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Hey! Who are some of your favourite doctor/rose blogs? I'm looking for some new folks to follow!

ahhhh okay!! i’m going to forget some people because i follow SO MANY wonderful people but… here are some of my faves (a lot of which are multifandom and such but are doctor/rose people and also super nice):

@asthewheelwills, @fleurdeneuf, @dirty-bean, @sequencefairy, @chocolatequeennk, @lastbluetardis, @goingtothetardis, @karaolsn, @dimensionhoppingrose, @cartersreese@travelingrose, @chiaroscuroverse, @kelkat9, @fadewithfury, @lauraxxtennant@rexalexander, @hardythehermitcrab, @whoinwhoville, @skyler10fic, @asmilelikestarlight, @wordsintimeandspace, @tinyconfusion, @promisedyouforever, @forever-is-my-promise-to-you, @atimelordswife, @ofstormsandwolves, @braveten, @wobblywibbly, @rishidiams, @rundalek, @thlives, @oswinsoswald, @thebadwolf

and like five million other people, please feel free to peruse my blogroll

Since it’s Christmas and you know everyone loves Christmas. I decided to make another follow forever because I wanted to share all these beautiful and awesome people with Tumblr!

My fella Knights of Ren’s and faves: @knighvtsofren @kylooppa @sithskywalker @kyloxrens @kyloholic @bensolcs @benamidalaas @anakinskywalkar @thefirstorders @ughvillains @ughkylo @wookieepedias  @skamandernewt@saintvader@starcwars @ughvillains


@ amidcla@anakihn @anakinskywalkar @anakinpotters @anavkin @bensolcs @bellatrixsblack @binarysunset @buckybames @chirrutimwcs @cassianahdor @ credencbarebone@cassianansdor @casssianandor @diegolunha @ driverism@daisyriidleyy @darthvdrr @darthvvder @domhnallgleeso @erickslehnsherr @flowersilk @finndamerons @ffinn @falcvns @gayrevan @gayestrey @hanorganaas @hvnleia @herworshipfullnessleia @horxruxes


@irlkylo @irlenchantress @jedianakin @jedhacity @ jynscaptain@jynersoandor @ januarysixth@jynersoh @kylux @kylo @ kcenobi@kylo-kirk @little-jedi @likeouch @lukrskywalker @lvkeskvwalker @lieutenant-starbuck @markhamillls @millenniumfalcuns @metqlarm @millicentthecat @matttheradartechnican @nyvmph @nutheadgee @obiscum @obiwanjedi @oikenobi @obsscurial @organafinn @phamsa @padmeamidale @poetdameron @poees @privetdrive 


@quinnzelharleys @rookbodhi @rickngrimes @reyskywalkings @solovalker @starcwars @sterkiller @skamandernewt @saintvader @theprincessleia @thefirstorders @timeturnr @thefirstorder @ughvillains @ughkylo @wookieepedias @xwingpilxt

Also If you know good Star Wars related blogs please reccomend me some because I need to follow more :) feel free to message me!

+ blogroll: because I’m the queen of forgetting people