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Hi guys!! Thank you all so much for your support!!! Happy 250 (EDIT: I SPENT A DAY ON THIS AND NOW IM PAST 300) and hope you all have a great start to the month! The community is more welcoming with all of you - I haven’t faced negativity from anyone at all. None of these are my posts - but they’ve helped me out a lot. With that said - let’s get started:

For bujos/planners:

This is one of my side blogs, and has tons of inspiration for weekly and monthly spreads, as well as a few aesthetic ideas and how to start one. I update this constantly.

How to start a studyblr - Studyblrs with creative fields

Lighting (for photos)

Study spreads

Planning your month

Printables (the same as some used down there but in a different category):

Weekly printable

To - do printable

Cornell Notes printable

Back to school printables

Daily Planner  @theorganisedstudent

Weekly Planner II @theorganisedstudent

Essay Planner @theorganisedstudent

Assignment Planner @theorganisedstudent

Assignment Tracker

Novel Notes

Plot Diagrams

Correction Sheets

Grid & lined paper

Weekly schedule for studying

Printables masterpost

Exam printable & how to use it

2018 Calender set (by my QUEEN @emmastudies)

For students:

Exams & Studying:

Exam revision guide

How to beat different types of procrastination

How to deal with a crappy teacher (this has to do with studying ig)

Study tips!! (its a masterpost)

Exam Printable & How to Use it

Exam & Homework tips

Coping with hell i mean exams i mean hell

A cool studying outline to try

This is my favorite thing and it’s when to use certain remembering techniques

Correction Sheets

Memorization tips for different learners

Weekly study schedule

More sites to use in normal studying routines

How to study smarter and not harder

Study smarter II

Exam printable & how to use it

Self discipline 

Study methods

Hoe tips for school and studying

Studying masterpoint

Tips and tricks to studying

Study tip - so easy

How to stay organized to study

Note - Taking:

Lecture notes

How i set up flash cards (these are nice to study from but be determined to finish setting them up)

Nifty highlighting idea (this post is so old)

Highlighting idea that i actually use

How to take Cornell Notes

Cornell style notes printable (gridded)

Notebook paper (grid & lined)

Tips for pretty notes!!

How to take notes

Notes for different classes

Life, man & general school stuff:

Back - to -school guide

Things I learned as a college freshman


Textbooks are expensive so here’s some free ones…

Tips for working students that sound extra but may work for u ily don’t overwork urselves

Masterpost for motivation and stuff

Get ur life together again bc haha i stay organized for like a day anyway

School supplies that u should have just to stay minimal

Grad school tips

Organization masterpost

Productive afterschool routine

30 websites to kill boredom

Back to school masterpost

Get confident in presentations

Overcome procrastination

Succeeding in school masterpost

For bad days 

For bad days II

A GOOD MASTERPOST for getting ur life together 

General school tips 

Free online courses


Sites to learns stuff

More learning stuff sites

Dealing with a trashy class

Study resources masterpost

Summer Productivity

Summer life tips


Honest guide to college 

University tips


What to do on Sundays

Back to school masterpost

Useful things for going back to school

How to clean your house

Cute self care tips!

More self care tips

Plant care tips!


A handy list of words to fit into ur essays

How to write an article like a journalist

Words to replace over-used words

ESSAY STRUCTURE IDEA this is in bold so u losers don’t miss this bc it’s not just for English u nerds

Get gucci while reading and be an active reader

Get gud reading them academic articles amigo

Words to replace “the author or whatever shows…” bc that is baby writing and i accidentally used that on an essay and i failed so

Novel notes

Plot Diagrams

Reading Lists

Literary techniques (what themes, personifications, metaphors are etc)

Discussing in English

How to top a literature class

Literature class masterpost

Strong/weak verbs

More essay tips!!

MLA format - a how to


How to avoid essay cliches

Chemistry (I’m taking chem so i have a few resources aha)

Da terms on exam papers

Chemistry resources masterpost

Cute periodic tables

Study chapters

History/Social Studies

How to write a history paper

AP world history powerpoints masterpost


General tips


Understanding math masterpost

Test Prep



ACT tips!

100 words for the SATs (start studying early!!)

Thank you so much for the support! I couldn’t have done it without all of you. A simple reblog or like will help others see these tips, and will be very appreciated. I hope these links work - feel free to message me with questions and other links!! A possible part 2 might come out at the end of august, and one for languages!!!

Witchy Hygiene Tips

🛁 Switch to crystal deodorant

🛁 Use oat flour to exfoliate, it invites money and good luck and scrubs away misfortune

🛁 Use a black brush or comb to ground and protect yourself

🛁 Use cinnamon dental floss for good luck

🛁 Add tumbled amethyst to your body wash for spiritual health

🛁 Enchant your shampoo and conditioner to ward off unwanted attention

🛁 Make sure your toothbrush color corresponds with your intent

🛁 Add mint to your foot wash for safe travels

🛁 Pluck out bad vibes as you tweeze your eyebrows

🛁 With every pass of the razor, shave away negative energy

🛁 Use an acne or wrinkle cream to cleanse and protect yourself

🛁 Use cocoa butter on stretch marks and discoloration, it acts as a glamor for perfecting skin

🛁 Use bath products with natural scents and ingredients to draw on the power of earth

🛁 Use orange flavored mouthwash to energize and brighten your mood

🛁 Shower at night to draw in the moon’s energy

🛁 Use an unscented moisturizer to start out your days with a clean slate

🛁 When you clip your nails or get a haircut, dispose of the cuttings in a safe and secretive manner  

🛁 Cleaning out your ears can act as an enchantment for accurate hearing and to stop gossip  

🛁 Cleanse ya damn genitals, it acts as an attraction spell for prosperity

🛁 Use a toner corresponding with your intent (witch hazel, rosewater, and green tea toners are some great options)

🛁 Change into fresh clothing after a negative encounter to invite positive energy back into your life

These are just my personal tips, feel free to use these or add your own. Negativity will not be tolerated. 

study tips for different learning styles

Here are some study tips for different learning styles that I’ve gathered from talking to friends and from what some professors have recommended their students to do:


  • draw pictures in your notes
  • benefit from illustrations & presentations that use color
  • use diagrams, graphs, underlining, mind-maps, etc
  • study in a visually appealing place


  • study in groups, discuss things out with other people
  • record lectures, take part in a study group, go to tutoring
  • reduce lecture notes to only the main ideas
  • read texts out loud, pretend to teach someone else
  • explain ideas to other people
  • recite, recite, recite
  • create jingles or mnemonics 


  • take notes during the lecture
  • underline, highlight, or circle printed material
  • borrow other students’ notes to compare and contrast
  • use a variety of colors, pens, highlighters, note cards, etc
  • write it out, re-write your notes, create mind-maps
  • make and use flashcards for studying


  • trace letters and words to learn spellings, etc
  • take several breaks
  • write everything out
  • move around to learn new things
  • use non-distracting movement while you learn (like shaking your leg/foot, chewing gum, tap your pen/pencil)
  • listen to non-distracting music
  • study while walking or working out


  • write things out but also use colors and diagrams
  • move around, study in an isolated space, work at a standing desk

If you have any additional tips, feel free to add it and/or let me know!

little things that can help you if you have bpd

i’ve been seeing a lot of topics like “how to deal with someone who has bpd” and it always bothers me, because there is basically no topics about how to deal if YOU have bpd. that’s why i’m making this post, in my opinion as someone who has bpd. feel free to leave other tips and comment!

  • buy a notepad and write about your emotions. in DBT (dialectical behavior therapy), used a lot to help people with BPD, they tend to help others to regulate their emotions, basing on some principles, like:
  1. identify and classify emotions; usually, people with BPD suffered/suffer from emotional abuse and it makes harder for us to have a knowledge about our feelings, since we never had someone to help us in this aspect. if you have hard times dealing with your emotions, you can create a special organization on your notepad, basing on: what just happened that could be a possibly trigger to your feeling? (EVEN IF IT’S SOMETHING MINOR, for example, if your friend replied to you in a different way, if you saw an image that made you feel uncomfortable); what are your physical symptoms about it? (for example, if you feel butterflies in your stomach, you are possibly anxious); what does this feeling make you want to do? (for example, if you feel like you want to hit something, you are possibly experiencing anger). and, also, try to identify your primary and secondary emotions, for example, if a friend forgets about an event that you would go together, first you may feel anger, but this anger can be followed by frustation or sadness (secondary emotions).
  2. how to “change” your emotions; after writing about your emotions and trying to learn about them, you can add a subject in your notepad about “WHAT CAN I DO TO CHANGE THIS FEELING”. your first thoughts may be pessimists, specially because borderlines are VERY impulsives, like “i should probably self-harm” or even “i should probably kill myself”, due to the intensity of bpd emotions, but right now, you have to think with your rationality. for example, if your friend is delaying to reply, you can think about the possibilities that are causing this problem: if they are busy, if they are having a hard time or if they just don’t want to talk right now. after thinking about the situation as a whole, you’ll ask yourself “okay, but what will i do?” and that’s why i think it’s important to create a list about what makes you happy and what distracts you, so everytime you have a hard situation to deal with, you can check on your list. “oh, i’m having x problem, but in my list it says that painting makes me happy, so what about painting something i saw today?”. if you don’t have anything that you like about, there is an app called Calm Harm, that can help you in self-harm situations!
  3. increase and improve positive emotional events; i know that it’s difficult for us to focus on positive moments, but once you are feeling down, please try to write about what happened in your day that was a good thing. and when i say it, i don’t mean a BIG thing, it can be something like seeing a flower in your garden. write about your sensations when your experienced this moment and think about the possibility of living this moment more than once. for example, if i saw a flower and it made me happy, can i try to plant one, so i’ll see it more often?
  4. apply pressure tolerance techniques; by distraction, self-care, improving the moment and considering pros and cons.

