Chicago Franchise Episodes Timeline

As a lot of people are getting interested with the franchise but don’t know where to begin since there are so many crossovers between the three, now four shows, I made a list that could come in handy. I also wanted to go back and binge watch from the start without getting confused with the timeline. I will be updating this list weekly or so as I’m watching the new episodes (except Justice, because TWD).

Anyways, enjoy ! DM me if anything’s incorrect !

2012-2013 : Fire S01

01. Chicago Fire - S01E01 - Pilot
02. Chicago Fire - S01E02 - Mon Amour
03. Chicago Fire - S01E03 - Professional Courtesy
04. Chicago Fire - S01E04 - One Minute
05. Chicago Fire - S01E05 - Hanging On
06. Chicago Fire - S01E06 - Rear View Mirror
07. Chicago Fire - S01E07 - Two Families
08. Chicago Fire - S01E08 - Leaving the Station
09. Chicago Fire - S01E09 - It Ain’t Easy
10. Chicago Fire - S01E10 - Merry Christmas, Etc.
11. Chicago Fire - S01E11 - God Has Spoken
12. Chicago Fire - S01E12 - Under the Knife
13. Chicago Fire - S01E13 - Warm and Dead
14. Chicago Fire - S01E14 - A Little Taste
15. Chicago Fire - S01E15 - Nazdarovya!
16. Chicago Fire - S01E16 - Viral
17. Chicago Fire - S01E17 - Better to Lie
18. Chicago Fire - S01E18 - Fireworks
19. Chicago Fire - S01E19 - A Coffin That Small
20. Chicago Fire - S01E20 - Ambition
21. Chicago Fire - S01E21 - Retaliation Hit
22. Chicago Fire - S01E22 - Leaders Lead
23. Chicago Fire - S01E23 - Let Her Go (PD backdoor pilot)
24. Chicago Fire - S01E24 - A Hell of a Ride

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House of Vans Chicago | Free Skate Style

It may have been below freezing, but Chi-Town upped the style game for the free skate session at House of Vans Chicago. Check out a few of our favorite looks from the event.

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Hi could you do #8 and #29 for anna and peter in Chicago justice :) thanks xx


#8: “Yes. I know we’re stuck in an elevator.”
#29: “It’s three AM for god’s sake.”


Normally he loves coming up with closing arguments. There’s normally a rush of ideas and creativity and really is the best of being a lawyer.

But for this case he just couldn’t wrap his head around what he had to say, he had all the evidence. Everything was on his side, but the defendant was a short, sweet lady that the jury just didn’t want to send away.

He just couldn’t figure it out.

So that was why he was still at the office, staring blankly at the empty piece of paper he was meant to be writing his closing argument on.

He looked up from his desk at the chair Anna had long time ago fell asleep in. She fell asleep around midnight and he honestly didn’t have the heart to wake her. In fact he grabbed a blanket from the store room and put it over her.

He looked at the clock and saw it was three AM, enough was enough. Maybe he would just wing the closing argument. Either way, it was time to pack up for the day. Or morning.

He stood up and gently shook Anna awake. He tried to ignore how adorable she looked for a few seconds before she realized where she was.

“What time is it?” she asked, rubbing her eyes.

“It’s three AM for god’s sake,” he replied, helping her up.

She seemed to get that it was time to get a couple hours of sleep.

Together they walked down the hallway towards the elevator. All while Stone tried his best not to walk too close to her.

Once they arrived, he leaned against the wall of the elevator and tried his best not to fall asleep.

They had only been in the elevator for about ten seconds before they heard a beep and the damn thing stopped.

“Oh come on!” Anna said, “how the hell are we gonna get out of here?”

“We wait until the morning,” he replied. Sliding down the wall, “God I can’t get this closing argument done.”

“Don’t you think we have a more pressing issue right now?”

He sighed, “Yes. I know we’re stuck in an elevator. But I kinda need to finish it.”

Anna sat next to him, sighing as she did so.

“You gonna be okay here til morning?” he asked.

“You know sometimes you can be so sexist,” she replied playfully.

“That’s not always bad,” he responded. Thinking they can just fall back into their usual banter and he can ignore the fact that their arms were touching.

But when she didn’t respond to him, he turned to the side and saw the she was staring a head. Looking like she was deep in thought.

“Anna?” he said, “What’s going on? I can practically hear you thinking.”

Her response was merely a whisper, “Not all sexism appears on be surface to be bad.”

Before he could reply, she jumped out and started pacing the elevator.

“Anna?” he called again, “What’s going on in that head of yours?”

“Okay,” she stopped pacing and turned to face him, “Just hear me out.”

He nodded. And leaned back against the wall. He had long time ago learned to trust her. He just ignored that maybe he trusted her too much…

“Okay,” she began, “we know that the jury doesn’t think she could have done it right? But why? Sexism. If we can show the jury that they don’t even realize their disbelief is actually sexism….”

“Yeah but how?”

“We let them presume something else. We ask questions like ‘Which sex is the better driver?’ or we ask which sex is more likely to get into a fight and then w-”

“Let their presumptions prove it to them!” he got up and gave her a hug.

The answer was right in front of his face the whole time.

She was the answer.

He couldn’t help but think she may the answer for a couple other things as well…


This is terrible. I apologize….

