I’ve been quite busy and forgetting to post this; I don’t expect to make my goal now, but I’m still willing to try! Help me out?! Even if you can’t donate, if you can signal boost this like crazy, I would absolutely love it! IC is trying to make $2 million by next Wednesday, the 14th! Movement intern Timmy has even locked himself in a cell in the IC office for the $2mil holdout. It’s SERIOUS.

Greetings, kind followers!

Hey there! Fundraising time again! Some of you probably remember when I was fundraising back in April for IC, and I managed to raise $150 then. It wasn’t much, but I did it and I’m truly happy with how it went. My goal this time is $300, and I wanted to know if you guys would help by donating. 

This is what I’m doing!

I’m raising money to support Invisible Children’s Protection Plan, projects that directly help to protect the LRA affected people and regions in Africa, including the early warning radio network and providing rehabilitation for children involved in LRA violence so that they can return to their families and reintegrate into their communities. You can find more on that here.

And here’s the section on what you can do!

Donate a dollar. Donate five. Donate ten. Skip Starbucks for a day. Scrounge up the change under your couch cushions. Help save lives in Africa. Every penny you donate counts and it helps. Reblog this. Tweet about it. Tell your mum, dad, brother, best friend, hairdresser or your dog’s hairdresser. Do it. Donate. It doesn’t take much and you feel pretty damn good about it after because you can know without a doubt that the change that keeps jangling around in your pocket or wallet and annoying the hell out of you is helping save lives.

“But Katie,” I hear you shouting, “Where do I donate to this fabulous cause?!”

The link to my fundraising page is right here:

Saving lives is epic, but what do I get from you for donating to your page?

Saving lives not enough of an incentive for ya? Here’s what you get if you donate: a personal thank you from me in your ask box (if it’s turned on), you get recommended on my blog once a week in a post with all my other tumblr donors, and if you’re not shy about giving out your mailing address, I will make and send you a fabulous mix CD and personal letter of thanks. You also get my unending love and appreciation. But that’s just a bonus. (; At the end of the fundraising period, DECEMBER 14, everyone on tumblr who donated will be mentioned in a video that I will make and post here. Let me know when you donate because I don’t know all of your names!

So get to donating! Warm fuzzy feelings in your heart await you. Here’s the link once again!

Invisible Children is raising 2,000,000 dollars to help Africa. Their intern timmy has locked him self in a cage till they reach their goal. I just donated and got this cool shirt! Also KOJI is doing an hour live show right now on live stream at.


please help out invisible children!! #freetimmy 

Watch on

Someone take me over the top!! 

A crazy New Zealander has locked himself in a cage until we reach $2 million! It’s the last day of fundraising and we’re SO close to achieving our goal. Any sort of love will help. Whether it’s $1, $2 or just spreading the message, everything matters.

Visit my fundraising page HERE and learn more about the #FreeTimmy movement.

on monday i got to go down the invisible children offices in san diego and play on their live stream cam to help raise money for their latest benefit. i am always amazed by the people working and volunteering there, the kind of selflessness they possess is quite humbling. the man in the cage is a clear example of this selflessness, haha.. his name is timmy, and he’s locked himself inside this cage until 2 million dollars is raised. so, needless to say, if you have a few bucks laying around, go send em their way and get timmy outta there!

and for those of you in LA, the invisible children benefit show is going down thursday and friday at the troubadour and you shouldn’t miss it!  check it out HERE

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