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  • Genji: I’m not just organic anymore, I’m not just cybernetics either, I’m both, I’m neither, doomed to live on the edge of both societies, forever in loneliness...
  • Lúcio, at his left, loading a new playlist in his smartphone: Irmão, as long as you are a walking free wi-fi hotspot, you will never be alone, trust me.
  • D.Va, at his right, playing Hearthstone on her tablet: Word.
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Glitch turns seaside South Korean city into ‘holy land’ of Pokémon Go

People are flocking to Sokcho, the only city in South Korea where Pokémon Go works. Pokemon Go isn’t available in South Korea because the game uses data from Google Maps, which is restricted by the South Korean government due to security concerns. 

The rhombus-shaped cells below show the areas that Niantic has labeled in its mapping system as restricted areas, and Sokcho just barely makes it out:

Since word got out that it was possible to play Pokémon Go in Sokcho, the town has been bombarded with tourists looking to play. Bus tickets from Seoul to Sokcho are sold out and tour packages including shuttle buses and hotel reservations have been popping up on deal websites.

The mayor of Sokcho has fully embraced the Pokémon Go craze, announcing he would increase free Wi-Fi hotspots and battery charging stations. Here he is, shortly before catching a Machop (Fun fact: its Korean name translates to 'Muscle Monster’) this adorable Facebook Live interview with The Huffington Post in Korea: