Blogroll theme #1 by Austin

Live Preview - Code

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All in One Page: Kotori by bitter-smile

Hello! I just started to moving on to giving my coding for free. Since I don’t have confidence in releasing theme yet, I’ll release an all-in-one page first. It contains an about page, tag or navigation, and a blogroll



  • The code does not come with images on preview
  • If many people like it I’ll make the theme version of it
  • Give me Loveca Stone pls
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  • Do not touch the credit

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Theme Pack 04 by nickomirallegro

2 themes, 1 about me page, 1 navigation page, 1 blogroll theme, 1 redirect theme and 1 updates tab

Theme 56 by nickomirallegro

livepreview | code

  • sidebar height is auto
  • 3 customizable links
  • sidebar title (you must write it above the links thing on costumize)
  • 500px posts
Theme 57 by nickomirallegro (for personal/ hq blogs)

livepreview | code

  • 3 columns
  • sidebar height is auto
  • 4 customizable links
  • sidebar title (you must write it above the links thing on customize)
About me #03 by nickomirallegro

livepreview | code

  • icon must be square
Navigation Page #03 by nickomirallegro

livepreview | code

  • each group has one icon you can change
  • 8 groups
  • 5 links each (but you can add as many as you want because it won’t look bad!)
Blogroll theme #02 by nickomirallegro

livepreview | code

  • icon must be square
Redirect theme #03 by nickomirallegro

livepreview | code

Updates tab #03 by nickomirallegro

livepreview | code part 1 | code part 2

  • paste the first part of the code before </style></head>
  • paste the second part of the code after <body>

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So since one of the things I get asked about the most is ‘which other blogs do you recommend?’ I decided to make a post again with some of my favorites. Also works as a thank you for 6k and the 2 month birthday for this re-made account! I’ll split these into categories and please be sure to check them all ♡

♡ Fashion / Pastel / Photography ♡

nommi, milktu, molangg, hitchae, yuneji, coexistl, 13lhg, yuffii, ryeou, dollyys, kurimisan, eggai, teaue, ip-soo, peachuii, peachilu, polarizu, princesskealie, mirukei, mirukeu-senpai, 27kb, amekori, starieu, pinkvlvt , sehtyle, helloteaparty

♡ Pastel Anime ♡

miuroko, kuranossuke

♡ Color Coding ♡

yumekiko, hoshikari, gaechi

♡ Aesthetic ♡

haiiqu, baechys, milait, fxwa, rnirae, 22ao, huneybun, 99milk, jxpan, valdiety, kkaepop, mio-miu

♡ Kpop ♡

baekhny, yeolait, taeskai, tipannies, seokm-n, nutellk, jungkoohk, xiupng

This is just a really small list, but I hope it helps. Please feel free to check my actual blogroll for all the blogs I follow!

Layout 21: by

Version 1: preview / code

Version 2: preview / code

features:: blogroll title box, 4 custom links (back to my blog, dashboard, message & faq, online counter), blogroll box + scrollbar, image animations, optional background, easy access to the blogs you follow, stylish & organised layout!

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theme #005 by liamipayne: 

static previews - 1 / 2 / 3 & code

  • contained, simple theme
  • 250px posts
  • 4 custom links
  • plenty of customization options
  • drop down navigation
  • and more

blogroll theme #001:

static preview // code

  • matches theme #005
  • you’re free to customize as you please, just no removing credit

navi theme #001:

static preview // code

  • as many links as you’d like
  • scrollbar so you can’t max out the size of the box

about page theme #001:

static preview // code

  • matches navi theme
  • scrolls so you can put as much as you’d like

that’s it! i’ve no idea if i’ve forgotten to add anything, i’m sure i did, but if you have any questions please come ask me! please follow my rules of no stealing, no copying, no using as a base, no removing the credit! all i ask is that you follow them and like/reblog if you use! thank you and enjoy~ +

theme blog

Hi Dearest followers. it’s been a long time since i’ve last done follow forever. Since i’m following over 860 blogs, I have decided to make a short short list of the people i like, who talked with me and listened to me. I’m also very close to 10k followers, so this is also a thank you for all who have been following me. I am sorry if I didn’t to put you here, especially if you talked with me, but i have hard time tracking down people who changed their usernames or who haven’t been in contact with me for a while. In any case, i want to thank you too for being my friends. Sadly, i don’t have enough space to put all people i follow, or amazing graphic makers whose work i really enjoy, but feel free to visit my blogroll or even my previous follow forevers to find more amazing blogs! P.s. the characters on the image are from Akatsuki no Yona, which i highly recommend!

aitoseishun/aerugosattackonsporks  • baraakamons buckysprotector carnivalofrainbows chiascuros christa-renzdithe-reerennjaeger esumifiiifofukamiin fukutomichiginozanobuchikas/SuzuyaJuzoo​  • gracefulsu  • gilgamemeshhanamiyahhaisesasakiimmortalsilence  izumisexualjustdavestriderkonnichibye •  kougyoren kuroko-is-a-zebra makisshimaz mariamsan marukyus • mikaagemirayama  • matsuokaplz •  mokacheer •  MoonFangs •  morgianafanaliss •  nazumi-yuu-channijimurashuuzo noragamis pink-loli preciouskaneki pikabella •  satsuyo shingekinoai silkette submachineguns • smilingskyprincessswagyano  • thedaywhenthesunisfrozen theidiotwithnoname theskyunderground tsubakiz tsuyuake whereismapie youandyourlilies yuseirra xeshirefm0

**edit: this was done in rush so i forgot to reedit links and some people accidentally got deleted from this list but now they are back again~