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because I’m just TJ/Happiness over here, is Colin Shea happiness?? I NEED TO KNOW

Colin Shea is this wonderful wonderful half naked asshole 

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and obviously TJ would want to climb him like a tree.



Logan Howlett X Reader

A/N: important gif is important

@denialanderror GO CHOKE

Words: 570

Prompt: hahahhahha wut r summaries…it’s smut, man

Warnings: smut, face-sitting


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A little Colin/TJ for you


Colin opened his apartment door, holding a piece of toast in his mouth as he tried to juggle his cell phone in one hand and the door knob in the other.  He’d tried to open his front door while doing worse juggling than that, so he wasn’t particularly thinking about it.  He was wearing a pair of boxers.  They weren’t ripped or anything.  He was fine.

Of course, that was considering that the person on the other side of the door was one of his friends or the girl who had left less than half an hour before, instead of the stranger who was in front of him.

The man’s eyebrows furrowed as he took in Colin’s bare chest, sweeping over the boxers with a barely distinguishable pause, and moving on to take in his bare toes.  “Well,” he said in a cheerfully self-mocking tone. “I was going to keep you apprised of the fact I’m heading to the corner store, but—“ he shrugged. “Either you’re not my personal security or I just hit the lottery.”

“Personal security?” Colin echoed, squinting.  The fucking neighborhood had been undergoing gentrification in the past few years, but that was ridiculous.  The guy had on a leather jacket and expensive sunglasses, with wildly messy hair that was either bedhead or a pretentiously artistic style, and Colin felt like he was being faced with his worst nightmare.  Soon he wouldn’t be able to afford beer at the pub on the corner because all they served was some kind of fancy New England maple microbrew if this was the shape of person moving in.

“Yeah,” the guy said, waving a hand idly in a way he clearly thought meaningful.  “You know.”

“No?” Colin questioned.

“Well, I suppose if it’s not you, it’s probably the girl downstairs in 5B.”

“The person in 5B moved out last week.”  He felt like he was on unequal ground here.

“Exactly,” the stranger answered with a wink and a cheerful smile.  “A whole floor a way.”


“Nice to meet you.” He moved towards the stairs, turning back at the last moment to give Colin another wide smile, this one with some form of intent to it that left him feeling even more off-center.

“I still don’t know who you are!” Colin called down the stairs, only to be met with a sarcastic snort and absolutely no clarification.

A Tenderness They don’t Understand.

Hi my friends! I hope you enjoy this fluffy one shot. It was written in one go so please excuse any mistakes. 

Plot: Harry and Y/N are utterly in love with each other. 

Warnings: None. Well, it will make you want to be with Harry Styles. 

Picture isn’t mine. Doesn’t he look just way too good in this one?

“You guys are too much.” 

My friend’s words pulled me from my thoughts and for the first time in the past 20 minutes my eyes found a face other than Harry’s. 

He was standing among a small group of his mates while I was sitting next to mine on the couch in Jeff’s living-room. The party he was hosting was nice however not half as small as he’d promised it would be, which had lead to me and Harry being separated the moment we arrived. I felt like a clingy, whiny, little girlfriend, the kind I never intended to be. My boyfriend had left my side for almost an hour now and it was enough to dull my mood completely.

Leila arched her brows and grinned knowingly. My cheeks flushed.

Though redundant I asked: “Who are you talking about?”

“You and Harry!” she rolled her eyes, “Obviously! The guy you’ve been eye-fucking for the past hour while he’s done the same thing to you. That man has you undressed in his head I can tell.” 

Her harsh words made me shrink back a little and I swallowed the lump in my throat. Leila winked at me before laughing loudly and taking another sip from her drink.

“That’s not even true,” I argued quietly before changing the subject so she couldn’t say anything further. 

Of course she hadn’t meant any harm with her words and while there was technically nothing wrong with two people staring at each other while thinking about something steamy, I didn’t like it at all when she suggested it. 
It wasn’t like Harry and I didn’t occasionally send the other suggestive glances or knowing smiles from across a room but we hadn’t done anything like that tonight.

My eyes searched for him because he was almost like my magnet, my other half. I felt his presence like a warm and electric buzz, leaving my body tingling and longing for him. I was constantly on alert the second he left my side and I only felt truly at peace when he was back with me. 
When Harry’s orbs searched for me it wasn’t because he imagined me naked in his bed. It was because he wanted nothing more than to leave the stupid conversation he was forced to listen to and instead wanted to be involved into whatever stupid chat he knew I was forced to feign interest for. 
Harry missed me. His skin was covered in goosebumps and his muscles tense from not having me close, it didn’t matter if we were separated for two minutes or for two hours, the dreadful feeling at the bottom of both of our tummies was the same. Harry was so tender with me and he promised that I treated him gentler than anybody else ever had. 

After two months of dating Harry I knew nobody really understood our relationship and I’d found ways to come to terms with that. It was their loss not mine.

A smile pulled at my lips. I didn’t need to look up to know that he was walking towards me and when his arm wrapped itself around my waist I didn’t flinch in surprise. Harry leaned down from his standing position so he could press a loving kiss to my temple before allowing his nose to gently rub against my skin. 

“My love,” Harry murmured so only I could hear, “Are you enjoying yourself?”

“I am,” I smiled at him and reached up to caress his cheek and cradle his face in my palm, “And you?”

The warmth of his soft skin and the short stubble made me giggle and I felt my cheeks redden when he kissed my cheek noisily. He chuckled against me when the two girls sitting around me got up quietly to give us some privacy and I reached for his hands to encourage him to sit down. 
The sofa dipped under his weight and I sighed when he finally wrapped both of his arms around me the way I’d wanted him to do for the past hour. 

“I’m having only half as much fun when you’re not with me,” Harry admitted with a huff. 

“Me too. Which makes us quite sappy, doesn’t it?” 

Harry laughed at that and squeezed me to him. One of my hands rested on his knee, caressing and squeezing the skin while my other wrapped around his arm. I looked up and when his sparkling eyes found mine I leaned in to kiss his jaw. Harry hummed, his arms tightening around me.

“I like that we’re this way with each other,” he told me with a serious expression before breaking into the most gorgeous smile, “So romantic.”

“Me too,” I promised against the skin of his neck, “Wouldn’t have it any other way.”


We both looked up to find Jeff making his way towards us. He stumbled a bit and came to a halt right in front of our sitting figures. His expression was one of excitement. 

“I just got the call from John! We spoke about the studio you wanted to rent and he told me it’s free!” 

Harry’s eyes widened. “That’s great!” 

“It is!” Jeff agreed, “Come and have a drink with me to celebrate!” 

Harry pulled me closer. “M’okay, Jeff. But thanks! I’m quite happy here.” 

Jeff rolled his eyes. “C’mon you can feel her up later, mate.” 

“Thank you, Jeffrey,” I laughed and he flushed before nudging Harry’s foot with his own. 

But Harry shook his head. “Nah, mate, really. I’m good.”

With a roll of his eyes Harry’s manager moved away again and I chuckled quietly. 

“Our friends won’t ever invite us anywhere again,” I predicted. 

“Great,” Harry laughed, “Means I can keep you to myself. Fine by me if I’m honest.”

“I agree,” I nodded before leaning into him. 

My lips found his collarbones while his pressed to my head. Harry’s fingers intertwined with mine, my leg brushed against one of his and I pressed a loving kiss to his tender skin. Harry’s breath fanned over my arm when he leaned down and I gasped quietly before letting him connect our lips in a kiss. 

Kissing Harry was something I knew I would never fully get used to. 

His lips were soft and gentle when pressed to my own and when he moved them he never forgot to be attentive to what I did. A low moan left his throat and I fisted his hair in a tight grip, answering to his more urgent movements by holding his cheek and jaw with my free hand. His tongue licked my bottom lip and I whimpered quietly. We kissed and held onto each other with nobody disturbing us and when he pulled away from me I blushed at the mess I’d made of my boyfriend’s hair. 

Harry’s nose nudged mine and I closed my eyes briefly, breathing his familiar scent in. 

“I love you so much,” Harry spoke quietly. 

My arms wrapped around his neck tightly in an embrace and I nuzzled his skin. 

“I’m so in love with you, Harry,” I whispered. 

He hummed. The room around us had gone so quiet in my mind we might as well have been alone. God I did I wish for us to be alone. 

“How about we leave?” my voice was quiet and I gently scratched the back of his head. 

Harry smiled and shrugged. “Sure, why not? Are you tired, baby?”

“No, but I want to be somewhere where I don’t feel like everybody is judging us for actually being gentle with each other.”

A frown formed on his beautiful face and I reached up to smoothen his skin. 

“Who cares about them?” Harry asked quietly, “You’re my girlfriend. I’m your boyfriend. You can kiss me as much as you want and I’ll come over to hold you as much as I want regardless if our friends are jealous of that.” 

I smiled and squeezed his hand. “You’re right. I shouldn’t overthink everything.” 


So we stayed and with Harry sitting by my side, one arm around my body and lips occasionally finding my cheek to kiss, I felt really good. 
Of course I still noticed Leila’s eyes on us and I could practically see her biting back her comments, but I didn’t care anymore. 
Just as Harry had said I loved how much we adored each other and how utterly tender we always behaved with the other. It was something the others didn’t understand and that was their problem. 

Thank you for reading! Little background to this one: I was sick all week, yesterday was the first time I felt okay enough to eat something properly and now today I got my period which means my body is once again blessed with an immense kind of pain. My life is so great. Anyway it made me really wanna have somebody like the guy in this one shot by my side. 


A Tease and a Movie

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female!Reader

Request: could I request a fic where the reader had invisibility powers and gropes bucky during a movie to tease him & it ends in smut?

Warnings: NSFW, fingering, unprotected sex (don’t be stupid, use protection, kiddos). It’s basically all smut (18+).  

