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Creating community through outreach, mutual aid, and direct action.


May 1st, 2013 my best friends and I attempted something not even knowing if it would work. We called it the KC Free Store, and it did work. It worked for 5 months straight. Every Wednesday from Noon to Six pm we set up at 31st and Troost and created a space where people were able to give away the items they were not using and for people to receive items that they were desperately needing. Unless you ever visited us at the free store you may be surprised at the variety of items we managed to find new homes for; clothing, children’s toys, electronics, food, shoes, books, anarchist literature, kitchenware, and so much more. It was really an incredible experience. Some weeks we were better stocked than others, sometimes it was just us sharing our lunch with people as far as the food program went, and sometimes we had tables spilling over with how much fresh produce we had.

During that entire time (and later when we reopened the free store for 2 months) we not only didn’t ask for monetary donations, but we refused them. We operated on this model for the entirety of our time open, and without our own space, it is obviously not sustainable.

We want to reopen the free store, and expand it to include other much needed radical and community infrastructure in Kansas City, Missouri. These projects include:
Free store (Really Really Free Market)
Food Not Bombs (Free Vegan Kitchen)
Free Movie Showings
Free Library & Original Anarchist Literature
Free Events (Art, Music, lectures, skillshares)
Meeting Area
Prisoner Support (Anarchist Black Cross)

Eventual goals:
Gardening Program (Guerrilla & Urban)
Free Skool
Animal Rescue

Imagine a world where our friends, family, and neighbors don’t starve to death when there is more than enough food, where over 100 people aren’t murdered a month by police, where people don’t have to work all day at a job they don’t want to be at only to still need social services and miss time with their family. While this project won’t be able to solve everything, I believe it will make a significant impact on the lives of the people who live here. While we may not be able to transform the entire city, we can make one place for people to go, where they are not limited by the trappings and struggles of every day life, we know another world is possible, so we ask you to help us take a step in the direction of creating something better, a world where every person is free to follow their passions. Through outreach, mutual aid, and direct action we seek to build this world.

These are all radical infrastructure projects desperately needed in Kansas City.
We have the resources and people willing to put in the work to do these important projects but we are badly in need of a space to do them in.
So this is where we need your help.

What We Need & What You Get

The bulk of our funding is going to purchasing a space. We have a specific space in mind but it may not be available by the time this campaign ends. We know it’s a lot of money to ask for, but this isn’t for rent, we will actually be able to buy a space here in Kansas City, this is the best way to ensure that the KC Free Store will be around until the fall of capitalism.

The remaining money will be spent on making the rewards to send out, IndieGoGos cut, and anything left after that will go into fixing the space.

Here are the rewards! (With each donation level, you receive all the rewards from the levels below it too!)

Donate $1 and you will be listed in our end of the year wrap up zine and we will follow and retweet you on twitter @amncollective

Donate $5 and you will receive the #NODADS Digital Mixtape featuring bands who have played shows for us in the past (Days N Daze, Ramshackle Glory, Billy Mack Collector, Destroy Nate Allen, etc)

Donate $10 and you will receive a digital zine pack full of literature from anarchist distros (Midwest Dumpster Press, Burning Flag Press, Sprout Distro, etc) and individuals.

Donate $15 and you will receive your choice of 1 split color bandana from Midwest Dumpster Press. Red/black, green/black, pink/black, purple/black are available choices. You will also receive 1 Big Brother sticker from God Bless Generica.

Donate $30 Patch you will receive your choice of either a red or green and black anarchist flag patch. Patches are 3 ½ x 2 ¼ inches

Donate $65 and you will receive your choice of either a green or red and black cotton anarchist flag. Flags are 3 ft x 5 ft.

Donate $95 and you will receive your choice of either a red or black anarcho-communist tshirt. Shirts are available in sizes S through XXL.

Donate $100 and I will personally wheatpaste your face somewhere in the new space.

If this fundraiser does not reach its goal, we will seek out more diverse efforts and put what we do mange to raise toward a space.

Other Ways You Can Help

We need everyone to help us out by watching the video, sharing, liking, and posting about it until its funded. And if you have it, if everyone who reads this could donate just $1. If you’re really ambitious you could see how many of your friends you could get to give you a dollar. $1 often forgotten in a couch or an old jacket, could create the radical infrastructure this city needs to do everything we can to eradicate hunger and other woes of the capitalist system.

Free Store, Vegan Food Kitchen, Infoshop & More! | Indiegogo

There’s an awesome anarchist space that can offer quite a bit trying to get started in Kansas City, MO. It just needs some money to get started. If any of you can, donate to the project and/or share. Learn more about the space and donate by clicking the link. These people are good people and friends of mine, and Kansas City really needs something like this.

We want to do amazing things for the community of Kansas City, Missouri. But we can’t do it alone, if this does not get funded, it will not happen in KC.

Please share and donate what you can. There’s a lot of people online that with very little effort can drastically improve the lives of our houseless friends here. KC, like most, is a harsh city to be homeless in.

