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« I saw Volantis once, on my way to Norvos, where i first met Mellario. The bells were ringing, and the bears danced down the steps. Aero will recall that day.» 

 « I remember, » echoed Aero Hotah in his deep voice.  « The bears danced and the bells rang, and the prince wore red and gold and orange. My lady asked me who it was who shone so bright. »


HI TRICHSTERS!!!! This is my first time posting in the trich tag! my name is Naya, im a 19 year old college student in Arizona and i suffer from trichotillomania. i have NO HAIR on my head, at any given moment i may have maybe like more than 2 eyelashes and my brows come and go! i get asked A LOT how i do my hair and makeup with trich, and i was just wondering if i started making videos on how i do my makeup with trich + products i use, and how i make my wigs look natural, would you guys watch them?? please like this if you would because I think it would be a really cool thing for me to start doing! thanks you guys MUCH love!!!

This mess was brought to you by @askbloatedbellyblog coming down with a case of the thirst while attending a con. Momo cosplaying Tsukiyama and.. getting carried away was discussed. Personally I think he got the role down, anyway

Suzalulu Week 2015 - Day 6 ‘Service and Sacrifice’

“They sent me back to the academy you know. I couldn’t do much to get out of that. But no-one mentions anything when I leave in the middle of class, and when they see Zero, they never say my name. It’s existing without existing. 
I know you said that my sacrifice would be that I could never die, that living would be penance. But this can’t really be called living, can it?

Are you listening, Lelouch?”

The mask lay silent on the bed. It never did have answers for him. With a sigh, he picked it up. 

“Never mind. Let’s go. We still have time to serve.”

VCU Massey Cancer Center

Momma and I spent 4hrs at the Massey center today! She got a free wig and we received some great nutritional education from the nutritionist who works specifically with oncology patients. :) Huge thank you to the Massey Center for making my mommy feel extra special today. :)

Everyone—-be ready for the new saucy Izzy ;)

I decided to look for a new home for her (⌒‿⌒)

I simply have waaaaaaay to many dolls at home, small place and I would like to open new projects @_@

If you would like her please reblog this post like it and follow me :)

(This giveaway is for the DOLL only with a pair of eyes and faceup, NO clothes , shoes, wig!)

  • Worldwide free shipping!
  • Prizes will be shipped by me,  if you’re under 18 you must have your parents permission to enter and give out your address.
  • Please only enter if really would like to get her I don’t want to see her being sold a month later 
  • The winner will be chosen randomly by a random number generator.
  • I will contact the winner through an ask so please keep your askbox open!
  • The winner have 24 hours to answer, if I don’t get a reply I will re-send the message but if the winner doesn’t reply within 48 hours, I will choose another.:’(
  • No giveaway blogs.
  • Don’t delete the text from this post.
  • This giveaway runs on instagram and tumblr too , you can enter on both sites if you want to.
  • I must state that tis Giveaway isn’t associated with Tumblr  or sponsored, organized (its a arule to state it.)
  • Giveaway ends 2016 .02.22 !
"Locks of Love gave me a free wig" / "PETA fought for me to adopt a pet that the shelter was going to euthanize" / "Autism Speaks bought my kid an iPad"

Good for you! Really. I’m glad that the amount of actual charity work these scam organizations do is not zero. And if you happen to be one of the few recipients, rock on.

But please recognize that your experience is rare. You are the exception, not the rule. Your experience of actually receiving services in no way invalidates my far more common experience of being scammed. Your one success does not outweigh the many failures.

Anecdote is not evidence. When you assert that “I got something, therefore this isn’t a scam” well first of all I want to ask if you know how pyramid schemes work. Furthermore, you sound ridiculous. Compare similar statements:

“I’m not poor, therefore poverty isn’t real.”

“I don’t vote, therefore democracy is a lie.”

“A cop once let me off with a warning, therefore no police brutality to anyone anywhere.”

“I have a job, therefore labor discrimination isn’t a thing.”

“I’m healthy today, therefore no diseases exist.”


Ruby queen by Amadiz
Via Flickr:
New extra-long luxury wig!… Wonderful arabian fantasy hairstyle for your doll. Lenght about 70 cm. Heat-resistant fiber custom wig with difficalt design. All gems and accessories included in hairstyle. Free shipping. The wig has an elastic cap of white color with an elastic band, that you don’t need a silicone cap. ~ Our wigs are versatile, they are suitable for many dolls with a similar head size! ~