non-canon map of the free marches

the official map of thedas is tragically underpopulated, so here’s an alternative. all headcanon & completely made up, but useful for fic/worldbuilding or just interesting for the curious. feel free to nab bits & pieces for your own stuff, just gimme a credit if you do!

all of these place names exist in the real-world, & i’ve taken them from ireland, scotland, scandinavia, switzerland, belgium, & northern england. i’ve tried to match up my invented names to the canon ones (for example, ‘kirkwall’ is a real place in scotland, so the names i put around thedas’ kirkwall are also scottish).

more map shenanigans

under the cut: full list of places, by area

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anonymous asked:

You surely can't believe that an independent Scotland would be even remotely viable?

No, I post all this stuff to make an ironic postmodernist statement. I’m actually a 76 year old German performance artist named Hilda.

On the off chance that you’re actually looking to have an informed discussion, nonny, here are some nice facts about Scotland that might interest you.

- Scotland pays around 9.9% of all UK taxes, and yet receives only 9.3% of UK spending.

- This means that as an independent country Scotland would be about £4.4 billion pounds better off. 

- That’s not counting the millions of pounds we’d save by scrapping Trident.

- We have massive reserves of oil and gas, we have massive untapped alternative energy potential (around 25% of the EU’s potential).

- We already do a roaring export trade. Did you know the whisky trade is worth £4.2 billion alone? Just whisky. Isn’t that amazing?

- Scotland has massive intellectual potential. For the size Scotland is, it has more highly ranked Universities than almost any other country. That includes the rest of the UK, the USA and Europe.

- The amount of innovation and new technologies coming out of Scottish Universities is insane. They are UK leaders in green technologies.

All that aside, Scotland as an independent country would probably be more economically secure than if we stayed in the UK, particularly if you look at recession recovery trends in smaller countries versus larger ones. Iceland is a great example of that, and having lived there during their recession recovery, I can tell you just how viable a country it is. Oh, and the President of Iceland thinks Scottish Independence would be a really great idea.

Just when we said Brexit was the dumbest political decision of 2016, the Americans are going to beat us at the last minute.

So, with the UK’s nuclear weapons stockpile based within twenty miles of its largest city, the case for an independent, and nuclear weapons-free Scotland just got stronger.

Get rid of these fucking weapons. They cannot be a fucking deterrent, they can only be a target.


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_Valley_ by Corentin Schieb


anonymous asked:

When Scotland gets free how do you think it will effect current UK students not normilarily resident in Scotland and prospective students?

If the UK had stayed in the EU they’d be entitled to free higher education but I imagine the current arrangement will remain with those from anywhere else in the rest of the UK continuing to have to pay for uni.