-oos getting ready for the #GoldenGlobes parties? - Chucks’ gate is born. We still don’t know to whom belonged those Converse. David appeared with several shade of Chucks later, but never those blue navy.

Jan 11th: Twitter fuckery pre-Kimmel Fuckery. -  “See ya tomorrow, @davidduchovny Wear something nice for me” -  “ @GillianA Less is more?”

Jan 12th: So far, the best day of 2016, aka “The Gillovny Day.”

Jan 14th: Gillian on James Corden - She shows a pic of blue briefs on her phone, but forgets to delete the dozen of bed pics with she and David.  Phone gate is born.

Jan 15th: TCA press tour.

  • Gillian and David looking cute and touchy feely during the TCA panel
  • 'But I think at this point, having known each other and worked together so much for the last, over 20 years, we’ve gone beyond chemistry to history, which is a really cool thing to play as well.“We have chemistry and history, and we’re going try to get biology,” (source)
  • Here are the best Gillovny bits of this panel. 
  • They taped a lot of interviews all looking closer than ever.
  • Rob and Laura Petrie photoshoot (pics here - here & here). Here are some BTS pics and video in slow-motion . They actually took a picture for themselves on Gillian’s phone, which is different from the one David tweeted later
  • Gillian goes back to London. - “HaHa! Thanks for a fun ride, @davidduchovny. Till next time xxx”

Jan 19th: Gillian and David in Variety. The photographer said “Gillian was great because she was kind of flirty with him and that’s what I wanted,” says Jason. She really knew how to handle him. She helped me a lot just by her being there and knowing how to take care of it. She was great. Beautiful. Friendly. And she gave me the look I wanted.” (source)

Jan 23rd: Joined interview of David and Gillian is released “We have an ongoing relationship that’s mostly based on logistics, mostly based in email” - “We talked about it over breakfast a couple of times“ 

Jan 25th:  David gets his star on the Walk of Fame

  •  Gillian writes and tweets him a eulogy. (video) “He was a nice man. A kind man. Funny. Quite smart. He liked avocado and Pilates. Actor, writer, director, friend, he’ll always be my shining star. May his soul be forgiven and rest in peace.” 
  •  David said he would be present if Gillian got a star too.
  • “There only one place where that star belongs, and that’s next to Scully.” (Chris Carter)

Jan 28th: 

Feb 4th: Gillian follows Téa Leoni on Twitter

Feb 5th: David denies again in an interview being in a relationship with Gillian.  “Gillian and I are not lovers, or boyfriend and girlfriend. There seems to be a certain kind of Twitter contingent that wants us to be together. It’s odd to me, because I’ve never had the fantasy of wanting two people together that aren’t, or are.”

Feb 12th: David is spotted at LAX.

Feb 14th: 

  • Gillian wishes David a happy Valentine’s day.
  • Gillian misses the BAFTA in London. Seems like Both Aquarius and The Fall shootings stop for a week, and David had not been spotted in NY this week.(rumor)

Feb 15th: An article with Gillian’s new denial is released. “Does he live in London? Does David live in London?” But were they ever romantically involved? “Nope,” she replies crisply. “Is that going to be the headline of this interview?” Clearly not. (It actually is.)

Feb 17th: David tweets this video of him singing “Square one” by Tom Petty. We can’t see where he is, but the weather, the darkness and the time he’d tweeted match with Europe. (Rumor) 

Feb 18th: David and Gillian reappear on their respectives sets of Aquarius and The Fall.

March 12th: Gillian on Jonathan Ross .She freaks about when Ross tells her he has a picture of her paying tribute to David.

March 20th: Gillian arrives in NY to promote “Sold.” David is still filming Aquarius in LA.

March 25th: Gillian attends the Salt Lake City Comic Con. When asked about her relationship with David, she says we were sibling, practically… Sort of. And… shit happens! And now we grow up. […] And, you know, we’re going to die soon so we might as well be friends, basically.” (video)

April 10th: Gillian is back in NY for Streetcar. David is in NY too. 

