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so i have this b99 au ideia where jake and amy are movie stars and they are set to make a movie together, so they have different personalities just like on the show but they spend A L O T of time talking with each other and shooting scenes and them they fall in love and now everything hurts and im dying pls help

O M G I LOVE THIS CONCEPT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pls enjoy these additional headcanons from me and @stardustsantiago​:

  • Jake is at craft services almost 24/7. (If he isn’t there or shooting a scene, he’s chilling in Amy’s trailer – sometimes even when she isn’t there.) 
  • Jake always tries to make Amy break character while they’re shooting close ups of her face. (He succeeds exactly three times, and one of the takes makes it to the blooper reel. He may or may not have saved this clip on his phone as well.) 
  • Jake LOVES improvising, but Amy is really bad at it. This causes serious tension on set sometimes. They have an agreement where she teaches him to handle aggressive pap questions and he teaches her how to improv.
  • One of Amy’s earliest roles was this really embarrassing part in a dumb kids movie. (Jake hunts down the limited edition DVD for it and has it playing on repeat in his trailer.) 
  • Amy and Jake argue over best movies and TV shows ALL. THE. TIME. Amy ranks them by acting and writing, Jake by EXPLOSIONS and FIGHT SCENES.
  • Amy has a rough day on set where nothing is flowing right and even her scenes with Jake come out stilted. She breaks down in her trailer after the director yells cut and tells her to take an early lunch break. 
    • Jake comes in and calms her down by telling her about all his off days. (”And then, I kid you not, I pantsed Bruce Willis in front of half the cast and crew.”) 
  • Everything’s super platonic between them (except for like the secret ~*feelings*~ they’ve both been hiding since week 3 of shooting their first project together), but then they have to do a kissing scene for the second installment in their movie series, and things start to get kind of awkward. 
    • They have a Talk about it and decide to be #professional. (That being said, they’re both def dying during and after the actual kissing scene. And their director has them do MULTIPLE TAKES. RIP their souls.)  
  • They manage to keep their relationship secret for all of two days, but someone catches them making out in the AV closet. 
  • After they start dating, they p much can never be cast in things together because Jake’s heart eyes ruin the tone of anything that isn’t a rom com.

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Answer 11 questions, tag 11 people, write 11 questions for them to answer

1. Favorite character from the last TV show you watched? Amy Santiago (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

2. What’s a music video you can rewatch forever? From Eden - Hozier

3. The weirdest food combo you love? ice cream and fries

4. Getting up early or sleeping in? sleeping in

5. Favorite thing to do in your free time? watch tv or hang out with friends

6. Pineapple on or off pizza? OFF

7. What is a movie you love so much you can watch it no matter what? The Martian

8. A song that you’ve memorized and will never forget? Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song

9. Your favorite subject in school? art??? idk

10. Favorite ship trope? feelings coming out during an argument 

11. What was your first ever fandom? besides the ones that everyone was in (Doctor Who, Harry Potter) my first proper fandom was Revenge

my questions:

  1. favourite bingeing tv show?
  2. what was the main plot to your make believe games as a child?
  3. if you could go back to any point in history where/what time would you go?
  4. all time favourite film?
  5. house in the city or house in the countryside?
  6. favourite animal?
  7. what would you do in a zombie apocalypse?
  8. first major celebrity crush?
  9. if you could eat anything right now, what would it be?
  10. favourite drinking game?
  11. Iphone or android?

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Raphael literally had zero chill around Simon right from the beginning. Like he was so open and sassy?? Leaning against the wall watching Simon & then there’s the whole “It’s not against the law to rob my own grave” bit which was sassy af and super cute and the lil museum convo like damn boy pls chill.

And then you could tell he wasn’t happy that Camille had ordered Simon to be taken & then the whole “Do exactly as i say” like he’s so good???? He could have legit killed Simon and everything but he didn’t want to break the accords so he let Simon and the Shadowhunters all go free??? With no rules or whatever he just showed them to the exit and kicked them out??

Then why bring up the life saving when Simon goes back to the hotel? that was unnecessary. And don’t even get me started on the way Raphael eyes Vampire!Simon up like that wasn’t sly at all. And when the guys said they wanted to free Camille and obviously he didn’t want to endanger his people (like a sane person) (also a lot like alec, you guys noticed the parallels too i hope?) but he still offered to bring all her things to them. he didn’t have to do that, they wouldn’t have extended the same courtesy to him.

Raphael is lovely, fight me. (also had no chill around Simon which eyyy)

Attention all saphael shippers!

I was wondering if we could make a saphael squad, rather like the drarry squad. A tag on which we could share all of our edits, fics, recs etc. and meet new people! I just think that it would be a really cool thing we could do, make a little community where we can have a safe environment and welcoming blogs. Anyone can join, no matter what! All you have to do is ship saphael! No judging, no picking, no nothing. Yeah, so just tag your stuff with #saphael squad and we can see creative new things and meet amazing new people.
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Saphael Week

Starting on the 21st of September, we’re going to have a Saphael Week! This’ll be a week completely dedicated to the ship, Saphael.
A few things have been organised to do on these days, feel free to write, draw, or just ramble about them!

Day 1: Favourite Saphael Quotes and Scenes
Day 2: A song that reminds you of Saphael
Day 3: Vampire!Simon and Raphael
Day 4: Shadowhunter!Simon and Raphael
Day 5: When did you start shipping Saphael?
Day 6: How does Simon remember Raphael after his death?
Day 7: Choose whatever you wish! It’s a ‘your choice’ day!

Remember to tag everything with #Saphael Week, and spread awareness until then! Hopefully, we’ll have a lot of fun!