TL;DR Ancestor Timeline

(This has been requested, so now I’m making a TL;DR version of the Ancestor timeline with all the facts that we know of and that I can remember.

The whole thing is very long so I’m going to put a read more in there. I hope you find it helpful! :D)

  • The Condesce appears on Alternia and grows up to kill the previous Empress and becomes Empress herself.

  • Dualscar, The Grand Highblood, Darkleer, Mindfang and the Dolorosa appear as grubs on Alternia in no known order.
  • They grow up.

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Highlights from the Oxford Reference medicine timeline:

  1. c. 2000 BCE Medicine men in Peru practice trephination, cutting holes in the skulls of brave or foolhardy patients.
  2. c. 100 BCE The practice of acupuncture is described in Nei Qing, a Chinese medical text.
  3. c. 1489 Leonardo da Vinci begins an unprecedented series of detailed anatomical drawings, based on corpses dissected in Rome.
  4. 1545 Ambroise Paré, the greatest surgeon of his day, publishes an account of how to treat gunshot wounds.
  5. 1665 The first recorded attempt at blood transfusion, at the Royal Society in London, proves that the idea is feasible.
  6. 1796 German physician Samuel Hahnemann coins the term ‘homeopathy’ and describes this new approach to medicine.
  7. 1860 Florence Nightingale opens a training school for nurses in St Thomas’s Hospital, establishing nursing as a profession.
  8. 1978 Louise Brown, born in England, is the first test-tube baby, having been conceived by IVF (In vitro fertilization).
  9. 2000 At the turn of the century, it is calculated that 36 million people worldwide are infected with the HIV virus.

Image credits: 1) Girl skull, trepanated with a silex, 2) Hua Shou. Expression of the fourteen meridians, 3) Vitruvian Man, 4) Ambroise Paré et l'examen d'un malade by James Bertrand,  5) Sample blood bag,6)  Samuel Hahnemann, 7) Three Quarter length portrait of Florence Nightingale, 8) ICSI sperm injection into oocyte, 9) Stylized rendering of a cross-section of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. All via Wikimedia Commons.

Stan's Timeline as of Season 1 (WARNING: LONG READ)

Okay, so after 2 hours of working out all the math, I have concluded that Stan would have to be born in 1942 in order for all the ages and dates to cooperate.

Stan, aged 6 in this picture, lived in New Jersey (evidenced in the playground wall behind him), and was bullied badly. (1948)

By the time Stan turned 10, his father signed him up for boxing lessons. (1952)

6 years later, (1958, age 16) Stanford’s boxing lessons paid off when he saved Carla McCorkel’s purse at a theater showing of “Grandpa the Kid”. Carla possibly started dating Stan (as they are in the 70’s?)

In 1965, a 23-year-old Stan sells StanVacs. (Also he has cleaned up that late 50’s acne)

In 1969, Stan ends up in Columbian Prison for who knows what. (age 27)

35 year old Stan appears to be dating Carla now, in 1977. (Also buffed up some, ooh hunkle)

2002 (verified by Wax Holmes, 1x03), a now 60 year old Stan steals wax figures.

And finally, in 2012, the Grunkle we all know, age 70.

Thanks for reading through all that, if you did, let me know in my ask and i’ll give you a special thing!

Joult before THG (2010-2011)

Many new Joult fans still have a lot of questions about Joult’s relationship history…here is a quick glance at Joult before Jen started to gear up for THG promotion (prior 2012 basketball photos)…….I helped Stormy put together a time line back in March 2013- here you go!

Joult met during X-men First Class filming in UK…many might not know that Nick got the role for the movie before Jen did…and they probably first met during audition for chemistry read in late June/ early July 2010.

Joult started to date during filming of Xmen First Class (Aug- Dec. 2010)

Oct 21, 2010- First photo of Joult’s date circulated around internet! They went to a Noah Ark’s theme party with Nick’s friends in London

Nov. 2010: With Luca Till and friend at Winter Hyde Park

December 2010- The famous video- Nick at Jen’s house

Jan. 25, 2011- Morning of Oscar nomination announcement, Nick photographed with Jen’s family

Jan 29, 2011- Directors Guild of America Awards with Jen’s brothers at Jen’s condo.