Apr 18th: 

  • Gillian and David are spotted at Tribeca Festival, in New-York, for no apparent reasons but a mysterious photoshoot, where David “was very jealous”. Tribeka Fuckery is born.
  • David finally answers to one of Gillian’s feral tweet. We can fairly assume she made him tweet this, though.

April 25th: Gillian is on Watch what happens live.  When asked to grade David’s kiss on a scale from 1 to ten, she gives him an 8. When asked about being in a relationship with David, she didn’t deny. she just went with “that’s interesting… yeah… yeah…”

April 29th: David is spotted with a girl who could be West in Dumbo across the road from St Anns. (Rumor)

April 30th: David shows up at Streetcar with his sister. There is only a few pics ( 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 ) and we just know he headed backstage after the play. Gillian signed that night, but no one saw David come out, so we assume he was still backstage waiting for her during her signing. We don’t know if they left together or not. 

May 5th: David leaves for his tour in Europe.

May 6th: Gillian finds out David wore a kilt in Glasgow. 

May 9th: David sings a new song called Someone else’s girl.” The lyrics could match with Gillovny history. (Lyrics analysis)

May 12th: Gillian will never shut up about David being in the shower. Tweet.

May 13th: David is in Paris. Someone threw a pair of panties on stage that he picked up and gave to his guitarist saying “Nate’s the single guy.” Panties gate is born and we can legit assume David is not single. There was no video recorded (I’m still really sorry that my phone fucked up at this moment), but there’s this one where he looks really embarrassed and disturbed after saying what he’d just said. 

May 20th: David is back in N.Y

May 21st: A rumor about Gillian moving or buying in New-York starts.

May 22nd: The bloopers and others BTS moments are released. Gillian and David appeared cute and closer than ever. 

May 23th: Gillian joins Tumblr for a Q&A. She couldn’t help but joking about David being in the shower, but also slipped other Gillovny tidbits. She said after streetcar she liked to draw a bath and changed the subject. Does it imply she takes a bath with someone she can talk to? The best moment was when she was asked what her favorite scent is. “the smell of someone you love.

June 5th: David at the Wizard World panel in Philadelphia is asked if working again with Gillian is like riding a bike. He said the question was inappropriate. Whether he was joking or not, it’s still debatable.

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could you walk me through the timeline of the tayvin breakup and the hiddleswift hookup?

I kind of feel like we should move on from this topic, but I did make a timeline for myself in case I write fanfic at some point. I am pretty sure that these dates are correct, but if not, please let me know.

