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Hey everyone! To celebrate our most beloved TV mom, I decided to start a Lorelai Gilmore Appreciation Week. From March 06 to March 12 you can post anything you want (graphics, gifs, videos, etc! go wild) as long as it’s about Lorelai and it fits the theme. Don’t forget to use the tag #lgaw17 in the first five tags so everyone can see your creation! 

Here are the daily themes:

  • day 1, 03/06: favorite season
  • day 2, 03/07: favorite relationship
  • day 3, 03/08: favorite tropes or traits
  • day 4, 03/09: favorite scene(s)
  • day 5, 03/10: favorite looks
  • day 6, 03/11: favorite quote(s)
  • day 7, 03/12: free choice

I hope you guys can be a part of it! Shoot me a message if you have any questions, and have fun! ♥️️

Hello! its time for me to open commissions again! :D because I have stuff to pay :/

I will be opening 10 slots. Paypal Only

You can choose “Bust” (blue) or “Full Body”(yellow) and can be Either Sketchs ($10 or $15), Colored Sketch ($15 or $20) or “Clean” ($25 or $30). Cleans mean it has a lineart. The princes listed are for a single chracter. if you want an extra character are +$5. Prices in american dollars.

I wont draw: NSFW (tho shirtless guys are okay), Gore, Mecha, Animals/Furry, Backgrounds (you can ask for simple bacgrounds like the examples above for free)

I will draw: Fanarts, OCs (With references, no text), Couples (Straight, Yaoi & Yuri)

Questions? Ask me here or use the chat? Contact me to my email.

  • 01. TAKEN
  • 02. TAKEN
  • 03. FREE
  • 04. FREE
  • 05. FREE
  • 06. FREE
  • 07. FREE
  • 08. FREE
  • 09. FREE
  • 10. FREE

Final Fantasy IX is turning 15 years old on July 7th, 2015!

finalfantasyix would like to celebrate the 15th anniversary of FFIX with all of Tumblr by holding its very own appreciation week! I encourage all fans to participate in the FFIX Appreciation Week that will start on Wednesday, July 1st and end on Tuesday, July 7th.

Day 1 (July 01) → Favorite character(s) or relationship
Day 2 (July 02) → Favorite scene or cutscene
Day 3 (July 03) → Favorite quote(s)
Day 4 (July 04) → Favorite boss/boss battle
Day 5 (July 05) → Favorite location
Day 6 (July 06) → Favorite eidolon/summon
Day 7 (July 07) → D-DAY! A free day; anything you wish to create in honor of 15 years with FFIX
Day 8 (July 08) *Bonus day! → Favorite sidequest and/or mini-game
(*This is completely optional)

All posts (graphics, gifs, writing, etc) should be tagged with #ffixweek so all participants can see them. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, and I will respond as soon as I can.

Here’s to 15 years of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy IX!!


|| Psycho Pass Story Board Art Books 02 + 03 from c85. 

I was lucky enough to get my hands on these artbooks! They feature a lot of storyboarding from episodes 12-22 with those 4 full color illustrations. I just provided a sample here to give you guys a look at what’s inside. Please do not steal the pictures – the content might not belong to me, but the pictures do. If anyone has any requests to see story boards from certain episodes, I’d be happy to oblige. : ) 

1.) Both covers. 2+3.) First page of each art book. 4+5.) Pages belonging to art book 02. 6+7.) Pages belonging to art book 03. 8.) Sample page from 02. 9.) Sample page from 03. 10.) Final page of 03. Sample of commentary between each grouping of episodes. If you can read it, please feel free to translate as long as you credit! (Hint: Open image in new tab to full view… all the pictures are high res.) ||

sleeping beauty; a playlist created for those nights where closing your eyes won’t help || the following playlist is full of songs that lull me to sleep

01. Strange Birds ▸ Birdy | 02. All of Me ▸ John Legend | 03. Nitesky ▸ Robert Koch (featuring John La Monica) | 04. 19 You + Me ▸ New Heights & Colton Haynes | 05. Let Her Go ▸ Passenger |  06. I Will Follow You Into The Dark ▸ Death Cab for Cutie | 07. Human ▸ Christina Perri | 08. A Drop in the Ocean ▸ Ron Pope | 09. Free Falling ▸ John Mayer | 10. So Cold ▸ Ben Cocks | 11. Skinny Love ▸ Birdy | 12. Mad World ▸ Adam Lambert | 13. Kiss Me ▸ Ed Sheeran | 14. Beside You ▸ 5 Seconds of Summer | 15. Wild Life ▸ Hedley | 16. After the Storm ▸ Mumford & Sons | 17. Holding On and Letting Go ▸ Ross Copperman | 18. Safe and Sound ▸ Taylor Swift (featuring The Civil Wars) | 19. You and I ▸ One Direction | 20. Nightingale ▸ Demi Lovato 


Rei/Nagisa fanmix→ It’s all about you

01.- Your Song - Kate Walsh /  02.- She’s Got You High - Mumm-Ra /  03.-  Perfect Two- Auburn /  04.-Here In Your Arms  - hellogoodbye /  05.- All of me - John Legend /  06.- Can’t stand it - Never Shout Never /  07.- What i like about you - 5 Seconds of Summer /  08.- All about you - Mcfly


Hey everyone! With the ending of season 4 (let’s all pray for season 5), I decided to host the Rizzoli and Isles Blog Awards again. These awards are meant to honor our favorite blogs and people in the fandom. The rules are basically the same as last year, but I added some new categories. Feel free to message me if you’re missing one, it can still be added in the nomination phase. Okay here we go:


You can nominate your favorite blogs from 22/03 till 08/04. Send a message which contains the blog you want to nominate, plus the specific category (so for example: favorite overall blog - url name). You can nominate a maximum of three blogs per category.


The voting round will take place from 09/04 till 16/04. This time you can only vote once per category. Winners will be announced on 17/04. There will be a final top three of every category.

If you have any questions please send me a message.

PS: this is a new blog. I made it an actual blog instead of a sideblog, 
so I can send messages from this blog and not my own tumblr account.