SO, in your notepad, have a space to: first, identify and classify your emotions; second, a space to write about how to change your emotions; third, a space to write about positive emotional events and fourth, write about what pressure tolerance techniqures you can apply to your life. 

  • practice saying no and saying what you need to the people around you; sometimes people with BPD tend to think that we are a burden to friends and family, and sometimes it’s not true. due to it, we often don’t tell what we really want. so, if you could, please, practice saying NO and what you REALLY need and want to people around you, even if it’s minor things. for example, if someone asks you to lunch with them, but you can’t/don’t want to, don’t let your abandonment fear decides what it’s the best for you, just say no, but not in the intention to hurt the other person. “i’m sorry, i really like you, but i can’t or don’t want to, since i have to do x thing/feeling x thing, but i really like you!”. when you say no, you can have a better idea about what you like and what you don’t, so you can start to let people know about it. for example, “hey! yesterday i said no when you invited me for lunch, so i realized i don’t really like going to public places, what about having lunch in my house next time?”
  • practice breathing techniques; intense emotions can lead us to panic situations or really bad physical symptoms. in stressing moments, we hold the air, increasing the level of carbon dioxide in our system, so the organism thinks we need more oxygen and make us breathe faster. the imbalance increases our heart beats, our blood pressure and the release of hormones such as adrenaline. i recommend ASMR videos to relax and you can breathe slowly, imagining a circle opening and closing, like the gif:

the post is getting long, so i’ll finish here! i’ll probably post a part two if you guys like! please leave a comment if it was helpful and i’m sorry if my grammar wasn’t very correct, english is not my native language.

remember that everything here is theoritical and it’s hard to apply these tips in your life, things will not suddenly change. but i believe in you and things take time, so don’t give up on getting better.

College Life 101

Alrighty folks, here are some nifty tips on how I survived (and could have better survived) college: 

