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  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: How weird is it that Kagami Taiga can walk on his hands in Kuroko no Basuke? Who taught him how to do that? It wasn't foreshadowed or anything, but in Episode 15 Riko tells him to walk on his hands and he just??? does???? for long distances??? Like, that's not just a skill that people have for no reason, and no one ever mentions it again. No one is like, "Oh, hey, Kagami can totally walk on his hands for like, a mile. Where did he learn to do that?" Sure, you can say that he can also do a slam dunk from the free throw line and people can throw passes at the speed of light and stuff, but there's no part in Episode 35 where Aomine randomly does handsprings for 5 minutes. There's no moment in Episode 19 where Akashi does a sick wheelie on a motorcycle. For the most part, everyone's skills are explained or they're basketball-related. They didn't even handwave or lampshade it, like, "Oh, yeah, I learned how to do that in America, and I put it on my entrance form as a special skill, which is how Riko knew I could do it." Was Riko joking, and never thought he could actually do it? Why didn't anyone react with surprise when he just went upside down? Men over 6 foot tall aren't usually the best gymnasts--who took it upon himself to teach this large awkward Japanese dude how to do this? Was it Himuro? Can he walk on his hands, too? Is it just innate talent? I know Takao can do a backflip, but that's listed as a special skill. And on his wiki, it says his hobby is surfing, not gymnastics! Did no one else think this was weird or important?

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Ah! May I request a scenario where Aomine finds out Nebuya has a crush on his fem!s/o after seeing her cheering REALLY passionately for Kuroko and Kagami at the Winter Cup the previous year? The last request was so great I just had to request another

The stadium was loud – very loud. The deafening cries of the spectators as they cheered for either team definitely added to the tension and it only served to drive the players further. They were down to the last few minutes and you could feel your heart in your throat – which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, you supposed – probably. You could feel Aomine tense beside you as he watched his former partner and his current rival team up to turn the tide against Rakuzan, against their former captain.

On the court, your eyes zoned in on Kagami as he jumped from the free throw line, easily dunking the ball. Your excitement got the better of you and you rode on the adrenaline high you were on, jumping up with a loud ‘whoop!’, causing several other people to look at you with looks of amusement and bemusement but you paid them no mind as you leaned over the rail and yelled out encouragements at the Seirin team, blissfully unware that you had caught the attention of a certain someone on the court.


After the Winter Cup, it became common practice for the Generation of Miracles – it was like they were making up for lost time. They’d usually rent out a court at a nearby gym then go out for a meal before crashing at one of Akashi’s many rest houses. It was at one of the said meetups that an offhanded comment piqued their interest.

“Someone in Rakuzan like Aominecchi’s girlfriend?” Of course Kise would be the first react – it would have been weird if he hadn’t. His golden eyes were wide with intrigue and some degree of something they couldn’t yet place – horror, maybe?

“Yeah, he caught sight of her cheering at the finals,” Mibuchi supplied, having tagged along with Akashi this time around.

When everyone’s heads swiveled around to face Akashi, the captain chuckled softly and shook his head. “It’s not me,” he said. “She’s pretty but not my type – no offense to Daiki.”

“It’s not that Raijin guy, is it?” Takao spoke up, suddenly recalling the blond guy with mad dribbling skills that was on their team.

“Koutarou-chan? No, it’s not him either,” Mibuchi denied, moving to flick their bangs out of their face. “And it’s ‘Raijuu’, not ‘Raijin’,” they added, correcting Hayama’s nickname.

“The only leaves two other players,” Midorima commented, pushing his glasses further up his nose. “And that means it’s either Kuroko Number Two or-“

Nigou barked upon hearing his name and the green-haired point guard flushed and stuttered for a moment, trying to amend his sentence somewhat with the others laughing at his expense until Kuroko spoke up, just loud enough to be heard.

“It’s Nebuya, isn’t it.”

“Wait… WHAT?!” Kise shriek could be heard within a three-mile radius as Mibuchi nodded their head, confirming Kuroko’s statement.


“Hey Aominecchi. Hey. Hey Aominecchi. Aominecchi-kuuuuun~”

“What, Kise.” How was Kise so hyper at the ass crack of dawn o’clock?

