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Another Rogue’s Paradise Holiday Contest

Duration: December 25 - January 1

So, kept my promise! A bit late though. It’s still Christmas somewhere. 

So here’s my first official contest for this blog, which includes a few things to get this started.

Free Artwork*

What better way to celebrate the holidays than free art? I’m in the mood to draw for you, so let’s hold a drawing of sorts! In order to qualify, make sure you are following this blog and that you reblog this post to enter. Only one reblog per person. At the end of the contest, I’ll hold the drawing and announce the winner.

The winner will get two free artworks (one full flat color and one sketch) of their choice, in whatever style I choose.

Free Tumblr Layout*

Hey, did I tell y’all I was a graphic design major? I sometimes forget, too, cause I had to drop out due to illness. However, I’d very much like to offer one lucky follower a free customized tumblr layout of their choice, including a matching icon if they reblog this post.

Free Promotion

I’m a little ashamed I haven’t done any promotion for my wonderful followers yet, but I’ll soon change that. For every day of the contest, I’ll be promoting ten different people who are currently following me. No need to do anything, though if you’re currently following me, feel free to reblog this and tag it #roguepromo if you’d like to see yourself mentioned. On the last day (January 1), I plan on releasing upwards of fifty of your names, totalling a hundred in all.

Shooting for 500

Currently, my blog is at 457 followers. Which isn’t bad for a blog I started back in late summer. I’d like to hit 500 by New Years. If all my lovely followers would kindly reblog this post to boost, even if you don’t participate (specify if you don’t want to in tags), I’d be eternally grateful. 


In addition to free artwork and the free promotion I’ll be doing, I’m going to be drawing twelve random names from every follower who reblogs this post and each of you will have a link on the front page of my blog for every month of 2018. You will be listed on my affiliates page for the remainder of 2018.

I think this about covers everything. Send me an ask if you have any questions/concerns, I’ll gladly answer them. Anyways, good luck everyone!

*I am disabled, in my hands, particularly, so I am slower than other people. It may take some time for me to get your artwork/layout finished, but I can keep in constant contact until it is finished. 

Another Rogue’s Paradise Holiday Contest

Duration: December 25 - January 1

Winner Announcement

Alright everyone, the contest has officially wrapped up! Thanks to everyone for participating and also for the cross-promotion, as well! It means a lot! 

I was surprised that there were as many entries as there were, especially for a niche, young blog with not a lot of followers. So I think it’s been a success, and I want to do this again next year! You all rock.

Now let’s move on to announcing the winners in each category!

Free Artwork

Winner:  @peppersandcats

Free Tumblr Layout

Winner: @nowwavingnotdrowning



January: @disneywholockmagic

February: @magnetohmy

March: @reduce-it-all-to-ash

April: @larielromeniel

May: @blackbat16

June: @leonardsnartlover

July: @thecaptainsgingersnap

August: @laura-c1990

September: @tear-in-my-heart14

October: @coldserenityas

November: @racer1898

December: @comicsbookwyrm

Congratulations everyone! And thank you to everyone who participated. 

Even if you didn’t win this time around, I made sure you all got some love from me for the holidays. <3 And there’s always next year (and maybe other contests who knows). You’re all super great and honestly I’m not sure this blog would be half as active without you guys, so thank you! I mean I just started this blog to keep my DC stuff off my main, I didn’t expect it to start growing like it has.

I’ll be contacting the winners of the art/layout after 3pm EST, I have physical therapy for the first time in almost a year tomorrow. I’ll get to you though. : ) As for the folks who won the promotions - each of you will be placed onto my affiliates page tomorrow, and the January winner will be featured as one of my main links on the navigation as promised, each month following the same trend!