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Haru’s nightmare vs. Rin’s nightmare


Not only is this a MakoRin scene, it’s ALSO a SouMako scene?!

I have never been THIS BLESSED

there’s literally nothing straight about this episode in parody or canon

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 Pt. 1

I actually have the time to write this so here I go.

WARNINGS: SPOIIIiLERS; not a D@€nerys fan so y'all know I’ll be actually critical about her actions; JonSa shipper so of course I have a little bias.


1.- We start at Dragonstone, where Jon Snow and Dadvos are just arriving, the welcome comitee looks pleasant enough (if you don’t mind the Dothrakis and the Unsullied intimidating you that is) Tyrion and Jon immediatly take quips at each other and are buddy-buddy, Missandei says it’s so cool they’re taking so much trouble for Quiin D’s sake (LMAO not everyone is in Love with her like y'all honey, it’s not even for her but whatever helps you both sleep at night) and asks them to leave their weapons.

Right, so I would say she ask them this as a trust act and stuff,and it would be so if they were on a neutral spot and she went unarmed (without Dragons and guards) but it’s NOT really what FUCKING difference does it make if Jon has Longclaw??? He didn’t bring a frigging army and he sure as hell can’t fight them all (specially the magical fire lizards) so why??? Well this is the first of many acts of petty dominance on Dane-ñys part we’ll see this episode.

They even take the motherfucking boat (who is looking threatening now?) and Jon makes this face like he regreats his moronic decision of leaving WF

All those steps tho!!! (Stannis must have been real fit guys) So Dadvos tries to test the waters and asks something about her homeland to Missandei, she is polite but clearly distant and Dadvos whispers to Jon things have surely changed in DS.

Tyrion asks about Sansa (not Lady Sansa or your sister, hmmmm???) Jon says she is well, and that would have been a pretty normal conversation if not for the fact that Tyrion chooses to make a joke asking if Sansa has missed him, and guys believe me I tried to take off my shipper googles for tonight’s episode but holy fuck!! Jon looks like he wants to punch Tyrion, and he gets so nervous and uncomfortable he all but blurts that their marriage was a sham and unconsummated, Jon snaps that he didn’t ask.

I don’t know y'all but if someone talked to me about my big brother’s sex life I would be like ewww and make a cringey face, because I don’t give a damn, but Jon’s reactions are wierd he gets angry, also why talk about a sexual part of Sansa’s life everytime Jon meets her past suitors?? I mean we could argue that Jon meeting Tyrion again was inevitable, as well as seeing Theon next ep (cuz they are both with the D) or even the Hound because he and the Bannerless Brotherhood are heading North to fight with the WW… But what about LF? Jon was about to leave, he had no need to know about LF’s intentions and that threat in Hulk mode was just too innecesary as was Tyrion’s comment, or the Joffrey thing back on 7x01??? I don’t wanna be overly optimistic but things are still looking good for J/S.

Yeah so we have a Danonino is petty again moment by sending her Dragons to scare Jon, and OK I really like Missandei (I Love seeing girls who once were abused be confident and empowered, and I Love lenguages as well and it’s so cool she speaks so many!!) but her pleased holier than thou expression pissed me off, you don’t do that to guests miss! It’s rude and totally uncalled for to do this to someone that has been nothing but accomodating and polite.

Also I have another issue here, Missandei was crucial to Danita’s conquest of Meeren and Astapor because she was her translator, she understood how things moved there (masters and slaves) and she was loyal to D unconditionaly, but why bring her to Westeros??? She doesn’t need a translator anymore and just like Danonino Missandei doesn’t know squat about westerosi politics… Wild idea, but wouldn’t it have been better and a hella lot more meaningful if Missandei had stayed as Lady Regent in Mereen (I mean a girl raised as a slave leading people like her, it makes sense to me) but I guess D needed a cool break up gift for Daario.

