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Thinking about bazzzillionaire Greg makes me so happy.

Giving $1,000 tips to Kiki or Jenny for Fish Pizza delivery, giving Peedee $1,000 tips for the bits.

Driving Steven to the library and while he’s there paying overdue book fines for everyone in Beach City.

Paying to have Vidalia and Yellowtail’s entire house rewired so they don’t blow a fuse or brown out as often when Sour Cream is working on his music. At first Vidalia tells Greg she absolutely will not let him do that but he tells her to consider it payback for all those times he bummed around her place and ate her food when she really didn’t have food to spare.

Donating lots of money to schools, hospitals, and museums and then commissioning Vidalia to paint the artwork that will hang in the building named after him or more often named after Rose/the Quartz-Universe Family.

Donating lots of money to nonprofits that help single parents who struggle to make ends meet.

Dropping large bills around the boardwalk for anyone to find.

Dropping all the money in his wallet into a street performer’s guitar case.

Offering free waxes at his carwash indefinitely.


Bazzzillionaire Greg Universe

Tarot Today - Six of Wands

Six of Wands

“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.” - Arthur Ashe

I am inspired.

Image: Morgan Greer Tarot Deck

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Chamber of Secrets - Part 24

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: I mean, about fucking time Bree.

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wakeupontheprongssideofthebed  asked:

Duct tape as an emergency bandage to stop bleeding: good idea or terrible idea?

Hey there! First, let’s do some quick differentiation between a dressing and a bandage, and why duct tape may or may not work for either.

First, a dressing is the actual material that’s applied to the wound. So for example, a square of gauze of whatever size (but typically 4”x4”, or a four-by-four in medspeak) that’s applied to a bleeding wound would be the dressing.

A bandage is the material that’s used to hold that dressing in place. This will often take the form of roller gauze or some form of adhesive, such as tape – a common technique for stopping bleeding from a needlestick, for example, is to fold up a small square of gauze and use that as the dressing, then hold it in place with a piece of tape (which would technically make it a bandage).

However, “bandage” in common parlance can mean either of these things, and it’s not exactly a culturally significant distinction. You may want to talk about your characters “dressing and bandaging the wound”, or “dressed the wound with a piece of cloth.”

Some things are a dressing/bandage combination; specifically, Band-Aid™ and non-brand-name “adhesive medical strips” work with a small dressing in the center and an adhesive bandage around it, so that the dressing stays in place.

That being said, oftentimes in TV, bandages are applied without dressings underneath them. It’s far from ideal, because what you want is a dressing to absorb blood and allow clots to form (which will eventually stop the bleeding), and a separate bandage to hold that dressing in place.

Now then. Duct tape as a dressing has some significant drawbacks. (We’ll get to duct tape as a bandage) later on.

First, as a dressing, duct tape isn’t a great solution. It’s not sterile, which means it could actively put bacteria into the wound. For another, it’s an adhesive, which  means when the duct tape is removed it’s liable to take whatever clot has managed to form with it, and pull on the edges of the wound, which will increase bleeding.

Moreover, like many many many tapes, blood will reduce the stickiness of the duct tape, which means that it will have significant problems adhering and, as bleeding occurs underneath it, it will cease to stick (and allow the wound to bleed freely).

Now, as a bandage, to hold some other kind of dressing in place, duct tape isn’t a terrible choice in an emergency. It will still pull when removed—your character may get a free waxing  wherever it was applied – but it should hold the dressing itself in place relatively well, assuming that the surface the duct tape is sticking too isn’t too overly slick with blood.

So this is bad:

(source: @earpwave )

But this might not be so terrible:

(courtesy …. because of course it is.)

One thing your characters will also need to be sure of is that the duct tape isn’t applied so tightly to the skin that it reduces blood flow in an extremity, as evidenced by swelling, numbness, pain in the distal extremity, or even bluing of the skin further down the extremity.

I hope this was helpful for your story!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Fix-it fic for 7x05 “Eastwatch” where Jon is not a robot and actually gives a shit that his sister is alive. 

The roll of parchment feels heavy in his hands, heavier than the eyes upon him around the great table. Jon knows not what tidings it brings, but he trusts that Sansa would not have sent word if it had not been serious. Tentatively he moves his thumb beneath hard, gray wax, freeing its hold on the paper. With great care he unrolls it, revealing Sansa’s neat script. His eyes trace the string of letters together, but they falter not long after he begins.

Bran arrived home not a week ago. Arya returned not long after. Both seem well. 

He knows his letters of course. He can read the words—Bran and Arya and returned and well. Yet it can’t be so, those words together. Bran is dead. Arya went missing years ago. There is no way that they could have survived all this time. If they had, it means he had given up on them. He had not looked when he should have. He may be forgiven for Bran because the odds of someone who could not walk escaping Winterfell, living in the wilds, were not good. Maybe if Bran had had help, certainly. But Jon could not have known.

But Arya.

He should have known. Gods forgive him, he should have known. No one knew—no one understood—Arya like he had. Of course, she would find a way to survive. Arya was wild, more at home in the Godswood than dressed in silks at a great feast. If she had died like they all presumed, he would have felt it even far Beyond the Wall.

But he had been a fool. He had not trusted her to do whatever needed to be done to survive. He had left her out there when he should have sent men and ravens across the Seven Kingdoms. Cersei Lannister may not have been able to find her, but he would have. He knew his little sister like he knew himself.

Would she ever forgive him?