Jan 30, 2011, Nick attended SAG Awards as Jen’s date.  Technically they didn’t walk the red carpet together or pose for official photo.

Feb. 13, 2011- Nick attended BAFTA with his sister Rosanna and Jen arrived separately (she was not even nominated this time).  They were never photograph together.

March 9, 2011- Jen attended Paris Fashion Week with Nick’s sister Rosanna.

March 10, 2011- both attended Audi ballet night at the Royal Opera House but photographed separately.

Nov. 2011- Thanksgiving with Jen’s family

December 2011- vacation in Belize

 December 31, 2011- celebrated NYE count down at Times Square NYC.

Even Jen was nominated for Oscar, Golden Globe and other Awards in 2011 for Winter Bone- she was still unknown to the public and Nick at the time was only known in UK/ Europe….they were able to date without being follow by paps/ fans….and sightings and photos of them are very rare to find for that time frame.  They were able to be under the radar without people knowing that they are dating.  Not to mentions there are lots of sighting of them visit each other on film locations.

Happy New Year - 20th Anniversary Edition

Happy New Year! 2014 is a very important year for FUNimation because it marks the 20th anniversary of the company. Over the past two decades we’ve seen our fair share of super-powered transfer students, alien princes hell-bent on taking over the world, and robots with hard drives of gold. We’ve searched far and wide to bring you the most epic tales of magic, mechas, and disintegrating clothing. You’ve laughed, you’ve cried, you’ve been horrified and completely grossed out—and we’ve had an amazing time sharing it all with you.

For our twentieth anniversary, we want to take a look back at our past, highlighting some of our landmark moments and titles that are close to our hearts. To do that, we are creating a special website with a timeline that we’ll be filling in with all kinds of anniversaries and memories from our past. This timeline will be updated several times a month all year long. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s online, so be sure to check back often!

We’ll also be hosting sales on the FUNimation Shop periodically throughout the year, themed after events connected to our timeline. Plus, we’ll be adding trivia, tidbits about our history, and exclusive videos and interviews.

 We know that you all love anime as much as we do, so we’ll definitely be looking for some fan-submitted memories from FUNimation’s past. When the time is right, we’ll ask you to take to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. to share those with us!

 So, keep an eye out on all our social outlets and for more anniversary fun throughout the year–we have a LOT planned!

So remember a few weeks ago when the boys were all MIA and nothing was happening and we were all bored and it was great? Yea I want to go back to that time. Purely for entertainment purposes lets do a quick recap of what happened over the past 7 or so days shall we?

  • @louis_tomlinson tweeted something a little controversial…basically supporting someone who is known for his homophobic attitude and some other not so chill things
  • Louis gets spotted at a football match in the UK after being completely MIA for at least 3 weeks (coincidentally people were speculating he was with Harry in LA up until that point so of course…gotta shoot down that rumor)
  • We saw that Harry got a new anchor tattoo AN ANCHOR of all things corresponding with Louis’ rope? yes? yes
  • Louis is MIA again and Harry is more or less MIA as well except for like one day where he went shopping by himself and made sure he was seen by everyone under the sun. Because he’s ALONE!!!1!!
  • Fans find a Keek posted by 5sos (who happens to be in LA) and you can hear Louis’ voice and see what are most likely his feet :) Chaos then ensues
  • The next day Harry is seen hanging out with friends at a hotel in LA and Louis is spotted by a fan in Manchester (or Cheshire idefk) but that all happened within about 24 hours aka Louis flew back to the UK and made sure he was spotted to prove that he and Harry are not even in the same country OKKKKK
  • Then we get a little bit of Hendall again because that’s still going on apparently. A photo of them actually slightly interacting for once if you want to count Harry standing behind her and barely touching her a form of “interacting” …all while a spotlight is on them LOL
  • Now Louis is spotted at another football game (deja vu huh?) and Harry is apparently at the Sundance Festival

So in conclusion, Harry and Louis do a thing, people catch on to it, there are some massive cover ups, and the PR stunts/beards come back out to play. The usual pattern, of course. Talk about smoke and mirrors. I can’t believe all of this happened in just a weeks time!!! And people were actually complaining about being bored not too long ago.