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#DateMeBuckyBarnes (Part 15)

Summary: When Hollywood’s heartthrob Bucky Barnes breaks up with his girlfriend, you jokingly tag him in a selfie on Instagram to express your desire to date him. What you don’t expect is a response from the man himself [Modern AU].

Word Count: 1,149

‘#DateMeBuckyBarnes’ Masterlist

A/N: Shoutout to @lovellylittlelonely for reading this over and sending words of encouragement :) I really need to try to cut down the length of these chapters, my gosh. 

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You entered the apartment building a little after seven in the evening. Due to Daisy’s insistence, you had dinner with her and Jemma after work to discuss the upcoming projects at the company. Discussion about your ‘blossoming’ relationship with Bucky came up as well which didn’t surprise you. In almost every conversation you had with your friends, he always came up. 

Over two months have passed since Bucky’s impromptu road trip to the seaside occurred, and your relationship with him changed after that moment. Bucky became a big part of your life and everyone noticed. Aside from your friends, the celebrity news and social media sites kept talking about what went on between you and Bucky. Unsurprisingly, the attention didn’t faze him at all, but he hated the fact that everyone pried into your life.

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I just find these three facial expressions so freaking hilarious.

Credit to the people who made the gifs, you are talented people and you made me smile.

People like, “There is no such thing as an Asian Iron Fist.”

…Iron Fist is title which essentially means the champion of K'un L’un…in China. Danny Rand is not the first Iron Fist and if Marvel knows any better, she shouldn’t be the last Iron Fist. He is not even the only non-Asian Iron Fist. Other Iron Fists?

This is Bei Ming Tian.

My favorite Iron Fist, Wu Ao Shi. You know what, let me tell you about her.

Wu Ao Shi was taught by the Thunderer that life does not give a fuck if you are starving, sad, a slave, or whatever. She has to earn everything and won’t be given anything. As soon as her master made her recite these words, this happens.

She was given fish and dick for free so in your face, sensei! But the relationship was not without problems because male fragility is a motherfucker when your wife is the champion of K’un L’un and you’re a bum ass fisherman.

When she became the Immortal Iron Fist, let’s just say things got a little too real for homeboy.

Wu Ao Shi hunted this nigga down when he left, “like no, motherfucker, I gave you this bomb ass pwussy and you mad because I am Iron Fist? You think you just going to hit and quit this? Nigga, you thought!”

She chased this ass clown for years until she was finally caught by a Pirate King

Sorry to go on a tangent, but Ao Shi is such an awesome Iron Fist.

Any who…

But of course, Asian characters represented a title created by Asian people? And the next Iron Fist after Danny Rand probably?

This is Pei. She is being trained by Danny to be the next Iron Fist. She is pretty awesome.

Gorgeous (Bucky x Reader)

Request: I just wanna say i’m so in love with your writings aaaand i was wondering if you could write a bucky x reader and the reader is so friendly with everyone, but she feels so alone because thinks nobody can fall in love with her, but bucky did. one day, she feels so down the she starts crying and saying awful things to herself looking in the mirror, but bucky hears everything and that makes him confess his feelings. i’m sorry it’s too long,. and if you don’t want to do it, it’s okay <3  

Bucky x reader imagine where she had really horrible anxiety and he is the only one that can calm her down? would you mind putting some angst in there and like one of the other avengers caused her to panic (she isn’t an avenger) thanks doll ;) xx

Words: 2,917

Warnings: Self shame, anxiety, FLUFF

Tags: @annadier @happelu970 @shamvictoria11 @spookass @pabegay1(message me if you want to be tagged in any fics or if I forgot to tag you! Sometimes I forget, my apologies!

You were no Avenger.

You weren’t as badass as Natasha or Wanda. You weren’t as sarcastic and outgoing as your father, you were just you. You lived with the Avengers because your dad was Tony Stark, the Avengers were like your huge, crazy, loud family. You loved having them as a family, you loved every last bit of it, but sometimes it’s hard not to doubt your looks or skills.

You were clumsy. You ran into walls, got your shirt caught on pointy objects, face planted into gardens, and tripped going up the stairs.  You weren’t as strong as the others,  you never worked on your upper body strength because you never really cared about it.

You would run twice a week for exercise and that was it. You hated working out, it was the worst thing you’ve ever experienced. You would much rather be drinking a milkshake while watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Like you were right now.

“Oo, fancy.” You were sitting criss crossed on the couch, a blanket spread across your bare legs and your baggy long sleeve shirt rolled up slightly on your arms. A milkshake in one hand while your eyes remained glued to the screen projecting the fashion show.

“That looks painful.” Scott spoke with a mouth full of his own milkshake. He was slouched next to you, his legs spread out in front of him and his back surrounded by toss pillows. He was tilting slightly onto the arm of the couch but he seemed to be comfortable.