  • April 29: TIWYCF is released. Calvin Harris has an interview with Ryan Seacrest about TIWYCF. When asked if he would collaborate with Taylor, he answers, “You know, we haven’t even spoken about it. I can’t see it happening though.”
  • May 1: Dinner at Anna Wintour’s home. Tom and Taylor both attend.
  • May 2: Met Gala. Taylor and Tom dance at the Gala and they go to the after party together with friends.
  • May 3: Tom travels to London.
  • May 4: Taylor and Calvin are photographed driving in LA together. Calvin is smiling or neutral in all photos; Taylor is visibly upset.
  • May 5: Tom tells the Press Association, “I love dancing, who doesn’t? It’s a weird one (that it went viral). I haven’t actually danced for a long time, but I happened to be dancing at the Met Gala because it was a party. I was on a table with Taylor Swift  and The Weeknd was playing and she said, ‘The thing about these parties is nobody gets up to dance’ and you’re making music. She, as a musician, was like, ‘We’ve got to dance for The Weeknd’ so we got up and danced.”
  • May 10: Taylor attends the BMI awards with her family, not Calvin, as she is honored with the first ever Taylor Swift Award and Pop Songwriter of the Year. She tells Dr. Mann, the therapist on Couple’s Therapy, that she enjoys watching the show with her boyfriend.
  • May 12: Taylor and her brother Austin have dinner at Giorgio Baldi’s, Calvin and Taylor’s usual date night spot.
  • May 16: Tom is asked about Taylor and the danceoff by MTV UK. He says, “I sat next to her at dinner that night and she was very charming…She is amazing — I’ve seen a couple of her videos.”
  • May 19: Pictures of Taylor and Calvin hugging and kissing goodbye at airport. Taylor flies from LA to Nashville.
  • May 20: Calvin is involved in a car crash in LA on his way to the airport for his Las Vegas show.
  • May 22: Taylor returns to LA.
  • May 24: Taylor is spotted in LA wearing athletic gear and shopping for flowers. She poses for pictures with fans.
  • May 25: Taylor returns to Nashville from LA.
  • May 28: Calvin flies to London.
  • May 31: Tom arrives in LA from London. Abigail Anderson and Taylor spend time together in Nashville, where Abigail snaps gifts from Taylor and an art project in Taylor’s apartment.
  • June 1: Taylor and Calvin’s breakup is announced.
  • June 2: Calvin tweets: “The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end & what remains is a huge amount of love and respect.” Taylor retweets. Taylor shops for furniture in Nashville.
  • June 4: Taylor surprises a fan at his NJ wedding and performs Blank Space. Tom appears at Wizard World Philadelphia.
  • June 5: Tom goes back to London.
  • June 6: Taylor shops for furniture with friends in NYC.
  • June 8: Taylor is photographed outside of her gym in NYC. She signs a lease for a carriage house in NYC while her penthouse is being renovated. Tom flies from London to NYC.
  • June 10: Tom is seen at a pizza place close to Taylor’s leased NYC home.
  • June 12: Taylor is seen leaving her gym in NYC.
  • June 14: Pictures are taken of Taylor and Tom being affectionate on the beach in RI.
  • June 15: Taylor and Calvin purge each other from their social media accounts. The photos of Taylor and Tom are published.

Starting to feel a little better, figured I’d do one of these since I definitely hit my 2 years on hormones milestone! Thank you guys for all the love and support. It really does mean a lot, I wish I had more time to do something to show how grateful I am for all of you. I hope you all have lovely days!!! holy cow it was fun to search through my folders for these. I’ll be posting another set of some others in a bit!

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Hey, so I'm kinda confused right now regarding the meaning of the title being '19 days'? Does it suggest the time span of the manhua being set out in 19 days? And what day (or currently night) is the manhua up to? I'm not sure if you've already been ask this but yeah

It’s part of an anthology by old xian’s graduating class and each person drew their own ‘one day’ (of the 19 days) Even if the comic was 19 days long each day takes a many months to complete. 


Friday: Zhan invites Jian yi over for the weekend. 


Jian yi comes over to hang out, he stays there for the night. 


Jian yi intercepts but gives the girl’s love letter to him. It is also his birthday.


Jian yi gets into a fight with redhead, Zhan gets hospitalized.


Jian yi skips school to go to zhan’s house. He kisses him and gets punched. They have a confrontation in the rain. 


Jian yi and confession letter girl get into a fight. Zhan carries a drunk Jian yi to his house, who then cries about being abnormal. 

Jian yi then manages to fuck up his relationship with zhan even more than he did last night.

Timeline for SWTOR

The following is a rough timeline for the events in SWTOR as stated by Wookieepedia. The links are for Wookieepedia pages giving a more detailed overview of the events of the corresponding years.
Updated version 05/2016. Wookieepedia now states dates for Rishi, Yavin 4, Ziost, and the events on Zakuul.

3653 BBY Treaty of Coruscant

3643 BBY (10 ATC) Start of ingame events
                 Chapter 1

3642 BBY (11 ATC) Chapter 2    
                End of the Cold War, renewal of open hostilities

3641 BBY (12 ATC) Chapter 3, Ilum, Eternity Vault

3640 BBY (13 ATC) Karagga’s Palace, Black Hole, Denova, Asation

3639 BBY (14 ATC) Makeb, Raid on the Arcanum, Seizure of CZ-198,
                 Dread War (Oricon)

3638 BBY (15 ATC) Kuat Drive Yards, Assault on Tython, Korriban
                 Incursion, Manaan, Raid on Rakata Prime, Battle of Rishi,
                 Battle of Yavin 4

3637 BBY (16 ATC) Devastation of Ziost,
                 Eternal Empire emerges from Wild Space and starts a war of        
                 The Outlander is frozen in carbonite.