2.-Melissandre is watching them from a Cliff, and Varys is like if you say they so great why didn’t you greet them?? She is vague af but basically says she and Team Snow are not so cool with each other because she made a mistake (that’s how we calling sweet Shireen’s awfull murder?? Fuck you red woman) and says she is gonna go to Volantis to chill before the war, and Varys is like good and don’t ever come back you trick ass bih, but Meli is like y'all need me and my destiny is to die in this foreing land… Like you (is it me or does this remind y'all of Danss threat last ep??)

3.-They finally reach the castle, Jon is kind of adorable cuz he is so uncomfortable and fidgety, and Danee is petty again, sitting on yet another fugly throne (Aegon honey I know you were all about conquering but you have a hella lot of obsidian lying around and it would have made an awesome and elegant throne instead of that thing you have there) and Missandei annoys me once again by proudly parroting every goddamn title of Dañy, and she looks ridiculous once Davos humbly introduces Jon (I actually laughed because it’s more aparent than ever to me that all their parallels were to make'em foils of each other).

Jon and Davos say she could take KL very easily and that if she hasn’t done so yet it’s because, and I quote’ “You’re better than Cersei at the very least” I mean you’re not exactly wrong Jon, but like Tyrion was the one to say ‘Hey how about we don’t kill anyone pls’ so there’s that.

Jon proves once again he is a hella lot more polite and grown up than her adressing her as Your Grace and Daññy is a petty toddler calling him Lord Snow, but my Dadvos is having none of that shit and he corrects her which leads to D@€-D@€ to prove her ignorance once again saying the last KitN bent the knee to grand pops Aegon in exchange of his and the rest of the northerns lives (yes honey and you think that was good or fair? Using violence to get your way?) and that it was for everzzzz cuz even though my shitty ancestors bullied everyone to give up their claims to them they became super best friends and had eternal perfect peace (I read World of I&F and her history knowledge is biased or plain shitty, I mean Targaryens were awful and had massive weapons of destruction nobody was going against them for fear not loyalty you entitled brat!!) so kneel!! And he was like LOL no, your crazy dad burned my grandad and my uncle if anything your family broke the alliance, and we have a D is a big fat hypocrite moment when she asks Jon not to condemn her for her father’s sins, Jon is not impressed and retorts that then he can’t be held to his ancestor’s promise (I’m so proud of my son) and LMAO she gets sooooo angry and snaps that why did he came here if not to postrate his unworthy self before her (cuz she believes everything is about her it seems) Jon proceeds to explain the threat of the WW (ily Jon but you need to explain things better) Tyrion and D are reasonably disbelieving (I would have expected them have more of an open mind, I mean they have motherfucking Dragons ffs!! But I can understand an army of the dead sounds pretty crazy to be fair) and we get the summary of Danee’s arc and how she got this far by believing in herself (I’m more inclined to say it was the Dragons and sheer luck in having powerful resourceful advisors coming to you but ok).

Now I know I said I Love girls who empower themselves after being abused, so how come I dislike D@ne so if she is exactly that? Well I didn’t at first, I loved her and was rooting so hard for her ‘till she decided that she was better than everyone else and became a conqueror and entitled to a boot, not a breaker of chains. She took the Unsullied for herself because she didn’t want the Dothrakis to pilliage and rape their way through Astapor, good! But why the need to take Astapor and then Mereen? If she were a hero (which I don’t think she is) she would have liberated the slaves without declaring herself ruler, she would have let them decide who they wanted to rule among themselves and would have helped them to come up with a new government, forming a friendly alliance maybe then they even would have helped her in her quest to go back to Westeros, instead of violently taking the power (and no I’m not defending the masters at all, but I do think the mereenese people deserved to have a say in how they wanted to be ruled now that they were free) Since I was little I was taught the spanish took my country with fire and blood, weapons my people couldn’t defend themselves against, they took away their culture, religion and their names. They were forced to work with no pay, murdered, raped (our last tlatoani/leader/king Cuahutemoc got his feet burned when the spanish were interrogating him about aztec gold) and tortured for 300 years, and in my 6yo heart I hated it, of course I don’t hate nor recent the Spanish people for their (and also mine because I have spanish blood as well as aztec and egyptian) ancestor’s deeds, but I hated that people thought they were better than other people, and that they felt entitled to take lands that were not theirs, I hated to imagine the suffering of my people, I hated to know we could never fully understand all the amazing culture and knowledge the mesoamerican cultures had because they decided their way was better and burned or buried most of it, and D@€ny reminds me of all that, and it doesn’t let me enjoy her even as a Villian or Fallen Hero.

