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Duct tape as an emergency bandage to stop bleeding: good idea or terrible idea?

Hey there! First, let’s do some quick differentiation between a dressing and a bandage, and why duct tape may or may not work for either.

First, a dressing is the actual material that’s applied to the wound. So for example, a square of gauze of whatever size (but typically 4”x4”, or a four-by-four in medspeak) that’s applied to a bleeding wound would be the dressing.

A bandage is the material that’s used to hold that dressing in place. This will often take the form of roller gauze or some form of adhesive, such as tape – a common technique for stopping bleeding from a needlestick, for example, is to fold up a small square of gauze and use that as the dressing, then hold it in place with a piece of tape (which would technically make it a bandage).

However, “bandage” in common parlance can mean either of these things, and it’s not exactly a culturally significant distinction. You may want to talk about your characters “dressing and bandaging the wound”, or “dressed the wound with a piece of cloth.”

Some things are a dressing/bandage combination; specifically, Band-Aid™ and non-brand-name “adhesive medical strips” work with a small dressing in the center and an adhesive bandage around it, so that the dressing stays in place.

That being said, oftentimes in TV, bandages are applied without dressings underneath them. It’s far from ideal, because what you want is a dressing to absorb blood and allow clots to form (which will eventually stop the bleeding), and a separate bandage to hold that dressing in place.

Now then. Duct tape as a dressing has some significant drawbacks. (We’ll get to duct tape as a bandage) later on.

First, as a dressing, duct tape isn’t a great solution. It’s not sterile, which means it could actively put bacteria into the wound. For another, it’s an adhesive, which  means when the duct tape is removed it’s liable to take whatever clot has managed to form with it, and pull on the edges of the wound, which will increase bleeding.

Moreover, like many many many tapes, blood will reduce the stickiness of the duct tape, which means that it will have significant problems adhering and, as bleeding occurs underneath it, it will cease to stick (and allow the wound to bleed freely).

Now, as a bandage, to hold some other kind of dressing in place, duct tape isn’t a terrible choice in an emergency. It will still pull when removed—your character may get a free waxing  wherever it was applied – but it should hold the dressing itself in place relatively well, assuming that the surface the duct tape is sticking too isn’t too overly slick with blood.

So this is bad:

(source: @earpwave )

But this might not be so terrible:

(courtesy …. because of course it is.)

One thing your characters will also need to be sure of is that the duct tape isn’t applied so tightly to the skin that it reduces blood flow in an extremity, as evidenced by swelling, numbness, pain in the distal extremity, or even bluing of the skin further down the extremity.

I hope this was helpful for your story!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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this isn’t going to help anything, but i wrote the sequel to this which is 600 instead of 300 because i’m not actually evil even though people will tell you differently :)))

“I’m fine.” Aaron tries to sound confident, knows from his mum’s look that he’s failed. He folds in on himself, buries his face in his hands.

“Oh, love,” his mum says. “What happened?”

“He just stopped breathing.” Aaron’s voice sounds far away. He doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to erase the image of Robert’s slack body. “They won’t tell me anything so I don’t know, he just stopped breathing.”

His mum says nothing. He lets himself be held, tries to ignore the panic bubbling up in his chest.

“Robert Sugden’s family?”

Aaron tugs out of his mum’s grip, swiping at his face as he stands. “That’s me. I’m his husband.”

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Ooooo this is pretty!

Hidden Rooms - Part 3

Part 2

Part 1

Jughead has followed a mysterious new girl to a room that provides students with escape. He starts to learn more about the girl to only find himself infatuated with her.

Jughead x Reader

Word Count: 4,985


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The weekend was full of investigating, writing as well as a failed attempt by Mr. Andrews in trying to make spaghetti for dinner. Yet every free moment, my mind would wander to Y/N. I just wanted to know what Monday would bring.

She didn’t see me but I saw her. She was taking books out of her locker when Cheryl and some of her posse went up to her. I couldn’t make out the words but Y/N’ s face went stern and red. Cheryl left with a signature hair flip while Y/N’s callous eyes followed Cheryl. She turned, slammed her locker close, and fled.

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They say a tribute week is like a love song, and they are right, my friends…they are right. Especially when the object of admiration is none other than myself, Neptune’s Premiere Private Detective *. I bring a variety of admirable traits to the table, which could inspire your fanfic or fan art, including crackerjack bowling skills, familiarity with Neptune’s criminal element, and the ability to grow glossy, luxurious facial hair.

So feel free to wax rhapsodic about me in whatever artistic medium floats your boat—just remember to tag your post #vmhq Vinnie week, so the lovely and discriminating librarians can make sure potential clients have my number.

And if any of you out there happen to be my ex-wife Debra…I never received the subpoena, you can’t prove those baseless allegations about the U-Haul, and the check’s in the mail.

