MCU MBTI types
  • INTJ:Wilson Fisk
  • INTP:Bruce Banner, Scott Lang
  • ENTJ:Nick Fury
  • ENTP:Tony Stark
  • INFJ:Phil Coulson, Jane Foster, Matt Murdock
  • INFP:Wanda Maximoff
  • ENFJ:Rocket Raccoon
  • ENFP:Sam Wilson
  • ISTJ:Pepper Potts
  • ISFJ:Steve Rogers, Edwin Jarvis
  • ESTJ:Peter Quill, Darcy Lewis
  • ESFJ:James 'Rhodey' Rhodes, Karen Page
  • ISTP:Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton
  • ISFP:Gamora
  • ESTP:Bucky Barnes, Pietro Maximoff
  • ESFP:Thor Odinson, Peggy Carter
  • If you want the type of any other character send me an ask!

with this whole cecil the lion thing circulating i would like to kindly ask you all to remember to tag #animal death, #animal cruelty and #animal abuse for me and anyone else who might follow you. this isn’t just something that makes me a little uncomfortable. this is a panic attack trigger for me and a very hard one to recover from. thank you guys 

STEVE SQUAD; this is EXACTLY what it looks like. If you’re tagged in this, now you’re officially in a GANG ( a very friendly one, so don’t freak out, but feel free to BRAG ). Despite the fact that the idea came to me when I saw a Bucky Brigade, I’ve decided that we could take this a step FURTHER!!      

         STEVE SQUAD will not only be an awesome SUPPORT SYSTEM full of great people, where we all become tight ass HOMIES, but here we have a chance to do things like: GROUP CHATZYS, GROUP THREADS, and ANYTHING/EVERYTHING else that comes to mind later on. The main purpose of this is for FUN and to get to know each other and have our STEVES interact ( because more the merrier )!!!

                           STEVE, meet STEVE; here’s SQUAD:

libertxliareverse-hero, ofbrccklyn, wiillingtopay, skinnylittlepunk, generousinvictory, darkpatriotism, oldbrooklynsoul, notxofuse, shieldwielder, firstavcngcr, vintagehero.

**note: i trust you all to keep this a positive environment for each and every one of us. if not, take your shit attitude somewhere else. also, if you DON’T want to be a part of this or WOULD LIKE TO JOIN, please HOLLER. there’s no shame in either.

art credit; x

@amberlyinvioley: (why this won’t let me tag you is beyond me. Being on mobile blows.)

I usually ignore attitudes like this in the fandom and just quietly unfollow, but I’m just constantly at a loss as to why people feel the need to make posts that seem to purposely try and make others feel shitty/dirty/wrong for liking certain things that they happen to dislike. Not everyone thinks the same. :/

If you don’t like it, that’s fine; no one is forcing you to read it. And you’re allowed to have your opinions and allowed to express them, but when it comes at the expense of other people’s feelings, ehhh I can’t help but feel annoyed/singled out. I can handle the criticism and condescending attitudes but I don’t like that my followers and friends on here have to see that too.

I’m just not about that negatively.

To my followers; know that this blog is a judgement free zone and a safe place, and even if I don’t personally enjoy your trope or kink, I’d never try and make you feel stupid or dirty about it. You know, like just having a basic set of manners.


Oh look, two more new flannels for Naomi like she needs them God when will she stop *groaning from the audience* oh please, you love it *thrusts fist in the air* PLAID FOR THE PEOPLE I’m gonna start a revolution you watch

I was tagged by castieladrift, the sweetheart that she is, to do another selfie post, so I took the opportunity to show my new flannels since I’M ALWAYS A SLUT FOR FLANNEL.

 I’m just gonna go ahead and tag everybody in my networks :) Please tag me if you do it, because I love seeing your beautiful faces *:・゚✧

Discontinued Reviews!!

With Lush discontinuing many products some people haven’t been able to try out.  Therefore, I (being most kind and most awesome) have compiled a mass post of discontinued product reviews so you can see my take on them, and maybe have them help you decide what you should be stocking up on!  All reviews are listed under the cut and will be updated as I write them!

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