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Things that the Harry Potter films left out about Snape
  • Called Lily a mudblood, then tried to cover himself by saying that she alone was different from other muggleborns
  • Didn’t see a problem with his friends performing Dark Magic on Mary MacDonald, compared it to the Marauders pranks
  • Dropped a tree branch on Petunia
  • Attacked Remus in PoA whilst he was trying to explain things and literally said the words ‘I’ll drag the werewolf. Perhaps the Dementors will have a kiss for him too’
  • Continued to refuse to listen to Sirius’s explanation even though he was being compliant and had only once tried to fight back, without magic, after Snape attacked Remus
  • After he found out he wasn’t actually going to get an Order of Merlin, or have the satisfaction of seeing two innocent men in jail, he exposed Remus as a werewolf
  • Ripped a photo of James and Lily and Harry being happy and in love and a family in half and stole the half with Lily on it
  • Actively tried to get the Marauders expelled from Hogwarts
  • Dumbledore was 'disgusted’ by his attitude towards James and Harry 
  • Harry distrusted Snape that much he literally thought he was trying to poison Remus
  • Abused his position as Head of House to unfairly reward points to Slytherin and take points from other houses, especially Gryffindor, far beyond the extent it was shown in the movies
  • Told Neville he would feed Trevor Neville’s failed potion so the possibly fatal results would teach him a lesson
  • Mocked Tonks when her Patronus changed, despite the fact his also changed to match Lily’s
  • Insulted Hermione’s appearance and told her he didn’t see any difference after Draco cursed her teeth to grow and then watched as she ran out crying

A Hufflepuff that didn’t want to be sorted into Hufflepuff crying on their first night and then being joined by some older Hufflepuffs who bring hot chocolate and other food from the kitchen to make them feel better, then listening to why the 1st year is so upset, and sharing their own stories to make them feel included and at home.

A terrified first year being sorted into Slytherin and fearing having to write home and explain how they got put in the ‘bad’ house, then being joined by some older Slytherins who show them a part of the common room where you can look out into the lake and occasionally see some of the creatures that live in there - ‘was that the squid?!’ - and forgetting why they were afraid in the first place because these people are actually really nice.

support systems within the houses for 11 year olds who don’t understand why they were placed in a certain house!!!!!

when partnered on the same auror cases, it takes two not to get distracted…

free hogwarts mystery energy!

there are hidden actions around hogwarts where you can gain free energy. all you have to do is find them and tap them! these actions can be done repeatedly but only periodically.

east tower

  • mirror/frame next to charms classroom 
  • peeves (orange ghost) between the divination classroom and the astronomy tower

west tower

  • painting to the left of the prefect’s bathroom

castle grounds

  • stick on ground between whomping willow and hagrid’s hut


  • house elf by potions classroom

lower floor - west 

  • suits of armor statues to the right of the great hall
  • torch/light next to great hall

lower floor - east

  • bench between library and history of magic classroom with a pile of untidy books on it 


  • the guy waving at you from the end of the alley between the three broomsticks and honeydukes
  • Other people: i organise all of my blogs so that none of my interests clash with the content my followers want
  • Me: i fell into this fandom so let me subject all of my followers to it

the times my son, harry james potter, was the sass king

  • there’s no need to call me ‘sir’, professor
  • it’s just, you can’t break an unbreakable vow. I’d worked that much out  for myself funnily enough.
  • wow, I wonder what it’d be like to have a difficult life 
  • whatcha fell ova for? I didn’t do it on purpose
  • the task is two days from now. really? I had no idea 
  • did you think we’d be staying in five-star hotels? finding a horcrux every other day?
  • but I am the chosen one
  • tell them I mean no harm. I’m sorry, professor. but I must not tell lies.
  • listening to the news! again? well, it changes every day, you see
  • yeah, you can have a word. good-bye
  • I know what day it is. well done. so you’ve finally learned the days of the week
  • just do what I did, harry! what, drop my wand?
  • an interview? what do you mean? I mean a reporter asked me questions and I answered them
  • It’s time you learned some respect! It’s time you earned it.
  • they stuff people’s heads down toilet the first day at Stonewall. Want to come upstairs and practice? no, thanks. The poor toilet’s never had anything as horrible as your head down it — it might be sick
  • Sure you can manage that broom, Potter?… Shame it doesn’t come with a parachute — in case you get too near a dementor. Pity you can’t attach an extra arm to yours, Malfoy. then it could catch the Snitch for you.

