free wifi for all

Hey, so did you know that librarians tend to run liberal?

And that they’re really against censorship?

And that nearly all libraries have policies that prohibit people from harassing others inside?

And that nearly all libraries have free wifi and desktop computers that erase history when you’re done using them?

And that librarians are totally chill with you hanging out all day? (provided you don’t spill things on the books)

And that libraries often have huge offerings of dvds which you can watch on your laptop in the library?

And that libraries tend to have lots of resources for folks who find themselves in distress?

What I’m saying is, if shit hits the fan, go to the library, you’re welcome here.


This is my contribution to the fandom

Based on this by @a-kingdom-of-foxes cause they asked nicely


a little trio of sparkly witch au icons! (i just wanted to get a little art bloop out before i ride in a car for 9 hours today pfft) you’re free to use them! just give credit in the description >vo/+:+:+

damn, tumblr. you ate my post just because i was in a stupid basement on stupid county wifi! (all the county buildings in minneapolis have free public wifi.) (i think that’s cool.) (maybe in st. paul/ramsey county too.) (maybe state and federal buildings, too, i just don’t know because i’m mostly in county buildings.)

anyway, i had this whole post with this pic and trash cans 🗑 as bullets, but it’s gone, gone, gone. it was mostly about depression and a mention of a sex party with my boyfriend.

i had cheese sticks with crackers and a bowl of cereal for dinner. it’s fine.

For rent:

left side of the bed,
an exclusive view
of human fragility,
facing a heartbreakingly
scenic loneliness;
moments from
anxiety and despair;
must be willing to
share insomnia
and decent-sized
social anxieties;
comes complete
with a reserved spot
for your own troubles;
all phobias welcome;
free parking for extra baggage;
wifi and boxes of kleenex included.

stay for coffee in the morning

—  Nav K
soumako warbuddy brotp headcanons

*possible spoilers for eyes wide open all the time 

  • arguing over the window seat on the plane ride home from iraq / “rock paper scissors.” / “we’re grown men, makoto.” / “then fight me for it.” / (echo, their bomb-sniffing dog, ends up getting the window seat)

  • sousuke getting so bored on base that he steals one of makoto’s ya paperbacks and reads the whole thing in one night before busting into the barracks at three in the morning to shake makoto awake and exclaim, “she kisses him and just dies?” / “sousuke, what -” / “there are - there’s rules, you can’t just end a book like that!” / “what?” / “i’m going to the range, this needs to be blown up.” / “wait!”

  • sousuke being the one that’s got a coffee addiction but makoto is the one that wants to go to coffee shops all the time / “the wifi is free!” / “but there’s people here.” 

  • they make it through their first tour and makoto’s ecstatic to be going home, whereas sousuke is subdued as always. makoto finally asks about his family and that’s when sousuke admits he doesn’t have any and will probably end up staying in a shitty hotel by an equally shitty bar until it’s time to come back. makoto stares at him unblinkingly for all of five seconds before grabbing him by the arm and dragging him to his plane, where he forces him into the seat next to him and simply says, “you’re coming home with me.” / “maybe i don’t want to?” / “maybe i don’t care?” 

  • sousuke is terrified the first time makoto takes him to the tachibana home. he’s awkward and tries to stay out of the way until ran comes into the guest bedroom and says to him, “makoto’s out with mom and ren. i need help getting the flour down from the top shelf. i’m making pizza from scratch. come help me with it and you can have some.” / “you can make pizza from scratch?” / “how else do you think it’s made? come on, we can make it faster if you help.” 

  • waiting in the living room for ran’s boyfriend to pick her up for their first date. makoto’s cleaning pistols and sousuke’s sharpening an array of throwing knives before him. someone cooked echo a steak and she’s ripping it to pieces. / “not gonna give you the stereotypical big brother speeches but hunting people down is our thing. it’s also the dog’s thing. have her back by eight.”

  • sousuke, makoto, and ren going out and following them anyway, hiding in the bushes outside the movie theater / mako: “this is an invasion of privacy, she’s going to think we don’t trust her!” / ren: “i don’t trust her.” / sousuke: “i trust her but i wouldn’t have trusted me when i was a teenage boy.” / “mako: “that’s not - ugh. whatever. move over.”

  • makoto freezes up in the middle of his first firefight and sousuke yanks him into the nearest burning building to look him in the face and pant, “look, i know how it looks, i get it -” / “i don’t - don’t think i can -” / “no, fuck that, you can, you’re - you’re really fucking nice and that takes guts out here so don’t tell me you can’t, you can. i’m right here with your dumb ass. okay? ready?” / “yeah, i’m ready.” / “good.” / “your breath really stinks by the way.” / “are you fucking kidding me?”

  • out in the field hunkering down for the night in the middle of a jungle. / “how’s your spot?” / “there’s a rock digging into my back.” / “yeah, there’s one digging into my neck.” / “wanna trade?” / “sure.”

  • after the captivity of their team, they go home and try to recover. when one wakes up with nightmares the other sits up with them and they just talk shit until morning because it’s easier to sleep in the sunlight after being in the dark for so long.

  • other times makoto will come into the kitchen in the middle of the night and find sousuke already there, and he’ll never want to talk about his dreams but he doesn’t have to because makoto’s having the same ones. so they sit at the table in silence because they don’t need words, because they feel each others pain as much as their own and that’s the only way they want to survive it. 

