Oh my holy lord, my soul is now crushed. Kevin has always been my favorite character, and the more he shows up, the more attached I am to his character and story. I knew in Old Oak Doors that Kevin resisted Strexcorp in some fashion; I mean I’m writing a comic on it for god’s sake. But the extent here. Just how much he cared about his community and just how much was lost. I actually teared up. I teared up for KEVIN of all people. Good job, Fink and Cranor, my heart is now broken.

I will say though I am pleased that in my comic I’ve been working on since Old Oak Doors, I think the characterization I settled for with Kevin is actually fairly close to how he ended up being portrayed here. I will have to rethink a couple things to fit in with this new canon. 

Fresh #tonguesplit from today on @monatlili. Performed by me and @free__hugs at @calmbodymodification. Mona also took the opportunity to pick up a new t-shirt from Swastik Apparel that we carry in the shop. Looking good! ❤️☀️ Happy healing! #tonguesplits #tonguebifurcation #tonguesplitting #swastikapparel That #septumclicker is from @bvla but this picture does NOT GIVE IT ANY JUSTICE at all. 😞
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People have exploited tragedy in this country so much that America is numb.
It’s awful how mass shootings are just another thing now. Something you hear about , sigh , and continue on like it was someone tripping at an awards show.

I remember when Columbine happened the entire country froze. 
It was like 9/11 ….. or Lebron going to Miami .
Now unless it’s a Division one school with a sports team with a legit shot at a title , no one gives a shit.
“There was Shooting at state? I’m not worried about it, they have a good recruiting class coming up.”

When Columbine happened and everyone blamed Marilyn Manson.
Now that hes been out of the spot light for a while now people want to blame guns , the actual inanimate object. I’m on board with stricter gun laws BUT ..
Can we finally start blaming shitty parents?
If a kid sees a gun on the counter and thinks …
“I was going to watch some Spongebob but …..ya know what would be fun , if i murdered a lot of people.”
That’s on the parents. They messed that up.

What I’m saying is parents …
Hug your kids enough to make them happy!

Or ignore them so much they dont have the self esteem to aim a gun but
this middle of the road bull shit isn’t working.

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Hey sexy thing how you doing on this lovely morning. (No matter your answer have a hug for free)

You know you’re not the first person to greet me like this…

Anyway my morning is going amazing and I love free hugs!

School’s right around the corner! Here’s some resources to help you make this the best year ever!


  • a wonderful site that donates school supplies to a classroom in need for every purchase you make
  • this site has some really cute pens/pencils, as well as notebooks and pencils for really reasonable prices
  • a great starting point for dorm shopping, some of the stuff is a bit expensive and is more on the side of unnecessary but cool
  • Starting Point for School Supply Shopping
  • General College Packing List: you don’t have to bring everything on the list, check with your college to see what is allowed and what isn’t

Mental Health

Surviving High School

Surviving College/Uni

Time Management


Studying Tools


pissed off fandoms that got unexpected shitty writing
  • marvel:literally ooc everywhere???
  • the walking dead:where her body tho??
  • pretty little liars:THIS SHOW MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE
  • how i met your mother:finale was a hoax lol
  • supernatural:can--can we just stop now?
  • game of thrones:JOOOOOOOOON

I gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience
in which I must stop and look fear in the face.
I say to myself, I’ve lived through this
and can take the next thing that comes along.
- Eleanor Roosevelt

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