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  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: How weird is it that Kagami Taiga can walk on his hands in Kuroko no Basuke? Who taught him how to do that? It wasn't foreshadowed or anything, but in Episode 15 Riko tells him to walk on his hands and he just??? does???? for long distances??? Like, that's not just a skill that people have for no reason, and no one ever mentions it again. No one is like, "Oh, hey, Kagami can totally walk on his hands for like, a mile. Where did he learn to do that?" Sure, you can say that he can also do a slam dunk from the free throw line and people can throw passes at the speed of light and stuff, but there's no part in Episode 35 where Aomine randomly does handsprings for 5 minutes. There's no moment in Episode 19 where Akashi does a sick wheelie on a motorcycle. For the most part, everyone's skills are explained or they're basketball-related. They didn't even handwave or lampshade it, like, "Oh, yeah, I learned how to do that in America, and I put it on my entrance form as a special skill, which is how Riko knew I could do it." Was Riko joking, and never thought he could actually do it? Why didn't anyone react with surprise when he just went upside down? Men over 6 foot tall aren't usually the best gymnasts--who took it upon himself to teach this large awkward Japanese dude how to do this? Was it Himuro? Can he walk on his hands, too? Is it just innate talent? I know Takao can do a backflip, but that's listed as a special skill. And on his wiki, it says his hobby is surfing, not gymnastics! Did no one else think this was weird or important?

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Ah! May I request a scenario where Aomine finds out Nebuya has a crush on his fem!s/o after seeing her cheering REALLY passionately for Kuroko and Kagami at the Winter Cup the previous year? The last request was so great I just had to request another

The stadium was loud – very loud. The deafening cries of the spectators as they cheered for either team definitely added to the tension and it only served to drive the players further. They were down to the last few minutes and you could feel your heart in your throat – which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, you supposed – probably. You could feel Aomine tense beside you as he watched his former partner and his current rival team up to turn the tide against Rakuzan, against their former captain.

On the court, your eyes zoned in on Kagami as he jumped from the free throw line, easily dunking the ball. Your excitement got the better of you and you rode on the adrenaline high you were on, jumping up with a loud ‘whoop!’, causing several other people to look at you with looks of amusement and bemusement but you paid them no mind as you leaned over the rail and yelled out encouragements at the Seirin team, blissfully unware that you had caught the attention of a certain someone on the court.


After the Winter Cup, it became common practice for the Generation of Miracles – it was like they were making up for lost time. They’d usually rent out a court at a nearby gym then go out for a meal before crashing at one of Akashi’s many rest houses. It was at one of the said meetups that an offhanded comment piqued their interest.

“Someone in Rakuzan like Aominecchi’s girlfriend?” Of course Kise would be the first react – it would have been weird if he hadn’t. His golden eyes were wide with intrigue and some degree of something they couldn’t yet place – horror, maybe?

“Yeah, he caught sight of her cheering at the finals,” Mibuchi supplied, having tagged along with Akashi this time around.

When everyone’s heads swiveled around to face Akashi, the captain chuckled softly and shook his head. “It’s not me,” he said. “She’s pretty but not my type – no offense to Daiki.”

“It’s not that Raijin guy, is it?” Takao spoke up, suddenly recalling the blond guy with mad dribbling skills that was on their team.

“Koutarou-chan? No, it’s not him either,” Mibuchi denied, moving to flick their bangs out of their face. “And it’s ‘Raijuu’, not ‘Raijin’,” they added, correcting Hayama’s nickname.

“The only leaves two other players,” Midorima commented, pushing his glasses further up his nose. “And that means it’s either Kuroko Number Two or-“

Nigou barked upon hearing his name and the green-haired point guard flushed and stuttered for a moment, trying to amend his sentence somewhat with the others laughing at his expense until Kuroko spoke up, just loud enough to be heard.

“It’s Nebuya, isn’t it.”

“Wait… WHAT?!” Kise shriek could be heard within a three-mile radius as Mibuchi nodded their head, confirming Kuroko’s statement.


“Hey Aominecchi. Hey. Hey Aominecchi. Aominecchi-kuuuuun~”

“What, Kise.” How was Kise so hyper at the ass crack of dawn o’clock?

