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Four days after triggering Article 50 and we’re discussing potential wars with our European neighbours. Defence secretary Michael Fallon saying that the UK would go “all the way” to defend the territory.

And given that Spain has a veto over any free-trade deal between Britain and the EU, this is no small issue.

Yet, the Brexiteers will scoff, and say that “if we don’t get a free-trade deal, we’ll just join the WTO.”

Oh, really?


The sun is setting on the empire. It’s time for Scotland to leave the UK.

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How does it feel to know that people like you were by and large the reason that Trump got elected?

yes, has nothing to do with the economic depression and total despair in the american industrial heartland in the face of changing economic realities and free trade deals that drain their communities of work and condemn it to forever irrelevance in the eyes of the two big tent parties that only come by and pretend to care during election season. or occupy wallstreet minded young democrats being totally demoralized by a friend of the big banks along with the party they supported crushing the ever loving fuck out of their progressive populist candidate in spectacularly plutocratic manner, but certainly in the rust belt, where most struggling families were wary of Clinton’s favourability toward the TPP and embraced Sanders’ efforts to protect american workers before all else.

1.  Effectively 77,759 votes in three states (WI/PA/MI) determined the Presidency: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump

won by:

  • 22,748 votes in WI, 0.7 of a point (3rd party candidates received: 188,330)
  • 44,307 votes in PA, 0.7 of a point, (3rd party candidates received: 218,228)
  • 10,704 votes in MI, 0.2 of a point (3rd party candidates received: 250,902 votes)

2.  Just three counties – Macomb County, MI; York County, PA and Waukesha County, WI – elected Donald Trump. If those three counties had cast zero votes, Trump would have lost all three states and the election. By the same logic, just three counties re-elected President Obama in 2012: Miami-Dade County, FL; Cuyahoga County, OH and Philadelphia, PA.

Ah, wisconsin, ah yes, the state that was blue for 32 years (since reagan) but swung red after how, among things, hillary not even ONCE sat foot in it during her primary or presidential campaign

This image is god as far as i care, because no amount of shitposting on the internet wouldve mattered, because these states and their economic misfortune determined the election, not cynical coastal bitches like me on the internet

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You think Obama was a good president? Honestly after reading what you say lately and searching a little about it, i think i could hes not the best, BUT neither the worst, i think is really more far away of being the worst. Just asking your opinion, you are my one of my favourites blogs here because i know more of the issues thanks to you.

Take social issues out of the equation, and what is left over is the same person when you look at Obama, the Bush’s, and the Clinton’s, and Nixon. Their accomplishments are primarily this:

>Hand democracy, government, diplomatic decisions, bill proposals, and crime management away to corporate CEOs, especially banks, and unelected international organizations

>Enable manufacturers to take production and the job market from American citizens, causing mass poverty and crime to increase.

>Change policy to enable corporations to manufacture in US prisons (where work conditions dont need to meet the same standards, including wages).

>Through “free trade agreements” enable manufacturers to be able to manufacture in third world countries that dont yet have enough independence and power to stop our corporations from systematically exploiting them and their government, to stop them from violating their rights, or to stop them from hijacking their governments indefinitely thereby preventing them from having protections of their human rights which dont serve the interests of unlimited neo-liberal profit.

>Increase policing, and mass surveillance and/or prohibitions for victimless “crimes”, in order to increase the prison population for the prison lobby that pays their campaigns to keep them in power

>Excuse Saudi Arabia for all human rights violations, political acts of aggression, and military operations, so that our corporate/political class can middleman their oil (been happening since ). Excuse them for pumping billions of dollars into radicalization mosques that they “charitably” build in their surrounding nations and any nation with growing muslim populations (whether due to already existing populations or due to immigration and refugees) including European countries, all while Saudi Arabia takes on exactly 0 refugees in their massive empty refugee camps. Buy weapons from the private military industry who lobbys for you to do so, then arm the Saudi-radicalized groups and have them fight eachother in order to destabilize the region, and help them along with drones and US military invasion. Destabilize the oil-rich neighbors of Saudi Arabia so our corporate/political class can middleman their Oil, and sell weapons in the process.

