getting older fucking sucks my garbage body can’t really handle super acidic stuff like OJ and even tomatoes anymore which is fucked up

low acid orange juice has no fucking pulp!!! why is my body sabotaging me like this!!! i just want to drink fresh pulpy orange juice and live my goddamn life but instead i am forced to drink pulp-free low acid orange juice like a fucking grandmother or else i have heartburn all fucking day

  • Me:What makes you think I like anime?
  • Person:I don't know. Maybe its the figurines lining your shelves, the posters on your wall, the manga and body pillows-
  • Me:What made you think actually LIKE it though?

I’m new here and I’m looking for blogs to follow. I really like games (otomes too), manga, anime and others. So if you like one of these, like/reblog and I will check! Thank you!


  • ☆ Haikyuu!!   
  • ☆ Free!  
  • ☆ Diabolik Lovers.   
  • ☆ Tokyo Ghoul.   
  • ☆ Sailor Moon. 
  • ☆ Kuroshitsuji. 
  • ☆ Noragami. 
  • ☆ Dangan Ronpa. 
  • ☆ Bungou Stray Dogs.  
  • ☆ Inu x Boku SS. 
  • ☆ Ozmafia. 
  • ☆ Orange. 
  • ☆ Steven Universe. 
  • ☆ D-Gray Man. 
  • ☆ Uta no Prince-Sama. 
  • ☆ Servamp. 
  • ☆ Fullmetal Alchemist. 
  • ☆ Shingeki no Kyojin


  • ☆ Beyond Two Souls
  • ☆ Heavy Rain.
  • ☆ Street Fighter
  • ☆ Until Dawn.
  • ☆ Fire Emblem.
  • ☆ Star Crossed Myth (Voltage Inc)
  • ☆ Kissed by the Baddest Bidder. (Voltage Inc)
My dash Is dead

i need more people to follow

i’m sorry for asking but lately i don’t enjoy being on tumblr
every 3 hours there’s only 7 or 8 new posts
and that really sucks

If you have any of those in your blog please reblog/like and i will check your blog and i promise to follow if i liked it

Tales of zestiria the X (no spoilers please)
Mob psycho 100
Owari no seraph
Cheer Danshi!!
Natsume Yuujinchou
one punch man
Donten ni warau

Thank you!, and sorry for my bad english

Hello! need more anime/manga blogs to follow!

Like/reblog or follow me and i will follow u back if u blog about this animes/mangas:

- Attack on titan

- Shingeki kyojin chuugakkou

- Free!

- Ano hana

- Noragami

- Sailor moon

- Dengeki daisy

- One Piece

- Madoka Magica

- Another

- Kamisama Hajimemashita

- Sukitte ii na yo

- Orange

- Pokemon

- Digimon

- Skip beat

- Vampire Knight

- Movies of studio ghibli

- And some random kawaii stuffs or japan landscapes