“Hey Aominecchi, I heard a little something from a little someone concerning another little someone about a certain someone’s girlfriend from a certain someone’s team and the first certain someone said that a certain someone on his team-“

“Speak Japanese you idiot, I can’t understand what the hell you’re saying,” he growled, rubbing a hand over his face. It was way too early in the morning to be up and if Momoi hadn’t been so insistent on him not missing this meet up because ‘you already skipped out on the last one, Dai-chan’, he would still be in bed, asleep.

“Fine, fine. You know Nebuya?”

The taller male furrowed his eyebrows in thought – the name was somewhat familiar and since he usually only remembered the names of strong players it was somewhat easy – it took him five minutes don’t believe him – to pinpoint who Kise was talking about. “Nebuya? That gorilla guy from Rakuzan?”

Kise burst out laughing at the imagery but sobered up upon noticing Aomine’s deadpan looking directed right at him. “Uh, yeah – he’ll be at the meet today and…” He paused for dramatic effect, always one for theatrics. “He likes your girlfriend~”


The tension in the air was incredible – it felt like the finals of the Winter Cup all over again and even Murasakibara, who preferred to lounge on the floor when he wasn’t playing, was sitting upright and cross-legged beside one of the benches, his eyes trained on the two who were still playing, neither budging an inch.

Aomine growled when Nebuya managed to get in front of him, his overwhelming presence serving as a very good distraction. Unwilling to back down, he danced backwards before suddenly shooting off to the right and then basically flying towards the hoop, dunking the ball with more force than was necessary. “SHA!” he yelled as he mentally celebrated his success, or something – he usually only got that excited after winning, but you couldn’t see what made him so exuberant in the first place.

Akashi, having had enough of this power play, clapped his hands to get their attention and told the two players to take a break. Momoi, having arrived somewhere in the middle of practice, gave you a nudge towards Aomine before handing you a towel and a water bottle. “He’ll need that.”

Beaming, you took the things offered and skipped on over to Aomine, who was sitting on the ground with both his legs stretched out in front of him while his arms supported him as he leaned backwards. Feeling cheeky, you pressed the cold drink against his cheek and watched as his flinched before tilting his head back to see you standing behind him. “You’re here,” he blurted out, as if it was unusual for you to be at practice.

You cocked your head in confusion before opening your mouth to speak. “Why shouldn’t I be? I’m your girlfriend after all.” The was a flurry of movement after that as he suddenly grabbed ahold of you and somehow maneuvered you to sit between his legs with his arms locking you in lace. Rolling your eyes in exasperation, you resigned yourself to your fate and leaned back into his chest, thankful that the jacket you were wearing provided an extra barrier between you and his probably sweaty self.

Pleased at your reaction, Aomine perched his chin on your head and looking up to see Nebuya watching the two of you.



“Did you say something Daiki?”

“Nah, you’re hearing things.”

Ok! I wrote this for sportsanimeislove for all the help she gave me on my themes. And cause she’s awesome. Don’t worry though my lovely followers, I am still working on my fics and my drabbles for you. I am just falling behind a bit. I WILL GET IT ALL DONE THOUGH NOT TOO WORRY!!

This was a drabble requested by the lovely person mentioned above and isn’t a one word drabble. It’s a special case and is VERY long. It was her idea and an awesome one at that. It has Akemi and Shou, two children I wrote about for Aokaga requests, all grown up, and of course our two favorite basketball nerds. I feel the story is pretty self explanatory once you read it but here is the gist of it: Shou is playing, he get’s hurt by an opponent on purpose. Aomine, Kagami, and Akemi take revenge for him in a game. Huzzah! And read!

(Oh! I also provided the links to the original stories with Akemi and Shou below. If you want to read them to know a bit more about them then please do!)

