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Happy N7 Day! 

I sketched this a couple months ago I think, but decided to finish it today since I didn’t really have any art planned for N7 day. I’m pretty happy with how it looks <3

You can get a limited edition 8x10 signed and numbered print of it here, I’ll only be doing a small run of 15 of them, though you can get unlimited 5x7 prints here as well! I still have a couple of last year’s N7 day foil prints available too! 

For the occasion I have free standard shipping on all Mass Effect prints on Etsy until November 9th, 2016! That includes the limited edition 8x10s ;)

A Mass Effect OC ask meme!

I really enjoyed the Dragon Age Item asks that were going around a while ago, so I decided to make a version for Mass Effect. Since it’s impromptu OC day today, I figured it’s a good time to post these. Send me an item and a character and I’ll answer the question(s)! And of course feel free to reblog it so people can ask you stuff too!

Medigel - How does the character react when someone asks them for help? How do they feel about asking other people for help?

Omnigel - What strategies do they prefer to use when trying to solve problems?

Omniblade - How temperamental are they? Do they show their anger or keep it hidden? What’s the fastest way to provoke them?  

Ultralight materials - What’s a burden they carry that they wish was lighter?

Serrice Ice Brandy - What, if anything, is a memory that the character looks back on fondly?  

N7 chestplate - How difficult is it for someone to become close to your character? What (if anything) would someone have to do to earn your character’s trust and respect?

N7 helmet - Why did the character choose their current career (and class)? Do they believe it’s the right occupation for them?

Thermal scope - How does the character go about reading people? Do they take people’s words and actions at face value, or do they tend to dig for other motives?

Prothean relic - How does the character feel towards other species? Do they believe that their own species is exceptional in some way?

Dogtags - How do they want to be remembered?

I’ve been wondering how aliens in Mass effect would sound without the translators.

To humans, a Turian’s natural voice sounds a lot like the creature from the classic movie, Alien (1973) and that’s part of the reason why humans reacted to them so badly. But after establishing a rather tolerant co-existence, humans find out that Turians can sing quite well.. Not in words but through a series of clicking and sharp whistles and the occasional screeching for added passion.

Asari are the easiest to understand when a translator is malfunctioning since their vocal chords are almost similar. However there are pitches that they can reach- both high and low- so that they can hear one another clearly over large distances, hence why the Banshee can be heard so well.

Salarians are almost impossible to understand since they talk so fast naturally. Most of their words are vocalized in their throat and the back of their mouth but their hearing is rather superb so they don’t need to be so loud. Not when their own home planet has species that had hunted them in the early years of their species.

Quarian language is as smooth as their writing. Most of their pronunciation is in various trill pitches or the rolling of the tongue- which humans are still unsure if Quarians even have tongues. Their language varies from ship to ship but almost all can understand one another. They also learned the Geth language- however most forgot it after being pushed out of their home planet. 

Geth weren’t designed with the type of vocal chords as the Quarians and spoke in a estranged version of Binary- with some syllables melting into one another to make certain pings or beeps. They are designed to understand all langues and can speak the language after analyzing a speech pattern. 

Krogan are hardly discernible if they’re speaking or if their stomach is growling- both sounds like someone chucked a handful of rocks in a blender and then put a speaker phone next to it. Their voices can get so low in pitch that it would cause hearing damage to any other species near it. But that’s a clan secret passed down through generations and only used in combat.

per aspera ad astra // a playlist for commander shepard - first human spectre, savior of the galaxy, legend. (listen)

Had an idea of collecting a list of people who would be okay with me drawing their Dragon Age/SWTOR/Mass Effect characters, so that when the mood strikes me to draw a freebie I could just refer to that rather than randomly trawling blogs XD

All my energy is currently draining out my hoo ha atm though, so I’ll make a proper post that people can reblog with their char tags for refs n stuff later =P

reading about the killers in dead by daylight

we got the “spoiled rich southern farm brat who murdered a bunch of people working for him (with dynamite)”, the “deformed child locked in the basement at birth bc he was ugly and eventually kills his parents (with a chainsaw) before beginning to mutliate animals for fun”, the “nurse who killed like 50 patients before self-immolating” and then we have

“girl gets kidnapped by sadists, survives literally being partially eaten, uses town traditions to escape and track down her tormentors” okay not seein how this is as evil as the others but i guess she’s kinda a wendigo now soooo maybe?

and then we have

“immigrant really wants job but refuses to murder people, tries to free victim. kills corrupt mass-murdering mob-boss” writers i think you need to keep the “evil” level of your “pitiless murders” a bit more consistent because like??? i’m rootin for these two tbh 

?????????? also he has delicate dainty legs that are hilarious to watch him run with. they made him look like a goober

In the Heights Headcanons

- Benny and Nina have like, a buttload of kids?? They could just about have their own football team
- They all have various ranges of interests and talents, some flying through academics while others are best in other areas, but without fail they will all sit down and do their homework and revision every night. It’s been trained into them, and while they might complain occasionally about the obligation there is a sweetness to how they all help each other out with their home from across school levels
- Camila is the stern Abuela who will have none of your rudeness thank you very much, but keep your manners and eat properly at the dinner table and you will have free range of the masses of homebaked delights she has at all times
- Daniella never marries, people sometimes look at her with some pity, as though she is some failed woman because she never scored a husband but she’s got so many better things to do? She’s got a business to run and advice to give (usually unrequested) and, let’s face it, the barrio would fall apart if she didn’t have the time to regularly visit
- Carla, sweet lesbian, realises and accepts her sexuality somewhat late in life, due to being somewhat demisexual and never having much attraction anyways. Cue nervously turning to the happily bisexual Vanessa, who is more than overjoyed to answer whatever questions Carla throws her way
- Which Carla takes far too liberally and Vanessa has to distance herself lest she drown in queries about the most insignificant things
- Benny and Nina marry one year after she graduates from Stanford, but they were pretty much planning the wedding long before Benny ‘proposed’. Mostly, they figured a year of being a couple in Kevin’s presence would ease him into the fact that Benny was going to be around for a long time
- Usnavi and Vanessa date fifteen years before tying the knot. For them, it wasn’t a big gesture, more of a ‘may as well throw a wedding’; they are very comfortable in their relationship and loves together, they felt little need for a ceremony to prove that they would keep living together forever
- This is different to how the Romantic Usnavi had once planned for his future, but he wouldn’t change any of it
- Their wedding is small and heartfelt, most of the night being used as a chance for everybody to dance their arses off
- Daniella often speaks only in Spanish to the kids in the barrio, because she knows that by living in America from so young they can easily lose all ties to their culture
- They all groan to being forced to speak Spanish with her (if they use english she won’t respond in the slightest)
- But everybody is immensely grateful as they get older
- Usnavi, as the obvious best man at Benny’s wedding, cries during his speech
- According to all accounts of the evening, Vanessa definitely did NOT cry during her Maid of Honour speech where on earth did you get such an idea… okay don’t tell her I told you but she just really loves Nina okay?? Please don’t tell her I told you she’ll have my head on a platter


dammit clara you broke her

Everyone’s out there being a productive member of their fandom and I’m sitting here like….


matt brings marc to sunday mass

[11:00:30 AM] coyote/ @haljrdn:
marc: hey u catholics are alright, u have free wine and crackers, every mass is like a mini passover, im diggin this
marc: just a question, who killed jesus again?
matt: jews
marc: ok i gotta leave i was never here

Still from Alex Da Corte’s ‘Free Roses’ installation at Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.