“Hey Aominecchi, I heard a little something from a little someone concerning another little someone about a certain someone’s girlfriend from a certain someone’s team and the first certain someone said that a certain someone on his team-“

“Speak Japanese you idiot, I can’t understand what the hell you’re saying,” he growled, rubbing a hand over his face. It was way too early in the morning to be up and if Momoi hadn’t been so insistent on him not missing this meet up because ‘you already skipped out on the last one, Dai-chan’, he would still be in bed, asleep.

“Fine, fine. You know Nebuya?”

The taller male furrowed his eyebrows in thought – the name was somewhat familiar and since he usually only remembered the names of strong players it was somewhat easy – it took him five minutes don’t believe him – to pinpoint who Kise was talking about. “Nebuya? That gorilla guy from Rakuzan?”

Kise burst out laughing at the imagery but sobered up upon noticing Aomine’s deadpan looking directed right at him. “Uh, yeah – he’ll be at the meet today and…” He paused for dramatic effect, always one for theatrics. “He likes your girlfriend~”


The tension in the air was incredible – it felt like the finals of the Winter Cup all over again and even Murasakibara, who preferred to lounge on the floor when he wasn’t playing, was sitting upright and cross-legged beside one of the benches, his eyes trained on the two who were still playing, neither budging an inch.

Aomine growled when Nebuya managed to get in front of him, his overwhelming presence serving as a very good distraction. Unwilling to back down, he danced backwards before suddenly shooting off to the right and then basically flying towards the hoop, dunking the ball with more force than was necessary. “SHA!” he yelled as he mentally celebrated his success, or something – he usually only got that excited after winning, but you couldn’t see what made him so exuberant in the first place.

Akashi, having had enough of this power play, clapped his hands to get their attention and told the two players to take a break. Momoi, having arrived somewhere in the middle of practice, gave you a nudge towards Aomine before handing you a towel and a water bottle. “He’ll need that.”

Beaming, you took the things offered and skipped on over to Aomine, who was sitting on the ground with both his legs stretched out in front of him while his arms supported him as he leaned backwards. Feeling cheeky, you pressed the cold drink against his cheek and watched as his flinched before tilting his head back to see you standing behind him. “You’re here,” he blurted out, as if it was unusual for you to be at practice.

You cocked your head in confusion before opening your mouth to speak. “Why shouldn’t I be? I’m your girlfriend after all.” The was a flurry of movement after that as he suddenly grabbed ahold of you and somehow maneuvered you to sit between his legs with his arms locking you in lace. Rolling your eyes in exasperation, you resigned yourself to your fate and leaned back into his chest, thankful that the jacket you were wearing provided an extra barrier between you and his probably sweaty self.

Pleased at your reaction, Aomine perched his chin on your head and looking up to see Nebuya watching the two of you.



“Did you say something Daiki?”

“Nah, you’re hearing things.”


🔸Preseason 1997🔸
▪️To anyone reading this born after 1996, there was once a time when Kobe Bryant wasn’t a starter for the Lakers. Blasphemy, right? Bryant’s rookie season was a roller coaster. On any given night, Kobe was either scoring 21 points off the bench or relegated to garbage time with Travis Knight and fellow rookie Derek Fisher.
Preseason games are meant for guys like Bryant to show the coaching staff all of the hard work they put in during the summer in hopes of earning more playing time. It’s also the one time a year for fans who don’t live in a city with a NBA franchise to see pro hoops in person.
🔸With time winding down at the end of the first quarter, Bryant crossed over journeyman guard Jimmy Oliver and set his sights on the basket. Ben Wallace —either not knowing any better or proving that he didn’t give a damn — stepped up in the paint and became the first person in the NBA to find himself on a Kobe poster. Bryant took off from inside the free throw line and demolished Wallace with a ferocious dunk that got Hall of Fame broadcaster Chick Hearn excited:

“Slaaaaaam dunk! Wooooo!”

🔸The Lakers would go on to beat the Wizards, 123-121 in overtime.

🔸"Kobe will have his ups and a downs,“ said Lakers coach, Del Harris, "but he has tremendous talent and a wonderful will to succeed. He is one of the most competitive players I have ever coached. He gets upset losing an inter-squad game.”
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