“I would never wear something that heavy looking on my dick.” Scott took another large gulp of his shake, twisting his face in pain as a brain freeze clearly took over his mind temporarily.

“But it’s so pretty.” You admired the glammed up bra, “Oo, look she has wings! I wish I had wings, how fun would that be?”

“Super fun! I would strut around in wings all day if they looked like that.” Scott glanced over at you, but you were still consumed in admiring all the glamorous outfits and models.

“I have wings.” Sam called out from the chair on the other side of the couch. His legs hanging over the arm of the chair and his back resting against the other arm. His phone rested on his chest and his shake was long gone, the empty cup sitting on the coffee table. “They’re even cooler because mine work.”

“Mm.” Both you and Scott made the same sound and twisted your lips as you both looked at Sam.

“Not the same thing. Yours aren’t as glamorous, now are they?” You turned your attention back at the screen and made your lips in the shape of an ‘o’ as you looked at Gigi Hadid walk down the runway. She was your favorite model, her and Cara Delevingne.

“Yeah. You get feathers, sparkles, jewels and glitter on your wings, then we’ll talk.” Scott nodded his head swiftly and ignored Sam’s narrowed eyes as he directed his eyes back to the Fashion Show.

“I know a girl who can hook you up with some bedazzlement on those wings of yours, Sam.” You winked in his direction, a smirk tilting on your lips. “And by girl I mean me, and by bedazzlement I mean some superglue and a trip to Hobby Lobby.” 

“I hate both of you.” Sam chuckled under his breath and shifted around a little in his chair.

“Man, I wish I had legs like those.” Scott  shook his head and moved the straw in his shake around, trying to get a good sip. You giggled at Scott’s comment, you always found him to say the strangest but most awesome things. 

“You know who has legs like those?” Sam paused, waiting for Scott to answer but when Scott kept gulping down his shake, Sam answered himself. “Natasha. She even has the walk down too, she would slay all those other models.” 

Scott hummed in agreement. “And Wanda has the hair of a Victoria Secret model. I wish my hair was as luscious as hers, that would save me fifteen minutes in the morning.”

“You spend fifteen minutes on your hair?” Sam scuffed and tilted his head back to look at Scott.

“This,” Scott motioned to his hair. “doesn’t just happen, Sam. It takes time, effort and skill, okay?”

“Man, you’re crazy.” Sam chuckled, shaking his head and slouching back down in his chair again. “For real though, Wanda and Nat are hella attractive-”

You shuffled around in your seat, the thoughts that consumed your mind were driving you insane. All they were talking about was how beautiful Natasha and Wanda were, of course you had to agree, they were both stunningly gorgeous. They were badass, strong and attractive all at once. They were your best friends, but it always hurt you when you would go places with them and everyone would notice them and not you.

You weren’t as stunning as them, you weren’t as flawless and beautiful as them. Of course you weren’t. Everyone expected Tony Stark’s daughter to be drop dead gorgeous, but somehow they always seemed surprised to see you. You were never what they were expecting.

You stood up suddenly, your nose tingling and your eyes starting to twitch with tears. Your chest felt tight and your hands felt clammy, you needed a moment to pull yourself together before you came back out here and pretended to not even care. You dropped the blanket previously covering your bare legs on the couch where you used to be sitting and placed your milkshake, that suddenly made you feel bloated, on the coffee table.

“I have to pee.” You announced it as a joke, happily your voice didn’t shake and you seemed to be holding it together on the outside fairly well. You knew you were about to break, you had to hide.

“Okay.” Scott and Sam both watched you speed down the hallway. “Be back soon, the Angels are about to come out!’

“Man, seriously though, Nat and Wanda have the legs and hair, but damn, Y/N has the whole package. The face, hair, walk, legs, and even the hips.” Sam shook his head in astonishment.

Scott nodded his head in agreement and pulled a part of your blanket on his thighs, he knew it was your favorite blanket but he loved it just as much. It was soft and always smelled good.

“She looks more like a Victoria Secret model than some of the Victoria Secret models.” Scott talked with another mouthful of his shake, he didn’t even care though. “Have you seen the way everyone looks at her, she steals the attention away from Nat and Wanda every time they go out.”

“Hell, she steals the attention away from us Avengers. And we’re Avengers.”

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What Am I To You? | Pt. 2

Yoongi Angst

❥ “I can’t breathe.. I need to get you out of my mind just so I can be able to breathe again..”

Part 1 | Part 2

Furrowing your eyebrows, you read the last message over again. What did he mean by texting that?

Shrugging your right shoulder, you tucked your phone away and tried to focus on the meeting but that was not easy when the only thing your mind could think about was your boss, Mr. Min.