*who only accepts cash, and has the moral flexibility you need to get the job done.

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E-Books & Apps for Gaelic Polytheists {Google Play Edition}

This past holiday season I moved into the 21st century by being gifted a tablet. Since getting it I have uploaded several apps and e-books that might be of interest to other Gaelic Polytheists {and perhaps some for other types of Celtic Polytheists}.

For this particular list will feature apps and e-books that I found on Google Play, and will hopefully at some point expand the list for resources from other places. list is what I current have on my tablet or on my wishlist. This is by no means all that is available, so I encourage folks to go on a wee treasure hunt to see what they can find. However, be forewarned that there is garbage available as well {i.e. “Celtic chakras” and related new age poop}.



If you know of any other apps, e-books or even movies and music that should be on this list, please feel free to share!



Free Emma Swan

Free Emma Swan from her “friendship” with a woman who has tried murdering her at least 5 times because of “childhood trauma”

Free Emma Swan from waxing poetry about a man who constantly talked down to her, traumatized her, sent her to a place he made sure to avoid like the plague and took advantage of her because of “daddy issues”

Free Emma Swan from being unfairly talked down to by her own son when all she was trying to do the right thing because “dad said so”

Free Emma Swan from the absolutely broken relationship with her parents where they give up on her constantly because “Regina needs them”

Free Emma Swan from being expected to sacrifice everything she’s worked hard for so everyone else to be happy but to be punished for daring to go after what makes her happy because “Savior = you’re supposed to be miserable”

Free Emma Swan from a relationship with a guy who does everything for her, makes her his top priority, is always encouraging her….wait, what are we freeing her from again? She doesn’t seem to be imprisoned, or miserable, or in pain because as Killian Jones said, “It’s True Love”


anonymous said: jiyong’s reaction to you wanting to be fwb

anonymous said: Can you do a scenario where you and GD are the kind of friends who like to share alot of PLATONIC skinship ?like hand holding, cuddling and stuff? Thnxx

I thought these two reactions went kind of well together as the platonic skinship made for a nice progression to a friends with benefits kind of relationship. I don’t know what happened with this. It was meant to be a short reaction but it turned into something way longer. I hope y’all enjoy. 

Warning: This contains a lot of smut/ sexual activity. Don’t read it if you’re like 12 and stuff. 

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It was the alcohol that had bought you here. Two seconds ago, your hand had been pounding frantically on the front door of your best friends apartment. Now here he was, standing in front of you, his eyes filled with dusty sleepiness and his hair sprayed out at odd angles.

‘Y/n? Are you okay?’ Jiyong is unable to hide the surprise and concern that fills his voice.

‘I just wanted to see you…’ You wanted more than that, but that would come later.

‘It’s 4 in the morning.,’ He blinks dumbly at your statement, his sluggish mind still struggling to comprehend your sudden appearance.

‘Then let me come in, idiot.’ Your hand reaches up to gently shove at his shoulder, contacting with his bare skin, and you realise for the first time he’s shirtless. Your hand lingers, tracing the outline of a red star on his tattoo. Your eyes focus intently as your fingers caress over the ink. Jiyong doesn’t shift. He’s used to your touch, just like you are used to his. You shared a unique relationship. From the moment you’d met, you’d always been handsy with each other. Cuddling, hand holding, sitting on his lap… it was all part of the friendship you had built. Eventually, his mind awakens enough to step aside, allowing you entry to his apartment. He shuts the door as you pass, and after kicking off your heels you grasp his hand, dragging him to the couch.

‘Y/n, why are you here?’ His voice is a soft whine. Now that realisation was dawning you weren’t in any imminent danger, his annoyance at being woken from his deep and precious sleep was beginning to rise.

‘Let’s watch a movie and cuddle.’ You respond, still tugging him.

‘I’m tired, though. I want to sleep.,’ His voice is low and grumpy. You pause, turning to him to pull him into a tight hug, your hands slipping gently around his waist. He lets out a soft, annoyed sigh. ‘Are you drunk again?’

‘Maybe… I’m surprised it took you this long to figure it out.’ Your head rests on his bare chest, the skin on skin contact causing a warmness to build between you both.

‘You smell like a mix between a brewery and an ashtray.,’ He pushes you away slightly. ‘Go take a shower and we can cuddle while I sleep.’ Platonic. That is what your relationship was. Strictly platonic. But there was nothing wrong with friends hugging. At least that is what you both had told yourself. To you, Jiyong was a friend. You didn’t want a relationship with him, you just enjoyed his physical displays of affection. You shift your head off his chest, your eyes meeting his, lingering on the puffy pout expressed on his lips. Before you can stop yourself, you’re kissing him. Your lips press against his, softly brushing against the pink fluffiness of his own. He pulls away almost instantly.

