Donating pizza to protests can fuel the resistance — this group wants to make it happen

  • What’s one way to entice people to stick around and fight for human rights? Free food.
  • On Saturday night, Pizza to the Polls, an organization that fundraised and sent pizza to polling places with long lines during the 2016 election, received a number of tweets asking the group to send pizza to activists protesting President Donald Trump’s executive order banning Muslim immigrants and refugees. Read more.

I went to that food rescue giveaway day again during the past week. They gave away tons of tiny potatoes blue and white. One of the women said you have to have a bigger hand than that, encouraging me to take more. :). Huge squash , but that has started to mold because we haven’t gotten around to it yet(it had a cut in it). Green beans and peas. Blue cheese dressing from trader joes. Horizon organic cottage cheeses. Two gallons of cream line organic milk. Kale bunches. I picked some ginger and a purple sweet potato. (I plan to use it to regrow! Hope it works). Apples and oranges. A little more I’m not remembering.

So, I’ve inherited Cajun grilled chicken breast, banana peppers, jalapeno peppers, shdreded carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and croutons. But no lettuce. LOL… In exchange for another of my Zucchini Spinach Manicotti dish lunch dishes. Smh… Le sighz… im gonna start charging… wait. Wat… hmmmmmm…

Anyhooz… Ok… now… WTF do I do with all this? I have yellow squash and zucchini in the frig, broccoli in freezer, and lite raspberry vinegrette and garbonzo beans and black beans on hand. So like.. Maybe a Summer Squash Salad with 30-50g of chicken… Or something similar… Vegan? Idk… Hmmm… I gotta play with he macros… Maybe I get to do a surprise meal prep for y'all!

Moral of the post: you can make anything healthy!

im crying its book fair week at my brothers’ elementary school and my mom is fundraising chair on the pta so she runs it, and as a way to get parents in to buy books for their kids they did this thing called ‘donuts with dad’. basically the pta went out and bought a fuckton of donuts, and EVERY  person that came in to see the book fair this morning got a free donut.

The PTA bought thirty dozen donuts. They ran out. Someone had to go out and buy like 20 more dozen donuts. The line was from the media center out the front door into the parking lot. The teachers couldn’t get in. It was absolute chaos. The event lasted from 7:50am to when school started, at 8:45am. 

They made almost $5,000. 


So there’s this Pretzel shop nearby the Cookie shop where I work, right? Well it turns out that I guy I vaguely knew back in high school works there, and he came over and offered me a free pretzel (as big as my head btw) in exchange for some cookies. He’s a pretty nice guy (and attractive too) so I say why the hell not, but when I told him I’d pay for the pretzel he would have none of it. I’m a blushing mess by know because holy crap I’m getting free food from a pretty handsome dude.

So today I give him six chocolate cookies. He turns up later, in the middle of both our shifts, and brings THREE BAGS of giant pretzels for me and my colleagues.

I think I’m smitten for a pretzel dude.