(excuse my rant and feel totally free to ignore it)

Dadvos just can’t with her bullshit and he says Jon has done a lot of similar things but without Dragons. Honestly the best way to explain it is with the 'but did you die?’ gif, and supports Jon’s testimony about the WW.

And D@€ny is like yeah but the throne is MINE and if you don’t agree you are against me (lovely way to make more enemies,yup be antagonistic pls) Jon loses it and says she and all the Lords and Ladies of Westeros are FUCKING children fighting for a chair when a real threat is just around the corner and they aren’t going to care who is the rightful anything.

She is so ofended its hillarious xD, she asks Tyrion what she is supposed to do since he refuses to acknowledge her as Qinn of the 7 realms, and he called her a child (well Dañy what did you expect when you have only acted as such?) and Tyrion is like well he said we were ALL children tbh in a very non-commital way.

Jon and Davos are dismissed, and my baby asks if he is her priosioner, 'not yet’ she says, and hold me because Imma knock some sense into her.


Tis too long, I’ll continue in part 2.


I am so delighted to be able to say I was an artist in Destrehan Louisiana’s first ever Comic Convention!  I’ve done lots of shows in Louisiana- from Mechacon to Louisianime to NOCAZfest, but being from St Charles Parish, Destrehan Comic Con is dear to my heart.  Check out my recap for this fantastic little show!

The entire Free! Dive to the Future series in one convenient set of screen caps

Are you super sad that Free! is over again until it returns again in 2020? 

Are you a novice that knows nothing about that dang swim anime everyone keeps crying about? 

Well here’s everything you need to know about Season 3 of Free! in one convenient post.

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  • how many episodes are left? it feels like we should have at least 7 more
  • Albert is still fun and hilarious. I think it’s half because of his voice and half because he’s never seriously frowned at us. It’s refreshing.
  • Isuzu is still beautiful and perfect, wow.
  • Haruka came in second, to the guy who has the world record. I need to know how much the gap is. Why didn’t anyone tell me? (lol being the Odin of the swimming world also adds to the good character, thanks.)
  • Rin meeting Sousuke in a place that’s just “Coffee Shop” lol kyoani why
  • Rin’s face is Very Good. I love that expression. Love that line. Love everything about this scene. (The T-shirt is something Nagisa would love, so. Please let Nagisa see it.)
  • Rin being super nervous and fidgeting because he doesn’t know how to broach the topic of the surgery ;; You precious sensitive boy, i love you so much.
  • THIS EXPRESSION. The immediate move to wear his cap! ADORABLE AF!!!! My crybaby son learned how to expertly hide his face, tho it’s still super obvious that he’s crying haha. His voice<3 He just has so many feelings, guys

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What I loved about Supernatural 10x19 “The Werther Project”
  • Sam agreeing to kill Crowley because that’s surely gonna go off without a hitch
  • “like a diseased killer puppy”
  • Dean really starting to lose control
  • The Cinematography! Especially the transition from Sam and the tape recorder to the original Men of Letters meeting
  • “I’m 300 years old. Beauty sleep isn’t optional.”
  • Dean showing up all creepily when Sam is investigating the house
  • Dean o-so-convincingly pretending to be part of the neighborhood watch
  • Susie describing Sam as “Tall, white, pretty hair.”
  • Rowena to the rescue!
  • Sam showing off his lock-picking abilities
  • Sam generally being a BAMF this episode
  • BENNY! We missed you!
  • Rowena to the rescue! 
  • …. or is it?
  • Purgatory being Dean’s “happy place”
  • Have I mentioned Benny yet?
  • Sam easily translating Latin on the go… you know, like one does
  • Dean admitting to having thought about suicide and that Cas and Sam won’t be able to kill him if the time comes and if they do they’ll never recover from that and ahhhhh
  • Dean breaking free of the enchantment
  • Sam putting Rowena in shackles 
  • “The universe is trying to tell us something we already know. We’re stronger together than apart.”

