Let's talk about the Queens of Ru Paul's Best Friend Race season 9

I don’t like Trinity Taylor (her vibe is AWF to me)

I do like Valentina but I feel like she is going to be miss congeniality over all ( she could surprise me)

I DON’T like Charlie Hides (canceled)

I Like Aja but she talk too much

I am on the fence about Farrah ( someone showed me some receipts about her BUT they may have been out of context so I’m going stay neutral) SHE REAL WHINEY THOUGH 🙄 it’s going to get old fast!

I like Alexis Michelle so far

I do like Jaymes Mansfeild but I’m not sure what she’s doing or how she’s coming across ( idk if she is nervous or… but I would like her to pull it together)

I Love a plus sized queen with a country accent! Eureka is cool but she gotta MOUF on her and she came in and automatically started with the slick comments. So we shall see!

Lemme tell you about Shasha Mother Fucking Velour. I👏🏾Am👏🏾Living👏🏾For👏🏾This👏🏾Art👏🏾Haux👏🏾AESTHETIC👏🏾

Ummm Nina BoNina Brown another queen who is very talented BASED on first impressions her look is fucking cool and abstract ( based on what I’ve seen and heard I’m not feeling her personally)

I’m cool with Kimora… F o r n o w ( I feel like she’s gonna be running her mouth and get real annoying real quick)

I like Peppermint… she’s an established queen I want to see what she’s bringing to this competition.

LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT SHAE COULEÉ aka BAE COULÉE. I’m in love ❤️ she is perfect and I can see her SLAYING the competition!

All I ever wanted was to have a quiet evening. It’s all I wanted when I searched for ‘One Direction - Funny Moments’ all those months ago. It’s all I wanted that one fateful night in July 2015 when I scrolled through some Larries’ Tumblrs on my aesthetic blog. Maybe one day I’ll get my quiet evening. Today however…..

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…… just a normal day in this mess of a fandom. Happy March 25th. Cheers.

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Remember Smokey the Bear (non-US folks, it’s a reference to a cartoon forest ranger bear created as a public service announcement)? He said “Only you can prevent forest fires” as a way to make people aware of the dangers of smoldering coals and tossed cigarettes. I say we need to employ this philosophy in the fandom. Stop fanning the flames of the ‘Other Side’. Why do we keep adding fuel to their fire? Douse the fire and they will stop flaring up. Don’t talk about what we don’t believe or condone. Stop bringing them into the conversation. Hateful anons and their messages should be blocked and/or not posted. Oh, what joy they receive when we acknowledge that they got our goat (Texan phrase, sorry). Only we can take back the fun and joyful side that we used to know. If those creating drama stop receiving attention then they have nothing to look forward to and the spiraling will stop.
Only you can prevent fandom drama!

Takahito Mura, Trophee de France 2016 (Free Skate)


Bless Japan’s skaters for their commitment to sparkle motion and colors. This is another Rachmaninoff program, which I may have mentioned is one warhorse I never get tired of, and part of why is because Rachmaninoff almost always inspires dramatic costumes to go with the dramatic music.

That is some majestic blue-green shading.

Grade: A

my thoughts on the current zuke thing:

the only “evidence” i can find is screenshots that could have been easily edited that are from a 4chan thread that has been debunked

and from a video that was apparently trying to stir up drama and blame amed/*t shipers and has since been privated

i can’t find a single direct, sourced quote from tumblr, twitter, youtube, reddit, or 4chan. i went on 4chan

as far as i can tell, this is just a bunch of rumors that got blown way out of proportion

if anyone has any sourced quotes, feel free to correct me. no, i don’t mean that one post that has an unsourced compilation of easily-edited screenshots that are vague posts from an unsourced random blog, that originates from 4chan. because so far, that is the only “source” i have been given. i don’t mean that post. i mean actual sourced info

note: i’m not trying to say that i think Nothing Happened. and i’m not gonna defend lauren zuke or rebecca sugar Until My Dying Breath. i just refuse to join in with this cesspool of hatred towards both lauren zuke and rebecca sugar that seems to be based on Absolutely Nothing. i’m not taking a side or believing that any of this even amounts to Anything until i get some proof

until then. until i get some proof. i s2g i am blocking lauren zuke’s name because i am tired of seeing all of this drama and hate