Akemi drabble

Shou drabble

Aomine and Kagami cheered once again as they watched their son make another basket. It was the semifinals for Shou’s team and they were fifteen points ahead. As Shou sprinted after his defender, Kagami watched as he casually reached out and stole the ball, dribbling it quickly between his legs and passing it off to a teammate. The redhead smiled as he watched his son. He had moments when he was so much like Aomine it still surprised him, his style of dribbling being one, plus his quickness. Of course as the ball was passed back to him at the free throw line, the amazing lane up dunk he did was all from Kagami. The redhead smiled even more.
“You look like an idiot Taiga.”
Kagami looked over at his husband, who was smiling plenty as well, “Yeah? You too Aho.”
He grinned as Aomine looked at him with surprise then a sly smile, “I guess we do, Bakagami.”
The redhead wanted to lean in a kiss his husband, and he actually started too, his body moving forward, Aomine’s blue eyes dipping down to his lips. Before they could meet though they both felt a hard smack to their heads. Aomine scowled and looked up first.
“Dammit Akemi!”
They both watched as their daughter plopped down in the spot next to Aomine, her blue eyes rolling a bit, “You both were going to be gross. I had to stop you for Shou’s sake.”
Kagami gave his own eye roll at the girl and leaned over to grab some of her popcorn, “How were your classes?”
The girl shrugged and tossed a piece of popcorn in the air, catching it with her mouth, “It was fine. Boring. School dad, it sucks no matter at what level.”
Aomine and Kagami nodded, understanding entirely as the three of them turned their eyes back to the game. They all watched as the opposite team dribbled slowly down the court, Shou standing in defense waiting for the point guard. Kagami couldn’t help but tense up at the game. Shou was playing for Seirin, as Akemi had before him, and they were facing Kirisaki Daiichi. Not only that, but the point guard, and Shou’s opponent, was Hanamiya Makoto’s son, and it looked as if he hadn’t fallen too far from the tree. He dribbled past Shou for a moment, but couldn’t get past. Just as Shou was about to reach for the ball, Hanamiya’s son grinned and switched directions quickly. He wasn’t without skill, but it didn’t effect Shou as he followed. Kagami reached down and gripped Aomine’s forearm as he saw the screen behind their son, who turned right into it. It wasn’t the screen being there, but the fact that the screener had stomped down on Shou’s left foot to keep him in place. The boy didn’t realize until he tried to turn and his foot didn’t move, causing his ankle to twist harshly, a loud cry coming from his mouth as he fell to the ground.
Aomine and Kagami were out of their seats running to the hallway before their son even hit the ground, leaving behind a confused daughter. Of course as soon as she saw her brother fall she was up as well, sprinting after her father’s. It took no time for the three of them to make their way down to the court, being stopped by security at the entrance. Kagami and Aomine were still very much in shape at their age, and still towered over the average Japanese man, so as the security guards tried to stop them, Akemi stepped forward.
“Yo, I would let them go through before you get trampled. We all know it’s gonna happen.”
At that, the security guards swallowed hard and froze letting the two men sprint past to their son. They didn’t care that it was the middle of the basketball game, or everyone was watching, all they saw was their son on the court grabbing his ankle with a painful expression on his face. They needed to help him.
As soon as Kagami went to step forward onto the court, a sharp smack came to the back of his head, pulling him out of his frantic thoughts.
“Kagami Taiga, you step one foot onto my game and I will personally beat you.”
The redhead looked down at the brunette standing before him, a glare on her face, “Ah Coach. Shou, he needs help..”
“Yes I realize that bakagami, and Hyuuga is out there right now as you can see. You two just wait here and we will bring him over. If you go out there now you’re going to ruin the game for everyone.”
Kagami made a sound of frustration in his throat as he looked at the serious expression on Riko’s face then back to his son, who was indeed being lifted up by his former captain, an arm around his shoulders as he hopped over on his good leg. The boy was applauded by the crowd, but neither Kagami nor Aomine cared. They rushed over as Shou was sat in a chair, his ankle already looking swollen.
“Shou! Are you ok? How does it feel? Do you need the hospital?”
Both Aomine and Kagami fired off questions to their youngest, the boy looking up at them with surprised red eyes, sweat dripping off of his forehead and neck. He panted a bit, trying to catch his breath.
“Pop, it isn’t going to help if you both are hovering in his space. Why don’t you back up a bit?”
Akemi pushed her way in between Aomine and her brother, trying to give him some room.
“Yo Riko, what’s up?”
Kagami watched as Riko scowled at their daughter, “Akemi, we’ve talked about this. It’s coach to you.”
“Ah right right. How’s your babe?”
As Riko facepalmed, Hyuuga lightly whacked Akemi on top of her red hair, “Akemi! Focus!”
The girl nodded as she rubbed her head, “Ah right right. Obviously not good I see. Back to Shou then.”
Both the Seirin coached let out a loud sigh and facepalmed themselves hard. Kagami watched as Shou smiled at his sister.
Aomine knelt down and started running his fingers over their sons’ leg, pushing and manevuouring the muscles gently until he got to the injured area, Shou hissing and pulling the limb back a bit.
“Ah sorry Shou, but I gotta see where it’s fucked up.”
They were all completely focused on watching that they didn’t hear the pair approach until the last second.
“It’s too bad about your boy. It was quite the accident and at such a bad moment too.”
Everyone but Akemi and Shou froze at the voice. Aomine stood up slowly, turning to face the person that stood behind Kagami now, his eyes blue with rage. Kagami didn’t move, his teeth gritting together as the man continued.
“Maybe if you had taught him to play a bit better, he could have avoided that screen just now.”
Now, Kagami turned, facing the dark haired man with the olive colored eyes. He could feel the hatred boiling up inside of him at the face of the man, the casual smirk he wore. He hadn’t changed one bit since high school.
The man just grinned more, “Kagami. Oh and of course you other half, Aomine. Such special children you have there. They don’t seem to have picked up on any of your talents though. Shame.”
Kagami couldn’t react fast enough to stop his husband, Aomine pushing forward and grabbing Hanamiya by the front of his shirt, gripping it tight and pulling him close.
“Your kid did that on fuckin purpose and you know it. I can’t hit a kid but I will fuckin beat you if you continue to talk shit.”
“Ah yes, of course. Do you have proof that he did though?”
Aomine simply let out a deep growl, gripping Hanamiya’s shirt harder. The lack of response made the other man smile even more.
“I see. It would seem you don’t. Don’t end up like Hyuuga and start blaming people for no reason.”
Kagami’s fist clenched at his sides, the urge to punch Hanamiya was overwhelming, but before he could say anything, a smaller figure pushed past him.
“That’s such bullshit and you know it. You and your fuckin son know it.”
Hanamiya looked down at Akemi with angry eyes, his son doing the same next to him, “You don’t really have very good manners little girl.”
Before Akemi could open her mouth Kagami stepped in front of her and leaned into the shorter man, his eyes red with rage, “Watch what you say Hanamiya. This isn’t high school for us. There isn’t anything stopping us from making you the one that can’t walk.”
To Kagami’s surprise, Hanamiya’s son let out an annoyed sound, “This is boring. Either do it or stop talking.”
Aomine let out a soft angry chuckle, “I’m gonna kill them both I swear it.”
“A game.”
All of them paused and looked back at Shou, who now had ice on his ankle and was sitting calmly.
“What?” Aomine looked at his son incredulously.
Shou shrugged, “Play a game instead. I don’t really want you both fighting and you obviously feel the need to defend me or something. A game is the best option.”
They thought about it for a while, the idea having very good reasoning, although that didn’t surprise Kagami or Aomine much. Shou had always been extremely smart and reasonable, something he got from somewhere they had no idea.
Hanamiya shook himself out of Aomine’s hold, “Fine. A game. Two on two then?”
Akemi pipped up again, her face annoyed, “Um excuse you oil spill…that would be three on three. Find another person.”
Hanamiya glared once again at the girl and her nickname for him, “Three on three then. Don’t be so careless in the game like your brother little girl.”
And with that, and a quick sneer from Hanamiya’s son, they both went back to the other bench, the game resuming finally. Akemi flipped her hair over her shoulders as she turned to her brothers.
“What a pair of dicks.”
Aomine and Kagami nodded as they turned to Shou, not noticing that once again Riko and Hyuuga had their head’s in their hands.