  • As soon as you have your schedule, email your professors. Everyone. Especially if you have questions about the course, if you’re going to miss, etc. also make sure you do it from your school email, many professors will not check an email if it isn’t from a school address. 
  • On move in day, bring a door stop.  moving in is so much easier when you don’t need someone to hold the door for everything. 
  • Shoe racks and command strips/hooks will be your best friend. Use the racks for misc. things like utensils, seasonings, Keurig mixes, hot chocolate, etc. 
  • Bring a whiteboard/corkboard. Write down your classes and anything you need to get done for those classes and make sure that you keep it updated. On the cork side post up papers with important numbers, a map of campus, and other things you get. 
  • SIGN UP FOR ACTIVITIES (ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE ON A SMALL CAMPUS) otherwise you’re not going to have a fun experience. Even if it’s just something you THINK you may have a slight interest in, try it! 
  • Go to one or two sporting events, just for the hell of it
  • Put important dates in your phone calendar or even a planner. Somewhere you will be reminded of them. Times and dates are critical. 
  • Eat. and eat well. 
  • Use chegg, upper classmen, or other resources for textbooks before you buy them. Campus bookstores are astronomically expensive and it can be a lot cheaper going somewhere else. I use Chegg and they also send you free tide pods, coffee samples, etc. 
  • Bring medicine that you’ve used in the last two years, even if you haven’t used it in a while just to be safe. 
  • If you’re gonna do laundry on the weekends Friday and Saturday nights OR Sunday mornings are prime time. Be prepared for staying up late or getting up early to do laundry 
  • PUT. A TIMER. ON. YOUR. LAUNDRY. Seriously, when you have to share a laundry room there is nothing more annoying than someone who won’t move their laundry out for other people. 
  • On a related note DO NOT THROW OTHER PEOPLE’S LAUNDRY ON THE FLOOR. Fold it up, leave it on the dryers or w/e with a little note. Don’t be an asshole. 
  • Keep extra pads and tampons around everywhere you go. Help yourself and/or ya menstruating friends out. 
  • Bring a phone/laptop charger with you throughout the day. I know I personally have some long breaks between my classes where I do homework and w/e
  • Use Google docs for your assignments, or other programs that back up your work to the cloud. My laptop broke halfway through the semester and the only thing that saved me was Google Docs because my school uses gmail
  • Download Groupme. Right now. Do it. It’s a great way to create group chats, keep them in one place, and keep them backed up somewhere, you’re gonna have some for group projects, your dorm, any programs, etc. 
  • Bring a three hole punch, scissors, glue, tape, notecards, and binders. Also get pocketed folders for any important research papers you may need to turn in. 
  • ALSO DRY ERASE MARKERS ARE A LIFE SAVER. bring them around for studying in empty classrooms it’s v helpful
  • COLOR CODE YOUR BINDERS/NOTE BOOKS/STICKY NOTES. Your binder for one class and all its accessories should be one colors. Color organize your notes. (If you’re colorblind, use patterns or something simple for you.) 
  • Try typing up your notes after classes, save them to your laptop and whatever online thing you use. Sometimes you’ll need your notes and you either won’t have your notebook, laptop, or both and it can be very important to keep your notes accessible. 
  • Make use of tutoring services or other students/friends that are good in your classes. C’s get degrees and if people can help you understand it better then WOO
  • Try not to miss too many classes, but if you do make sure you contact your professors about it (or someone in that class.) 
  • Sleep is v important, but can also be too good so set alarms at least a half hour before your classes to get ready and go. 

Take deep breaths. Make friends. Take no shit, do no harm

((These are based off of my personal experiences, feel free to add on if you think of something))

I Trust You

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of accidental injuries, angst, swearing, smut, nsfw, unprotected sex

Word Count: 1630

Summary: Bucky accidentally hurts you the night before and you try to keep him from finding out. 

Request: Hi I just found your blog and I fell in love, could you write a request where Bucky accidentally hurts Reader during sex, maybe he is thrusts too rough and he mistakes her cries for moans of pleasure and doesn’t realized he hurt her until after his orgasm, but he makes it up to her

A/N: I deviated a little from the request but in essence it’s all still there. Also It’s late, this is unedited. All mistakes are my own so please forgive them. 

Your name: submit What is this?

You didn’t want to tell him, didn’t want him to know.

Bucky hadn’t meant to do it and you knew that, but accident or not if he ever found out you were sure he’d never touch you again, hell he would probably stay as far from you as he could get, and that was something you didn’t want to risk. He’d been making so much progress over the last few months, only recently becoming comfortable with you being on his left side.

During the first stages of your relationship Bucky had kept you on his right side at all times, worried that something might happen if you got too close to the gleaming metal plates. It was only after patience and months of showing him he wasn’t about to lose control of himself that he slowly let himself relax. There was no way that you were about to back peddle all of that persistence over a bruise he didn’t mean to make. All you had to do was keep it covered until it healed.

Honestly you hadn’t even felt it to begin with, way too lost in the feeling of Bucky’s sharp breaths and hard thrusts. It was only after you’d come down fully from your high and Bucky had fallen asleep that you felt the dull throbbing around your wrist.

There was no mistaking the perfect outline of Bucky’s fingers in the dark, blotchy skin; the imprint of where metal had met flesh. He had pinned your wrist above your head as he pistoned his hips into yours, and fuck, had it felt amazing. Your orgasm had slammed into you so hard that you felt your eyes tip to the back of your skull, your throat raw from how hard you had chanted his name. You really didn’t want to taint a memory like that.

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anonymous asked:

A CONCEPT: Viktor is a street performer that performs right outside the coffee shop Yuuri works in everyday and before he leaves he always comes in to get coffee or tea or something, so Yuuri starts to give it to him for free as a "tip". One day instead of throwing away his cup, Viktor writes his number on it and leaves it on the counter, then when they start dating he tells everyone that stops to watch him to go into the coffee shop and get something because his beautiful boyfriend works there.

Characters Interacting: A Trick I just figured out while doodling and don’t want to forget.

So this is a cool little trick, and I don’t wanna forget how to do it, and I think it would help other people too!

So if you’re like me, drawing two or more people interacting with each other, such as like. Hugging and stuff. Can be a little difficult!

