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ahhhh i need more armie/timmy ! do you have any sexy headcanons you’d like to share?


1. Timmy is a theatre kid and pretty young. I feel like he is, in general, pretty bi and pretty comfortable with that. I’m not saying that Armie has any internalized homphobia or anything like that… .I’m saying that he grew up in a family and atmosphere (upper crust and very religious and one that actively tried to mold him into their own version when it clashed against theirs - they “more or less” disowned him when he dropped out of school to act) that makes it hard to be as free as Timmy is about who he is.


2. you know how Timmy and Luca practiced the peach scene after reading it? TIMMY HAS PRACTICED playing with ropes because he knows how to use google to find out Armie’s public kinks.

He likes it. He wishes Armie would hurry the fuck up already with the ropes, but in the meantime, being hold down with those massive fucking hands will have to do.  

3. ARmie’s not quite busting out the ropes yet. This is all … very overwhelming. In a great and wonderful way, but in a way that he doesn’t want to rush. they had all the time in teh world in Crema, and rushing it never felt like they are an option. Now that they are back in the Real World, he still doesn’t want to rush it. 

4. But oh, they do not have vanilla sex. 

5. There is hair-pulling and “how far can you suck my fingers before your gag reflex kicks in” and “let me hold you down with my massive fucking hands into the fucking mattress” and “the best sound in the world you make is when you are gagging on my cock and refusing to pull back away from it” sex tho

6. After, Armie pulls Timmy close and kisses his head, just like we saw him do in a too intimate for the rest of the world but he can’t help himself moment at NYFF

7. They have totally fucked with Lady Gaga playing in the background. They fuck to a lot of pop music and most of it is not Armie’s style, but he likes the way that Timmy sways on his lap and taps his foot against Armie’s leg when there’s what timmy calls a good beat going on in the background. 

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Star Wars BBRae AU where Raven is a neutral Jedi outside of the order and Beast Boy is a smuggling scoundrel a la Han Solo. They free Melvin, Timmy, and Teether from being owned by a podracer, and raise them together.


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girl you need to give us your own timmy headcanons!! it’s a kinkshaming free zone

Timmy honestly seems like one of those people who’s super sweet and innocent in public but wouldn’t hesitate to get rough with you in bed. I’m talking hair-pulling, spanking, teasing, man-handling…. (cue impossibly nasty thoughts…)


please help out invisible children!! #freetimmy