That’s Obama. That’s Bush and daddy Bush. That’s Hillary and Bill. That was Nixon. The list of politicians is much bigger than that, but those are the ones I can give you the most elaborate details about (if you were to ask for them and need sources), their exact policies on these matters, and the effects of those policies as they relate to mass systemic violations of human rights nationally and internationally. But essentially, that is neo-liberalism, crony capitalism, the force that will ultimately obscure liberal values and human rights. It is the systematic replacement of liberals & protected people with masses slaves. That’s it. The end goal of neo-liberalism is slavery, and they have the technology to do it, but not quite the will and guts to outright take aggressive action directly for it. All of these things are intwined and there is no wall between what is a political issue vs business issue.

And I’m not arguing it’s a grand conspiracy, it’s not, there is no single inner circle of people conspiring, it’s just the nature of power at work, it’s multiple sects and many powerful people working their own common interests and justifying what they can get away with and trying not to suffer the grave consequences of rocking the boat. Regradless of whether it is the intent whenever they make a decision, that is effectively what the ruling class is doing. Many of them likely dont even know what this system is heading toward for everyone. People are sheep, even the shepherds. Justification on top of justification buries the truth, even from the liar. It’s called a shut-eye (1:45). Good intentions pave the road to hell.

I wanted to add more about how religions and identity politics and neo-marxism plays into things, how the media is a propaganda machine, and how the media plays both sides of the chess board and essentially plays the role of divide and conquer toward the people who take it willingly and unwittingly, how the media is controlled by (literally 6 families) the same people who actively work to maintain as much control of the government as they can, how the two parties effectively work against all interests of the American people and people of foreign nations, both parties do so in the exact same ways as the other party, how both parties support corporations and banks the exact same ways, some stuff about the environment and food supply and energy industry, how Nixon’s free trade deal allowed China to sustain itself as a totalitarian state at the expense of the Chinese people and american workers (sorta covered that already), some side notes about Nixon’s reason for the drug war as well as corporate lobbyists who wanted to crush their the hemp industry competitors, some info about specific weapons deals, info about Saudi Arabia’s money in the US, some stuff about the “Federal” Reserve Bank, and some things about the drug war and private prisons and the Clintons in particular, some more things about Reagan’s similar involvement with these things, the history of our relationship with Saudi Arabia, and specific authoritarian bills that are typically blamed on one party but were passed with a ‘yes‘ by Bush, Hillary, and Obama. And on and on and on, but I could go on forever.

So instead, in short, I’ll just say that the position of President of the United States has been almost solely a racketeering business for a long time, that social issues are a carrot on a stick leading us this way and that for the interests of someone who does not care how it affects us, and politics are swayed more by a single corporate CEO or former CEO -on a state and federal level- than many entire states combined, especially if we started naming names of specific influential people. And also, things are not all black and white either, there’s a lot of nuance to all of these issues, and also also, don’t just take my word for everything or anything.

Also, on Barack Obama specifically, here is a list of his accomplishments:

-He is the first Nobel Peace Prize winner to bomb another Nobel Peace Prize winner

-He is the first US president to bomb a charity hospital, and with 100% collateral damage no less, killing 42, injuring over 30, with 33 people missing.

-He dropped 26,171 bombs in one year, in a war he was elected on the promise of ending

-He is the third president in a row to bomb more nations than any other president since WW2, and was ongoingly bombing all 8 of them at the same time at one point

-He is the 5th president in a row to have increased government debt to a massive new threshold. He raised the government debt from 10 trillion to 20 trillion. Tick tock

-Before presidency, Obama voted ‘yes’ to a bill written by a Bush administrator -who was a former Wall Street banker, btw- written to give themself the authority to spend 700,000,000,000 dollars on banks who were going to fail due to their own illegal business practices that had just destroyed the economy. The banks pocketed most of the money. And don’t forget the 800 billion dollar stimulus bill on top of that, passed when he made it to office.

