All in One Page: Kotori by bitter-smile

Hello! I just started to moving on to giving my coding for free. Since I don’t have confidence in releasing theme yet, I’ll release an all-in-one page first. It contains an about page, tag or navigation, and a blogroll



  • The code does not come with images on preview
  • If many people like it I’ll make the theme version of it
  • Give me Loveca Stone pls
  • Please like or reblog if you like or/and planning to use <3
  • Do not touch the credit

Preview & Download

So since one of the things I get asked about the most is ‘which other blogs do you recommend?’ I decided to make a post again with some of my favorites. Also works as a thank you for 6k and the 2 month birthday for this re-made account! I’ll split these into categories and please be sure to check them all ♡

♡ Fashion / Pastel / Photography ♡

nommi, milktu, molangg, hitchae, yuneji, coexistl, 13lhg, yuffii, ryeou, dollyys, kurimisan, eggai, teaue, ip-soo, peachuii, peachilu, polarizu, princesskealie, mirukei, mirukeu-senpai, 27kb, amekori, starieu, pinkvlvt , sehtyle, helloteaparty

♡ Pastel Anime ♡

miuroko, kuranossuke

♡ Color Coding ♡

yumekiko, hoshikari, gaechi

♡ Aesthetic ♡

haiiqu, baechys, milait, fxwa, rnirae, 22ao, huneybun, 99milk, jxpan, valdiety, kkaepop, mio-miu

♡ Kpop ♡

baekhny, yeolait, taeskai, tipannies, seokm-n, nutellk, jungkoohk, xiupng

This is just a really small list, but I hope it helps. Please feel free to check my actual blogroll for all the blogs I follow!