Material equality poses real challenges to the capacity and freedom to make choices.

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“[C]hoice was involved in the very foundation of the American republic.”

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The great achievements of the nineteenth century came by departing from the kind of system that you now want to re-impose. You want to take us back to the 18th and 17th century when we had a corporate society, when we had government controlling things. The whole issue is not Is what somebody is proposing from the 20th, or the 19th, or the 18th [Century]? The whole issue is: What is the best thing to do? What is the best way in which we can widen our opportunities, preserve our freedom, maintain our prosperity? And it seems to me the kind of solutions you would propose involve more of the same measures that have failed over and over again to achieve the objectives.

Respecting people as moral agents means abstaining from restricting individual choices.

Prof. James Otteson describes how the freedom to choose is a crucial element of human dignity:

Throughout the world, governments always profess to be forward-looking. In practice, they are always backward looking, either protecting the industries that exist, or making sure that whatever ventures they have decided to undertake are encouraged and developed. This occurs at the expense of the kind of healthy development of new, dynamic, adaptive industries that would surely occur if the market were allowed to operate freely, if it were allowed to separate out the unsuccessful ventures from the successful ones, discouraging the unsuccessful and encouraging the successful.

If you respect people as moral agents, you abstain from restricting other individual’s choices.

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Wherever the free market has been permitted to operate, wherever anything approaching equality of opportunity has existed, the ordinary man has been able to attain levels of living never dreamed of before. Nowhere is the gap between rich and poor wider, nowhere are the rich richer and the poor poorer, than in those societies that do not permit the free market to operate.
—  Milton and Rose Friedman, Free to Choose