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Are you ready to get in shape, firm up, or lose weight, but not quite sure where to begin? Start here! This beginner workout is designed to shape and tone your entire body and burn fat. 

Activate your body and mind with this beginners Pilates routine. Strengthen and sculpt your muscles while burning fat and improving balance and coordination. The increased focus required to perform the moves is great for reducing stress and clearing the mind.

This routine can be done with minimal space, so no excuses! Grab some dumbbells, a mat, and some motivation & get ready to tone & sculpt! If you don’t have dumbbells, you can still work your abs & core effectively by doing these exercises…so again, no excuses!

6 Paths to a Better Life

Sometimes my life starts to feel a little like a whirlwind - a lot of moving parts that I don’t seem to be fully in control of. When I start to feel a little overwhelmed with everything, I sit down and write myself a life plan. I generally divide my life into the following categories - Physical, Emotional, Skills and Hobbies, Career, Financial, Spiritual. Beneath each category, I write a small summary of what I’m doing well, and what I’d like start doing or do more of. 

Start with your nutrition. Are you eating a balanced diet that is rich in colour? Your groceries should be vegetable and fruit heavy, with some free range protein (eggs, fish, red and white meat) and dairy as required. The more colour in your groceries, the better. Don’t forget lots of natural fats to help you absorb the nutrients in your veggies and meat. Natural fats like olive oil and nuts are essential to a balanced diet. 

How are you feeling about your body? Don’t be afraid to take control of your fitness and sculpt your ideal body. Yoga and pilates are great ways to feel stronger and leaner in just one week. If you can’t afford to go along to classes, there are a range of fitness apps that offer free workouts. Try a few out and see how they feel. 

How are you feeling day to day? If you’re feeling exhausted, anxious or sick of a rollercoaster of both, get back to basics. Are you getting 8 hours of sleep every night? Are you logging hours before midnight? The hours prior to midnight are the most restorative, so get to bed earlier and wake up with a clear mind. 

What’s your inner talk like about yourself? Do you talk to yourself in a way you would never talk to your friend? Negative self talk is a surefire way to leave you feeling like you’re failing at this thing called life, so turn your talk around. Try sitting and writing a list of all the things you’re grateful for in your life. Your soft bed, or your relationship with your grandmother, or your fun co-workers - it could be anything. 

Skills and Hobbies
How are you feeling about your capabilities? When we are in school we’re learning at such an accelerated rate that we can start to feel invincible, like we could do anything. When we finish school we aren’t testing ourselves day to day like in our education, and we can forget how capable we are. Don’t be afraid to take up a new skill, like learning another language (Duolingo is a free app!), learning how to draw (endless Youtube videos at your disposal) or playing a team sport (usually cheap or free). It will remind you of how capable you are to take on a new skill and how great you can be.

How are you feeling about the way you make money. Are you working part time or casually in a job that is not your career? Don’t forget that this is just temporary, a method for you to make income, and you don’t need to invest yourself 110% into it. See it for what it is, a great place to make friends, make bank and stay busy. 

If you’re working in your career, map out your goals. Where do you want to be in exactly 12 months? Same role or different? Share your goals with your boss or superior if you’re feeling confident and you’ll be surprised by how verbalising your goal solidifies it. Then map out your five year plan. Where would you love to be in 5 years? Same company or different? What does your pay pack look like? Keep this somewhere in your room and revisit it occasionally to keep you focussed. 

How’s your money situation looking? Are you in debt? Mapping out your debt and deciding upon a weekly repayment is the first step to financial independence. It can be hard to discipline yourself to do this, but the freedom of living debt-free is amazing. Set up a bank transfer and don’t look back. 

If you feel like you have nothing left over, consider taking on a little more work (as long as it doesn’t compromise your mental wellbeing). I took a Saturday night bar shift at my favourite bar last year to save for my overseas holiday. It worked for me because it meant I was drinking less and making money while still feeling like I was out. 

This one is always tricky because it’s completely up to you how you choose to satisfy your spiritual side. Maybe it’s an early morning walk to get a coffee, or maybe it’s watching a weekly TED talk on Youtube, or maybe it’s borrowing a book from the library once a fortnight and reading it under a tree. Spirituality is really dependent on what brings you peace and solace, and it’s different for everyone. Think about the times you have felt the most at peace in your life and seek to recreate them on a smaller scale. Being centered is a really good state for you to be in to take on your life. 

Once you have your plan, it’s a lot easier for you to see the stuff you’re doing really well and the stuff you might want to change. Keep it in your room and revisit it every now and again. It will encourage you to keep focussed on improving while celebrating yourself for your wins. 


Hi friends! Here are some back exercises for you to try out!💕
•Straight Arm Rope Pulldowns: Lean forward at your hips and pull down using your lats while keeping your arms straight. Squeeze your back at the bottom of the movement 😁
•Inverted Rows: My ladies and gents who are doing #FITwithamandawg know all about these 😁 If they are too challenging for you with the bar this low, start off by increasing the angle between your body and the floor (set the smith machine bar to a higher setting) or you can also bend your knees until you gain the strength to perform them with your legs straight.
•Rope Pulldowns: You can use a v bar attachment for these as well, but using a rope will allow for a greater range of motion💪🏼
•Incline Dumbbell Rows: This is one of my favorite back exercises 😇 focus on pulling back through your elbows and squeezing at the top of the movement!
•Underhand Barbell Rows: I did a compound set and performed sets of underhand & overhand rows back to back.
(clips are sped up) Song 🎶 is AlunaGeorge - I’m In Control (feat. Popcaan) @bodybuildingcom @gymgirlvids @get_fit_videos #RavishSands#RSModelSearch2017

Okay so I said I'd give you date ideas

Some are free, some are inexpensive or can be inexpensive using groupons.

- museum dates (check which days of the month are free days)
-zoo/ petting zoo
-dolphin / whale watching (check Groupon)
-horseback riding (check Groupon first)
-picnic (BRING WINE)
- sail boat tour (check Groupon)
-food festivals (taste of whatever city you’re in)
- beach dates
-helicopter tour (check Groupon)
-do something one of you have always wanted to do
-road trip
- cook together
- have a fondue night
- Apple picking
- wine tasting
- Thrift shop/Flea markets
-Kayaking (some cities have this for free on certain days)
- workout together
- game night/ sex game night
-Drive-in movie
-Movies in the park
- roller skating
- yoga class together
- carnivals
- Art fair
- comedy club
- jazz club