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YGOTOBER Day 14: Costume Shopping

Catching up! Slowly! lol Yay for free time! Day 14, manga version, sometime between Pegasus and Duke’s arc. Just cause I can!

 Yugi sighed, he ended up at the store alone. Joey got grounded, Tristan had chores, and Tea had work. “I hate going alone.” He groaned. “What makes it worse is that I shop in the kid’s section.” He scrunched his face up in anger and crossed his arms.

If it’s that bad, would you like some company?” The spirit of the puzzle appeared.

Yugi’s smile grew, he had almost forgotten about his Mou Hitori no Boku. “Yeah!”

The spirit chuckled. “Where are we off to?” He asked, no longer floating, he now was standing on his feet and walked in step with Yugi’s, his hands in his pockets.

“I got to go to the Halloween store.” Yugi spoke out loud, not minding the looks he got from people who walked by him.

Halloween?” The spirit hummed and searched his memories, well Yugi’s memories that was. Yugi shared all his memories with him, so he knew it was there somewhere. “Candy, dressing up. Sounds fun, Aibou.” He smiled.

“It is!” Yugi exclaimed, joy on his face. “This year Tristan is having a Halloween party and we all got to dress up.” His smiled grew bigger. “I need to get a costume and of course everyone is busy when I have the time.” He then slouched and sighed.

I’m never busy. You know you can always ask me.” The Spirit smiled as they both arrived to the store.

“Sometimes you keep to yourself so much, that I forget you’re here.” Yugi looked down at the ground, being honest with the spirit was hard sometimes.

The spirit sighed. “You are right. I apologize for that. I want to be friends with you and that means I need to interact more.” He admitted. Yugi’s eyes shot up and gave a small nod. “Let’s go inside.

 Yugi walked around the store for what seemed like forever. Not finding a single costume he liked, the ones he did were usually too big or too small. “Ugh!” He groaned rubbing his hands against his face. “I hate being short.”

Short isn’t how I would put it.” The spirit said appearing next to Yugi again.

“Short is exactly how I would put it.” He bowed his head.

What would you like to dress up as, Aibou?” The spirit asked as he placed his hand on Yugi’s shoulder.

“I wish I could go as Dark Magician, but as usual, the size I am, is not available.” Yugi groaned and began walking again, towards the exit.

The spirit sighed. “Aibou, I’m sorry.

“It’s not your fault. I was born like this.”

The Spirit stopped when he noticed rack of costumes that said ‘marked down’. “Did we try there?” He asked.

Yugi stopped and looked over, he saw exactly what the spirit saw. “We didn’t.” He picked up his pace and was over there quickly.

Well well well!” The Spirit smiled brightly.

Yugi nodded and picked up the purple costume that was in the rack, he looked it over. “It’s my size! It’s got a couple tears, but I can fix that.” Yugi smiles grew big. “Thanks Mou Hitori no Boku!”

The spirit blinked. “Oh no,

Yugi interupted him. “Yes, you saw it first! You stopped me. I was leaving. If I could, I would hug you!” He said out loud, people stared, and he blushed. “Sorry.”

The Spirit just laughed. “You’re welcome Aibou! You will make one great, Dark Magician!” He watched as Yugi bought the costume, took it home, and instantly went to sewing up the tears.