‘Y/n, what are you doing?’ His bewilderment is evident. Your hands trail to the waistband of the sweatpants he’d put on, tugging them suggestively.

‘I’m kissing you.’ He moves away from you swiftly, strategically placing a small distance between you.

‘I know you are… but I mean… why?’ You understood that perhaps to him it seemed like an impromptu decision. A fleeting thought fuelled into action by alcohol. The truth is, you’d been thinking about it for months. Every time he held your hand, every time he hugged you, you felt a spark. Not emotionally, but carnally. You wanted Jiyong in a sexual way, not an emotional way.

‘I thought it would be fun. I honestly came here because I wanted to have sex with you,’ You shrug indifferently. You see the panic rise in his face, his lips faltering into silence as they attempt to produce a sentence. ‘Just for fun, I mean… like friends with benefits or something. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. You’re hot. I’m hot. We like touching each other, so we could make a let’s-touch-each-other-a-little-more-with-no-strings-attached kinda deal.’ You could see Jiyng processing the thought, his head swimming at the suggestion you’d just made.

‘Y/n… You’re absolutely stunning. I can’t say I haven’t thought about sleeping with you before…’

‘So let’s do it then.’ You interrupt, shifting closer to him. He steps back, raising his hands to slow you down.

‘I’m not comfortable with it happening like this. You’re drunk. I’m not.’ He motions between you. ‘I feel like I might be taking advantage of you a little bit.’ It’s your turn to pout, your mouth forming a confused frown.

‘I’m here and I’m offering. I wouldn’t be if I didn’t want to do this.’

‘I know that. But you’re drunk, and you might not be offering if you hadn’t spent the night with your friends at a bar.,’ He shakes his head lightly, his hands coming up to run through the messy tuft of his blonde strands. ‘I love you as a friend too much to let a stupid mistake spoil our friendship.’ His sentiment brings out a chuckle from your throat.

‘Is the only thing stopping us from having sex right now the fact that I’m drunk?’ You question with another giggle.

‘Yes.’ He says earnestly.

‘Okay… then tonight, you help me shower in a strictly non-sexual way. Tomorrow, when I’m sober, we spend all morning in your bed and we don’t leave it until noon.,’ You raise your eyebrow at him in a tempting deal. A flash of a grin shoots across his face, his gums peeking out at you. Your hands reach for the bottom of the t shirt you’d been wearing, tucked neatly into your skirt. Jiyong’s eyes watch intently as you pull it, raising it above your head to reveal your bare skin and thin black lace bra. ‘C’mon, I smell like a mix between an ashtray and a brewery, right?’ His eyes remain focused on your cleavage, now exposed, before quickly snapping to your face. 

‘Fuck it.’ He growls, grabbing your arm and tugging you to the bedroom.

‘I thought we were showering?’ You question as you enter the room. Jiyong doesn’t stop until you’re at the bed, spinning you around so you fall gently as your legs press against the sides. You’re unable to mask the giggle that slips from your lips at the sudden change in his aggressiveness.

‘Do you really want this? And do you promise me it won’t fuck up our friendship?’ The curse from his lips is assertive. You raise your hips in response, and a grin falls across his face.

‘Ji, just fuck me.,’ You rasp as he presses his groin in between your hips, coming to lay on top of you. ‘I want you.’ You can feel the thickness of his erection through the material of his sweatpants resting against your core.

‘I plan to, y/n.’ His breath hitches slightly as your name glides across his tongue, the excitement getting the better of him. Your skirt is the first thing he removes, your hips lifting as he tugs it over your hips, you lifting them to allow him pull it from your legs. His hands trail lingeringly up your thighs to find your skirt, your excitement raising even more as he considers your black lace thong. His fingers hitch into the thin string on the side, and you lift your hips again to allow him to slide your panties off. A broad grin spreads across his face. ‘You’re shaved?’ A single eyebrow perks in pleasant surprise. He discards the underwear quickly, a hand coming to rest just above your pelvic region, his thumb coming to stroke your smooth, hair free flesh.

‘I wax.,’ You correct him, despite knowing it was a battle of semantics and he didn’t really care. His strokes are gentle, turning into soft, sweeping circles. His thumb dips between your folds and you let out a low moan. ‘Oh, Ji…’ He chuckles, shifting between you, glazing a string of kisses up your thighs.

‘Can I lick you?’ His breath warmly caresses your inner skin. You tilt your head up to meet his eyes, nodding, and he obliges by laying his lips against the junction between your thighs, eliciting another moan from you with his warm mouth. The touch was better than you were expecting, far beyond the hugs you’d shared with him previously. A jolt shoots through you as his tongue peeks out, working itself flat against your folds. It’s long and firm, carefully laying into you.