-He is the first president to hire a private advertising company as a PR team, yes, he is the first president to have literal propagandists telling him and his circles how to be in order to keep a fals image of who they are to the american people. This is was brought to Hunger Games level on the Orwellian meter when he slowjamed propaganda about how wonderful the TPP is on a late night talkshow. Yes, the TPP, the most imperialistic bill that has every been conceived by corporations (and Hillary Clinton).

-Also, first black president, and he didn’t do shit to help black people, he often made them more upset. And just look at race relations now.

So yeah, fuck Obama.

He did everything the left hated Bush for. And for some reason, they praise him for it when he does it, because politics is fucking football apparently, and football is apparently politics. Did I mention Obama bombed an award winning charity hospital with 100% collateral damage, 0 targets in the building, and people literally burned to death? OH, and fuck me, I actually DIDNT mention the torture that the military is still doing. I’m just going to end this here for health and mental stability reasons.

Remember, with great power…. comes


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Zionism is not fascist. There’s Revisionist Zionists, Jabotinsky/Irgun, Neo-Zionists, Kahanists and Reactionary Rightwing Post-Zionists who reject Zionism because they believe it is too ‘socialist’ but Zionism has a lot of left wing iterations: labor zionism, socialist zionism, marxist zionist, liberal zionism, left zionism, post-zionism, binational zionism, etc. 

It’s all settler colonial but settler colonialism can be ‘left.’ Canada, Germamy and France are often considered to be far more ‘left’ than the United States but they’re still a colonial and imperialist nations who help overthrow democratically elected nations, profit from IMF and WorldBank neocolonal monetary policies, and benefit from free trade deals. Their ‘leftwing’ social democratic politics does not change that they are colonizers and imperialists and all their modern wealth and power is derived from their legacy of colonization and imperialism. These places are still very xenophobic and militant despite their ‘leftwing’ social policies domestically. These are all bourgeois nations at the end of the day.

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Hey there! I really like your stuff and I'm kinda confused on the difference between the NDP and the Liberal party?

Liberals are centrists, and a bit to the left.

The NDP is more left.

Its the NDP that campaigns on a $15/minimum wage, not Liberals. Many NDP parties have campaigned on eliminating/reducing student debt/tuition, and expanding medicare (to cover things like drugs/dental/etc). Liberals have not (the Liberal Party I’ve seen come close to that is in Ontario to reduce tuition for low income students but its still not free tuition as $3000 needs to be paid as a minimum). If Bernie Sanders was Canadian he’d be in the NDP, not a Liberal.

Liberals tend to be socially Liberal (i.e. they care about LGBTQ and Women’s rights), but also have quite Conservative policies when it comes to things like foreign policy and economics (such as approving as many oil pipelines as they can or pushing for big free trade deals like the trans pacific partnership). The Liberals middle class tax cut for example; the highest benefit goes to the top 10% of the population. Low income Canadians get nothing.

i get that the uk isn’t in a position to seriously piss off the US but i hate how theresa may fell all over herself to be the first foreign head of govt to secure a visit with trump, the chummy way she held hands with him for a photo-op (gag) and her clearly calculating to water down her words on torture -which is an ECHR obligation the UK has signed up to on its own volition, and that travel ban which affects many british citizens (so now the DHS says it won’t apply to British dual nationals but if they travel to those countries they might still be affected & that still doesn’t deal with them being unable to meet family members?). her spinelessness about the us blanket ban on refugees- the protection of refugees is yet another ECHR obligation the UK signed up for. just her generally cowardly response to what are now not merely words, but trump’s policies. other european us allies like netherlands and germany have shown more spine. and yeah, i can see she’s doing all that because she hopes to clinch that free trade deal to smooth over the UK cutting itself out of the European Common Market and its 500 million customers. 

all the while peddling the fiction that the special r/ship is some sort of equal, frank exchange between good friends (lmao) instead of clearly this thing where the UK is all-too willing to dance to America’s tune, no matter how shitty. 

Send Yarn, Free Amigurumi!

I am making it official in my shop that anyone that mails me yarn will get a free commissioned amigurumi made by me! I am making this rule due to others out there who have yarn laying around somewhere in their home and don’t ever plan on using them but at the same time want a certain amigurumi of their very own and want to stay on a budget.

If interested, here are the simple rules!

