free woven

Warp & Weft

there is a weaving
in the eye of my beholder
an infinity of softness
a plentitude of blue

oh, how she caresses me
this worded, winged thing

with her binding
threads of madness

her deft
fingers ply me
i am her earthly loom

she is my devil
she is my angel

my divine
and wicked muse

Azuki Lynn

earthlingsophie  asked:

What are some good wslf snacks for school?? :)


Whole Fruit

Corn Cakes & Salsa

Baby Carrots & Bean Dip

Celery, PB2 & Raisins

Pretzel Slims & Mustard

Rice Cakes & Curry Ketchup

Popcorn with Braggs & Nutritional yeast  

Oil Free Soup Cup & Woven Wheat Crackers

PB2 & Banana on Toast

Apple Slices & PB2

Baked Apple chips

Dried Mango slices

Freezed-Dried Blueberries

Rice & Nori Crackers  

Oil Free Granola  (Bare Naked Be Fit Vanilla Almond)

Almond Yogurt & Berries

Apple Sauce & Cocoa powder

Green Veggie Juice  

Veggie Sticks & Hummus

Cherry Tomatoes & Balsamic Vinegar

Miso Soup & Rice Crackers

Baked Beans & Toast

Pita & Hummus

Soy Pudding & Strawberries  

Fruit Leathers

Low fat granola bars (365 Whole Foods Blueberry Vanilla)

Dried Fruit Bars (That’s It Bar)

Pop corn (or Trader Joe’s Carmel Corn (sugar warning))

If you let either one of us lose in a grocery store or small town we will scout out endless healthy options.  Learn how to read labels & pick up everything and flip it over, you’ll be surprised every once in a while!  Nutrition labels are like lotto tickets, but you win an instant healthy snack every once in a while & you can go back and win as often as you’d like once you’ve identified a winner.

Hey everyone!  Another unique giveaway!  It’s for a great cause!!! 

Not long ago, I posted Allie’s kickstarter link and urged you all to take a quick look if you could spare the time.  And I’m at it again, BUT this time,  I have this awesome giveaway if you help spread the word!  She’s about halfway funded!!!

The Giveaway!
Not long ago, Allie and I did a bit of collaborating, as we do.  I mixed and helped print cyanotype emulsion on a cotton weaving, woven by her, on her loom.  This particular one, is a print of two cicadas.  This is about as handmade as it gets from us! 

Reblogging this post gets you into the random drawing for this seriously one-of-a-kind ~8inx10in woven print!  I honestly don’t think we could reproduce this exactly the same way if we tried.

Nike Free Inneva Woven TZ

For me, the only release that mattered, because it never got any better than this make-up.