Sugary🍰 sweet confection Bad ❌for your teeth👄 Spicy, 🌶red-hot🔥 chocolatey🍫 I'm minty fresh 💨 but it ain't for free💎 Legendary queen👑 from NYC🗽 Sassy, 💁🏾never shady🐍 Classy, 🥂but I can still take it to the street🍻 So you know 👩🏾you better never 🚫try to come for me💪🏾 Season nine 9️⃣, out the gate Finish line🥇, no time to wait🤸🏽‍♂️ Ten queens down, 👑only three3️⃣ to go And I'm laying bitches 🤷🏾‍♀️out like dominoes💰 Sasha 🥚 reads books📚 Shea 👩🏿turns looks💄 Trinity crazy 💃🏻but off the hook💁🏻 But the number one 1️⃣ queen is 🗣P-E-P-P-E-R 👸🏾 Bitch 👆🏼you know the rest 👀

Take the train? Take the test!

In 2015, Latinx accounted for nearly one-third of all new HIV diagnoses in NYC. National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day is a day to increase awareness about how HIV impacts the Latinx community and what we need to do to end the spread of HIV.

This is also a day of action. Over 55 New York Knows community partners, led by the NYC Health Department, will provide free HIV testing and educational resources throughout NYC on Friday, Oct. 13 between noon and 6 p.m.

If you take the train, make sure you take the test! Stop by one of the 35 subway stations across NYC to get your free HIV test.

On Friday, Oct. 13 between noon and 6 p.m., find free HIV testing at subways stations, mobile testing vans and other events throughout the city!

>>Citywide testing locations<<

To help stop HIV in NYC:

Get Tested: Call 311, visit 311 online or text TESTNYC to 877877 to find local testing sites. Outside of NYC? Here’s the testing locator.

Get Treated: If you are living with HIV, text CARE to 877877 for help finding HIV care or support services in NYC.

Get Educated and Stay Safe: Did you know there are medications available to help prevent HIV? Visit our PrEP and PEP page to get more info.

Find out where you can pick up free NYC Condoms.

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a friend of mine JUST posted this saying it’s been confirmed
“Wash Sq park right now. Speakers announced: ICE raids are happening today in NYC. So much for all the talk of "sanctuary city.” Protect your neighbors. Film the cops, don’t talk to them. Those in Bushwick– protest leaders are heading to 1398 Bushwick Ave soon. I’m not clear whether people are detained there.. stay tuned or look up ICE-Free NYC on FB"


remember that for us white people with citizenship, getting in the way is highly unlikely to negatively affect us and if we can delay things til lawyers/other people arrive 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

get in the way physically
ask questions
ask for paper work
ask more questions
stand between cops and the people they’re targeting
say you don’t understand and ask for clarification
film the cops
call people to come help

Sugary🍬🍭🍦🍫sweet 🍭🍬confection🎂🍨 🍬Bad for your teeth👄👅 spicy💥🔥🌶red-hot🌶🔥💥 chocolatey🍩🍫🍪I’m minty fresh💯❗️But it ain’t for free💳💶💸💷💎 Legendary😇 💰💛queen👑 🎀💍💅🏼👸🏽from NYC 🗽⛲️Sassy💁💅🏼💃🏽 never ❌🚫shady😰😈👀👂🏼📝🖕🏼 Classy 💎🎀❣️but I can still take it to the street 💃🏽🗽🕺🏽So you know you better never❌🚫❗️ try come for me☝🏼💪🏼 Season 9 out the gate🚧🚦 Finish line🏁🚧🚦no time 🕒🕕🕘🕛to wait 🔟 queens down🔽⬇️✖️only 3️⃣ to go 🥇🎖🏅And I’m laying bitches out like dominoes 🔥🔥🔥Sasha reads books📒📕📔📗📚Shea turns looks 👀☝🏼❣️Trinity crazy🙃👹🤘🏻👅 but off the hook 🔗🏗But the number 1️⃣☝🏼👀queen💁💅🏼👅👄💋👑is P🌶E🌶P🌶P🌶E🌶R🌶 Bitch, you know the rest📝✏️🖊💌🎉


