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These two snippets from the YELL FOR Free!ES & HS! pamphlet had me laughing out loud, so naturally I have to share! Thank you @aliasanonyme for getting this for me! <3


Makoto: The training camps were really something, both last year’s and this years.

Haruka: And we had a joint training camp with Samezuka this year, so they really kicked it up a notch.

Rei: I wouldn’t describe it as “really something”, it’s more like…

Makoto: It was a disaster… an all-boys school can get pretty wild.

Nagisa: But wasn’t it like super fun!? The King’s game plus pillow fight tournament!

Rei: I didn’t expect it to last through the night. We were told off by Amakata-sensei the next day, who said “staying up late is detrimental to beauty!”

Nagisa: It was really funny~! Especially Sou-chan’s order when he was King~!

Haruka+Makoto: Nagisa!!

Nagisa: Awwww c'mon, it’s no big deal? You guys and Rin-chan looked really cute in the photos, y'know~?

Makoto: Don’t even think about showing them to anyone else!


Ai: In which case, speaking of traditions, the cultural festival’s…

Rin: Hey! Sto-, stop right there, Ai…!

Momo: Yeah, Ai-senpai! For next month’s cultural festival, I’m totally against the swimming club’s tradition of holding a Maid Cafe from Hell!! I don’t wanna wear a maid uniform-!! I wanna be a butler like the third years-!!

Ai: What are you talking about, Momo-kun? Look at me, it’ll be my second time dressing like that. Besides, Those maid uniforms were designed and redesigned by all our senpais from years past, they are the gems of their labor soaked in their sweat and tears…!

Momo: That makes it even worse-!

Sousuke: So what you mean is, Rin also wore the maid uniform when he was in second year.

Nitori: Oh, would you like to see? Rin-senpai was really amazing last year…!

Rin: Don’t you dare! Anyaway, why would you have those pictures? I’m so sure I’ve deleted all the data…!

Ai: Hehehe, amateur mistake, Rin-senpai. I took some pictures with a film camera as well.

Rin: Film…!? Shit, why didn’t I think of it…

Sousuke: Ai, develop one of those pictures for me,  it sounds like fun.

Nitori: Absolutely, it’d be my pleasure!

Rin: You guys~~~!

You guys, can you imagine what it’ll be like for Cas the first time he experiences a hot bath and the wonders it does for tense muscles? The first time he was without his grace he was homeless and always cold, so when team free will find themselves at a motel with an actual bathtub, Dean uses Cas’ dirty state after their hunt as an excuse to convince him to take a bath instead of a shower.

When Cas comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a fluffy bathrobe, he looks more relaxed than either Sam or Dean have ever seen him, so Dean takes it upon himelf to recreat that moment as often as possible. He even finds his way into a Lush store (athough he will deny it until the day he dies) and buys several different bath bombs for his favourite ex-angel.

Cas, still not giving a shit about appearing “manly”, has absolutely no qualms to admit that he likes the ones smelling like roses and olive oil the most. They remind him of a more peaceful time in heaven.

(And if eventually, Dean joins him and finds out he likes them, too, Sammy doesn’t need to know that.)

I was asked to give some spoilers for the new SERVAMP chapter, and well since I’ve summarized some points already I think I may as well put it here.

More images + summary under the Read more.

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D. Gray-man Asks

I was kind of bored, so I decided to do this

  • 1. How did you discover DGM?
  • 2. What is your favorite moment of the manga/anime? 
  • 3. What is your least favorite moment of the manga/anime?
  • 4. Did you read the manga first and then watched the anime, or vice versa?
  • 5. Were you a fan before the anime came out?
  • 6. What are your thoughts about DGM Hallow?
  • 7. Who is your favorite character?
  • 8. Who is your least favorite character?
  • 9. If you could be in a relationship (any type) with a character, who would it be?
  • 10. Do you prefer the anime or the manga?
  • 11. OTPs?
  • 12. NOTPs?
  • 13. BROTPs?
  • 14. Who is your favorite character from the Noah family?
  • 15. Who is your favorite character from the Exorcists?
  • 16. If you had Innocence, which type would you like to have?
  • 17. If you were a Noah, what kind of Noah would you like to be?
  • 18. Favorite headcanon?
  • 19. Which character can you relate the most to?
  • 20. With whom would you like to play games and what kind of games?
  • 21. If you could be in a group with a (few) character(s), which character(s) would you choose?
  • 22. When did you join the fandom?
  • 23. When did you discover DGM?
  • 24. If something worries you, to which character would you go to to talk about your worries? 
  • 25. What kind of ability would you have in DGM?
  • 26. What are your thoughts about the Akuma?
  • 27. What are your thoughts about Innocence?
  • 28. With whom would you like to go out for a drink?
  • 29. With whom would you absolutely not want to drink with?
  • 30. If you could kill off a character in DGM, who would it be?
  • 31. How do you think DGM is going to end?
  • 32. If you could write an ending for DGM, what ending would you write?
  • 33. If the Exorcists and Noah wouldn’t exist, which characters would be your neighbours?
  • 34. With whom would you like to eat dinner with?
  • 35. With whom would you not like to eat dinner with?
  • 36. Which character would you help out in a tough situation?
  • 37. Which character would you not help out in a tough situation?
  • 38. If you were able to draw on someone’s face, who would that be and what would you draw?
  • 39. If a character would sing you a lullaby, which character should it be?
  • 40. Who would you like to prank the most and what kind of prank would you do?