Instead of supporting and listening to Melanie Martinez

Here’s a list of other females in the music industry you should listen

  • Kesha: incredible voice. Her new album is great honestly and she’s total role model.
  • Brittany Howard: a few of the WOC in the music industry. She’s the lead singer of alternative rock band Alabama Shakes.
  • St. Vincent: LGBTQ+ icon and a great singer. Her new album is awesome
  • Debbie Harry (Blondie): Still rocking after 40 years!
  • Romy Madley Croft: Great singing voice. She’s part of indie rock band The XX. Lgbtq+ icon.
  • Hayley Williams of Paramore
  • Lorde (actual queen) ♡
  • Regine Chassagne of Arcade Fire ♡♡♡ aka queen of the universe
  • Lady Gaga: awesome singer and a great role model
  • marina diamandis (i! just! love! her!, has a special place in my heart; absolute role model; writes on mental health)
  • nilufer yanya - only has a few songs out, but looks like she’s getting picked up more, poc, soul-indie-chill :-)
  • marika hackman - another lgbt+ icon, but most importantly makes amazing music (check out ‘boyfriend’ or some of her christmas music (lol))
  • amber bain from the japanese house - marika’s girlfriend (so also lgbt+), makes and produces her own stuff (i believe), and the genre is kind of indie-electro-echoes-chilling-chill (thats not a genre i know) :-)
  • billie eilish - 15 year old prodigy!!! (’ocean eyes’)
  •  BANKS
  • haim
  •  stevie nicks: Mother of pop
  •  ariana grande
  •  daughter
  • wolf alice
  •  gabrielle aplin
  • sia: QUEEN 
  •  oh wonder
  •  Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHES
  •  grimes
  •  christina perri
  • london grammar
  • broods
  • blackpink (kpop group)
  • aurora
  • amy winehouse
  • florence and the machine
  • paloma faith
  • pvris
  • tegan and sara 
  • Beach house
  • Goldfrapp
  • Justine “queen of britpop and punk rock of the 90´s” Frischmann of Elastica
  • Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir of Of Monsters and Men
  • Zella Day
  • Matt and Kim
  • Hannah Hooper of Grouplove aka the queen of indie
  • Regina Spektor
  • P!nk
  • Lynn Gunn
  • Natalia Lafourcade (mexican singer)
  • Eisley
  • Elle King (country rock queen)
  • Britney Spears (honestly, best development)
  • Hayley Kiyoko the queen of lesbians and good pop music
  • Lana Del Rey
  • Janelle FREAKING Monáe NothING BUt ReSPECt fOR My QUeEn
  • Yuna : Great singer!! POC icon!!!
  • Karen O from The Yeah yeah yeahs
  • Carla Morrison(mexican singer)
  • Fiona Apple
  • Esmé Patterson
  • MonLaferte 
  • Alison Mosshart from The Kills/The Dead Weather
  • Charlene Kaye from San Fermin (Fun fact: She’s also in an all-girl Guns ‘n Roses tribute band)
  • Daya
  • Joan “legend” Jett from The Runaways
  • Bikini Kill
  • Ariel Bloomer of Icon for Hire
  • Carrie Underwood: Queen of country
  • Poppy
  • Against me!
  • Sydney Sierota of Echosmith
  • .Charlie XCX
  • Allie X
  • Queen of modern feminism Lesley Gore
  • Tracy Chapman
  • Kero kero bonito
  • And of course: Timothy Heller

Guys I´m not adding more artists to the list, but I’ll accept more names for putting them in the playlist! :) 

Getting caught reading fanfiction...
  • them: Hey what're you reading?
  • me: Um an ebook
  • them: Ooooh what's it called?
  • me: Hmmm i just really can't remember haha... that's the thing about being immersed in a fictional universe haha... you forget the titles HAHA
  • Meanwhile in my head.....
  • I've read this fanfiction 500 fucking times, I can quote it from start to finish,, I literally dream this fanfiction, I breathe this fanfiction, if you went into my mind all you would see is this fan-
Imagine your Otp
  • Person A: Are you awake?
  • Person B: I am now
  • Person A: I was just wondering...
  • Person A: What do you think it'd be like to be a pregnant male seahorse?
  • Person B: Really?! You woke me up for that?

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