And thus another season of Free! comes to a close!

I just wanna say thank you to all of the people who have been with me on this journey throughout the season!

Now this season really hit home for me because the boys started college and I started college like a week after the first episode came out, so it’s been really cool to like grow up with them?

I absolutely loved all the tie ins this season had to the movies and past seasons. All the new characters and old characters got good character development too.

With that being said though I’m sad they left it on that cliff hanger but y’all already know…

Part 2, Chapter 1: The Last Free Place

So to recap. Uh… Shit.

There’s a lot. Probably too much. Alice isn’t dead, let’s start there. I thought she was, but she isn’t. I’m not looking for her anymore. She asked me not to. She deserves to not be followed.

What she did was wrong. Someone doesn’t have to be perfect, or even good, to deserve not to be followed if they don’t want to be. The threshold for deserving that is just being a human being that isn’t a danger to anyone.

But I’m still out here. Still driving a truck. Still searching. Not for Alice but.. for understanding. She and I both worked for a transportation company called Bay and Creek. But Bay and Creek is not just involved in trucking and is apparently at war with a group of inhuman entities I call the Thistle Men, who are responsible for unsolved serial killings all over the country. The Thistle Men appear to do this with the knowledge and permission of the US government.

Oh man. That’s a lot when you say it all out loud like that. What am I doing? I should go home. But I can’t.

Alice isn’t dead, and neither am I.

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What I loved about Supernatural 10x21 “Dark Dynasty”

… because we really need some positivity right now: 

  • the pro-active, brave janitor
  • Rowena calling Sam “Samuel” 
  • the way Dean’s suspicion of Sam gradually built
  • Charlie and Cas being in one place
  • bossy!Sam
  • “Jeez, the two of you…” aka Charlie summarizing the entire show in five words
  • “I’m not a witch. I’m a nerd.”
  • Cas being the reluctant helper but doing it anyway
  • Sam being a wonderful blend of harsh leader and pleading puppy
  • CROWLEY :)  
  • especially his “You’ve heard of killing the messenger?” 
  • more bossy!Sam
  • Rowena and Charlie’s dynamic, including Rowena’s (definitely intentional) mind games 
  • Cas and Dean’s pointless - though hilarious - phone call
  • that “the one good year in music was 1723″
  • Crowley’s hamster oracle
  • the Stains aka the Frankensteins aka in the “fixer business”^^
  • Cas having the third “Crowley’s your son?!” moment on the show  and reacting pretty much like everyone else: “Well, that explains a lot.”
  • have I mentioned bossy!Sam yet?
  • Dean confronting Sam - wonderful build, great mise-en-scéne, loved the mounting tension and how calm and scary Dean was 
  • “Charlie loves you, Dean! We all love you!”
  • Charlie being the BAMF that she is and cracking the code
  • Charlie being the genius that she is and sending it before destroying her laptop
  • Charlie being generally awesome and giving Dean some powerful motivation to go over the edge
Previously on Neptune

I’m getting closer and closer to finally posting an update on this monster.  It occurred to me that it’s been so long since I posted, that nobody could possibly remember the plot.  Other than THOSE two scenes, I mean.  

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If this wheel’s a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin

Anyway, I’ve written up a recap.  Feel free to sing along in the style of Braindead, if you so desire. 

Spoilers under the cut  

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