Anyway feel free to request :)

Unemployed men outside a soup kitchen opened in Chicago by Al Capone, 1931.

Al Capone, a gangster who made a fortune during prohibition through bootlegging, started one of the first soup kitchens. His intentions were to clean up his image. “120 000 meals are served by Capone Free Soup Kitchen” the Chicago Tribune headlined on December 1931.

Soup kitchens rose to prominence in the U.S. during the Great Depression. They provided a place where the poor could get free food and a brief rest from their struggles.

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Hey there! I just wanted to ask: What does Twila like to do in her free time? Twila is my favourite incuwife she's so cool,sweet and adorable!!!!!😃😍

Thank you for being so sweet! Well, I like to spend my free time wandering around Chicago and seeing the various neighborhoods. I also enjoy doing some reading and writing. I’m also trying to get Carrie to teach me how to read tarot cards, but it isn’t working out so well so far.

Summer Bucket List 2014

I hope to get at least half of these done by the end of summer vacation. I have many and might add onto it.

  1. have a perfect fourth of july.
  2. go cosmic bowling.
  3. go thrift shopping.
  4. redecorate my bedroom.
  5. really hit off my youtube channel.
  6. write more music.
  7. go to a concert.
  8. pull a true all-nighter.
  9. go to a baseball game (I’ve only been to one).
  10. get a pair of vans.
  11. have a movie marathon.
  12. dance in the rain.
  13. learn how to ride my skateboard.
  14. get tan, bc im a ghost.
  15. see a shooting star and wish upon it.
  16. walk around with a free hugs shirt on.
  17. try every flavor of Arizona
  18. have a silly string war.
  19. find the perfect pair of shorts.
  20. make smores.
  21. have or go to a bonfire.
  22. grow out my hair.
  23. watch fireworks.
  24. get my nose pierced (please, mom).
  25. be given a piggyback ride.
  26. play volleyball (or set up my net).
  27. go running everyday (or almost everyday).
  28. go swimming a lot.
  29. do something stupid.
  30. learn to play a new instrument.
  31. laugh until I cry.
  32. do something spontaneous.
  33. be a yes girl for an entire day.
  34. watch the sunset and the sunrise.
  35. watch the star wars series for the first time.
  36. camp outside.
  37. photobomb somebody.
  38. step out of my comfort zone.
  39. have a photo shoot.
  40. watch some classic movies.
  41. leave a sweet letter on someone’s car.
  42. watch the clouds.
  43. carve into a tree.
  44. go stargazing.
  45. photo a day.
  46. get a betta fish.
  47. get a henna tattoo.
  48. reach 2k on instagram.
  49. go to a fair/carnival.
  50. watch a full sunset.
  51. hug 5 strangers.
  52. go 24 hours without any electronics.
  53. write in a journal everyday.
  54. lay on my roof.
  55. catch fireflies.
  56. build a fort.
  57. play messy twister.
  58. make the perfect summer playlist.
  59. give or get a number.
  60. make a tie-dye tshirt.
  61. learn how to play poker.
  62. write in a public bathroom stall.
  63. make every single day count.
  64. make a new friend.
  65. do something fearless.
  66. fry an egg on the road.
  67. spend a day sketching things I see outside.
  68. go to an amusement park.
  69. make a flower crown.
  70. recreate my wardrobe.
  71. buy a ukulele.
  72. go to a drive-in movie theatre.
  73. make a dream catcher.
  74. pick flowers for someone.
  75. rock some red lipstick.
  76. swim in the rain.
  77. draw on the driveway with chalk.
  78. make a memory jar.
  79. do dumb challenges.
  80. take a bubble bath.
  81. get some slurpees.
  82. burn old schoolwork.
  83. complete a full coloring book.
  84. roast some marshmallows.
  85. get fit.
  86. eat lots of fruits.
  87. play chubby bunny.
  88. have an amazing birthday.
  89. turn 14. :)
  90. have a me day.
  91. play flashlight tag.
  92. make an inspirational notebook.
  93. use lots of disposable cameras and print the pictures at the end of the summer.
  94. make a tie blanket.
  95. try macarons.
  96. tan tattoo by a silly band.
  97. make banana splits and rootbeer floats.
  98. have or go to a BBQ.
  99. ride the largest rollercoaster.
  100. get some American flag shorts.
  101. play mini golf.
  102. play party games.
  103. climb a tree.
  104. collect Snapple caps.
  105. go on omegle/chat roulette.
  106. stretch more and do yoga.
  107. go on late night walks.
  108. collect bracelets.
  109. try new foods.
  110. wake up to good music most mornings.
  111. be free.
  112. go to Chicago.
  113. throw a party of some sort, big or small.
  114. kiss someone.
  115. change for the better.
  116. let go (of bad people, the past, everything).

I will most likely add more to this list, so I’ll keep you guys updated if I do.

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Why would you recommend against applying to UChicago? I'm currently trying to narrow down my list of colleges, so hearing the opinion of a current student would be really helpful. Thanks!

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More ideas for the Chicago anon! Free activities: Navy Pier, the Bean, Lincoln Park Zoo, and North Avenue Beach. Worth the money: Art Museum, Butterfly Museum, Museum of Science and Industry!

Yeah gotta hit up the beach!!! I’m personally not big on the butterfly thing BUT I’ve heard great stuff!