What were you even thinking? That he would develop feelings for you just because you two were sleeping with each other? Stupid!

He was heartless! He had no feelings, no emotions! He could never love someone! Does he even know what love is?

He just wanted someone to be there when he was needy and you were his so called “source of relief”

But not anymore! You wanted to be loved. And he sure as hell wasn’t the right person for that!

You snapped out of your thoughts when you felt a strong grip around your wrist.

When you looked up, you were met with your boss’s angry eyes, his grip around your wrist getting stronger with each passing second.

Hissing silently, you asked. “M-Mr. Min? What are you doing?”

Everyone’s attention was now fixed on the both of you, the silent whispers already filling up the room.

“Stand up.” He commanded with his angry, low voice.

Trying to pry his fingers from your wrist, you whispered again. “Mr. Min, y-you’re hurting me. What are you doing?”

Ignoring your words, he yanked you up form your chair and started dragging you out of the meeting room and towards his office.

While you were being dragged by him, you tried to free your hand, your face mirroring the pain you were feeling. "Mr. Min, please! You’re hurting me!“

Right in that moment, Mr. Jeon, your second boss, opened his door and locked his eyes with your now teary eyes.

Before you could say anything or ask for help, Mr. Min opened his office door and shoved you in, closing the door with a loud slam.

Slamming you against his wall, Mr. Min attacked your neck with his lips, kissing and sucking it harshly against your will.

"Nothing is over until I say it’s over, do you understand that, Y/N?”

His growl in between his kissed made a shiver run down your spine, you tears now rolling down your face.

Placing your hands on his chest, you tried to shove him away as you were pleading him to let you go, but each please made him suck harder, his grip getting stronger.

Suddenly, you heard the door being kicked open and a fuming Mr. Jeon walked in, his fists immediately meeting Mr. Min’s face.

You, on the other hand, sat at the floor, trying to adjust your ripped blouse as you cried silently.

“How dare you touch her? How dare you touch your own employee, Yoongi?!” You heard Mr. Jeon hiss.

A little smirk formed on Mr. Min’s bruised lips. “It’s my company and my rules. Just because you’re a CEO here doesn’t mean you can barge in my office and punch me in the face! This is a problem between me and Y/N. She’s my employee and I’m her boss! So get out of my fucking office!”

Now it was Mr. Jeon’s turn to smirk with a knowing expression.

“No, it’s my problem too. Because guess what, my dear friend. From now on, she’s going to be my assistant, dear Yoongi.”

Imagine...Getting Lazy

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Request: Hey! So glad your requests are open! So I wonder if you could write DeanxReader, where the reader thinks that Dean doesn’t love her anymore because he doesn’t touch her like he used to and isn’t as flirty as he used to be with her? But it turns out that he thinks the same about her and he is just unsure how to handle the situation and it all ends fluffy?

Pairing: Dean x reader

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“Meet Me” Part 4

You wake up the morning after your drunken night out to Harry in your bed. After an awkward encounter in the shower and an even more awkward confession to Harry, how will things play out?

Apologies in advance that this is so short, but don’t worry! There is more to come soon :)

The Morning

The feeling in your head as you jerked awake was a mix between being hit by a bus and a bad cold – neither very pleasant. Your head throbbed with its own pulse, making it difficult to focus on anything but the pain that was now the center of your attention. 

Squinting your eyes against the bright morning sun flooding into your room, you slowly zeroed in on the pile of tissues sitting next to your pillow and a the few that spilled over onto your nightstand. A feeling of panic slowly made its way into your gut as you remembered (hazily) what happened last night. The little hope you had left that it wasn’t true was quickly stomped on as you tried to sit up, a strong arm looped around your waist making it impossible. 

You were trapped. 

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Road Trip - pt.1 (M)

Genre: S M U T

Length: 1,200+ words

Kink(s): exhibitionism, Daddy kink 

Originally posted by badgizibe888

Since it was nearing the end of winter, and though it was still a tad cold out the trees were starting to regain the leaves they had lost during autumn. Both you and your group of friends loved this weather; the sky was still gloomy and grey, the chilly wind felt refreshing against your skin and the fresh air was practically rejuvenating. 

For a while now you and the guys had been planning on taking your first roadtrip together and booking a whole week’s stay at this lovely cabin that was about 10 hours away. Due to their almost inhumane freaking work schedules y’all always would put it off- another time..or..there’s always next time- you guys would say. 

Though it took two years, y’all were finally going. Their schedules were clear for the next two weeks, and you weren’t doing anything special or important since you worked from home and were technically your own boss.

The van was packed, everyone was dressed appropriately and despite how sluggish everyone seemed to feel, y’all wasted no time at all and took off- leaving all the stresses of work behind… for a little while at least. 

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