free to be queue and me

things to do today by tuesday: 

  • 27 pages of psych notes 
    • 11/27 completed
  • calc test corrections 
  • calc homework area between two curves
  • calc homework cross sections
  • make sure all ch 5 calc homework is done -> finish if it isnt (it isn’t)
    • finish differential equations homework
    • finish partial fractions homework -> half finished
  • khan academy calc 
  • duolingo if time 
  • start english poetry assignment
    • analyze
    • look up analysis 
    • start write up
  • practice instruments

extra: reviewed calc with maya

{ starting jan. 23 i have classes again and that’s when i might go on a (semi) hiatus on all of my blogs. not sure how big of a difference that is for judas’s blog though, considering stress just flares up his muse even more??? but yeah. activity/threads may be more sparse than usual. }

why doesn’t the x-mansion have wheelchair ramps

it’s literally his house

how does he get in and out of his own house

That time of the semester is upon us again… tomorrow I start my study schedule for finals! So I’ve set up a queue to keep the blog running even if I’m not always scrolling through. Feel free to continue to send questions, my ask box is still open but it might take me a little longer to respond.

Happy studying to all of you prepping for finals! Keeping grinding, it’ll be over in no time!

Hey guys so basically I’m no longer using this blog.

It’s been a fun ride, but I’m moving onto a new one.

The main reason being is that I want to stop using Tumblr so much. I’ve been on here since I was 16 years old and my ass turns 24 in June. Y I K E S.

Also over the years I just know there’s a lot of inactive accounts and bots that follow me now, so it might say 47k but I know that’s not real.

I just want to try and have a space of the internet again where I’m surrounded by friends and people I know more than anything.

But I do know a lot of people really enjoy my presence and content so I’m not gonna make it a secret (although I’ve been posting this a lot this past week but y’know not everyone sees it)

Feel free to give me a follow at @baristaboy if you like, it’d be glad to have ya.

Gonna put this post in my queue and have it post like. 5 times a day or so for like a week just in case, then delete them all. 

Thanks for everything and here’s to a “new beginning” 

the truth:
sometimes i’m not okay. today’s that day for me. and that's okay. i’m exhausted. there’s nothing wrong with that. i’m tired of giving away my heart constantly and receiving things in return that are conditional. i’m tired of being a victim. i’m tired of never being loved the same in return. everyday is a process for me. i’m trying to be more understanding. i’m trying to be more open to the reality that not everyone is going to love me back. and that’s okay. it’s nothing personal. some people just don’t know any better. some people just don’t even know what it means to love with no boundaries. with no limitations. with no expectations. with no requirements. everyday i wonder.. do i require too much? do i expect too much? everyday i’m still learning what it means to “love”.
—  Reyna Biddy
Fanfiction Sales

“And the sale of fanfiction books just went up!” Jensen joked, gesturing upwards with his index finger. 

You turned your head to look at him, giving him a sideways glance. “And what exactly would you know about the sale of fanfiction books, Jen?” you snickered, quirking an eyebrow. “Sweetie, most fanfiction is just online, mostly Tumblr. And they’re free. You don’t typically buy fanfiction,” you smiled, rolling your eyes. “And don’t go there. For heaven’s sake just stay away, Jen,” you added, when he just sat there smiling at you, his eyes zeroing in on you. 

You realized then that you might have made a bit of a mistake as your eyes met Jensen’s. You looked at him, practically begging him not to ask the question you could see forming in his head. You winced when he opened his mouth.

“Have you gone there, Y/N?” he asked, a smug look on his face. Smug bastard. You looked away from him and toward the crowd with a pointed, panicked look. Several of the audience members burst into laughter. 

Jared piped in. “She has!” he roared, punching Jensen in the shoulder. “She’s totally been there. Y/N do you read fanfiction?” Jared pushed as you turned away from him, running your hand through your hair. 

You ran your hand over you face which was all the confession the boys needed. Jensen got up and walked around to the other side of your chair, scooting you over a bit and joining you in your seat. “Seriously?” he laughed a little, putting his mic in his lap, leaning in close to you, wanting to keep this little conversation a secret. 

You leaned in, playing into his teasing. “I don’t just read it, Jen. I write it, too. You should see the things I write about you,” you whispered in his ear, pulling away with a wink. His jaw dropped slightly as his eyes went big flashing back and forth across your features trying to determine if you were telling the truth. 

“Show me?” he asked, curiosity getting the best of him. 

You ran your hand up one thigh as Jared continued to ramble on about Tumblr and fanfiction, very few people paying attention to the two of you. “I’ll do more than show you,” you whispered in his ear again, biting his earlobe gently. He pulled away with a slight shiver and smiled devilishly at you. You realized then that everyone was watching you and Jensen. 

“So?” Jared asked. “You’re all about fanfiction aren’t you?”

You looked at the audience as they waited with baited breath. There had always been rumors that you were lurking on Tumblr, and they were going to eat this up. “I dabble. I see things. I know what you girls think,” you laughed, smiling at the audience. There were whoops and hollers in return. You leaned over whispering into your mic, “I think those things too,” you said with a wink and the crowd went nuts. 

“Alright, alright!” Jensen waved his hands, standing and grabbing your hand, causing everyone in the room to laugh. “That’s enough. I think it’s time for the last question,” he turned to look at the girl waiting by the mic. “And it better not have anything to do with fanfiction or Tumblr!” he warned with a laugh as he turned and winked at you. 

You grabbed his neck and pulled his lips to yours for no reason other then to remind everyone that you were happy to share him, but at the end of the day, Jensen Ackles the man of many a fanfiction dream and legend, was all yours. 

Thanks @percywinchester27 for your gif submission. I’ll admit @ilostmyshoe-79 fic today got me thinking about this a little, so I spun it with Jensen instead of Dean. Hope you guys enjoyed. The whole idea of Jensen finding fanfiction makes me giggle a little, not gonna lie.