free waxing

Free Emma Swan

Free Emma Swan from her “friendship” with a woman who has tried murdering her at least 5 times because of “childhood trauma”

Free Emma Swan from waxing poetry about a man who constantly talked down to her, traumatized her, sent her to a place he made sure to avoid like the plague and took advantage of her because of “daddy issues”

Free Emma Swan from being unfairly talked down to by her own son when all she was trying to do the right thing because “dad said so”

Free Emma Swan from the absolutely broken relationship with her parents where they give up on her constantly because “Regina needs them”

Free Emma Swan from being expected to sacrifice everything she’s worked hard for so everyone else to be happy but to be punished for daring to go after what makes her happy because “Savior = you’re supposed to be miserable”

Free Emma Swan from a relationship with a guy who does everything for her, makes her his top priority, is always encouraging her….wait, what are we freeing her from again? She doesn’t seem to be imprisoned, or miserable, or in pain because as Killian Jones said, “It’s True Love”

I love that bucky is all suave and confident until it comes to steve and then he turns lovesick, geeks out over science conventions and throws punches (& during the war - kills) at anyone who hurts or tries to kill steve. he can be himself. granted hes not the most open person in the world but still, it’s there.   X

Closed to: devisionthesmallestseekerever.

devisionthesmallestseekerever Optimus never would have wanted this. He fought for freedom, and yet, after his demise, the Decepticons were made into slaves. It had been an innocent party. Loud music, lots of dancing, just what Jazz loved. When he learned that there was a raffle, he joined the others, struggling to see what the prize was. “Ticket 637473!” Jazz glanced down at his, and grinned when he saw that the number matched his. “It’s me!” Slipping around the others, he made his way to the front. The prize was probably something small, like a ticket for a free waxing and poli- It was a slave.

Our lives must be free from the wax of hypocrisy. Our commitment must be genuine. If we live lives of sincere commitment to Him, we will leave no room for Satan to gain an advantage on the battlefield. What’s more, God will be glorified in us.
—  Standing Strong: How To Resist The Enemy Of Your Soul
Spell Saturday

I think I’ve only done one of these haha I’m a slacker -_-

So for this one I want to help out some new witches or witches in the closet who want to do some spells, but are unable to because of money or who they live with.

I know there are a lot of people who live with parents or family who don’t approve of their path which makes doing spell work a tad difficult some times. I’m going to give some substitutes and tips and I’m hoping this will help you perform spells discretely!

~*~Altar- you don’t need anything fancy. use a window sill, a dresser, side table, bed or floor. Just make sure it’s clean and clear of clutter.

~*~Candles- i know A LOT of people can’t burn candles in their room. Simple fix. Either use battery operated candles (Feel free to paint the ‘wax’ part to suit the color you need). Continuing, you can easily draw the alchemy symbol for ‘fire’ in place of actual fire, alternatively you can just draw a picture of a candle with the proper color. Furthermore you can use stones that are associated with fire or any orange or red stone will work.

~*~Herbs- a lot of witchy herbs have ‘kitchen substitutes.’ Meaning if you need an herb that is ‘strange’ like Wormwood or Mugwort, you can  easily substitute them with an herb usually found in kitchens, like Cinnamon or Thyme.

~*~Incense and Oils- Don’t feel like you must use essential oils! Essential oils can get very pricey, talking about hundreds of dollars depending on which oil and the quantity. You can use fragrance oils the same way and some times you can find them at dollar shops. For incense, in you can’t burn them, but you need them to represent air you can also draw the alchemy symbol for air or use a yellow stone or any stone that is associate with air.

~*~ Athame and or wand- use a butter knife or kitchen knife (please be careful) or even a pocket knife in place of an athame. For a wand you can use any branch or twig. Furthermore, you can just as easily use your finger. 

~*~ Cauldron- any fire safe container will work. Please don’t use a plastic container, obviously this is not fire safe. Usually a metal pot or cup is fire safe. Alternatively you can get a terracotta pot or pot plate and use it (i have one for my second altar and I used a high heat paint (used for fireplaces) to paint it black). Please, as with all things using fire, be smart and safe.

I think that’s almost everything. If you need or want a substitute for any other item, please let me know!! :)

Lastly, and just a reminder (I know it’s kind of a downer for some of us), you don’t need all of these materials to be a witch or to perform spells. You really just need yourself and your intent.