Pot Dealers Traced Back 5,000 Years

Steppe herders believed to have been among the founders of the European civilization may have also been the first pot dealers, says a new study into the history of cannabis.

Called the Yamnaya, these nomads entered Europe about 5,000 years ago from the eastern Steppe region, in today’s Ukraine and Russia. According to the research, they brought with them metallurgy, herding skills and possibly the Indo-European languages.

They were also responsible for the first, transcontinental trade of cannabis some 5,000 years ago.

The conclusion comes from a systematic review of archaeological and paleo-environmental records of cannabis fibres, pollen and achene across Europe and East Asia.

Carried out by researchers from the German Archaeological Institute and the Free University of Berlin, the study determined the herb was not first used and domesticated somewhere in China or Central Asia, as it has been often assumed. Read more.


Ich bin ein Student.

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#4 JFK Institute is one of the few institutes pursuing research in Comics Studies and its library holds a modest but interesting Comics Collection (yeeep guess where i spent like an hour browsing). GW was the first thing i thought of. my visual biography (awawawaw). also only one afternoon of research and i already have like ten secondary-source-books for my thesis. gosh. i do love the JFK library

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The Philological Library is the newest component of the campus of the Free University of Berlin. Designed by the notable architect Norman Foster, the library is with a shape of a human brain, and immediately after its opening in 2005, it was nicknamed the Berlin Brain.

The Philological Library has four floors, as the inner membrane is constructed of translucent glass to filter the sun and so to provide an atmosphere conducive to concentration. The library houses more than 700,000 volumes.

More photos of the Philological Library here and here.

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People Who Studied Abroad #77:
Jonathan Franzen, author

United States

Spent an academic year in Munich, Germany on Wayne State University’s Junior Year in Munich program. After graduation, he received a Fulbright Scholarship to spend another year in Germany studying at Freie Universität Berlin.

Germany: Leftwing radicals: ‘Money-grabbing’ Jews have too much influence

Breitbart reports:

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A new poll shows anti-Semitism is rife among leftwing Germans, with 34% of respondents saying Jews have “too much influence” in the country, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The survey, conducted by the Research Association on the SED [Socialist Unity Party] State at the Free University of Berlin, showed that

34% of leftwing radicals agreed with the anti-Semitic belief that Jews are “money-grabbing,” and 16% of Germans defined as radically left-wing hold anti-Semitic views.  A further 13% of radical leftwingers said Jews are consumed with money.

The study included an online survey with 36,000 respondents.

According to its website, the association researches the former East German communist state and its SED party, which is no longer in existence. The association seeks “to gain more insight into the outer and inner conditions that made possible the 40 years of a second German dictatorship in the 20th century.”

The researchers who led the study, Monika Deutz-Schroeder and Klaus Schroeder, said anti-Semitic extremist leftism equates “Jew” with “capitalist” and “exploiter.”

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The New Antisemite: