free time

dont know what to do during your free time besides tumblr?

here are some pretty cool ideas:

When summer break starts, I feel like I couldn’t have waited a day more. The stress has built up over the last few months due to last-minute cram sessions, group projects (hate those), due dates and, of course, finals. After it’s all over, I can’t help but think ‘now what?’. It’s the time to relax, regroup and make it count!

  • Read books. Any genre will do, but I’d recommend something that will make you feel good (horror novels stress me out). If you think you can take it, read something related to your major (maybe next years assigned books, if you already have the list?) but taking time to think of something else is great to avoid burnout.
  • Start new habits. Like drinking your daily water intake, start exercising, etc. If you wish to establish good habits that will make your next months easier, now it’s a good time to start.
  • Self care. It must be a priority for you year-round, but even more so during breaks. There is not one recipe for taking care of yourself, just do what feels right to do for yourself right now. For some, it may be taking a shower, for others it might be moisturizing your skin. And no, it’s not selfish – it’s a matter of health.
  • Sleep + relax. Catch up on your sleep as much as you can. Remember to 'do nothing’ for a bit each day, let yourself be as relaxed as possible now that there’s no due date on the horizon.
  • Review last semester. What went right? What went wrong? How should I approach those obstacles better in the future? Bonus points if you actually sit down and write it. Also, it’s good to journal your feelings about it, instead of just stating facts – and talk about the external factors too (you know, friends, love interests, distractions…).
  • Think positively about the new semester. Now that you’ve reviewed the past, it’s exciting to think about the future, don’t you think? Focus on the good things that are coming – courses you’re happy to take, special events, trips, milestones… If you get stressed out at this point, you’re doing it wrong.
  • Plan in advance. I find it extremely pleasing to find that most things are organized and planned for in advance, so that I just need to execute and enjoy. So grab your planner and do the things your future self will thank you for.
  • Work on new skills. Learn languages, or improve them. If you want to be a writer, write! Get better at doing whatever you need to do in the next year, and/or the future. Practice now, but make sure you’re enjoying it!
  • Clean up. Clean and organize your room, your house, your phone, everything. But also organize your life. Get rid of relationships that no longer serve you (like fake friends), let go of old insecurities, subtract from your following list people and blogs that no longer inspire you… you get the idea. Do it now.
  • Fill your life with the good things. Avoid drama at all costs, you don’t need it. Fill your days with cool music, cool movies, cool books, cool people and cool thoughts. Build yourself up. You’re worth it.

Hope you find these tips helpful! xx

July 20, 2015  {Monday}

Now that classes are finished (and I caught up on my video games) I now have time to be able to organize all my previous classes (and notes), and future schedule, plus found some really cute stickers and some cute stationary items, and random trinkets at Target for a great price. Not to mention what better way to relax before classes than to start on my never ending (always growing) reading list. Hope everyone has an awesome day!

The reason why people can actually do so little with their free time is that the truncation of their imagination deprives them of the faculty which made the state of freedom pleasurable in the first place. People have been refused freedom, and its value belittled, for such a long time that now people no longer like it. They need the shallow entertainment, by means of which cultural conservatism patronizes and humiliates them, in order to summon up the strength for work, which is required of them under the arrangement of society which cultural conservatism defends. This is one good reason why people have remained chained to their work, and to a system which trains them for work, long after that system has ceased to require their labour.
—  Adorno, The Culture Industry

notyasu asked:

What does our lord and savior Glave do in his freetime?

Eh, ya’ know floats around in time and space, makes a couple of alternate dimensions here and there. He’s just silently jamming out to some A-Pink or just reading some manga. Watch the entire El Search Party shower, probably invites DiE over to play some cards or just to fuck with people. Sometimes when he is not fucking up someone’s day, world view, or way of life, he just likes to lay down and think about the little things in life. Like why he hasn’t put restaurants in the abyss. Or why the fuck he super glued his mask to his face. Yeah. Rumor has it if you catch Glave at night time by himself, you’ll hear gross sobbing and devouring of some type of cold food, yeah, he likes watching romantic tragedies.

Capital is thus, despite itself, instrumental in creating the means of social disposable time, in order to reduce labour time for the whole society to a diminishing minimum, and thus to free everyone’s time for their own development. But its tendency always, on the one side, to create disposable time, is on the other, to convert it into surplus labour.
—  Marx - Grundrisse 1857

introvertednerd asked:

Hey Wayfaring! Quick question: Has anyone ever exclaimed "Oh! So that means you don't really have a life outside of work?" whenever you talked about being a doctor? If so, how did you respond to that?

Absolutely. And on some rotations in residency, it was absolutely true of me. You don’t have much time for a social life when you work 80 hours a week. Your free time is mostly sleeping and eating. So if I was on one of those rotations, I agreed with them. 

 Our jobs and our hours are not super predictable like some jobs, so my non-med friends have come to understand that there are some months when I’ll be able to hang out, and some when they’ll never see me. But I also explain that not every week is that way. If I’m working 8-5 and no weekends, I have time for fun.