Word Count: 1.8K

A/N: Oh boy, my first smut piece. Well, we’ll see how this goes. Lemme know what you think if you want! Feedback is always appreciated 💕 I really hope this works for what you were lookin’ for!

It’s movie night at the compound, which means everyone will be in the theater room to come together watch a film for the night. The smell of freshly made popcorn floats through the main level as you head down the stairs. You find Bucky in the kitchen as the rest of the team sits in the theater, probably debating which movie to watch.

“Hey, Buck,” you smile and press a quick peck to his scruffy cheek.

“Look who decided to join the party,” Steve’s voice drifts through the doorway as he enters the room. “We’re going to watch The Martian. Care to join us?”

“Maybe,” you smile back. “I am pretty tired from training all day, so I might just stay in bed.”

“Suit yourself,” Steve shrugs, grabbing one of the bowls of popcorn from the counter. “You still in, Buck?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there in a sec,” Bucky nods. Steve leaves the room and Bucky turns to you.

“You’re really just gonna ‘stay in bed’, huh?” Bucky leans against the marble counter, crossing his arms against his broad chest.

“That’s the plan,” you step closer to him, hook a finger into the waistband of his pants. “Unless you plan on joining me.”

“I already told Steve I’d watch the movie,” Bucky chuckles.

“Fine,” you shrug, pulling back the waistband and letting it snap back to his hips. “You know where to find me.” You let yourself disappear into the air, and watch Bucky roll his eyes, a low groan escaping his lips.

“C’mon, doll,” he begs. “It’s so unfair when you use your powers like this.”

“I’ll see you later,” you breeze past him and up the stairs to your room. As you gently shut the door behind you, you reappear, feeling your powers drift away. You shed your clothing and dig around your drawers. You had decided to only wear one of his t-shirts and feel your powers gently pulse through you again as you disappear.

You head back down to the theater room, quietly sneaking through the door as to not draw any attention to yourself. Even though you were invisible, that didn’t mean the people around you can’t hear you.

The theater room was composed of a few rows of insanely comfortable couches that could lean back and also heat up, like a heated blanket. Bucky was laying, completely spread out on one of the front ones next to where Steve and Tony sat on another separate couch. You walk in front of the screen to Bucky and lean down close to his ear.

“Can I join you?” You voice barely above a whisper. Bucky jumps, nearly falling off the couch.

“Buck? You okay?” Steve asks through a mouthful of popcorn, looking over at him.

“Y-Yeah, I’m fine,” Bucky clears his throat. You climb onto him, hovering over his body, and lean your head into the crook of his neck, gently kiss and sucking on his jawline. He stifles a moan as you reach down and palm him over the blanket and his pants, his cock slowly hardening under your touch.

“C’mon, baby,” you coo quietly in his ear. “Let’s have some fun.”

“Later,” Bucky silently hisses through his teeth.

You pull away from his neck and pout. “You’re no fun.”

Carefully sliding off the couch, you head for one of the corners near the front of the room and wait for the movie to finish. While you wait, you daydream about all the things you want to do with Bucky - of all the things you want him to do to you. After the final scene, the rest of the team starts to take their exit, leaving Bucky alone in the room.

“You stayin’?” Steve turns in the doorway and calls down to Bucky.

“Yeah,” Bucky sits up on the couch, looking at Steve over his shoulder. “I think I’m gonna watch one more movie.”

“Alright, pal,” Steve hums. “Goodnight.” As Steve shuts the door behind him, you push up from the ground.

“I know you’re still there, doll,” Bucky calls, rising from his seat and letting his blanket fall to the ground in a crumpled pile. “C’mere.”

You push off from the wall and saunter over to him, revealing yourself to him as you approach. His eyes searched every inch of your nearly-naked body. Stopping a few inches from him, you can feel his warm breath fan over your cheeks, his eyes dilated with a heavy lust.

“That was a cruel trick you played, Y/N,” his voice low, almost dangerous. “You’re gonna pay for it.”

“Oh, yeah?” A devilish smirk plays at your lips. “And what are you gonna do about it?”

Bucky’s hand flew to the side of your face as he crashes his lips against yours. The kiss was intense, his tongue fighting for dominance before he pulls back slightly, lightly pulling on your lip with his teeth.

“I’m gonna make you mine,” he growls. He peppers a few, rough kisses to your jaw before moving down your neck, sucking and biting at the sensitive skin. His arms sneak around you to your back underneath your shirt and slowly travel down to your ass. He gives your cheeks a hard squeeze before pulling his head away from your neck. “No panties?”

You suck your bottom lip into your mouth, shaking your head slowly.

“Naughty girl,” he groans lowly, then lifts you up. You wrap your legs around his waist as you kiss him again. Bucky lowers himself onto one of the nearest couches and you reposition yourself to straddle his lap. He deepens the kiss and you start to slowly roll your hips against him, earning a moan from him. You pull away from him to take off your shirt, tossing it somewhere behind you.