‘Oh my god…’ Your breathing has become heavy, your knees dropping to the bed and legs widening to allow Jiyong better access. His tongue brushes against the pink pearl of your nerves, and you shiver against the circles he begins making, your hands reaching to clutch at his head, pushing him deeper into you. He continues to circle around your clit, working his tongue in an erratically tempo to stimulate you. Just when you feel your orgasm building, he pulls away.

‘Are you okay?,’ He questions, looking up at you with mild concern.

‘Ji… Don’t stop.’ You whine, clutching his head to move his mouth back on to you. He leans forward, his chuckle vibrating against your core. You feel him insert one long finger, adjusting it inside you to find your g spot, before he inserts another, moving them in a come hither motion in conjunction with his tongue on your clit. You can’t help the chorus of noises spilling from you and filling the room. Your toes curl as the feel of his fingers moves through your entire body. You can tell you’re close to the edge, your hips bucking against Jiyong to create more friction. His own groan vibrates against you, stimulating you to an orgasm, your muscles spasming around the fingers he has inside you. His lips remain against you, his tongue circling at a slower place, his fingers moving gently as you ride out your wave. When your body jitters from the sensitive feeling of his tongue, he pulls back.

‘You’re really something, baby.,’ He stands, dropping his sweatpants. His erection springs into view, and bite your lip in anticipation. ‘Hold up…’ You shift on the bed, repositioning yourself with your head on the pillows. Your legs already feel weak and your breathing is paced from your previous orgasm. Jiyong turns to the dresser, opening the top draw to withdraw something. You hear the familiar tear of foil, and when he turns around he has already put on a condom. The bed sags under his weight as he joins you.

‘You ready?’ 

‘Can I be honest? I haven’t had sex in a while… I might get a little excited.,’ The blush is evident in his cheeks, and you smile at his honesty. ‘Don’t judge, okay?’ 

‘You mean you’re going to  cum quickly?’ Your hand reaches up to ruffle his hair in jest. 

‘I almost came just listening to you before.’ He murmurs with a laugh. Before you can respond, he is kissing you, his lips flushed against your mouth, his tongue probing inside you. You can taste yourself on him, and he smiles against the kiss. You push his shoulders gently, making him fall back into the pillows, before swinging yourself over his hips. Your hand reaches down to grasp his member, guiding it slowly into yourself as you lower your body over his hips. As the tip enters you, Jiyong’s head falls back on the pillow, his eyes scrunching and neck arching in pleasure. You take him fully inside you, steadying yourself by putting your hands flat on his chest, before you begin moving, your legs bobbing you against him. The feeling of him fills you, his thickness grinding into your core. His hands grasp your hips, guiding your movements, his eyes cemented on your bra - the only thing stopping your breasts from bouncing fully. He slips his palms upwards of your hips, applying pressure so you lower your chest onto his. You don’t break your steady rhythym for fear of losing the pleasure building in the lower pit of your abdomen. His fingers work to delicately to undo the clasp, and your breasts are freed of the restraining lace fabric. It slips down your arms, and he grasps it, tossing it away after you lift your hands from his chest to get it free. His mouth latches onto one of your hard nipples, his teeth grazing against it in a sharp bite. You cry in enjoyment at the sensation, and Jiyong’s grin grows wide. 

‘You like that, huh?’ You nod in response to his question, still moving against him. He takes your other nipple, applying equal pressure with his teeth, and another cry escapes your lips. His hands wrap around you, and before you know what has happened he has flipped you on to your back, his hands linking under your knees to raise your legs higher. His paces quickens as you shriek in surprise, laughing at his eagerness. 

‘Calm down, Ji…’ You giggle as his lips press against yours again, trailing a line down your neck to your throat. He thrusts into you at a rapid pace, his balls slapping against your entrance, his grunts of pleasure murmured against your neck as he continues to kiss it. Your muscles flex around him as the pleasure of the experience overwhelms you. You knew he’d be good in bed, but you didn’t know he’d be this good. He continues to thump into you, his groans filling the room, until eventually he begins to slow. 

‘Ji, don’t stop. Please. I’m almost there.’ You whine into his ear, lips curling against his lobe in a breathy sentence. 

‘If I don’t slow down, I’m going to cum.’ His brow furrows, beads of sweat forming. 

‘It’s okay. Please, baby. I’m so close.’ Your begging triggers him into action, his pace quickening again, the edge of his dick grazing inside you perfectly. Your muscles spasm as the wave of your pleasure pulses over you, and Jiyong follows closely behind, surrendering to his own orgasm. He continues thrusting until you stop quivering, his body falling lightly against you before he rolls off, coming to stand. He turns away from you, removing the condom to tie it, and discards it on the top of the bedside table. 

‘That was great. Not many guys manage to make me cum twice in one night.’ You roll on your side, studying Jiyong as he paces his way to the door. 

‘Twice? Y/n, that was just round one. I’ll have you coming at least twice more. Get your ass in the shower, I’ll be there after I grab some towels.’