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Lastly if you are interested, all you have to do is inform me by messaging me over Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and/or in my shop. Once an agreement is made, I’ll send you my mailing address for you to ship your yarn. During that time I will begin making your commission, so PLEASE leave your mailing address on/with your yarn package so that I too can mail out your crochet goodies! And that’s really about it, pretty simple! 

I hope some people will be on board with this! I can only hope to spread more happiness and excitement in doing this, thank you!

For the Climate Minded Voter…

So before we head into the next round of primaries I wanted to add a little context and depth to the conversation we are having on Climate Change and what candidate best reflects the concerns of the Climate Change movement.

Why Hillary Clinton is definitely NOT your candidate:

1. Hillary’s “safe and responsible” energy plan calls for expansion of domestic fracking, which has been shown to disproportionately impact communities of color.

2. She promoted fracking as Secretary of State both domestically & internationally and her own SuperPAC has credited her with selling fracking to the world.

3. The State Dept. under Hillary attempted to fast-track the Keystone XL pipeline, outsourcing the review process to TransCanada, a company with an extremely poor safety record which was building the pipeline.

4. She has deep ties to fossil fuel financiers and lobbyists including Jeff Berman who now holds a senior position on her 2016 campaign and was a top lobbyist for TransCanada.

5. Her financial bundlers for the 2016 campaign include several oil lobbyists. And Clinton has many of the same donors as far-right politicians, including one of the worst Gov. Rick Snyder.

6. Half of Clinton’s speaking fees come from groups lobbying Congress, several of which were lobbying on fossil fuels.

7. The Hillary campaign and her SuperPAC’s have received large contributions from fossil-fuel industry groups, along with all GOP candidates.

8. The Clinton Foundation has been called by some a “money laundering” operation, with Keystone-related groups, foreign oil companies, and other big oil interests giving millions to the foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State and actively lobbying Congress to fast-track the KXL pipeline.

9. Not surprisingly, Hillary has never offered a comprehensive plan on fossil fuel extraction or climate change, though she publicly supports climate action. the climate section of her website was recently scrubbed, and she has implicitly ruled out a carbon tax through her opposition to new taxes on anyone making less than $250K.

10. Clinton has a long and clear record of supporting Free Trade deals including NAFTA, CAFTA, and the TPP. Note: TransCanada is now suing the US for $15B for blocking the Keystone pipeline (via the NAFTA agreement).

11. The latest email dump from Clinton’s servers show she was aggressively promoting the Colombia Free Trade Agreement, despite having vowed to her voters to block it.

12. Under these neoliberal trade agreements supported by Clinton, the US just announced it will sue India for its “Solar Revolution” plan through the World Trade Organization.


Why Bernie Sanders DEFINITELY is your candidate:

1. Sanders introduced the Keep It In The Ground Act – legislation that would put an end to fossil-fuel leases on public lands.

2. Sanders calls climate change our greatest national security threat.

3. Sanders supports a national ban on tracking (video), and is running television ads showing how fracking disproportionately impacts low-income communities and communities of color, polluting domestic water supplies (video).

4. Sanders has stated his support for the fossil-fuel Divest-Invest movement.

5. Sanders has a long record of introducing legislation and initiating programs to protect the environment and expand clean, renewable energy.

6. Sanders supports a strong and rising carbon tax to fund clean energy infrastructure, creating millions of working class jobs in America.

7. Sanders has a long and very clear record of opposing free trade deals like NAFTA, CAFTA, and the TPP which allows corporations to sue governments if their environmental laws impact shareholder value.

8. Sanders called for Governor Rick Snyder’s resignation because of the Flint water crisis, in which government leaders at all levels knew they were poisoning this low-income community.

9. Sanders is one of the most outspoken critics of the Koch brothers and GOP climate deniers (video).

10. Sanders has a long record of supporting environmental justice and is the ONLY candidate with a climate justice plank in his comprehensive climate platform.

11. While Clinton’s campaign is being run by fossil fuel lobbyists, Sanders’ campaign is staffed with a roster of important climate activists, including Becky Bond, Zack Malitz, Karthik Ganapathy, Claire Sandberg.

