Donating pizza to protests can fuel the resistance — this group wants to make it happen

  • What’s one way to entice people to stick around and fight for human rights? Free food.
  • On Saturday night, Pizza to the Polls, an organization that fundraised and sent pizza to polling places with long lines during the 2016 election, received a number of tweets asking the group to send pizza to activists protesting President Donald Trump’s executive order banning Muslim immigrants and refugees. Read more.
But It’s Free

Aliens being confused by humans’ relationship with free things but namely food.

Like people will eat some of the most insane things just because it was free.

And this isn’t just something people do because they lack regular food sources. Even the best fed humans will eat the craziest shit just because it’s free

Hell some humans will even eat inedible things assuming they’re free food.

Example I made pierogi the other day that came out a little tough, offered them to my roomate and his friend….they ate them cause hey free.

I in turn am eating a half finished blizzard they left in the freezer cause ‘Hell yeah free ice cream!” (it said “eat me” so I’m cleared…though there is a book that says you shouldn’t eat free food that says Eat/Drink Me)

Why should we all know the basic greetings of different languages?

Today I went to a supermarket ran by Chinese people, as I’ve done every single day for the last four years. Last week, I decided to learn some basic words and greetings in Chinese so I could speak to them. I did it. They got so happy, so excited that someone was interested in their language and their culture that they gave me a pack of free cookies. Learning languages can make someone happy and get you free food 😋

Free food

Y'all I started using this app called Favor that delivers food to you and I love it. I know money can be tight and that’s why I love this app. Favor offers $3 delivery and sometimes even FREE delivery. If you use offer code AYESM9 you will get $5 credit towards food from any restaurant available on the app.

So, I’ve inherited Cajun grilled chicken breast, banana peppers, jalapeno peppers, shdreded carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and croutons. But no lettuce. LOL… In exchange for another of my Zucchini Spinach Manicotti dish lunch dishes. Smh… Le sighz… im gonna start charging… wait. Wat… hmmmmmm…

Anyhooz… Ok… now… WTF do I do with all this? I have yellow squash and zucchini in the frig, broccoli in freezer, and lite raspberry vinegrette and garbonzo beans and black beans on hand. So like.. Maybe a Summer Squash Salad with 30-50g of chicken… Or something similar… Vegan? Idk… Hmmm… I gotta play with he macros… Maybe I get to do a surprise meal prep for y'all!

Moral of the post: you can make anything healthy!

I might have to drive to my mom’s house an hour away by myself today and that concept is terrifying to me?? I’ve never driven that far completely on my own before but I fucked up and made dinner plans for tonight and I don’t wanna postpone it bc I’m rly looking forward to it but also?? I’m a scaredy baby