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You are cordially invited to:

 “A Fairytale In Paris” : the Aeterno Charity Gala

Where: the Grand Ballroom at the Fairmont, Washington DC

When: Friday, Sept 2nd 2016 at seven p.m.

“A night of fairytales in the making in a city of love. A Fairytale in Paris will bring forth an evening of magical experiences including dinner and dancing in our Grand Ballroom. Whether it be Cinderella searching for her love, or Alice falling through her Looking Glass, each attendee is encouraged to let their imaginations run wild and free, and fall under our spell of enchantment for one mystical evening.”

The dress code for the Gala is formal evening wear. Students who wish to attend but cannot meet the dress code requirements are encouraged to contact the board members where arrangements for fittings can be made. Note that formal wear is NOT a costume, and should be treated as an official school sanctioned event.

Awards will be presented at the end of the evening for numerous categories in which the ballots will be released later this week! All proceeds from the raffles, auctions and donations will go to three different charities affiliated with the academy, as well as funds to help keep Aeterno the wonderful opportunity it is. We hope to see you there, for it will be a night to never forget!

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His last completely coherent thought as the change occurred was that he’d been mistaken. Having a cat he knew to be territorial latch onto his arm? Annoying, but normal. This, on the other hand, was wrong.

His musings soon became a blur as his mind tried to process what was going on. His first instinct was to flee, but the cat still held fast, so he only scrambled uselessly with his free legs before falling to the floor. He tried to demand what was going on, but all that came out were barks, which soon turned to growls and yowls as his frustration grew. With a bit more struggling, he finally managed to escape the feline and immediately charged at Do Young, swiping the man’s ankle. It was mostly pure reaction, his anger and uncertainty being transformed into a raw desire to attack what seemed to be the source of his troubles. However, after being on the receiving end off Jejoo’s greeting twice, a small part of him was glad to let the man finally see what it felt like.

The man laughed loudly as the fox wiggled around before falling onto the floor, entirely unkind and unable to stop himself in time. He was mildly surprised when the fox charged at him to swipe at his ankle, but it would only cause the fox pain- the fox had struck at the mechanical prosthetic he used, and the man waggled his eyebrows at the fox, face remaining passive but quickly cracking into one of undue amusement. Considering the fox was now much smaller than him, the man lifted the fox up and proceeded to put a collar on it. The collar itself already had a leash, considering what happened to Heesung the first few times, and hence the man was now dragging along the collar and the leash in a hilarious attempt to demean the fox further. 

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125 feet. The highest free fall performed by a stuntman in 35 years. Watch stunt legend Damien Walters perform the Leap of Faith on the set of the #AssassinsCreedMovie


Jasper had garnered just enough self control to impart Pearl with a partial answer. With crucial information. There could be more, but talking could get things easily worse. What now?




Jasper had enough presence to answer before swinging into a charge to reach her objective. While we are at that, this update is the perfect place to announce that updates will likely be around 2-4 per month. Depending on length and difficulty, some comics need a bit more iteration than others.

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If you missed it, this is a direct continuation of >>THIS<< (DA Link) comic, wich was inspired by >>THIS<< comic, made by @draggems


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Mila 2.0: Renegade* by Debra Driza ( debradriza )

Life by Committee by Corey Ann Haydu

The Secrets of Lily Graves by Sarah Strohmeyer

Free to Fall by Lauren Miller ( laurenmillerwrites )

Rebel* by Amy Tintera ( amytintera)

*These books are sequels and seconds in trilogies.

How FREE TO FALL by Lauren Miller Came to Be

Free to Fall started with a moment I almost missed.

It was December in Los Angeles, and the outdoor mall was crowded with holiday shoppers.  As I stepped off the escalator from the underground garage, I started digging around in my bag for my phone. Some unsuccessful shuffling later (it seems I keep enough to survive a nuclear meltdown in my bag), I glanced up, and my breath caught in my throat.

Colorful sunsets are common in L.A. – we have the smog to thank for that – but this was more than a pretty sky.  The clouds looked like they were burning, lit up like fire, hot crimson and gold against the smoky purple of the darkening sky.  Describing it now, the cynic in me bristles, needing to acknowledge the cliché.  But we’ve all had those moments that unexpectedly pull us outside ourselves and deliver that transcendent feeling of perspective we didn’t realize we’d been missing. 

I scanned the crowded plaza for someone to share it with. A stranger with whom I might lock eyes, if only for a second.  A nod, a smile, a silent, “Wow, right?”

But not a single person was looking up at the sky.  Or in my direction, for that matter.

They were all looking down.  At their phones.  And the worst part?  I’d been fumbling for mine.

That moment was, for me, the spark.  I asked myself: is our desire to not miss out on anything (because, really, isn’t that what draws us to our screens?) robbing us of the very moments that make life worth living – moments with the power to make us stop and stare and feel and think? 

And so Free to Fall was born. It’s a story that imagines where our reliance on technology may be taking us, and what our obsession with “happiness” could cause us to forget.  It’s also a journey of self-discovery for my main character, Rory, a girl who learns first-hand that “connectedness” is not the same as connection, and that free will comes with a price.  

Not that our screens don’t serve a purpose.  Just remember to look up every once and awhile. The sky might be waiting to take your breath away.

Curious about FREE TO FALL? Start reading it here!

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out with an older teen client tonight at a Chinese buffet. this is the kid I worry the most about. they have, I’m not kidding, the WORST childhood I have ever seen. it’s amazing to me that they’re not catatonic, and I’m serious about that. and now they’re very close to aging out, and are probably the hardest kid I’ve ever had to try and find a family for. they’re closed off, emotionally regressed, angry, dissociated, mean, and talk constantly about how they don’t need anybody and everybody leaves you anyway so why bother with adoption. it has taken over a year to get them to smile at me once.

I open my fortune cookie, it says, “you will soon witness a miracle”

I show it to the kid. “keep that,” they say. “you’ll see my adoption.”

(not an hour before that dinner, I had been in a meeting with a family interested in adopting this kid, but they didn’t know that)