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Ok so i have a retty good understanding on your feelings about Solas, but what about my man Anders?

Good feelings. He steps outside his bounds on more than one occasion for sure, but he’s a decent person and at least took accountability for the chantry explosion and only considered such an extreme measure after being pushed into a corner and attempting legal, peaceful avenues for 6+ years? He had the awareness to understand the weight of that decision and was willing to face whatever consequences came.

Meanwhile certain mages are directly accountable for a temple explosion, killing hundreds at a pivitol peace summit and plunging all of southern Thedas in a wide-scale war, without a simple apology or batting of an eye because the world aint tailored to their liking anymore. Some mages just run away from the consequences of their actions, right into their magic mirror, playing god with people’s lives while complaining about being called a god because ‘uwu im not like those other evanuris vhenan’.

So Anders, whose resume includes healing the poor for free and loving cats probably more than he loves himself, is doing ok in comparison.

I feel the more people draw Lord Wander, the more boring, uncomfertble, and bland he becomes.

I like the art people do with him, but he just doesn’t feel like Wander anymore. And before you say ‘its because he’s a villain’, keep in mind whom he’s swapped place with. Lord Dominator, who’s just as bouncy, giggly, and fun loving as normal Wander is.

So even when he’s a bad guy, wouldn’t it make sense for him to act more lively and giddy?

Well, I can’t control how people make him, so…. Short or tall, here is how MY version of Lord Wander will be from now on.

He’s still friends wth Sylvia, whom commands his army. And they’re still like brother and sister and they love each other very much.

He still wants o be friends with Hater, but gets miffed when Hater refuses.

No matter how much he tries, he can never sound scary or ominous because of his voice and adorable accent.

He still plays the banjo and writes villains songs in his free time.

He still loves cats and pastries.

He’s still a lover of romance.

He has a small and very reluctant gay crush on Hater, but the grudge of friendship rejection overpowers it.

Is super vanilla in bed, but isn’t afraid of trying new things.

And he still cooks like a pro and likes to make his food look cute/cool.

And he’s polite to his prisoners when they don’t give him any lip.


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anders deserved so much better… i fucking can’t believe all the shit he went through… he’s just a fucking sweet guy who heals people for free and loves cats and look what fucking happened to him… what his situation turned him into… if the chantry weren’t a bunch of asshats and in control of fucking everything he could have been ha p py.… why .…

the signs as cats

Aries cats are fun, they like to try new things often
Taurus cats are placid, loyal and friendly
Gemini cats love attention and entertaining their caretakers
Cancer cats love their family, want to join in and are very sensitive
Leo cats like to be the boss, rule the roost and love cuddles
Virgo cats are quiet, intelligent and highly affectionate
Libra cats are sociable and love attention
Scorpio cats are extroverted free spirits
Sagittarius cats are enthusiastic, love children, but don’t like being picked up
Capricorn cats are reserved and not keen on children
Aquarius cats love outdoors and get along with most people
Pisces cats are shy around strangers but are real lap cats