jaehyun accidentally gets locked out of your apartment and youre on your way back from a schedule so he flips out cause !! yall cant risk getting caught


and yet again I try to draw cool shit but cant decide what to go with in the end

also dont let yourself be fooled by the art bc here’s what I think abt it: this can be fucking hilarious

so heres a list of hcs aka a list of things I might have to draw sometimes later bc its ass oclock rn and I gotta travel tomorrow but this is rly good AU why is organization-type AUs so good

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Notes has been updated!

This isn’t a revamp. It’s just an update to fix some issues with the theme.

However, there are some major changes. For easier reading, the container and posts are bigger. The scrollbar is also more obvious now, which was a mistake I didn’t intend on it being that small and just never got around to changing it. 

Thanks to an anon that suggested it, I also included a search bar by the sidebar! 

SasuSaku Boruto verse (The Never Ending Sorry)

“Naruto, give Sakura a message for me. Tell her, I’m sorry for everything.” And with that, the Uchiha disappeared, leaving his best friends’ clone sitting at the edge of the rock, alone, not wanting to hear the blonde’s answer.

His own guilt was now enough to tug on his heartstrings, he did not need more hurt added to the mess. Sasuke tried to stop his thoughts, bud vivid images were already being flashed in front of his sole red eye.

His wife Sakura, with messy pink hair and flushed cheeks accepting his improvised proposal after a day of hard manual work on a new bridge outside the villiage during their travels. Sasuke always wished he would’ve done something more romantic to please her ever giving heart, but Sakura assured him he was all she wanted.
The same woman, now ponytail slightly longer but eyes filled with the never ending love at a small chapel in the middle of the woods where they were bound by marriage. Sasuke always believed she deserved better, a proper ceremony attended by family and friends, but she kissed his forhead when they were tangled up in sheets and told him not to worry, that she was bursting with happiness right now and didn’t need anything else. 
Sakura Uchiha covered in sweat and with tears welling up in her eyes, tiredly but proudly presenting him their firstborn daughter. And then, the baby’s face, all red and crumpled but masmerazing notherless. Sarada’s little fluff of black hair as he stroked her head, too gentle and afraid that this beautiful creature will disappear if he touches too hard. Then his attention turned back to Sakura as he thanked her with tears starting to blurr his vision. They all cried that day, Sasuke remembers.

He refused to see more. The rest were the first two years of their simple family life, with him raising money by short missions, Sakura working only part-time at the hospital and Sarada being the center of their universe, where everything revolved around her like the planets do around the sun. It was painful to recall, because little did he know at that time, that few weeks after their baby took her first steps, he will be searching one of these revolving planets for answers.

As he was parting with his family, Sarada did not understand yet. She was used to seeing him leave. But she was not yet familiar with the shaking voice of her mama when she bid papa farewell. Sasuke remembers giving his family the strongest, tightest hug, still not to crush their little baby bean between them but still powerful enough to imprint Sakura’s scent on his clothes and into his mind. Then, he released them, kissed his wife one last time on the lips and turned his back to them, running as fast as possible to shorten the angst of parting for the both of them. Sasuke remembers, oh how he remembers when his tears mixed with Sakura’s at the collar of his cloak. He did not bother to wipe them away, as the wind surrounding him would do so sooner or later anyway.

Sasuke was glad he was able to get away from Naruto so fast, as staying near reminder of what awaits him bavk in the villiage would only prolong his inner agony. Feeling his left cheek hot with tear once again, he didn’t try to get rid of the materilized sadness. After checking the surroundings, Sasuke sat down on the foreign ground in the another world with face resting in hands. And he was grateful to his beloved wife once more, for teaching him that tears were nothing to be ashamed of, especially when shed for his loved ones.

Gritting his teeth, he longed to see his family again. Aadly, for now, faith had different plans.