I’ve had these sitting in their boxes long enough, so I thought I’d at least offer them up for sale on here.

Send me an ask/message if interested. Everything is unopened with the exception of the Rin toy’sworks figure. I will not ship the original boxes unless requested. Paypal only. Prices include shipping in the US, please ask about international prices.

Figures: $14 each (Makoto x2, Sousuke, Nagisa, opened Rin)

Makoto- $35
Nagisa/Rei/Nitori/Momo- $15

Charms: $10 each (Sousuke, Rei, Nagisa, Momo and Nitori)

Also considering selling my Makoto Alter figure if anyone is interested.


So I saw this post on Achilles’ point of view of everything that happens after he dies, and I was just going to add a small thing to the end, but it turned into a full-blown fic and I wrote it in like fifteen minutes, just had to get it down but… sorry?

    First, Achilles dies, and then he waits. He dies with an arrow in his chest and a smile on his face, and his last thought, as the world tilts and the ground rises to meet his face is: I am coming, Patroclus.

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Run Again (Jungkook x Reader, pt 1)

a/n: me @ myself: win, write a long one piece to conclude the thing

myself @ me: yeahhhh but what if i start an entirely new storyline? that’d be fun, right?

i’m a mess and i dont know how to end things


“It’s his dad.”

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anyways as an asexual person i genuinely believe the ace community and the lgbt community should be separated. that way the ace community can fight for their own rights

because the asexual experience is drastically different from the trans/sga experience. yes, they can overlap but as someone who is ace, sga, and trans i believe the asexual community has drastically different struggles than the shared experience of the sga and trans community.

in my opinion, the two communities should support and uplift each other rather than having arguments about who is oppressing who.

people can be gay and asexual therefore people can also be straight and asexual. but that doesnt mean that they arent asexual!! they still do face struggles that ace people face. they still face the oppression ace people face, but not the same oppression non-straight people face. and thats ok and it doesnt make them any less deserving of having a community, but the lgbt community should Not be that community

because from my understanding, the lgbt community is primarily focused around gender. however, asexuality/aromanticism is focused around lack of sexual/romantic attraction.

so tldr in my opinion there should be two separate communities who do support each other but can admit that they do not have exactly the same experience. 

like the mentally ill community and the lgbt community, they can support each other, but their oppression isnt the same. it should be that way for the aroace community and the lgbt community

tldr part two: being asexual and gay/sga/trans can co-occur but that doesnt mean they are the same. much like someone can be mentally ill and gay/sga/trans, but the lgbt community and mentally ill community are not the same

My name is Brett: truths from a trans Christian

My Name is Brett: Truths from a Trans Christian is the story of a transgender Christian finding his name, voice, and strength. The book holds humorous stories of his upbringing, tough stories of addiction, and the stories of hope he has found in his transition. It centers on his journey toward his name—Brett—and how foundational finding and being called Brett is for “naming” the big truths in his life. A transition is never easy, and the book refuses to water down the difficult complexities of being transgender. But, it simultaneously refuses to deny the continually regenerating hope found in loving family, friends, recovery, and in the ability to tell one’s story honestly and boldly. Most simply put, My Name is Brett: Truths from a Trans Christian is a love story; it’s a love story about a man finally falling in love with himself.”

More about the Brett Ray, who is currently studying at a divinity school to earn his Master of Theological Studies, can be found on his website, where you can also purchase the book: (x)

Since we’re talking about it!~

I love OCs and Self Inserts, so here’s my two cents on the matter! Remember this is all personal experience, opinion, and personal feeling You don’t have to agree, or feel the same. Like my friend Theo said, it’s different for everyone!  With a lot of my fandom OCs there is a  bit of projection, like i said, but it gets lost a I learn more about them, build them and see them grow into entities that are not me, and that projection shifts from me projecting to just being a part of their personality as a while and separate from mine, even if I still have that trait.

