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People like, “There is no such thing as an Asian Iron Fist.”

…Iron Fist is title which essentially means the champion of K'un L’un…in China. Danny Rand is not the first Iron Fist and if Marvel knows any better, she shouldn’t be the last Iron Fist. He is not even the only non-Asian Iron Fist. Other Iron Fists?

This is Bei Ming Tian.

My favorite Iron Fist, Wu Ao Shi. You know what, let me tell you about her.

Wu Ao Shi was taught by the Thunderer that life does not give a fuck if you are starving, sad, a slave, or whatever. She has to earn everything and won’t be given anything. As soon as her master made her recite these words, this happens.

She was given fish and dick for free so in your face, sensei! But the relationship was not without problems because male fragility is a motherfucker when your wife is the champion of K’un L’un and you’re a bum ass fisherman.

When she became the Immortal Iron Fist, let’s just say things got a little too real for homeboy.

Wu Ao Shi hunted this nigga down when he left, “like no, motherfucker, I gave you this bomb ass pwussy and you mad because I am Iron Fist? You think you just going to hit and quit this? Nigga, you thought!”

She chased this ass clown for years until she was finally caught by a Pirate King

Sorry to go on a tangent, but Ao Shi is such an awesome Iron Fist.

Any who…

But of course, Asian characters represented a title created by Asian people? And the next Iron Fist after Danny Rand probably?

This is Pei. She is being trained by Danny to be the next Iron Fist. She is pretty awesome.


     “Have I ever told you how gorgeous you are?” a deep voice asked. You looked up at the mirror in front of you - seeing your makeup-free face, hair in a messy bun, and one of Dean’s plaids hanging loosely off your shoulders – and found your boyfriend standing behind you.

     “Hmm, let me think.” You smiled as his hands slid around your waist. “Not in the last ten minutes.”

     You felt the vibrations of Dean’s laugh against your back as he bunched his hand up in the front of your baggy shirt, pulling you as close to him as possible. “Well then,” he kissed your neck, “I guess we’ll just have to fix that.”

     You watched in the bathroom mirror as Dean pulled the collar of your shirt down and over your shoulder, his lips following his fingers with light kisses down your neck and arm. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered against your skin, sending shivers down your spine. “And strong,” your head lolled back, “and smart.”

     You braced your hands on the counter and closed your eyes, focusing on Dean’s hands on your waist, the low octave of his voice and his lips on your skin. Need surged through you and you couldn’t take it anymore, spinning in Dean’s arms and reaching up to bring his mouth down to your own.

     “I love you,” Dean mumbled, his voice muffled by his mouth’s current job.

     You pulled away and grabbed his hand, locking your eyes with his piercing green ones. “I love you, too.”

     Then you lead Dean into your shared bedroom, pushing him down on the mattress and straddling his hips. He didn’t get to say stuff like that and get away with it.

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Today, I’m showing my support for Clinton not only by voting but also by wearing a pantsuit so everyone who sees me knows who i endorse. I know a lot of people want to dress to support their candidates so if you’re voting for Trump, feel free to cover your face with an entire can of pumpkin pie filling. Either that or a white hood with eye-holes cut out. It’ll be easier to recognize one another that way.


Skate with Me

Desc: Kian tries to teach Reader how to skateboard before taking her out skating with Jc and Ricky.

photo creds: buterawallpapers


“Can you do it?” Kian challenged, his eyebrow lifting.

“I can do it,” you assured, eyes steady to his, you really wanted him to believe you.

Kian chuckled, grabbing your wrist lightly and pulling you onto the hot road.

Your feet were snug in your worn black coverse, which ironically matched Kians, your hair sat in a top knot, little wisps of free hair framing your face. The sun beat down hard on you, reflecting light in your glasses and heating up ground you stood upon.

“Ok, step one,” Kian instructed formally, “Get on the skateboard without falling off.”

“Simple enough,” you breathed nervously. Kian ran his fingers roughly through his Blonde hair, his lips twitching as he tried to refrain from giggling.

