rough lip sync fanimation of Peridot dropping some sick beatsss 

song performed by magicgirlkyubey, written by miketooch


Alright guys, I finally finished this template for any of you
 who wanted an Ib-inspired inventory for your characters!

 It includes:
  A pre-designed paint stain for your character’s picture.
  You can take it off and put a full body image of your
  character if you want, though! More a’la IB.
  2 more slots for more items!
  A petal count for either adults or children. (At full health)
  15+ colored roses. (You can request me more!)
 Special features for the dead folk rest in pieces

 Here’s the link to download it
 Of course, aside of the .psd file, I also added in the dropbox
 folder the .zip file with the font used for the items’ titles and
 descriptions. Download and install it, so your photoshop
 doesn’t mess with all the text in the template!

 For the profile font, you can download any you like here.
 There’s quite a nice variety, so go canoodle with that page tbh.

 For any questions, both my Ask and IM are open for y’all!
 Feel free to edit it all you want, no need to credit me for it;
 just don’t take the credit for yourself y’know, common courtesy.

 For any non photoshop user, you’re free to request me one
 of these! Just keep in mind I might take my time tbh………….

 Edit: You don’t need to be part of the verse to use this template!

Clean and Modern Application UI Elements Free PSD

Download Free PSD file from

Download Clean and Modern Application UI Elements Free PSD. This is a free app ui kit that comes with a set of useful clean and modern mobile application ui elements perfect for building app dashboard or eCommerce mobile application. Each element has all layers well named and organised giving you the ability to make changes easily. You can also use any components to create complete new elements that can be helpful to your project. Feel free to use this Clean and Modern Application UI Elements Free PSD in your upcoming mobile app design projects. Hope you like it.

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My chicken base was accepted, so I’m releasing it for Free!

Download the PSD file here for easy coloring!

Some rules tho!

  1. DO NOT SELL THIS BASE. IT’S /FREE/. If I catch someone charging people for this base, I will be VERY ANGRY.
  2. Plz credit me. This here is my Furvilla profile. Or you can just link to my tumblr.
  3. Yes you can edit it. Go for it.
  4. If you use the base, please pass on kindness to others. Donate a can of food to your local food bank. Pet some cats or walk some dogs at your local animal shelter. Give someone encouragement that needs it. Be kind.
  5. Flood furvilla with chickens. ALL THE CHICKENS.
  6. If you need help coloring the base, here is a tutorial! The one overlay layer in the psd with the details should go over the colors to make it pop more!
  7. Share the base and pass on the love!

Yes, I will be making a hen base. This is a rooster base!

Nefertiti Tattoo

This project actually served two purposes for me. The first one is to add more colorful tattoos into my game and the second one is to help me design my next RL tattoo. While I don’t think I’d personally get this done on my thigh, I decided to make this one a thigh tat for my sim. 

I grabbed the basic outline from a coloring page website, however the color and shading was done by hand. If you would like to recolor this and/or move the tattoo to a different spot on the body, feel free to download the PSD file I have included after the cut.

This tattoo is categorized for feminine females and is not set for random.


Thank you to @conceptdesign97sims for the poses.

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New Adoptables! And I’ll try to do them for every Breed ;//v//; Imperials are about 55% done. I really love this one, they so cute and I’m very happy with them … but that also means that I won’t finish the following:

I’m so sorry for everyone who wanted this Adoptable… but I’m no longer happy with them - nor have I motivation to work on them anymore… BUT! I offer you the PSD-File with these Outlines for free!

>>> To the free PSD-File / PNG-Outlines

There is also a PNG-File with just black Outlines.

But please don’t claim it as yours or sell them!!

Have nice day ;//v//; ♥