As soon as they had gotten home from the doctors and gotten Shou cleaned and in bed, Akemi headed to her room with her computer. Aomine and Kagami headed for their own room, silently taking their clothes off as they got ready for bed. They were both angry still, the need to protect their son burning in their guts. It turned out Shou’s ankle had a minor twist and with some rest and icing, he would be just fine, but that didn’t soothe the two’s anger at all.
Aomine pulled his jeans off and threw them in the hamper with force, “That fuckin guy. Him and his son. I should’ve beat his ass right there for what they did.”
Kagami couldn’t argue with his husband, his own clothes coming off with much more force than necessary.
“Tomorrow. We will pay them back tomorrow Aomine. That’s what Shou wants.”
The blue haired man growled and flopped on the bed, “I guess. Fuckin dicks though.”
Kagami flipped the light off and crawled in next to his husband, pressing their bodies together as he rest an arm over Aomine’s back.
“Yeah. Quite a family they have.”
Aomine huffed in agreement, the two of them closing their eyes and settling in together, their breathing steady. Kagami was nearly asleep when he heard Aomine mumble.
“Hey Taiga?”
“I watched your game against Hanamiya in our first year.”
Kagami rolled onto his side, facing his husband, “Yeah?”
“Yeah. You hadn’t beat me yet at that point, and we weren’t friends.”
The redhead nodded, remembering, “Yeah I know.”
There was a long pause before he heard Aomine continue, “I hated it though.”
“Huh? You hated watching me? Rude baka.”
Aomine pushed at his husband’s side playfully, then rolled on his side to face him as well, “No dummy. I hated how he played against you. Well, not just you but Seirin as well, but…I don’t know. I just really didn’t like it.”
Kagami grinned and pressed his forehead to his husband’s, his breath fanning his face as he spoke, “You saying you had a crush on me way back then?”
He could practically hear the eye roll from Aomine, “Pfft. Who’d like a dumbass basketball obsessed loser like you?”
“Um you did and still do baka.”
Aomine reached forward and wrapped his arms around the redhead, kissing him softly, “Yeah. I do. And did. I just didn’t want you to know.”
Laughing, Kagami cuddled further into the arms around him, his own resting on Aomine’s hips, “Thanks for telling me Daiki.”
Another long pause before Aomine spoke again, “We are gonna kick their asses tomorrow though right?”
“Fuck yes we are.”
They both laughed as they imagined the game the next day. Kagami was the first to lean in and press his lips to Aomine’s, kissing him softly, holding their lips together for a long moment before pulling back.
“I love you Daiki.”
Aomine let out a happy hum as he kissed the redhead back, getting lost in his husband’s lips for a while.
As he pulled back for air, he whispered softly, “I love you too Taiga.”
Both of them fell asleep in each other’s arms, their legs tangled together as they snored softly.