So. Say I wanted to draw tiny Florent and Lucian sitting next to each other and leaning on each other for support.

Here’s how you start!

So instead of starting with the character skeleton we all learned in those how to draw manga books we read as youngins, trying drawing blocky shapes that represent the character’s general shape first instead.

Treat those blocky shapes like how a wood carver would treat a block of wood, and start carving out the shapes of your characters in a really rough sketch.

Clean up that sketch and bam! So much easier!

I’m going to stop there because you get the point.

Now go! Draw characters interacting! Draw hugs, and snuggles, and german suplexes!


Character Planning Printables!

All I ask is that the copyright mark is not removed, and that nobody tries to sell these to make a profit. Please enjoy using them, this system works really well for me and I hope it works for you too! If you do print these off and use them please send me a message, I would love your feedback on how you found them! 

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Witchy housekeeping reminders 🌙💎

1. If you sleep with crystals under your pillow remember to cleanse them in the morning and thank them for their energies 🔮

2. Clean out your incense burner.

3. Safely dispose of old herbs, plants and other things you no longer need to keep your altar or working space clutter free.

4. Or bury the things you no longer need.

5. Wash out any containers or glasses you’ve used for past workings or spells. Cleanse them with incense smoke or oil to reuse them. **

6. Organize your herbs by name or use for easy access.

7. Use a few drops of lemon oil 🍋with a cleaning agent to keep your space clean and smelling nice***

8. Empty your trashcans, vacuum and dust to help clear out of energy blockages. Trust me it helps 😉

** If a spell or working requires you to dispose of those objects please do so.

***Be careful not to use too much lemon oil. Also be cautious of how cleaning agents react to the lemon oil.

S/N: Just a few reminders for witches and magical folks who are a little behind on housekeeping (like me..ugghh executive dysfunction). If you have anymore to add feel free! 🌙💎✨

how to get grade 9s in english


  • how i studied for english lit
  • poetry terms (subject terminology is key)
  • thorough tips
  • what i used to analyse ‘a christmas carol’
  • essay structure
  • analyse your books like your life depends on it 
  • tips, more tips, and more (there’s a thread!)
  • try and spot different literary devices!
  • always challenge yourself when you’re writing an essay, you can ALWAYS improve
  • use a range of evidence! 
  • use subject terminology! (e.g simile, metaphor etc)
  • be specific about the effects on the reader!
  • write a lot of essays! whether it’s under timed conditions or not…do it! honestly i wrote more essays in year 11 than i have in my entire life!
  • know your book inside out! know your characters (maybe make flashcards and mindmaps on them!) know all the themes as well!!
  • re read your books!! it’s a closed book exam so you need know a lot of quotes (use at least 2 quotes per paragraph)
  • following on from the previous point, if you know even one word of a quote use it!!! ok!! cheat the exams!! it’s still evidence 
  • do practice questions (yes it was new spec and no there wasn’t any past papers, so I made them up! but you can also find made up ones online)
  • do not be discouraged by a low mark! see it as an opportunity to improve!! no essay is ever perfect!
  • for real always include context in an essay (e.g societal expectations at the time? etc) !! and use the correct term of the year e.g jacobean era, victorian etc
  • revise for your mocks!! (this is for both language and literature)! it gives you an insight on how you’re doing and makes it easier to revise for the final exams
  • for poetry memorise quotes and honestly write a bunch of comparison essays (or make detailed plans for comparison essays) (i’ve actually made a video on how i studied poems)
  • always mention the writer’s name, it honestly forces you to talk about the intentions of the writer!


  • extend your vocabulary 
  • use different sentence lengths (i’m talking about section 2 in both language papers)
  • use different connecting words!! suggest and shows gets boring after the 6th time in a row please
  • practice writing stories and articles!! 
  • practice answering questions in general and get someone to mark them
  • use/ talk about different devices e.g extended metaphors, similes, facts etc
  • know your mark scheme inside out (what does your examiner want from you?)
  • make sure your timing is right!! it’s essential! so practice doing papers under timed conditions!
  • know your mark scheme inside out! find out what they want to see from you!! maybe writer’s intentions?? judicious range of evidence??
  • read books!! write descriptions!! write stories!! paint scenery!! in order to get you in the mood of creative writing
  • when writing formal articles, make sure to use the form of the article e.g when writing a letter use dear/ write an address/ sign off with yours sincerely, similarly when writing an article for a newspaper have a heading/subheading
  • also technical accuracy is crucial! so make sure you check over to see you’ve spelt things right! included commas!! and get fancy (use semi colons, quotation marks etc when you can, but only if you know how to use them!!)
  • also in general don’t forget to rest!!! chill!!! take breaks!! drink some water!! eat some fruits!! get that chocolate!! TREAT YO SELF!!

if anyone has anymore tips feel free to add on!!