“You’re so beautiful,” Bucky breathes as he takes in the sight before him. He runs his metallic thumb over one of your nipples, causing it to harden at his cold touch. His head dips down as he uses his tongue to toy with your nipple before sucking it into his warm mouth. Your head rolls back as your hand snakes into his hair, leaning your chest into his touch. His free hand needs your neglected breast as he continues to suck and lightly nip at the skin of your other one. You roll your hips into him harder, relishing in the friction between your legs. More heat pools between your legs and you could feel your arousal growing by the second, your swollen clit begging for attention.

Bucky pulls away, the cool air of the room attacking your warm bud.

“Dammit, doll. Look at what you’ve done,” he purrs. A light pool of your arousal had soaked into his sweatpants, and he motions for you to get up. You painstakingly pull yourself away from him as he pulls down his sweatpants and boxers, his hard cock springing free from the restraints.

You lick your suddenly-dry lips as your hunger for him grows.

“C’mere, baby girl,” a cocky smirk tugs at his lips. You climb back onto the couch, straddling him once again. He slides a hand down to your heat, putting a finger between your folds as he collects your arousal and starts to rub delicate circles around your clit, drawing out a deep moan from your lungs. He slides a single finger into you as he flattens his thumb against your clit and slowly pumps his finger in and out of you. Your head falls back and your eyes shut as the coil in your stomach tightens. “God, look at you, doll,” he coos. “So needy. Do you want to ride my cock, Y/N?”

You desperately nod. Bucky takes his hand away from your slick heat, a whimper tumbling from your lips thanks to the loss of contact.

“Ride me, baby girl,” he demands in a low, sultry tone. “Show me what you got.”

You smile at him and study his lust-filled eyes as your position yourself above him. “Yes, Sergeant.”

A muscle in his jaw twitches at the use of his nickname, but before he could say anything, you reach down and grab his hard, throbbing cock. You smear your wetness over his top before slowly sinking down onto him, taking your time to adjust to his size.

“O-Oh, fuck, doll,” Bucky shakily pants. “You’re so tight.”

You put your hands on his broad, muscular shoulders for support as you slowly lift up and slide back down. Your heavy moans fill the space around you and your pace quickens. Bucky’s rough hands travel over your body, leaving trails of goosebumps in his wake. His hands rest on your hips and he squeezes, helping to guide your movements as you thrust down onto him harder.

S-shit, Buck,” you pant. “You’re so big.”

“Harder,” he moans, lightly flicking your nipple with his tongue. Your hands move down to his chest as you brace yourself to move even faster. Bucky moans and licks his lips and he watches you bounce above him, your nails digging into him as your release approaches. Your walls tighten around him and his eyes flutter shut, his own release threatening to break. His metal hand slides between you two and glides over your clit, the added friction causing the coil in your stomach to tighten even more.

“C’mon, doll,” Bucky pants, his eyes hooded with desire. “Come for me.”

Your walls flutter around him again, and after a few more thrusts, the coil in your stomach explodes, sending you into a flying frenzy of ecstasy as you come undone. Bucky follows close behind, giving into his own climax, his hot seed coating your walls. You slump against him as waves of your orgasm wash through you. Bucky runs a hand through your hair, whisper words of praise against the top of your head. After a few moments, he lifts you up and sets you on the couch next to him as he pushes himself off the couch, heading for the small bathroom just off the room you were in. He returns with a wet cloth and helps to clean you up, then hands you his shirt from the floor.

“You’re amazing, doll,” he grins and presses a kiss to your temple.

“I love you,” you hum in response. Bucky pulls his sweatpants and hoodie back onto his body and plops back down onto the couch next to you. He reaches to the ground and grabs the blanket, laying it over both of you. You cuddle up to his side and sigh in content.

“I love you, too, doll,” Bucky coos. “Round two later?”

A chuckle rumbles in your chest. “Maybe. Depends on if I can walk or not after this.”

He pulls you tight against him and rubs your arm as you lean into his touch. Relaxation and happiness flood through you as sleep presses in your mind, and soon enough, you’re drifting off in his arms.  


Written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing’s favourite things challenge.

Prompt: leather jacket

Dean x reader (established relationship)

Words: about 1300

Warnings: smut, sorta rough oral (male receiving), unprotected sex.

Beta: the ever lovely @mamapeterson

You loved everything about it; the rich smell, the way it felt between your fingertips, the way it hung over his broad shoulders. It was a bit old, you’d agree to that, but Dean was born to wear it. That was why you were so stunned when he came home with another. It was nice, black and soft, with a rock n’ roll edge to it. That being said, it could be as nice as it wanted to, it wasn’t Dean’s leather jacket.

“You got a new one?” you eyed him curiously and walked over to him. You let your fingers glide over the new, black leather. “Aren’t leather jackets sorta expensive?”

“Let’s just say I got a bit of a discount, sweetheart,” he said, winking at you, the green of his eyes twinkling in the light seeping into the motel room from the window. “You like it?” Dean puffed his chest out, trying to give you the full effect of his new purchase.

“Sure,” you said and tried your best at a convincing smile, “but you didn’t throw the old one out, did you?”

