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School’s right around the corner! Here’s some resources to help you make this the best year ever!


  • a wonderful site that donates school supplies to a classroom in need for every purchase you make
  • this site has some really cute pens/pencils, as well as notebooks and pencils for really reasonable prices
  • a great starting point for dorm shopping, some of the stuff is a bit expensive and is more on the side of unnecessary but cool
  • Starting Point for School Supply Shopping
  • General College Packing List: you don’t have to bring everything on the list, check with your college to see what is allowed and what isn’t

Mental Health

Surviving High School

Surviving College/Uni

Time Management


Studying Tools


pissed off fandoms that got unexpected shitty writing
  • marvel:literally ooc everywhere???
  • the walking dead:where her body tho??
  • pretty little liars:THIS SHOW MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE
  • how i met your mother:finale was a hoax lol
  • supernatural:can--can we just stop now?
  • game of thrones:JOOOOOOOOON

I gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience
in which I must stop and look fear in the face.
I say to myself, I’ve lived through this
and can take the next thing that comes along.
- Eleanor Roosevelt

Gif Animation by DarkAngelØne~

okay so fun thought:

  • in #1.05, we see “jack’s dad hoisting the stanley cup for the third time in 1978″
  • in this extra, we learn that jack’s dad turned 57 in january 2014
  • meaning he was born in 1957
  • so in june 1978, he was 21

or to rephrase all that: 

  • jack’s dad won the stanley cup for the third time at age 21
  • which is also how old jack was when he enrolled in samwell
  • haha i’m in pain

*note: thought may not actually be fun