Anonymous asked: Bad boy au / Jimin + 22 Love your writing btw!

;pairing — Jimin x reader

;warnings — smut (I couldn’t contain myself)

;word count — 3k

;Prompt  “You can’t just say that and then disappear!” 

A/N: I’m sorry if this wasn’t what you imagined anon, It’s hard for me to picture Jimin as a bad boy, I think he was more just like a fuckboy here, anyways I hope you like it :) Also, the ending is cheesy af I know!! lol

Before starting your freshman year of college you had one thing clear in your head; no fuckboys. You were gonna study, pass your exams, make new friends, and live an easy and relaxed student life, well as relaxed as being an architecture major at college could be.

You didn’t want to be one of those persons who start college and the only thing they do is go to parties, get high and fuck every guy they see, because you were here to mainly study and get your diploma and you knew that getting involved with guys would mean losing track of your original plan of living a calm student experience.

But you would see that exact plan be thrown down in the form of a sturdy, cocky, obnoxious but beautiful fuckboy.

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Regarding Veteran’s Day

So it’s Veteran’s Day! 11/11 huh? Sometimes that brings back memories. I was in JROTC in high school and they organized the schools at these events every year. It was optional, but I attended every single Veteran’s Day memorial service, whether it was being on color guard or just showing up to stand with my fellow cadets in uniform. Some would leave as soon as the ceremony was done, but I loved to make the rounds and talk to the aging vets who came to speak at the ceremonies. I actually made my mom take me to it every year, and that is impressive for me because my mother was pretty abusive and I hated asking her for anything :’)

I hope all of my vet followers are gonna have a rad day. It’s Saturday! The world is at your finger tips. Spend time with friends and family; reflect on the good in your life.

and most importantly

Originally posted by wondereacts

As soon as the clock turned midnight, I knew it was Veteran’s Day. That’s because my passengers (I’m a Lyft driver) started giving me the ol’ “thank you for your service” (to which I always respond: “and thank you for yours!” because I choose to hear it as “thank you, a Lyft driver, for performing this service) razzle-dazzle but pumped up to eleven.

And yeah, I bring it upon myself by even saying it. Somehow the passengers who want to converse with me always wind up asking me how I moved to the area or what kind of work I did, and having lived a pretty uneventful life I always wind up mentioning the army.

But it’s not just Lyft, right? It’s like I can’t escape it. Every year I’m getting bombarded with e-mails, news articles, tumblr posts, webcomics, “thanking me for my service” and talking about how golly-gosh-darn much they respect the military and those noble folks who serve.

I have some words that are part advice and part cry for help. I hope I’m understood, but this is personal for me, so it’s inevitably biased. Whether you read or skip, thank you for your continued support and appreciation, and I hope you appreciate my new URL based on the anti-fascist cult classic Starship Troopers. 

“Thank you for your service” isn’t common courtesy whenever you see a soldier. It’s just something civilians say because they’ve been taught all their lives to hero worship the military no matter what. The only ones who like you doing it are the ones who especially don’t need it – those who have some sort of superiority/martyr complex about being in military. Please don’t enforce this kind of culture.
And I’m not saying “be disrespectful.” Just talk to veterans like normal people, yeah?

Other things NOT to say:
• What did you do over there?
• Did you kill/shoot anyone?
• Did you like it?
• So you’re probably in favor of -most recent military newspiece-
• My so-and-so is in the military, so a) I’m going to talk about that for twenty minutes because I’m sure you appreciate hearing about other people in the military/ b) I 100% understand what you all go through.
• That’s so brave/selfless/patriotic/courageous of you (to join)
• So how much did they fuck you up/so did it leave it in one piece/other euphemisms for “are you disabled now and how?”
Me: “Oh, I was in the army.”
You: *loud screeching, cheering, clapping, and wooing* (This is embarrassingly common in Lyfts).

Please also don’t…run up to us suddenly and ask to shake our hands? Or just thrust your hand out and hope we reciprocate without even getting our attention? What are you doing??