12. It goes without saying, Sanders does not take any money from fossil fuel companies, financiers, oil & gas lobbyists, either directly or through a PAC, unlike Clinton who receives large contributions from all of the above.

Britain leaving the EU is like shooting yourself in both feet and then trying to crawl back to safety when you realise that was a dumb thing to do. Y’all are gonna have to ask the EU for a free trade deal anyway…

It bugs me that most adaptations of The War of the Worlds update the story to be in contemporary times.

If you’re going to update the story, update the colonialism metaphors as well. 

Have the Martians come to Earth and announce that they’ve come to “modernize” the Human Economy.

Have them use their advanced military hardware to compel the nations of the Earth to sign restrictive “free trade” deals with them which allow them to harvest Earth’s natural resources as well as Human body parts.

Have them install a friendly puppet dictatorship which looks after the interests of Martian conglomerates before those of Humans.

Have the Martians flood the Earth with their own media products which extol Martian cultural values and beauty standards. Show children consuming the Martian media becoming so discontent with their “ugly Human bodies” that they have tentacles surgically grafted-on. 

And don’t tell me that HG Wells would have disapproved.

12 Things More Important To Me Than Whether a Politician Supports Gay Marriage:

In no particular order.

1. Reducing the size of government through cutting and reforming government programs.

2. Simplifying the tax code.

3. Reducing the regulatory burden on businesses. 

4. Repairing the economy.

5. Trashing ISIS.

6. Strengthening the American military.

7. Capitalism and free market trade deals.

8. Repairing our immigration system.

9. Privatizing things like the post office, VA, and other programs that the free market could clearly handle more efficiently.

10. Repealing Obamacare and replacing it with a system that actually works.

11. Dealing with the clusterfuck that is the Iran deal.

12. Reforming our welfare system.

Bonus Baker’s Dozen: Basically anything else that’s not a social issue.

A mere 2 days after Brexit and there’s already talk of the US and Canada wanting free trade deals with the UK, and Germany wanting to make us an ‘associated partner country’. On top of that, the pound has stabilized.

Leftists are hilarious. Such fear-mongers.

I care about people, not trees. Why care about climate change?

Because this ain’t fake. Climate change makes Earth unlivable for people. The people impacted first and worst are poor people and people of colour (in poor and rich nations). And, you know, future people like your kids. We are right now living in the crucial moment where we can stop its worst effects.

Meh. Our leaders will save us.

Really? For 30 years they’ve known about climate change and for 30 years, well intentioned or not, they have failed to take real climate action. This is in big part cause they’re influenced by big business.

Meh. Green groups will save us.

Really? Some are doing good work but they’re not very powerful (at least not without more support). Further, many of them are also influenced by big business.

Meh. Billionaires will save us.

Really? Some are doing good work but billionaires, well intentioned or not, have a crappy track record. eg. Richard Branson was gonna dedicate billions to climate action but then just… reneged and started up more CO2 heavy businesses. This is too important to be left at the whims of billionaires. We need an actual binding plan, not naive hope. Also, obviously, a lot of these billionaires are big business.

What’s wrong with big business?

Some big business are actively fueling climate denial and sabotaging all climate action. The rest are less menacing, but generally will only support business-friendly climate solutions. This would be fine if these solutions matched the science, but they do not.

So we will have to change our economy to fight climate change?

Yes. Our economy is based on bad principles. Economic growth? No, we can’t have infinite growth on a planet with finite, diminishing resources. Free markets? No, we need our governments intervening in the market to give renewable energy schemes a chance. Deregulate big business? No, we need solid restrictions on big business to stop them polluting (and influencing our leaders) willy nilly. Free trade? No, local trade is much less CO2-heavy and ‘free trade’ deals keep shutting down local solar/wind programs that are working. Environmental damage is an ‘externality’ businesses don’t have to factor in? No, just obviously no.

This sounds grim.

It’s not actually. The changes we need to make to our economy for climate change are also the ones we need to make for our system to work better and fairer for people. Capitalism/neoliberalism is not only screwing over the planet but also its people. Think GFC, 1%, inequality, debt, sweatshops, exploitation, corporate lobbying. In a weird way, the climate crisis is an opportunity to fix these problems once and for all.

