free throw line dunk

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: How weird is it that Kagami Taiga can walk on his hands in Kuroko no Basuke? Who taught him how to do that? It wasn't foreshadowed or anything, but in Episode 15 Riko tells him to walk on his hands and he just??? does???? for long distances??? Like, that's not just a skill that people have for no reason, and no one ever mentions it again. No one is like, "Oh, hey, Kagami can totally walk on his hands for like, a mile. Where did he learn to do that?" Sure, you can say that he can also do a slam dunk from the free throw line and people can throw passes at the speed of light and stuff, but there's no part in Episode 35 where Aomine randomly does handsprings for 5 minutes. There's no moment in Episode 19 where Akashi does a sick wheelie on a motorcycle. For the most part, everyone's skills are explained or they're basketball-related. They didn't even handwave or lampshade it, like, "Oh, yeah, I learned how to do that in America, and I put it on my entrance form as a special skill, which is how Riko knew I could do it." Was Riko joking, and never thought he could actually do it? Why didn't anyone react with surprise when he just went upside down? Men over 6 foot tall aren't usually the best gymnasts--who took it upon himself to teach this large awkward Japanese dude how to do this? Was it Himuro? Can he walk on his hands, too? Is it just innate talent? I know Takao can do a backflip, but that's listed as a special skill. And on his wiki, it says his hobby is surfing, not gymnastics! Did no one else think this was weird or important?
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