His throat tightens then. His jaw clenches. His burnt hand shakes with tremors, and Jon does not know how to stop feeling like this, like a hole now exists where his heart once was. And he has no business being a king; all eyes are on him, and Jon feels himself coming undone like no king should outside the privacy of his chambers.

To save face—because his family’s lives depend on this—he turns his back to the Dragon Queen and her council. His hand finds the stone above the fireplace, his eyes the fire itself. He sucks in a breath, though it fails to ease the tightening of his chest, and releases it with a shudder. His vision blurs, his eyelashes dampen. He will allow himself three counts to find himself again.

In those three moments, Jon remembers the smell of dirt in Arya’s hair. They would play games by the fire when they were children, and she would throw herself around his neck whenever fortune favored him, scattering tiles across the floor. Always caught off guard, he would roll to the floor from her weight on his chest, the room filling with happy laughter. She would tuck her head beneath his chin, and Jon would move just so to breathe in her smell—never pretty like Sansa, never clean or flowery. Arya smelled of earth, of rainwater, of dog and wolf. Jon wonders if she still does.

He wonders how she’s grown. Wonders if she still has her needle. If she’s well as Sansa reports. If she will be pleased to see him after he had so greatly failed her. Will she smile at him? Will she call him big brother? Will he ever hold her in his arms again?

Jon knows what he must do. The dead march south, and he has put Arya between them when he should be her shield. Even if she will not forgive him, Jon will not let harm come to her. Or Bran, or Sansa. The North needs him. Arya needs him.

“I’m going home.”

Tarot Today - Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles

“Loyalty is the first law of God.” - Paramahansa Yogananda

I am devoted.

Image from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck

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this isn’t going to help anything, but i wrote the sequel to this which is 600 instead of 300 because i’m not actually evil even though people will tell you differently :)))

“I’m fine.” Aaron tries to sound confident, knows from his mum’s look that he’s failed. He folds in on himself, buries his face in his hands.

“Oh, love,” his mum says. “What happened?”

“He just stopped breathing.” Aaron’s voice sounds far away. He doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to erase the image of Robert’s slack body. “They won’t tell me anything so I don’t know, he just stopped breathing.”

His mum says nothing. He lets himself be held, tries to ignore the panic bubbling up in his chest.

“Robert Sugden’s family?”

Aaron tugs out of his mum’s grip, swiping at his face as he stands. “That’s me. I’m his husband.”

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Hidden Rooms - Part 3

Part 2

Part 1

Jughead has followed a mysterious new girl to a room that provides students with escape. He starts to learn more about the girl to only find himself infatuated with her.

Jughead x Reader

Word Count: 4,985


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The weekend was full of investigating, writing as well as a failed attempt by Mr. Andrews in trying to make spaghetti for dinner. Yet every free moment, my mind would wander to Y/N. I just wanted to know what Monday would bring.

She didn’t see me but I saw her. She was taking books out of her locker when Cheryl and some of her posse went up to her. I couldn’t make out the words but Y/N’ s face went stern and red. Cheryl left with a signature hair flip while Y/N’s callous eyes followed Cheryl. She turned, slammed her locker close, and fled.

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anonymous asked:

please feel free to wax poetry about the shiro and sendak fight. c:

(holy shit thank you ^^ but this will legit be all over the place bc my mind can’t keep focused for shit)

Aight FIRST OF ALL this is probably my favorite fight scene in season 1, and to me it’s almost on par with the Shiro vs Zarkon fight in season 2. Call me out on my biased, Shiro loving ass, but I always feel like the one-on-one fights with Shiro are the most intense and beautifully animated (I’m not counting the Season 2 finale showdown because that’s in an entire league of it’s own holy shit)

Just something about the glow of his Galra arm and how it’s animated where it leaves a glowing streak in the air every time he moves during a fight is just so pretty and mesmerizing to me. Not to mention most of the time he fights it’s in a dark area or room so it really makes it stand out and draws your attention to it. It’s also aesthetically pleasing as fuck.

Back to the actual fight scene. I just love the angles and shots of it, especially the continuous tracking shot that just orbits around them for a solid few seconds. Like DAMN that was some good shit. It was smooth, it was intense, it showed off the stunning background, it didn’t distract from the amazing fighting, just A++++++. Then we got the most hardcore fist bump of the goddamn century which was just made even better by the energy pulse that came from it and BY THE HUGE ASS MOON DIRECTLY BEHIND THEM LIKE IT’S SO PRETTY (PRIME WALLPAPER MATERIAL RIGHT HERE)

Also from the scene it just shows how Shiro is completely adapted to fighting people way larger than himself, even if he doesn’t remember most of his time from the arena. He quickly evades every strike, throwing his whole body into it, and stays back until he sees an opening and puts all his strength in one attack (I’m actually writing this all from memory I haven’t even seen this scene in a while so if I get some shit wrong my bad)

Then the fight moves into the castle where Shiro literally throws Sendak across the room and basically does a split at the same time like???? BOI I HAVE NO WORDS FOR THIS (and no appropriate thoughts :^)) And then you have the last shot where they literally stop right in their tracks, weapons right at each other’s throats, so the ending of the fight was quite literally neck and neck. The shot was once again golden wallpaper material I mean come on. It was so stunning, how the purple quintessence looked so good while illuminating the room yet so deadly at the same time. Not to mention it shows how Shiro became known as Champion since he can literally take on one of the Commanders (with a more deadly and upgraded version of Shiro’s own weapon) and still have the match end in a tie despite all this.

All in all, it had beautiful animation, amazing shots, everything was A+++, I loved it all. Well done fight scenes are my shit, I love them so much and I will appreciate them forever and ever.