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Long Distance (Chapter Fourteen)

Some more sweetness then some smut then (i’m sorry) just like a teaspoon of angst?
Can’t wait to hear what you guys think!


Enjoy :)

“Today was so fun, Tony. Who knew doing the touristy thing in New York would be such a blast?” Bucky stretched and yawned a little. “You wore me out, though. This city moves so fast.”

“I can’t believe you set all that up for us.” Steve said, idly drawing circles on Bucky’s left palm with his fingers. “That must have been—”

“Don’t ask me how expensive it was.” Tony grinned at them from the desk in his apartment, loving the way the firelight was playing off of their skin as they reclined on the thick rug. “Because it doesn’t matter. What was your favorite part?”

“How am I suppose to pick?” Bucky shrugged and lay all the way back now, folding his arms behind his head. “But we took about a million pictures so maybe flipping through them will remind me.”

“Too bad you couldn’t come with us, honey.” Steve added, reaching for a piece of cheese from the platter Tony had ordered and had delivered. “That would have been even more fun.”

“Eh, I’ll just see the pictures and live vicariously through those.” Tony rubbed at his eyes. “Besides, I wanted you to do something fun for your anniversary and I had to work anyway, so it all worked out.”

“Do you have to work now though?” Bucky complained. “We haven’t seen you since this morning!”

“It’s not like we didn’t see a lot of each other this morning.” Tony pointed out with a sheepish grin. “I mean, we showered together. And there wasn’t even a whole lot of actual showering going on.”

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Sterek A-Z: one word prompts

Week 9: I - Illegal

Traipsing through the woods in Central Park at night during the full moon probably wasn’t the most brilliant idea Stiles has ever had. Not that he felt unsafe. Wandering off the path into the woods with a grumpy, former alpha werewolf added certain level of security. Most of the supernatural in New York avoided Central Park. Too many people. The danger in the park was human.

At least until a t-shirt smacked Stiles in the face. He pulled the light grey Henley off his head and glared at the werewolf stripping in front of him. He’d gotten over his embarrassment of seeing Derek naked long ago.

“This is so many levels of illegal,” Stiles said when Derek kicked off his shoes and shimmied out of his jeans. Yes, shimmied. Derek Hale knew how to work his hips, which never failed to get Stiles a little hot.

Derek glared at Stiles, and balled up his jeans to throw at him. They knocked the wind out of Stiles when they collided with his gut.

“Okay, well. Public indecency for one,” Stiles said. He gestured to Derek, then fumbled to catch the boxer briefs aimed at his head. “Not that I mind, but hey, you know.”

Derek cracked his neck and rolled his shoulders, apparently set on ignoring Stiles rambling, and he shifted into his wolf form. If Stiles had blinked, he would have missed it. One second Derek was there, and the next, there was a large black wolf with glowing blue eyes staring at him. Even as a wolf, Derek still managed to look annoyed.

Twigs snapped underfoot. Stiles hurried to gather Derek’s shoes. “Also, a dog off leash, big no-no,” he said. He folded Derek’s shirt and jeans and set them on top of Derek’s sneakers under a tree.

Derek growled.

“Okay, fine,” Stiles said and threw his hands up in the air. “Wolf. Like owning a freaking wolf is any less illegal.”

Derek huffed and tossed his head.

“Yeah, whatever, big guy.” Stiles ran his fingers through Derek’s fur when the wolf brushed against his side. Stiles recognized what he was doing; scenting. Derek loved when Stiles reeked of him.

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Caught, bound and fucked

smut// JiKook // I’m gonna put “////” where the paragraphs are bc for some reason they keep disappearing. /// The cell was a little cold but Jimin didn’t mind. What he did mind however was the lack of explanation when he was shoved into said cold cell by a particularly attractive detective. “Wait here.” The detective grunted at him as he locked the cell, Jimin couldn’t help but watch his ass as he walked away. Nice. //// He looked around his cell, there wasn’t much save for a blanket and a roll out bed. Sighing he decided to sit on the cell wall, legs dangling through the bars, listening as another jailor was being questioned. ///// He started to zone out fast, legs swinging back and forth, until he heard “Detective Jeon, bring him over.” Huh? ‘Detective Jeon’ strolled over. Jimin, still with his legs dangling, didn’t have enough time to pull them out before Jeon slapped one of his thighs, harsh and fast. Jimin couldn’t help the soft moan/yelp that escaped his mouth. The Detective smirked, interesting. Jimin pulled himself up and out of the bars, quickly jumping down to avoid another smack. Something struck jimins mind, as soon as the door was open he tried to run, but was captured by Detective Jeon and threw over his shoulder. The next thing Jimin knew, Jeon was placing a large, harsh spank on jimins ass, he moaned… Detective Jeon froze and put Jimin down, but when Jimin looked up Jeon was smirking again, he looked…almost…aroused. ///// The next half an hour went by like a blur. Jimin couldn’t get the thought of Jeon out of his head…his thoughts were getting more and more..sinful. One second Jimin was thinking about Jungkook, his first name as he was thrilled to discover, pounding into him, cuffing him against the cell and making him cry, and the next thing he knew Jeon was pushing him back into his cell, that familiar smirk back in his face. “You’ll be staying overnight, so make yourself at home.” He locked the cell door. “I’ll be here all night to watch over you. So make sure you be a good boy.” He winked. Winked. Jimin, speechless, just nodded and sat down on the floor. He wasn’t sure if he actually saw it, or if it was his sex crazed mind satisfying his sex drive. He shook his head and lay down against the harsh flooring. Not long after he left his eyelids close, he smiled entering his fantasy dream… //// He woke to the sound of moans, not something too out of the ordinary but this time they weren’t his…///// Detective Jeon wasn’t a quiet fuck he must admit, his moans would fill an auditorium like music from a band, and what a beautiful song it would be he might add, and the moans he produced from others, well… In front of him, Detective Kim was bent over the desk they shared, ass red and cheeks just as ruddy, he smiled a boxy smile, breathless as he usually was around this time. Jeon’s tongue was at his fellow detectives hole, where it belonged as Kim says. “Mmmm” Kim moaned. “Oh yes daddy.” Ugh, the pet name sent Jungkooks tongue into overdrive, working hard and fast. No mercy. Jungkook pretended not to hear when Jimin woke, he pretended not to see when Jimin walked over to the bars, he pretended it didn’t turn him on that the boy was slowly humping the bars… “arghsunfjsjs” with a final lick Kim came and collapsed against the desk, panting even heavier if that was possible. Jungkook kisses his cheeks and locked eyes with Jimin. He bit down hard on Kim’s ass when Jimin bit his lip before scurrying away. “Ow! Baby enough, I already came.” Jungkook sat back in his chair, his dick still hard and leaking in his pants. Kim quickly dressed himself and turned so he was sat on the desk facing jungkook. “You sure wanted to switch shifts huh? Eating me like that, I think someone’s got a crush.” Kim gestured to the cell where Jimin lay, hard and panting. Jungkook just rolled his eyes and nodded his head toward the door, telling Kim to leave. //// The detective held his hands up and made a move toward the door. “I’m going I’m going. Have fun.” He sang. //// Oh he will. ///// Jimin heard Jeon before he saw him. His feet stomping agasint the floor, keys rattling as they opened the cell, boots squeaking as his squatted down to Jimins level. Jimin could do nothing but look down. Down at his knees, currently pulled up against his chest to hide his throbbing cock. Jeon hooked a finger under Jimins chin and pulled him so they were eye level. //// “Have you been weapon searched yet?” Jungkook asked. Jimin just shook his head, eyes near watering. “Well then, stand up. Arms out.” Jeon commanded. Oh no… jungkook quickly rose to his feet, expecting Jimin to follow but the boy stayed sat. “Up!” Jungkook yelled this time. Jimin scrambled up, standing arms wide, tears officially threatening to fall. His erection strained against his pants and the sudden movements made him whine. Jeon started patting him down, arms first, then torso. Satisfied, the Detective got on his knees and started patting down the boys legs, slowly making his way up. When he got to his ass/crotch he slapped rather than patted. “Oh!” Jimin squeaked. Jungkooks hand closed over Jimins dick and smirked. “What’s this? Feels..long..” his fingers stroked up and down as he spoke. “Hard..mmm. I think I need to take a closer look. You know, for safety.” They locked eyes, Jeon silently asking for consent. “Of course officer. For safety.” He breathed. Jimins hands tangled in the detectives hair as he pulled his erection free and licked up the underside. Jimin could feel him smirk against his dick at the moans spilling off his tongue. Finally jungkook took all of him into his mouth, releasing again with a loud pop but quickly going back for more. Jimin felt like his brain was going to explode, was this really even happening? Jungkook sucked slow at first but he soon quickened his pace, bringing Jimin right to the edge before pulling away. “Eh? What..” Jimin breathed, looking at Jeon confused. “Oh