Tomorrow, May 10, is the last day to see the Ladies and Gentlemen…The Beatles! exhibition at The Library for the Performing Arts. We’re really tempted to make a bunch of Beatles-related puns to mark the occasion (examples include: “the exhibition is free, so all you need is love,” or “get a ticket to ride the train and come see it,” or something clever with “and in the end…”). But instead, we’ll just remind you that the exhibition celebrates the 50th anniversary of the band’s arrival here in the U.S. and includes a recreation of a Beatles-obsessed teenager’s bedroom at the height of Beatlemania, as well as correspondence, instruments, posters, photographs, interviews, interactive displays, a virtual drum lesson from Ringo, and an oral history booth where you can record your own Beatles remembrances. 

How much is your soul worth?
Once, you would have said priceless,
but your employer has haggled it down to
fifteen - no, twelve - no, eight dollars an hour,
and no benefits.
Some days, the work is light. You earn less.
You feel worse.
You tried drinking,
but the hangovers made it impossible to earn enough money
to afford more alcohol
to get more hangovers.
You settle for a quarter bag of potato chips, a warm soda,
and reruns on a borrowed Netflix account.
That is your payoff for making it through the day.
Adulthood wasn’t supposed to feel so flat.
You’re doing what you love - what you thought you loved -
and that is the worst part.
(Besides the rent and the utilities and the walking to work
and the constant pain in places you’ve never has pain
and the sickening dread that it will get worse,
it will all get worse.)
You wipe your mouth with a diploma that has never
gotten you a second interview.
Your best friend hasn’t called in two weeks.
She is engaged,
and you’ve only met him once.
Today you re-wear your sweaty socks
because you just have enough quarters
for one load of laundry, and not until Thursday.
On Skype, your parents smile
and ask if you need anything.
The wrinkles around their eyes have deepened.
You swallow your tongue when they ask you
if you’re making it in the big city.
Are you creating the art you’ve always dreamed of?
You pick at your comforter and tell them, of course you are.
You own the city.
In reality, the leather notebook that they gave you at graduation
sits unopened and empty in your dresser drawer,
beneath two filthy shirts
and underwear that you should have washed last week,
(but, you know, the quarters).
I’m making it, you say.
I’m making it,
and they smile at you, and you smile back,
and they say they are so proud.
—  What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?
Please notice

It has struck me, so why not the miarrens. Over the past two weeks Darren has been out and about by himself. In LA he saw shows. In NYC speech and debate. All without beard. She attends a party at alan cummings where it is dark and she is with her friend (s). The pics were at best dark, and…not one with D. If this is a bf and gf you could have fooled me. So how are the miarrens so fooled. I guess you see what you want to see. 

************************************************** Darren ran around NYC as free as a bird for days. Exuding happiness. He went to musical after musical, a “date” with Elvis, and not one but two well known LGBT bars. Flew back to LA to participate in some bearding stunts. But mysterious ones indeed. The platonic roomie snap where she was not present. One possibly two shows. We don’t actually know if she was at American in Paris. One fan said yes. Without a photo I trust nothing. She herself snapped about Fun Home. So I guess yes? But again. No photo. Saturday night she attended the same party as Darren. I doubt they even arrived together. She had her friends and boyfriend to both keep her occupied and to document her presence. Darren was surrounded by theater types and friends. If they spoke two words to each other I’d be shocked. Again no photos. Not to mention. The only use of snap by Mia herself throughout the entire week was her mirror selfie in the house she shares with Ben. My thoughts? Darren has agreed to some final stunts but has laid down the ground rules. Sure. She can attend the same party. But he certainly didn’t give her near what she wanted. He spent his night dueting with Alan and apparently Jai Rodriguez from Queer Eye. But most interesting to me of all. Her absence last night. No matter how small a role. This is Darren’s movie premiere. This IS an event that a significant other would change a schedule for to be present. Not to mention. It was full of press. And tons of photo ops. Yet Von Beard was uninvited? Wonder how he pulled that off? Her absence last night was glaring and a huge sign to me that things are progressing in the right direction. And if she turns up at We Day. It will just highlight the truth more.