Things that are okay to say:
• Can I ask about your time in service? <— for real though like…stop assuming every vet wants to talk to you about everything they ever did in the military.
• Were you stationed anywhere cool? <— gives vet option to omit assignments they don’t want to talk about/allows vet to decline to answer. people usually just straight up hit me with “where were you stationed?” like it’s an interrogation and like… no offense but ??
• Did you hear about -insert military news here-? <— vets aren’t a hive mind. We don’t always know what every other branch of the military is up to. People hit me with “What did you think about that x that happened in y because of z?” Also I once casually mentioned I spent a year in South Korea and got back “Oh man so you probably have the inside scoop on North Korea and everything huh?” and like…bro vets usually aren’t much more informed than civilians about military maneuvers tbh like sometimes they’re less informed because they think they don’t HAVE to be.

And like…just in case I haven’t made it clear in the past, the vast majority of soldiers will never be in combat and they will never so much as aim their weapon at another person, let alone fire it. Somehow so many civilians seem to think soldiers shooting people is inevitable; i wonder why…

If you are with or know a veteran and you’re going to a restaurant courtesy of the now popular ploy of offering freebies on the 11th, be sure to

A. Tip on the original amount. Servers get fucking screwed on V-Day because veterans get their whole meal for free and tip on the cost of the drinks. Don’t be that asshole.
B. Don’t engage the server with military stories or solicit perks because they’re “serving a hero.” They’re busy. They have four hundred other heroes to serve today who aren’t going to be tipping them and who expect way more respect given than they give in return so eat your free frozen spaghetti with microwaved meatballs and leave.
C. On that last note consider just…NOT going to these restaurants?? Come on; they’re all overpriced and shitty chains and franchises with frozen food, they usually only offer you some partial free item or something from a list of like three super-limited entrees, and they want you to come and get a free meal so your friends and family feel obligated to come along and they have to purchase their meals and it’s really not about helping or appreciating veterans it’s about drawing business. Excluding poor veterans because free food is free food I get it.
D. Consider giving your leftovers or perhaps your full free meal to a homeless person. Personally this is how I’m going to be spending V-Day; I’ll be going restaurant to restaurant for anyone who’ll give me that free food to go, and then I’ll just pass it out to the innumerable homeless lined up in my area. And no, not specifically homeless veterans. All homeless deserve to eat.

I mention this specifically because I had a conversation recently with a Lyft passenger about how I thought it would be better to give all of this free food to homeless instead of soldiers, (because hint hint - active duty soldiers are veterans, and they’re getting this free food despite already having their every need provided for) and I was told that many homeless people are veterans, so it works out in the wash.

• It can be hard to keep track of the dates when you’re homeless. You’re assuming they’ll know it’s the 11th to begin with, or that they’ll have access to the knowledge of which restaurants are offering deals.
• Homeless people usually have to walk to get around, and the U.S. is not very accessible on foot. So you’re assuming that homeless person even has access to a restaurant offering this deal.
• These deals usually require that you purchase a drink or something, and drinks can be upwards of $3. It’s like the only stipulation for it being “free” and it specifically inhibits homeless accessibility.
• Homeless are not welcome in society. A homeless person, even a vet, walking into a restaurant for a free meal is facing a lot of risk; at the very least the staff will probably treat them poorly, at the worst they’ll be kicked out, especially if they try to use the bathroom because everyone assumes they’re doing drugs in there and not, you know, the thing we all have to do five times a day.
• Trust me, I’ve gone to a lot of these free meal things. There ain’t no mass movement of homeless vets lining up to get that free food. Besides, if society wanted homeless vets to get the food, they would target homeless vets and low-income vets; not try to bribe people to bring their family to Applebee’s.
And finally if you weren’t convinced
• You need to have proof that you’re prior military to get that food.

And not just like your old dog tags or being able to recall your time in service. You need a military I.D or a DD 214, the paper that officially releases you from service. How many homeless vets do you think are carrying around their discharge paperwork from decades ago? Does everyone on the streets have a valid ID? Dude some homeless don’t remember their goddamn names. Get a fuckin’ clue.

In short

Happy Veterans Day. I hope all other veterans have a nice day.
Please don’t hero worship soldiers. Please treat us like people. 
Please also look back on the lives lost in unethical political wars, illegal invasions, hostile takeovers, foreign overthrow of governments, and the ever-present “collateral” damage that is still murdering innocent civilians in the form of hushed up drone strikes.
Please consider how the United States has been at war for 222 years out of its current 239 years of existence. Doesn’t that seem weird? Almost unreal? Like something out of a dystopian novel? 
Ask yourself why this holiday began as a remembrance of the dead and the celebration of the end of the Great War, a global day to celebrate world peace, and ask why it is that other parts of the world still know it as such while America’s 222 years of war has caused it to instead hail the tools of those wars.

