Technically I’m a little late, but I can’t sleep sooo … better late than pregnant.

I joked about it on Twitter but I was somewhat serious, does almond milk go bad?

Stuck our couch out by the road with a FREE sign on it. Just saw that it was gone. I hope someone who really needed it, got it and not one of those vultures who just turn around and sell it in a yard sale group.

Our rival school was in town for the first football game of the season, so frankly, I’m just glad it wasn’t set on fire!

Neighbor stopped by to see if her dog had come to visit me as she often does. Apparently the dog was mad at her and she ran away so the neighbor was out driving the streets looking for her. Told her I’d send her home if she showed up. Yes, this happens a lot! Funny dog

Oh yeah! Happy Dog Day!