3636 BBY (17 ATC) Eternal Empire blockades Coruscant and Dromund Kaas
                 cease-fire treaties

3634 BBY (19 ATC) Kaliyo arrives on Zakuul

3632 BBY (21 ATC) The Outlander is freed from their carbonite prison.
                 Battle of Asylum

Here’s the timeline of what happened in my opinion (of course we will probably never know):

May 19th: Taylor posts picture of 1989 being number 3 on the iTunes chart and scrolls over to show TIWYCF.. Later that day Tayvin get back from vacation (and this is what I think happened) after discussing how the relationship wasn’t working and they decide to end it.. They have a goodbye kiss and head their separate ways (Taylor flies to Nashville, Calvin stays in LA).

May 20th: Taylor posts video of Andrea grilling with a frog making noises in the background, Calvin likes (I think he did this so people wouldn’t be like WHY didn’t he like it?!! They wanted to announce the breakup on their terms).. Later that night Calvin gets in car wreck in LA on the way to the airport for his Las Vegas show.

May 24th: Taylor is spotted in LA at the gym and at a flower shop (I assume she’s flown back to make sure Calvin is okay because even though they’ve broken up she still cares for him. They also discuss when they’re going to release the breakup news to the media).

May 27th: Tom is spotted in London for work.

May 28th: Calvin flies to London.

May 29th: Calvin posts picture of half his face so we know he’s okay on snapchat.

May 30th: Calvin posts shirtless picture on Instagram (which he later deletes, not sure why).

May 31st: Calvin lands in LA. Taylor hangs out with Abigail in Nash and Abi posts video of the cats and he Apple presents Tay got her.

June 1st: It’s announced that Taylor and Calvin have broken up. Tom lands in LA.

June 2nd: Taylor is spotted in Nashville furniture store. Calvin tweets “love and respect” tweet and Taylor retweets it..

June 4th: Taylor attends fans wedding in New Jersey with her parents. Tom attends a fan event for Thor in Philadelphia.

June 5th: I think right around here is when Tay and Tom started talking (now this is me GUESSING).

June 6th: Taylor, Karlie and Gigi are spotted at home goods store in NYC.

June 7th: Taylor is seen leaving the gym in NYC, reportedly leaves that day (we assumed she went to RI BUT I did get several anons that said she went to Pennsylvania and at the time we thought, oh she’s visiting Brit, but maybe she was meeting up with Tom?).

June 8th: Taylor signs a year long lease to rent the NYC apartment while her place is being worked on.

June 10th: Tom is spotted in NYC at a pizza place right near Taylor’s new apartment.

June 12th: Taylor is seen leaving the gym in NYC.

June 14th: @kanenicholas23 tweets that Taylor is at her Rhode Island house (anons told me he has been accurate in the past, can’t confirm though). According to The Sun that’s when the Hiddleswift kissing pictures were taken (and it follows this timeline so it makes sense).

June 15th: Calvin unfollows Taylor, Austin and deletes “love and respect” tweet and deletes Tayvin pictures from Instagram. Taylor later deletes Tayvin pics from hers as well. Pictures are released of Taylor and Tom kissing in Rhode Island.

John/Mary Timeline

So, within the Sherlock BBC universe sometimes it’s really hard to keep track of when things happen, and for a while I’ve wanted to lay out the timeline of things that happen in the relationship of John and Mary. 

So here goes! All information is taken either from John’s blog or the show itself. Keep in mind, this is long! So I’ve added it under the “Keep Reading” tag for dash purposes! I hope you enjoy!

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My Life Timeline

Decided I’d do a timeline of my life to show my transition because I’m honestly so happy with how far I’ve come.

Excuse the cliche but I think it’s appropriate to say: started from the bottom now we’re here! Proof that it does get better, keep on fighting and faking a smile until one day that smile becomes real. I’m happy to say I truly love myself and thank everyone both online and in person who helped me on this journey. Keep it real!