The next morning, all four of walked onto the nearest court, Aomine and Kagami helping Shou as he used his new crutches. Akemi was dribbling the ball as she walked, a sucker in her mouth. Her long red hair was pulled up into a high ponytail and she wore her old basketball jersey, her shorts coming from Shou as she hadn’t brought any. On her feet were blue and red basketball shoes, a pair that Aomine and Kagami had gotten her for her birthday. Aomine and Kagami were dressed similar as they started stretching out their arms.
“You guys can’t hit them.”
Looking over at Shou as he bit into one of his burgers, they all stared.
They boy looked up as he swallowed, “I’m serious. Don’t sink to their level. That wouldn’t be a very good revenge game for me and since I’m your audience, I get to make the rules.”
Aomine laughed and ruffled the boy’s blue hair, “Fine Shou. Whatever you say. Just eat your mountain of burgers and watch us whoop ass.”
The four of them grinned, only to pause as they heard feet approaching. It didn’t take long for Hanamiya to come into view, followed by his son and Kentaro, his only friend he had managed to keep throughout the years.
“Glad to see you all came.”
Kagami glared, “Of course we did.”
Hanamiya smiled, “Good. What do you want to play too?”
Aomine spinned the basketball on his finger, his face emotionless, “Doesn’t matter, you pick. You are gonna lose no matter how many points it is.”
Kentaro laughed as he put his bag down on the side, “Big talk for a guy who hasn’t played in years.”
“Who are you again? Sorry I forgot your name.” Aomine stared at the other man.
Kentaro seethed as he walked towards Aomine, his fists clenched, “Let me remind you.”
Just as Aomine was going to walk forward to meet him, he felt a wrapper hit him in the side of the head. He looked to his left at his son.
“Dad. What did we say?”
Aomine growled at looked back at the other man, “Whatever. Let’s play.”
Hanamiya grinned and walked onto the court next to Kagami, “First to 40 then?”
“Fine,” the redhead rolled his shoulders.
Akemi walked onto the court, quiet this entire time as she watched. She didn’t mask her annoyance as a voice came right next to her.
“Don’t get hurt ok babe?”
She looked over at the boy, an exact mini replica of his father, a nasty sneer on his lips, “Excuse me?”
The boy cocked an eyebrow, “You heard me. Maybe after I win I’ll take you out on a date.”
Akemi nearly gagged as she looked at him, her voice hard, “Keep dreaming dickface. You’ll be kissing my shoes before this is over.”
“Bring it on babe.”
Shou blew a whistle and the game started, Aomine throwing in the ball to his daughter, the girl catching it and dribbling with her right hand. She looked at the boy before her as she relaxed her stance, her energy focused on the tips of her fingers.
“Let me show you something babe.”
And with that she danced, guiding the ball around her legs and in between her opponents. She twisted and twirled around him, never losing the ball. She rushed forward, easily passing the other two. Jumping over the line, she casually tossed the ball over her shoulder, grinning as she imagined it going up over the back of the board and landing threw the net. As she heard the ball drop she turned and looked over her shoulder, her blue eyes full of quiet rage as she looked at Hanamiya’s son, a surprised look on his face.
“Try not to drool on my shoes when you’re down there.”
With that the game kicked off hard, no one holding back, Aomine and Kagami holding back to let their daughter control the ball. Until of course they saw Hanamiya’s son reach in and grab her shirt, making her scowl and trip slightly. Both of them gave each other a wordless look, communicating perfectly. The next time it was their ball, Aomine held his hands out.
“Akemi, pass.”
With a flick of her wrist, Akemi tossed the ball to her dad and ran off, watching out of the corner of her eye as he posted up in front of Kentaro. She grinned. She loved watching her fathers play and this was going to be so fucking good.
Aomine didn’t wait for his opponent as he shot forward then back, dribbling the ball around himself, moving faster than Kentaro could see. As he shot past the man, he saw Hanamiya rush in front of him. Aomine didn’t miss a beat as he passed the ball backwards to Hanamiya’s surprise. He grinned as he looked over his shoulder at his husband, who was now flying through the air with the ball, his face serious. As the ball came down hard in the net, Kagami gripping the rim, Aomine felt his heart beat pick up quickly. He had been so focused on getting revenge for Shou, he had missed the fact that he would be playing with Kagami once again. As they ran back to the end of the court, he nudged his husband with his shoulder, happy to see the smile the redhead gave back to him. It seemed he wasn’t the only one with that thought.
It was nearly an hour later when it was the final point. Shou watched as his family moved down the court, his sister with the ball again. If they landed this they won. He was internally screaming with happiness and pride, his family doing this for him meant so much. He had reluctantly taken up basketball to make his sister happy, but as he watched them all pass the ball and circle the opponents, he wished his ankle was better so he could join them. He grinned as he watched Akemi pass to Taiga, his dad easily passing Kentaro and jumping for the dunk. Hanamiya was there to stop him, jumping as well, but it didn’t stop the redhead as he tossed the ball behind his opponent’s back into the awaiting hands of his husband. With that, the ball was dunked forcefully through the hoop, the pair landing together, Hanamiya having fallen to the ground at such force. As Shou watched the two of them stand together, side by side, he couldn’t help but shake his head. They must have been a force of nature when they were younger, the pair of them together. He wished he could’ve seen it, and going by his sister’s face, she was thinking the same. As they turned to walk back towards him, their faces relaxed and smiling as they spoke to one another, Shou took in a deep breath. He loved his fathers so much. He truly wished he could find someone for himself as they had in each other.
As he thought, Akemi came up and kicked his good leg before sitting next to him, leaning into her brother, “You thinking something sappy again Shou?”
The boy shrugged, “Yeah.”
They both looked at their dads, the two now arguing over something probably ridiculous. Even as they argued they still looked at each other lovingly. Shou and Akemi grinned at the sight, something they had seen many times before.
“It would be nice.”
Akemi nodded, not needing her brother to explain, “Yeah it would. Although I think they are two of a kind.”
As Kagami and Aomine grabbed the basketball, facing each other on the now empty court, fire in their eyes, their kids laughed a bit.
“Yeah. Definitely in a class all on their own.”