“Shut up-” you said, stepping up on the board. At once, the skateboard shifted under your weight, causing you to lurch forward towards the ground. Two strong arms caught you around your arms, pushing you back upright. Kian smirked devilishly, eyeing you, “You were saying?”

You tried to look serious, but couldn’t help grinning. 

“Come on Kian, I want to come with you and the boys tonight, but I have no idea what I’m doing!” you pleaded.

“Ok, here.” Kian said softly. He adjusted his hands to your waist, one hand clutching either of your sides. Your eyes fixed to the ground, avoiding contact whilst your cheeks warmed rose from Kian’s touch.

“Babe,” Kian cooed cheerfully.

You chewed your lower lip, eyes flicking up and holding his gaze as he guided you across the road.  The board bumped lightly on the road, and soon you were laughing with Kian.

“Don’t let me go!” you said nervously.

Kian squeezed your hips lightly, “I won’t!”

But he did. For one moment his hands were on you, and the next they weren’t, but you were still moving steadily and comfortably forward.

“Oh my god!” you cried out in a panic.

“No no, you have it!”

You held your breath, leaning forward a bit and guiding the board where you wanted it with a bit of effort.

“Agh!” you yelped and hopped off, the skateboard launching across the road as you tumbled off.

Kian offered you a firm hand, smiling in response to your scowl, “See, you can do it!”

“Sure, but you lied,” you pouted.

“Only because I believed in you.”

You couldn’t help but break out into a smile, laughing as you fell into Kian’s shoulder, nuzzling into his tank top whilst he pressed his lips to your forehead.

“Come on,” he said, “ We still have a while to go.”


You weren’t bad. You weren’t good yet, but you weren’t bad.

It was ten thirty at night, and you and the boys had skated to a questionable looking gas station. The sky was a black canvas dotted in shimmering gold freckles, and the only light came from buildings and streetlamps. As you steered in, you pushed your weight forward, overtaking a giggling Jc.

“Hey, not bad for a rookie!” Jc hollered.

The wind caught in your hair, your arms out wide, you called out, “I had a good teacher!”

You, Kian, Jc, and Ricky hopped off your boards.

“This looks dingy,” Ricky stated, eyeing the spray painted building.

“I don’t care, I want some fries, and I want them now,” Jc said, shrugging.

“It looks cool,” Kian spoke.

“Ugh, fine,” Ricky said with a sassy tone, “Take me to the greasy goodness, Jc.”

The two boys chuckled and raced into the run down store.

You headed after them, but stopped when you realized Kian wasn’t following.

“Not hungry,” he shrugged, “for food, at least,” he teased, eyes looking you over.

You smirked, “Yeah?”

Kian stood on his board, his skin glowing under the lights of the gas station.

You turned and walked over to him, wrapping your arms loosely around his hips.
“Thanks for saving me from a lot of embarrassment tonight,” you said softly.

“Aw, come on princess, anything for you,” he scrunched his face up adorably.

“You know I rarely hang out with you guys like this, so it means alot you’d do this, and bring along your awkward girlfriend tonight.”

“Are you kidding?” Kian said, “They love you.”

You smiled and stood on your tiptoes, barely reaching Kian as he stood on his board. Kian bent over you, head tilting, lips molding into yours. Your chests rose and fell together, soft lips joined as Kian cupped his hand around your jaw. His tongue slid between your teeth when-

“GOALS!” screamed Ricky from behind you. 

You pulled away, turning to face him. Your back pressed to Kian’s front as he wrapped his arms around you from behind.

“Ricky,” you snorted.

Jc emerged second later, a packet of greasy fries in his hands, he looked at Kian, and then to you.

“Hot makeout sesh?” he yawned lazily.

“N-” you began.

Kian cut you off, “Na, guys, we’re saving that for later.”

All you could do was stammer and blush furiously to the sound of Jc and Ricky’s hollers.


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