I’m not done kitten.” He palmed the others ass. Jimin moaned and fell to his knees, nearly pushing Jeon down to the floor. Now both on their knees, chests heavy, hearts pounding in unison, Jeon snaked his hand around Jimins neck and pulled him closer, connecting their lips in a passionate kiss. Just as Jimin began to kiss back, he was threw to the floor, face down ass up. The elders ass was exposed and the cold air stung but what stung more were the smacks. “Ah!” He squealed. Jungkook couldn’t help but smile as he soothed the others now reddening ass. “Wow.” Jimin looked over his shoulder to see jungkook, smiling down at his ass. “I knew it would look great but I never thought it could be this great. Wow..” jungkook started to undo his shirt, he’d removed his undershirt from earlier Jimin noticed, revealing is tan toned abs, clenching and releasing as he breathed in and out. He left his shirt loose around his shoulders, arms rolled up to the elbow. Jimins breath caught in his chest, he never expected this was they way his night in jail would go…go, wait where was Jungkook going? Jungkook returned with a couple of things, handcuffs being the one Jimin decided to focus on. They were black and looked heavy duty, well they were for criminals he rationalised. “What are you going to do to me?” Jimin breathed, panting at the thought. “Get on your back, against the bars. Now.” Jungkook commanded. Jimin did just that, excited and scared about threat was going to happen. “Hands up and around the bar. Come on.” Jimin felt something close around one of this wrists, then the other, chaining him to the bar of the cell. Jungkook lifted the hem of the elders shirt and pulled it up so it bunched around his face. He pulled it so it covered Jimins face, from neck all the way to his now cuffed hands leaving Jimin essentially blindfolded. Jungkook made a start on pulling off the rest of Jimins clothing, placing sloppy kisses to his sculptured thighs and calves leaving Jimin a moaning mess. Jungkook marvelled at the toned boy in front of him. He slowly slid his hands up the others thighs, lifting his legs slightly so he could reach his ass. The hands the found their way to jimins ass were heaven, pulling scratching and kneading desperately. “Ahh jungkookah” Jungkook groaned at this, he loved the way the other moaned his name. Jimin felt the first finger push into him fast, not enough to hurt but enough to make him jump and squirm. Jungkook leant forward and kissed the base of Jimins neck, sucking and biting as he pumped him. He brought his other hand around and grabbed Jimins throbbing dick, now pink with all the stimulation, and started pumping that too. Jimins head swam, he couldn’t move or see or breathe at this point, he just surrendered his body to the will of the Officer. Another finger found its way inside Jimins hole and his breath caught in his throat, coughing and spluttering to gain it back again. “Careful now baby,” jungkook whispered against his throat. “If you’re going to choke it’s going to be on my dick, yeah?” Jimin nodded and bit his lip, throwing his head back allowing his hips to slowly grind against Jeons fingers. “Such a slut.” Jungkook moaned as he pulled his fingers out, much to Jimins disappointment, and thrust them into Jimins mouth. “Suck.” Jimin did. Fast and messily at first but once his eagerness ebbed, he slowed down, following the rhythm of jungkooks fist, still pumping him. Jimin was close…so damn close his hips moved by themselves, thrusting into the hand wrapped around his dick. Jungkook laughed before pulling away both of his hands. Jimins hips continued thrusting the air, trying to find anything to rub against to her his release. “Such a naught boy. Don’t you wanna be a good boy?” Jungkook slowly palmed his ass. “Don’t you wanna get rewarded.” He circled soothingly. “Or do you wanna get punished?” He smacked down hard on jimins ass making him whine, precum flowing by this point. “P-punished..ah punish me.” He sighed as jungkook dug his nails in. Jungkook couldn’t hide the smirk as he pulled his own trousers down, letting his rock hard dick spring free. He knelt and shuffled forward then lifted Jimins hips so that his butt rested on Jungkooks thighs. “W-what’s going o-ahhh” Jimin started but was cut off when Jungkook thrust into him, bottoming out then moving at a punishing pace. “Ju-Jungkook!” Jungkook wanted to see tears streaming down the others face so he sped up as fast as he could without loosing it too fast. “Oh yes. Punish me! Punish me!” Jimin screamed, pulling against the restraints and arching his back, impaling himself further on jungkooks dick. Jungkook licked up the stream of salty tears that fell from Jimins eyes, his head swimming, drowning in the soft whimpers spilling out of Jimins mouth. Jimin was close, so close, Jungkook could feel his walls clenching tighter as he hurtled towards his peak. Jungkook quickly leant forwards, not breaking pace, and pulled the temporary blindfold up so it bunched around his cuffed hands and allowed him to see. The light hit Jimins eyes, stinging painfully, it took him a second to adjust though the sight that greeted him blinded him even more. Jungkooks face was dripping with sweat, head flung back, hair sticking to his forehead, this muscles were working overtime, he looked like a sculpted god. Jungkook smiled down at Jimin as he leant in closer and kissed him, passionately but slowly. Jimin came in a burst of fire, Jungkook not stopping his pace, letting Jimin ride out his high. Jungkook didn’t last much longer, spilling into Jimins abused hole just a few breaths after, Jimin affectionately kissing his neck. Before Jungkook collapsed against the other, he reached and un-cuffed him, letting his arms fall limp to the floor. Jungkooks dick slipped out of Jimin as he fell onto his chest, resting there while Jimin stroked his hair, trying to catch his breath also. //// “If punishments are all like that, I should commit crimes more often”.