Plus there are a ton of really great, cheap, rewards for doing so. It only takes a second to share, a dollar to donate, and it could save lives.

The little silver bell on the door tinkled, letting Imo know that someone had entered the shop. She poked her head out from behind a stack of books, smiling warmly at the figure in the doorway. “It’s raining cats and dogs out there. I didn’t think anyone would be willing to brave the storm just to come here. Are you alright?”

currently bored n sitting in a computer lab semi-illegally color printing this zine for free using someone else’s login. it’s a supernice giant laserjet color printer. I really feel like I’m taking back small increments of my tuition by printing it.

the zine is for the Trading Post, a free store that some friends started on our campus. this is sort of an introductory zine about it / freecycling / green shit. this is the cover and is going to be screenprinted with a rainbow roll. I will probably have a few copies at chicago zine fest!

Free Friday: Media Mail

Today I shipped off two more books from the free collection. Collected curbside by a friend of ours at the end of the last semester, the gentleman and I have acquired a library of discarded literature. To date I have sold 3 of the bunch for profit. Maybe I should start a free store instead, but every bit counts, especially since I am currently unable to work.

Free Friday: electronic$

While visiting my family for the holidays, I acquired a cache of electronics, for free. A few old VCRs,

two VHS rewinders, a DVD player, plus the camera battery chargers and overseas adapter I found in the closet

and the icing on the cake- a tiny HP photo printer with memory card slots built in, which never needs to be plugged into a computer.

All except the latter were scavenged from the family home and closets where they were collecting dust. The printer however, was brought home by mother.

She explained to me that at her job, at a local college, there is a table in the office, with no signs or instructions, belonging to no one, and in the general common area, where people have begun a mini free store.

Each day different items appear, brought from anonymous co-workers, available for anyone to take home as their own.

Everywhere should have a tiny table for a mini free store. Schools especially.

She brought me the printer and a very zen looking metal sculpture that we determined to be a mug tree.

Additionally, I sold their dust collecting treadmill on Clist for a cool 5 bills. They wanted non of the profit, just the extra space. Thanks dad.

All of these electronics are absolutely obsolete. In that I do not own or watch tv for the vcr or dvd, no longer own the cameras for the chargers, have no occasion to print photos, and much prefer walking somewhere outside instead of nowhere inside.

Maybe these electronics are not obsolete to some, or most people and I wonder what electronics do I use that other people would see as obsolete. I read a quote recently: “The future is already here, it just is not yet widely distributed.”

The items that do not sell in 7 days online will be posted on my local freecycle.

Fact 16: In the corner of our cafeteria exists a beautiful thing called “The Free Store”.

Unfortunately for NCF, this “store” (consisting of just a few shelves pushed into a corner) does not contain merch pertaining to the glorious swimming anime known as “FREE!”, but it DOES involve things that are cost-free. The Free Store is a place where students can put things to forget about them…and pick up some other items that other students have left. The most common item found there is clothing, but sometimes someone will put out a lamp or a box of books or some little plastic shelves or a really nifty chair. If it’s ever a dull day on campus, glancing around the Free Store is one of the many ways to entertain yourself or your friend group. I try to put as much back as I take from it, but sometimes there’s just too much fun stuff and I end up taking an armful back to my dorm. Oh well. No regrets.
After all, I only swi-I mean, pick-up free.

*I’m (not) sorry for that last thing*
*can’t stop won’t ever stop*
*Just keep swimming/watching, FREE! lovers*


robby, who came for a short visit from bombay, where he is pursuing his other passion; music, also contributed to the free store. the day after robby brought some of his tee shirts and jeans which he no longer needed for the free store, sanjay, who was also visiting parshada for a short trip, went to look for something for himself to wear.

 spotting him in a grey tee shirt with a slipper painted on the front and a ‘chalta hai’ quote underneath itwhose clothes, robby hapily announces, ’ it looks much better on you than it ever looked on me, as i always had a tummy bulging outwards. sanjay’s use of the free store has come a full circle as he was one of the founding contributors to the free store, besides myself.


Fun and sustainable fashion for the broke student 

Have you ever gone on a shopping spree, and no matter how great the pieces you bought looked on you, you couldn’t shake the feeling of guilt for having spent too much cash? Well I have a solution for all you shopaholics out there who don’t have the dough to support your favourite hobby: a free store shopping spree! I recently had time to go down to the store and rummage through all of the racks; I found some amazing treasures that have become staple pieces for my fall wardrobe! Here are a few examples of things I have picked up.

~photos by uOttawa student Eleni Levreault

Headed to the Williams Free Store to see if I can come up on some cozy cold-weather clothes :) and also to drop off some things I don’t wear anymore.
I love that something such as that place exists near me- its a perfect way to recycle & reuse within the community, its volunteer run, and not to mention…everything is free! Plus, who doesn’t like to get rid of some things from time to time, and know its going to someone in your community that can put it to better use?
I think its pretty special & rad. :)