2017 you are totally winning

Already happening or coming soon:

- Gintama: new season (now) and live action movie (July)

- Ao no Exorcist: new season (now)

- Kuroshitsuji: new movie (released)

- Kuroko no Basuke: new movie (spring)

- Natsume Yuujinchou: new season (spring, probably April)

- Free!: 3 movies (April, July and early Fall)

- Attack on Titan: new season (April)

- Cardcaptor Sakura: new season (technically Jan 2018 but if you go by the lunar calendar, that’s still 2017)

- Yuri on Ice: new season (unconfirmed and unannounced but hope springs eternal, dammit)

All I need now is some new Tiger and Bunny and 2017 will go down as the best anime year ever.


Anime the Signs Should Watch

Aries: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Taurus: One Piece
Gemini: Haikyuu!!
Cancer: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Leo: Rosario + Vampire
Virgo: Beelzebub
Libra: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Scorpio: Kill la Kill
Sagittarius: Eyeshield 21
Capricorn: Tiger & Bunny
Aquarius: Ouran High School Host Club
Pisces: Axis Powers Hetalia


Some of you asked me to post the GIFS, there are two of them (the line and the result), the colored version size is too big to be uploaded but you can see it on the the video below on my blog =)

I just let it there for your pleasure, it’s just a little repost so if you already liked the video you don’t need to put a fav again or rebblog, no worries. 

Soon new animations and video will come !

Tiger : “let me pee !!

Pigeons : “He noticed us :D !”

Fox : “that’s so cute !”

Kiwi : “I want a tail !”

Bread : “Me too.”

In reference to this post


never ever cancelled as long as they dont fuck up irreversibly!!!!


THIS! I unfollow blogs that start creating drama or hate. If you don’t like it or can’t say something nice, then even have a good debate about it, free of hate, or don’t say anything at all! It’s just that easy. No need to ruin the fun for everyone else. Preach it, Brittany!


Every show makes mistakes, they can’t please everyone all the time but sometimes it feels like people are actively looking for something that isn’t there..


I’m only interested in people who pull together, care about others, want a laugh, and don’t have to put others down to get their ego-centric kicks! Malec matters too much to me, to listen to those dead-set on pulling them apart! Love & Light, to you all! x

Yeah, All of this. They would have to totally erase Malec for me to ever think about wanting it canceled, and even then I don’t know because I know other people enjoy other parts of it. This logic just makes no sense to me. If you unfollow things you don’t like-you don’t see it. If the show gets canceled-you still don’t see it, but it robs other people of their joy. So I can only think that it is said out of pure spite, which is really unkind.

Yes! Every show makes mistakes and it’s impossible to please everyone. People can always find a reason to be unhappy if thats what they are seeking. 

I love you all, and thank you for being kind, loving, beautiful friends and making my fandom experience absolutely wonderful.

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