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UPDATED: The tickets have now be been given away. Thanks to all those who emailed in with their interest.

We’ve had the following email:

I have 2 tickets to NT Live Screening of Frankenstein in London, Canada (June 14 BC- Creature and June 21 JLM - Creature) that I want to share with you, or any fan on your web-site actually and I was hoping if you can help me out through your web-site. 

I bought them by mistake and since they are non-refundable they will just be lost without cause, and I hate that, when I can make some fan happy to see the screening for free. 

Best regards,

If anyone is interested in these tickets and can attend one or both of these dates please drop us an email ( and we shall forward on your details to Aiman. The cinema address is SilverCity London 1680 Richmond Street ON N6G 3Y9, Canada and the screening are as follows:

1 Ticket Frankenstein National Theatre Live Encore Presentation
Benedict Cumberbatch as The Creature
Thursday June 14, 2012 - 6:45PM

1 Ticket for Frankenstein National Theatre Live Encore Presentation
Jonny Lee Miller as The Creature
Thursday June 21, 2012 - 6:45PM 

If lawmakers approve the funding, Sato says visitors could begin signing up as early as next April.

-Kazuyoshi Sato, Japan Tourism Agency on ABC News online report by Akiko Fujita, 10/11/11

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And there you have it everyone. This is it. (Applause. YAY! ) Well, anyway, it seems that this entire thing has generated a lot of interest, but even though it’s on the news doesn’t entirely mean it’s ready to go.

So, I did some research on it, and here’s what I came up with (this is Jenny by the way, in case some of you were wondering) :

  1. I dug this part up from the Japan National Tourism Agency’s website, and they said that this beautiful wonderful idea is still pending Japan’s government budgetary approval, so its quite undecided. I mean, of course they are. This is a lot of money and the world economy sucks is having difficulties. There’s also been an earthquake that they need to focus on. If it does get approved (cross your fingers!), this event will begin on April 2012.
  2. What would you need to do to apply for a ticket? Ho hum, looking at what they want, it looks like a contest or scholarship application type thing (not that I’ve ever applied for a scholarship, it’s just my idea of how to apply for a scholarship). 

The tourism agency says it plans to open a website to solicit applicants interested in the free tickets. Would- be visitors will have to detail in writing their travel plans in Japan, and explain what they hope to get out of the trip. Successful applicants would pay for their own accommodation and meals. They would also be required to write a review their travel experiences, and post it online.

-same news report

Suppose the law should pass, this is definitely possible for us to do. More on that in this week’s meeting! Bring excitement and a lot of ideas!

That’s it for now!

FREE TICKET to Universal Studios Hollywood

It’s not that I want to gain more popularity by giving away stuff, it’s just happen for me to have 1 free ticket to Universal Studios Hollywood. We are going to go there tomorrow morning, May 11, so if you want (or know somebody who wants) to visit Universal Studios theme park in Los Angeles California, message me (I must be present with you for admission into Park).