For example with Jack, we’re both albino (though i have blue eyes while she has pinkish eyes, both are still traits oculocutaneous albinos have, in fact blue eyed oculocutaneous  albinos still possess ocular albinism even if it’s not as apparent in those with blue eyes, but I digress) but as i developed her she went from being an albino like me to being albino with my own albinism having nothing to do with it. Same goes for my other OCs, both fandom and fandomless. The projecting is still there but it becomes less a part of me and more a part of them.

When I self insert, Its a bit different. Most of my projecting goes into it, and I try to be honest about myself, even if sometimes it’s just shameless shipping with canon characters i have a crush on, or am unironically in love with, and while i do like shipping, i try to be honest with myself with everything from appearance to how i act and my personality flaws. It’s a mix of shameless fantasizing (even with the characters I am legit in love with, like South, and a few others) and me seeing what I dislike about myself, and hoping to improve it, in both real life and in imagined scenarios. I also tend to dislike ‘mary sue-ing’ myself, though I have a weird definition of what a ‘sue’ is and to some if you ever see any of the self insert stuff I do, it might come off like I am to you. I guess? IDk, it’s mostly just ship art but i do write drabbles (Most are one now since i have a new comp and cleaned my old stuff before putting it on a usb) 

I also tend to treat myself like a character in a story when I do self insert stuff. I go from ‘I, Me’ to ‘She, her.’ if you follow me. It helps me analyze my actions better, and see from a different perspective on things I would like to change or make better about myself. It’s sort of a self help tool, though I sort of haven’t done it in a long while…Maybe i should start that up again, it might help me with a lot of my current issue but let’s not go into that rn.

Also it’s just really nice to imagine yourself in certain scenarios or shipped with certain characters and its fun to imagine it and to have others enjoy it as much as you.

I know a lot of people like to self insert and make themselves what they want to be, look like or idealize in their respective works of self insert (Fics, ship art, daydreams etc) and you know what, I still do that too. I like to see myself becoming the person I want to be (More confident, self assured, braver and more forward) and i like to make myself take that journey when i write or I like to see myself as being that person when i draw ship art (i should post some this month btw i need to draw more) and i think anyone who self inserts does too!

Be the person you want to be, the gender identity you’re comfortable with, the protagonist, the anything when you self insert. It’s beautiful. Take it from someone who has a hard time liking herself a lot, it’s okay to want to like yourself, its okay to like yourself and want to imagine yourself as the person you want to be, and maybe that will even help you take that step.

Same with OCs, show them how to grow, make them people you know they will be proud of, be they good or evil, have them do fucked up ship, even if you would never do it yourself, they are your creation, and while nobody has to like them, agree with their actions, or anything like that, you liking them is important! 

I know it seems weird that i went from talking about personal experience to becoming inspirational, but this is how I feel about these things, why I do them, and why i enjoy them.Even if you dont share them, enjoying them is key. (I kind of want to share some of my stuff later on now. )

Plus OCs are fun, self inserting is fun, and that is one of the most important things!

Hey followers! As a specific topic for this Testimony Tuesday, we have a question for you: as Lent stretches out before us, what plans and aspirations do you have for this holy season?

Lent is a time for reflection, sacrifice, and self improvement – we walk with Christ as he journeys through the desert, avoiding temptation and seeking the Spirit’s guidance and a closer relationship with God.

What are your personal hopes for this year’s journey? Do you have any significant stories from the Lenten seasons of years past? What encouragement would you share with other Christ-followers, and what encouragement could you use for yourself? Let us know! And may the Spirit enlighten all of our paths this Lent.

Highlights of RGG5:

1) Kiryu can cook noodles

2) Kamurocho Hills is finally finished 

3) Haruka can (technically, if you mod the game) kick everyone’s ass, including mine and yours

4) Akiyama and his singing 

5) You fight a legendary bear

6) You finally don’t get that stupid dialogue before you have to fight a group of random losers on the street, saving you at least 20 seconds