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All night

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Warnings: SMUTTTTTTTT, oral (both receiving), Alpha kink. 

pairing: Derek Hale x reader
A/N: This is my first smut so if I got a few things wrong I’m sorry. So… just dont be harsh please :)  

“I’m off to a pack meeting Y/N!” Derek shouted throughout the loft. “Have no fun without me pup”

“Hey, I used to be an alpha you know”

“Emphases on the term ‘used to’” He scowled,

“You love me really though Der”

“That’s true”.

 It’s been 20 minutes since Derek left. I have been getting a few ideas for what to do when Derek comes back. Then it hit me, this caused me smirk to myself.

“What are you smirking about shithead?”

“Shut up and listen, I need you to piss off for the night you piece of burned toast.”

“Why do I have to leave this is my loft too y’know?”

“Well unless you want to listen to your nephews moans all night I suggest you leave”

“It isn’t the first time I’ve heard you guys go at it” Peter scoffed.

“Listen hear toastie, you might be 4 times my age and supernatural but I can still beat your ass if it’s necessary”

“And how will you do that?” he crossed his arms over his chest.

“I will grab you by your unnecessarily long V-neck and choke you with it”

“Well use protection; we don’t want me being a grand uncle now do we, I’m already a terrible uncle”

“That’s for sure”.

“Princess, I’m home”. He threw his keys into the key bowl we left by the door and walked in further. As he got to the bottom step from the door. I covered his eyes with my hands. “You’re being arrested for being too sexy in that leather jacket” He chuckled. “Anything you say or do will be held against you in the court of law. And by court of law I mean our bedroom”. I nibbled at his earlobe and heard a growl from his throat. I could already see the tent forming in his pants. I lead him to the bedroom and sat him on the chair I specifically put there and straddled him. He opened his eyes to see me in front of him. He smirked.

 My lips attached to his hungrily, his hands began to slide up my thighs. I broke the kiss and held onto his hands that rested on my thighs. “Tut tut tut you can’t go any further than that babe”, “oh come on princess.” He huffed as I shook my head.

 I started to kiss along his jaw line, he tugged at the hem of my shirt I lifted up my arms as he took of my top and I repeated the same on him. I cupped his face and kissed him passionately. He licked my bottom lip for access, which I happily granted. Once we got to this stage I knew Derek had to have his hands on my ass. His hands gripped my ass roughly causing me to gasp. “Wanna take this to the room?” he whispered. I bit my bottom lip in response.

 I wrapped my legs around his waist and he walked into his room. He threw me onto the bed. He hovered over me and started to leave wet kisses down my neck to the valley of my breasts. “The clasp is in the front” I gasped. “Classy” he said between kisses, I giggled.

 I took my bra off while Derek unzipped my jeans and left me in my black lace thong. He started to kiss my stomach and leave a trail from my belly button down to the waistband of my underwear.  He kissed my inner thighs. “Stop being a tease Der”

“This is my revenge for earlier princess”. He rips my underwear off my body. “I literally just bought those yesterday and they were for you”. “Maybe you shouldn’t wear any” he looked at me through those gorgeous lashes. He kissed along my inner thighs, without warning, he flicked my clit with his wet tongue and cause me to moan. My finger automatically tangled with his hair. He started to suck on my clit and brought me closer and closer to the edge.

“Der… I’m gonna…”


 And with that hum the vibrations sent me over the edge, I arched my back in pleasure. Derek started to suck purple bruises on my hips and moved up to my boobs and took the right nipple into his mouth and massaging the other breast then swapping giving the left breast the same attention. As he made his way back up leaving hickeys on the way his lips finally reconnected with mine. I took all my strength to flip him over so that I would be on top, I started to do the same thing to him as he did to me. Kissing down to the waistband of his boxer. I pulled down his boxers letting his erection free.

 I licked the prominent vein along the shaft causing Derek to growl which made me smirk as I kissed his tip. “Fuck Y/N” he growled. I took as much as I could into my mouth and massaged his balls with my hand. “Fuck you’re so good at this!”.i hollowed my cheeks and bobbed my head to get as much as I could, his hands gripped my hair and started tugging on it. I hummed and felt his member twitch in my mouth.

“I’m close Princess”. I hummed again and his member twitched in my mouth releasing his load into my throat as I swallowed.

 I hovered over him kissing his jaw line. “Don’t be fool and wrap your tool babe” I whispered in to his ear and licked the shell of his ear while he put on the condom. Derek flipped us back over and whispered “Who am I?” while teasing me with his dick at my entrance. My breath hitched, “ You’re the Alpha” I gasped.


 I yelped when he thrusted into me. It started slow and passionate then he picked up the speed and became fast and rough. That’s the  way I liked, scrap that that’s the way I loved it.  He buried his head in my neck and started to suck more purple marks that for sure will not fade for weeks. “I’m close…alpha”, “Me too princess”. I take about 5 more thrusts until the knot in my stomach exploded. I screamed his name and the sound of his name leaving my lips Derek came into the condom.

 He flopped onto the bed beside me and started to kiss my shoulder. He wrapped his muscular hand around my waist and pulled me close so my back was against his chest. I turned my head to see the sunlight starting to dance through the window. I turned around so that our chests were against each other’s.

“Good morning Der”    


Triple H/OC. For Anon: Thick Cock Daddy! Hunter has a big interest in Reader, but she takes it as him wanting her to be one of his NXT Kids. She doesn’t want to be one his NXT kids. She firmly rejects the position and any words that come from his lips. Then one late night she’s struggling with her pacing in the ring, so he seizes the moments and gets her into the (multiple) positions he’s been wanting her in with lots of (dirty) words. She decides she wants to call him Daddy after all, in a much different way.

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