  • when they move to iwatobi and sousuke’s signing for his first real house, the realtor asks, “so do you have any siblings?”

    it doesn’t even take sousuke two seconds to tell her, “i have a brother.” 

Taking a sip of your drink, you roll your eyes at your eldest brother trying his hardest to win over some girl. Sam was busy reading through one of the journals left over from the men of letters and you were happy scrolling through your phone- after all it had free wifi. You get up to use the toilet when Sam calls out.
“Where are you going?”
“The loo.” You smile and head over to the door. Before you can get in some obnoxious man seemed to think it was a good idea to stand in the way.

“Sorry can I just get by?” You asked politely. Sam looked up and squinted at the man who was glaring at you. 
The man then smirked “What are you gonna do if I don’t?”

“I don’t know, piss on you. Look I just need the toilet.” You try to push past him but he grabs your collar tightly and shoves you against the wall, his eyes looking you up and down in the creepiest of ways. 

“HEY!” Sam’s shout alerted the entire bar, Dean included who completely forgot about the girls and sprinted over to the man.
Your brothers threw him off you but it proved to be difficult, even for two trained hunters. Before they could go any further with the man you kick him with every bit of energy you could muster down to the floor and stamped between his legs. He cried out in pain and you walked over him to reach the exit.

You ignored everyone’s eyes on you and just focused on getting out. Sam and Dean close behind. “Y/N?” 
“Thanks.” You looked up at them.
“Are you okay?” Sam went for the more concerned big-brother approach where as Dean laughed. “Sam, she totally wrecked that son of a bitch!”  

Sam couldn’t help but huff out a laugh and you giggled. “I’m trained to.” You grin before adding “I still need a wee though.”

Requested by anon

Hey could I request a fic where the (sister) reader & the boys are at a bar or something & they save her from some creepy guy that tries to drag her out of the bar?? Sorry if this is dark, feel free not to write it if it makes you uncomfortable or anything. xx💚
Hey no dw about it I’m cool with writing sensitive topics ^^ Thanks for requesting! Hope it’s okay

Practical Travel/Study Abroad Advice


  • What you do about your phone depends on how long you’re there.
  • For short trips, just keep your phone on airplane mode. You’ll have Wi-Fi often enough to check in, and you don’t want to pay roaming fees.
  • If you’re in Europe for longer than a week or two, you have two options. The first is to get a new European SIM card. I don’t know much about this, or about how it works country to country, but I do have some friends who really wanted to be able to use their iPhone like a phone rather than a glorified iPod, and that seemed to work for them.
  • The second option is to keep your smartphone on airplane mode and use it when you have Wi-Fi, and to buy a second phone for emergency calls and texting European friends. A cheap flip phone won’t put you back much; you can load it up with a few euros and use it for whatever your airplane-mode smartphone can’t do.
  • A third option is to download an app like Whatsapp or Viber, which lets you call or text other users of the app for free, as long as you both have Wi-Fi (Thanks, aknowledgeseeker!)

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Illustrated Cynicism

Honesty can be very very brutal. Especially when it comes from Mexico City born illustrator - Eduardo Salles. This guy works to bring out the brutal truth about modern life in his hilarious illustrations, and he does so with a smart ass touch!

Translated from Spanish to English by Bored Panda, these prints are not only utterly cynical and darkly humorous, but also completely relatable! From the reality of dieting to the reality of texting to the reality of free wifi - Eduardo proves a point with all of his illustrations.

The In-Depth Play-by-play of Our David Duchovny Experience That You Never Asked For, and Didn’t Know You Needed

Written by: Liz @2momsmakearight, and Kris @kateyes224

We really hope you find this an entertaining as we did…because we think we’re hysterical. (It’s long, but worth it)


Liz:  Where to begin? I never thought the story of our collective deaths would revolve around David Duchovny. I mean, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, really, given the amount of times I’ve died on Tumblr… See…there’s those hyperbole’s we’ve talked about. “Slay me with a toothpick…”

 Kris: “FLING ME INTO THE SUN."  "FUCK MY ENTIRE ASS” is my personal favorite.

 Liz: Anyway… What time did we wake up again? The ass-crack of dawn? 

 Kris:  Too early.  Especially considering I didn’t sleep whatsoever the night before.

 Liz: No, there was no sleeping… We shared an air mattress, which could be a post entirely of its own, really. There was no sleeping. It was still dark when we left your friend’s house. But THANK GOD you got to shave your legs…

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GG Modern World Internet Headcanons
  • The internet is provided by a branch of the library who are very dedicated to free wifi for all. Do not anger the legendary sysadmins.
  • There are sites to match up Sparks and Minions. They have a bad reputation and minions using them are always being warned, “they say they’re looking for a minion, but how do you know they’re not looking for raw material?”
  • Jägers develop a good reputation on hook up sites for being straightforward about what they want and generally nice about it and a bad reputation for emptying people’s fridges on the way out.
  • Many, many Sparks have developed devices for smacking people through the internet.
  • Castle Heterodyne is the only place the library doesn’t want connected. It regularly connects itself anyway.
  • The Muses all love the internet. Tinka and Otilia both have a lot of video tutorials (dancing and self-defence) on YouTube. Moxana runs an advice column where the advice is very oblique but helpful if you can figure it out. It’s surprisingly popular. Prende is a big contributor to Wikipedia and Snopes. All of them together run a teaching resources site.
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