So if our leaders, green groups, big business and billionaires aren’t saving us, who will?

You. Sorry that was corny. But we need as many people as possible to care about this deeply. This ain’t just another issue. This is a civilizational wake-up call. Stop looking away and see this for the urgent crisis (and opportunity) that it is. Stop looking away. Our leaders, green groups, big businesses and billionaires will not do what’s needed unless big social movements of everyday people put big pressure on them. Spread the word and give your voice, time, votes, whatever you can to making climate action the urgent priority that it is. Stop looking away. As I said, this ain’t fake. Do it for your kids, or for you or for poor people or for poor nations or for trees. But do it. Stop looking away.

Meh. I still don’t think I’ll do anything.

OK, but know this. There are no non-radical options left. If we do nothing: the Earth radically changes to a place unlivable. If we do ‘business-friendly’ solutions: the Earth radically changes to a place unlivable. If we work to radically change our economy: we save the planet and make life better for people. Note that things staying as they are right now? Is not an option.

A lot of these thoughts come from Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything. Read it for a more nuanced explanation of the stuff said here.

boris johnson on brexit

“…British people will still be able to go and work in the EU; to live; to travel; to study; to buy homes and to settle down. As the German equivalent of the CBI – the BDI – has very sensibly reminded us, there will continue to be free trade, and access to the single market. Britain is and always will be a great European power, offering top-table opinions and giving leadership on everything from foreign policy to defence to counter-terrorism and intelligence-sharing – all the things we need to do together to make our world safer.

Yes, the Government will be able to take back democratic control of immigration policy, with a balanced and humane points-based system to suit the needs of business and industry. Yes, there will be a substantial sum of money which we will no longer send to Brussels, but which could be used on priorities such as the NHS. Yes, we will be able to do free trade deals with the growth economies of the world in a way that is currently forbidden…” 


take a moment to appreciate just how arrogant this statement is. he is saying that british people have some kind of god-given right to live wherever the hell they want but people don’t have the right to settle in the uk – they would be stopped at the border. it is absolutely staggering that this imperialist, arrogant and britain-centric worldview is so prevalent in the british political elite still today. they must think that they can just snap their fingers and everyone else follows because they are british and they used to enslave half the world. rule britannia, fuck immigrants and fuck europe.

normally this would make me mad as hell because this mindset is so repugnant but given the circumstances i just laugh. you know why? because he is going to get his ass handed back to him on a plate when he goes to europe with this ‘plan’, which is basically that a) british people can live where they want b) other people can’t come to the uk c) we will do the same amount of trade with the eu, only we won’t follow any of your legislation (which, i should say, includes employment legislation that he so wants to get rid off, the tory cunt he is). he is barking mad if he think this is going to last 5 seconds with other european leaders. who the hell does he think he is?

poor boris is going to learn very quickly that britain isn’t an empire anymore, that this isn’t the 1950s and that the world doesn’t revolve around british national interests. you’re not the largest economy in europe, germany is. you led the campaign to lead britain out of the eu and now the 27 member states are a united front and they hold all cards in these negotiations, not you boris. i would not too kindly suggest you eat some humble pie but my guess is that it will very soon be forced down your throat by the other eu member states anyway.

as soon as british (mainly english though, i give you that) people learn that no one gives a fuck about them and that they’re not exceptional in any way and all they are is a tiny island no better than any other european country, the better they will manage the challenges of the 21st century. being english or british doesn’t give you special privileges in this world, you utter fucking morons. oh, and if you so want to be independent then leave and don’t let the door hit you on your way out but don’t expect the same level of privileges from the eu just because you think everyone loves you, you self-serving creeps.

leaving the eu is absolute insanity but what more can you expect from english people who think they’re still the king of the world? and the funny thing is that brexiters led the campaign with promises to ‘take back control’, and more ‘sovereignty’ and ‘independence’. how’s that working out for you so far, brexiters? the extent of their fuck-up will come evident the minute boris joins in on these negotiations with the eu, and i personally can’t wait for that to happen.

fuck you, boris. fuck you.