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sweatyflo: Thank you @adidasuk @zannavandijk and @adrienne_ldn for this morning’s workout, goodies (free trainers?!) and chance to train with @karliekloss ❤ But of course to counteract the brilliant start to the day, my protein shake exploded in my bag and had to spend an hour cleaning everything - including my work clothes 😭 I need a good sweat at @studiolagreeuk this evening 💦


Hi friends! Here are some back exercises for you to try out!💕
•Straight Arm Rope Pulldowns: Lean forward at your hips and pull down using your lats while keeping your arms straight. Squeeze your back at the bottom of the movement 😁
•Inverted Rows: My ladies and gents who are doing #FITwithamandawg know all about these 😁 If they are too challenging for you with the bar this low, start off by increasing the angle between your body and the floor (set the smith machine bar to a higher setting) or you can also bend your knees until you gain the strength to perform them with your legs straight.
•Rope Pulldowns: You can use a v bar attachment for these as well, but using a rope will allow for a greater range of motion💪🏼
•Incline Dumbbell Rows: This is one of my favorite back exercises 😇 focus on pulling back through your elbows and squeezing at the top of the movement!
•Underhand Barbell Rows: I did a compound set and performed sets of underhand & overhand rows back to back.
(clips are sped up) Song 🎶 is AlunaGeorge - I’m In Control (feat. Popcaan) @bodybuildingcom @gymgirlvids @get_fit_videos #RavishSands#RSModelSearch2017

You can always workout. If u can’t go to the gym, go outside!!!! It’s always a good idea to have a good pair of shoes, some light weights to strengthen your muscles, and a yoga mat so it doesn’t hurt to lie on the ground. And find a routine that works for u!!! I use Kayla itsines bbg! I love it. Your gonna have to work for a good body, but YOU CAN DO THIS! Make it happen so you can become the better you. DO IT FOR YOU!


Friday Funday
7 April 2017

I got N-I-N-E hours sleep last night. A pretty satisfying start to the day. The doggo was happy too because she was taken out for a 3km walk after breakfast. 🐶

I went to the midday movies with My Boy - we saw Ghost in the Shell - which was cool. We had burgers for lunch. Mine made me poop actually so something didn’t agree! 💩

In the afternoon I did a 40 min weights workout - upper body and some bag work; bopping to Hilltop Hoods in between sets. 💪💃👊

My Girl came over for dinner, so saw both my babies today.That’s last night’s warm beef salad pictured; we had fish & chips (fries to most of you) & salad tonight. 😍

I also managed an alcohol-free night. Cheese-free too. It was hard but I prevailed. 🎉👍😁 #winning

Free EDS & POTS Workouts

Here is a collection of EDS and POTS (I have both) friendly workouts that require absolutely NO standing, but the workouts are also challenging. I always feel food after these because my vascular system gets rejuvenated instead of stressed. If you do not usually workout start with only doing a few minutes (for example start with 5 minutes) of the videos each day, and then add on a minute or a few minutes every week. I recommend keeping a journal and logging down your workout everyday. These workouts are targeted towards building the muscles in the legs and abs which is essential to POTS. 

Ballet Beautiful Leg and Butt:

Ballet Beautiful Abs:

Ballet Beautiful Legs and Buns:

Ballet Beautiful Slim Thighs and Hips:

Ballet Beautiful Firm Inner Thighs:

Ballet Beautiful Lower Body:

Yoga Abs:

Power Flow Yoga (Advanced):

I am a nursing student with a yoga background so let me know if you have any questions or are stuck and need help!