A final statement: there is currently nothing to thank your military for.


Beginner Wicca/Witchcraft Tips

Hello! So I’ve been doing a lot of looking through on here and I feel I should point some stuff out to a few beginners including myself.

Tip 1: You do not need an altar with expensive crystals and statues. If you have an altar at home, but you feel bad because it’s not as pretty, or you’re missing something from it, Stop. It’s perfectly okay, especially for those in the broom closet. 

Tip 2: You do not have to keep your thoughts completely pure. It simply helps you feels better. If you feel bad because you slipped up, it is okay. Do not worry. Everything is going to be okay

Tip 3: Your mental health is important. If any of this is causing you to break down or get paranoid, take a break for awhile. You need to be as healthy and as happy as you can possibly be.

Tip 3: You do not have to be a “Witch” You know the badass who looks like a witch with their long hair, long nails, and dark clothing. You wear and do whatever you want with your body and keep it that way. Do not let anyone in this community tell you otherwise. If that clothing style makes you comfortable, then keep at it.

Tip 4: You do not have to write your own spells. I always felt horrible because I was taking spells off of Pinterest and putting them in my journal. Do not feel bad about it. Even if your journal has no real work from you at all. It is perfectly okay. I wouldn’t lie to you.

Tip 5: You do not have to devote your entire time to Wicca or witchcraft studies. You play video games you read draw or whatever you want to. 

Feel Free to add more tips for our little beginners out there! Blessed Be! ~Seb

free rper tip: i once was in a group rp where all characters were singers. one day they had a studio session, and we all had to send in a para of how it went. in my para i wrote in my character struggling with some of the notes, and him having to shift some things. when the admin got back to me they were all “no one ever actually made their character do bad in the studio”, and mind you: i didn’t make him do bad, i just didn’t make him do perfect.

so the tip is: your character is not flawless. your character is capable of error.

even in their field of work, something they have done their whole life, something they are an expert in, even a spencer reid kind of type is capable of making mistakes. don’t make your character perfect and flawless, because no actual person is. singers like patti lupone still take singing lessons, your favorite actor probably still takes acting lessons, your favorite artist still has to have an eraser nearby when drawing.

and for the admins: don’t tell a player that they made their character “do bad” unless it’s explictly bad. don’t tell a player that they made their character fuck up unless they explictly fucked up. don’t be a dick about your members’ characters.

Question of the day: What do you guys thinking about a gluten-free diet? Message me all your thoughts because currently I’m reading a book about it and thinking changing my diet accordingly. 

Body Goals x Alexis Ren

She Ain’t Yours

 Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Word Count: 2454

Warnings:  Smut, fluff

Notes: I got a little carried away with this lol, I just like the thought of possessive Daryl. I am tagging everyone who liked Baby Steps. If you want me to take you off the tags, let me know!! Hope you all like it xox

Originally posted by reedusnormanbr

Backing you against the bedroom door, Daryl smirked and began peppering your neck and jaw with light kisses, making you squirm in delight.

“What are you doing?!” You asked urgently, your hands wrapping around the biceps that were threatening to tear their way out of his shirt. “We could get caught.”

“Nah,” he breathed against your skin, leaving goosebumps in his wake. “Everyone’s waitin’ by the gate. Only person here’s Carol and she knows to stay away when it’s just us three.”

You bit your lip and grinned, wrapping your arms around the archer and giving in to him, his strong hands caressing your body through your clothes. The two of you had been secretly together for months, ever since reuniting after Terminus, and Carol was the only one who knew after catching the two of you in the act. Since being in Alexandria it had been difficult to find any time for each other so you were stealing as many precious moments alone as you could.

His lips left a trail of kisses over your cheek before finding your lips, his hand cupping your face as he pressed his body against yours, letting you feel his arousal through his jeans.

“Daryl… we can’t,” you whispered against his lips reluctantly, your body betraying your words as you pushed your hips forward and made him grunt.

“Waiting on you, Daryl,” Rick’s voice came from downstairs and made the two of you freeze.

“I’m coming,” he growled loudly, resting his forehead on yours.

“I wish…” you said quietly, making him smile.

He placed another, softer kiss on your lips before sighing and stepping back from you. “C'mon.”

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Fact and Figures (M)


Summary: Between his work, your wedding and taxes, your fiance Jungkook was just a little stressed.

Genre: SMUT

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing, Filth, Thigh Riding, Spanking, Belt Whipping, Hair Pulling, Dirty Talk.

Word Count: 2172

Originally posted by nnochu

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