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Free The Innocent Man Puzzle

This puzzle in Silent Hill 2 can be found towards the end of the Labyrinth and is based around people who were hung for crimes they committed. But there is one innocent person in the bunch!

When playing the game one will come across two of the rooms for this puzzle. One room will have nooses hanging and the other room will have corpses hanging with a description of the crime that lead them to being hung. However depending on the difficulty setting of the game, the riddle/ puzzle can become very difficult to figure out; meaning each puzzle varies and it can be irritating trying to figure out which individual is innocent.

When I played the game I had it on the normal setting, which contained a fairly easy puzzle/ riddle. This is the riddle that I got:

“Dead men, dead men, swinging in a tree
How many dead men do you see?
Tongue turned blue and face gone grey
Watch them as they twist and sway

The first one killed the butcher man
Then cooked him in the frying pan
Served him to his hungry guests
And gave them seconds on request

The next one with his smile and sweets
Stole poor children off the streets
To men who dressed unsavory
He sold them into slavery

Breaking into home at night
The thief he had a nasty fright
Filled his foolish head with ale
Woke in the morn in the county jail

The artist with his daunting skill
Tried his hand at painting bills
But caught in rain he was undone
When the ink he’d use did start to run

With promises of great return
Taking gold he did not earn
Bundled it up out of sight
Quietly slipped off into night

Three houses into ashes burned
The sheriff with no place to turn
Did spy a stranger in his town
Locked him up and beat him down

Dead men, dead men, swinging in a tree
How many dead men do you see?
Six feet long and six men wide
Round their necks the noose be tied.”

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Lmao remember when as a result of the accords a kill order was put on an innocent man, a killer was allowed to roam free, and a bunch of people who were just trying to stand up fir what was right were illegally incarcerated without any kind of legal representation or human rights. Wild how Steve was proven right in like 5 minutes. Also gotta love Ross straight up laughing in his face at the mention of giving a prisoner a lawyer. But yeah sure steve was just being stubborn and paranoid... smh

just pretend like Civil War didn’t even happen, ignore its entire existence, the only bits that matter were Sam and Bucky in the car, Steve and Bucky smiling at each other in the helicarrier, Steve and Bucky just gazing intently at each other in the elevator, Steve and Bucky fighting together, Sam and Redwing. Everything else??? Didn’t happen, don’t recall.

Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017 - Day Five

A/N:  With apologies to Laurie R. King and her book “The Beekeeper’s Apprentice”, from which I have shamelessly stolen the idea of traveling in a Vardo in pursuit of the bad guys.  I’m not completely happy with this, but I’ve run out of time and something is better than nothing, yes?  Also, still unbeta’d because hahaha who needs words to make sense?  Will go up on and Ao3 tomorrow.

ALSO - this is sort of a sequel to last year’s Sherlolly Appreciation Week fic “A Letter to Mary”.  You probably don’t need to read that one to figure out what is going on in this one, though.

Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017 – Day Five (Canon Compliant – The Abominable Bride)

Another Letter to Mary

My Dearest Mary,

I do not know when this letter will reach you.  Holmes has forbidden me from posting any missives home for the time being. We are traveling incognito; and he does not wish to offer any indication to overly curious eyes that we are in any way connected to the well-known detective stories.  If ever there was a wife who would understand the need for such discretion, it is you, my love.  

As you are aware, Holmes, Hooper and I are on the trail of a small band of murderous men. Another corpse was located in a small hamlet less than half-a-day’s ride from the initial murder.  Holmes suspects the man was in league with the thieves and was deemed a liability for one reason or another.  He thinks the men have begun to turn on one another.  

Speed and stealth are paramount, for Holmes feels more deaths are imminent if the blackguards become aware of our pursuit.  He believes they will be going to ground until such time as it will be safe to fence the item.    

As such, we have abandoned our conspicuous carriage and driver.  Holmes has managed to procure a Vardo—a sort of traveling wagon—from a Romani gentleman, as well as a horse to pull it, and three sets of simple clothing in exchange for a hefty sum.  They have made arrangements for the return of the wagon once our current mission has been fulfilled.  In addition, the man advised Holmes as to the best roads to travel upon and what small villages would be the most accepting of three strange men passing through.    

When next we set off, we were disguised as a set of brothers in route to visit our dear mother some far distance away.

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I think what I love about Sarah so much is that she isn't just the romantic interest for Michael. She didn't just leave the door unlocked so she could be with Michael, she did it to set an innocent man free but felt so guilty. She wasn't going to run but then her Dad died & she was fueled again by the right cause. Yes she loves Michael but she also fights for what's right and is her own person with her own motives. I love it! Do you agree?

yes!! i absolutely agree. i love that sara is a strong character all on her own, especially on a show with such a heavy male presence. it would have been very easy for them to turn her into nothing more than michael’s love interest, to relegate her to smaller role, especially in later seasons, but they didn’t. they gave her a real and believable backstory, and they let her exist on her own away from michael, especially in season two, and i was so, so happy they did that. 

sara is wonderful. she fights for those she loves, she does the right thing, and she’s not afraid to kick a little ass if she needs to, especially when it comes protecting her people. think about in the last episode, when dumbass jacob was like “and if i told you not to go?” about her going to michael and she turned around like she was going to unleash hell on him for him even suggesting that he tell her to do anything. she takes no shit from anyone, and that even includes michael. remember in season four, when he needed to go to the hospital and he kept putting it off until he collapsed and finally she was just like “okay, nope, this ends now” and loaded him up and took him anyway. like yes, sara. take charge. i am here for this.

i love when she’s with michael, don’t get me wrong, but i still love her all the same when she’s independent of him. it’s so great to have a character like her on tv.

Why Evil Exists

One of the most powerful arguments that people make against the existence of God is that evil exists in the world and  if God is good and all powerful he would banish evil. In ancient times evil was seen as the result of mankind’s transgressions against God. War, plague, famine was seen as God’s punishment. Yet, this does not explain small individual evils. If evil was repaid with divine punishment then we could see it but where is the divine justice in violence against an innocent? 

The more modern argument is that of free will. Man is evil because God does not interfere. Still this argument rings hollow for if there is no punishment for the wrongdoer in this life why should we expect it in some future existence. What is the purpose of free will then? Why cannot man be free without evil?

Such considerations are simple for the Buddhist. There is evil because in our universe nothing can be all one thing or all another. We cannot have light without dark or warm without cold. This is because the world is always in a flux, moving and transitioning from one thing to another. Evil and good are always at odds and one contains the seed of the other. There will be times of plenty and times of want. There will be seasons of cold and seasons of warmth. Life follows death and then life is reborn from the ashes. Mountains rise and fall. Oceans dry up and fill again.

So long as the one is two there will be evil. We, for our part, must recognize this and combat it where we are. We will win and we will lose. Yet, fight we must because that is the way of samsara.

Day 6: Favorite Male Companion

Well it’s no surprise that this one is Garrus, is there? I’m pretty sure I’ve put a lot of hours into writing about him, his family, and his friends, so… yeah. There’s really no contest here. Garrus is far and away my favorite male companion.


Garrus is not just Shepard’s best friend, he’s Shepard’s foil. The two play off each other well, and their contrast serve to highlight the theme of the game.


Garrus is a member of one of the council races, serving a traditional role in turian society as a peacekeeper (following a stint as a soldier during mandatory basic training). However, he gets very frustrated with rules and regulations, and can’t stand injustice being allowed to stand.

In contrast, Shepard is not from a council race, and is a volunteer soldier. Her role is anything but traditional: she’s the first human spectre, and her career as a soldier was already highly unusual. And for all that Garrus yearns to break the rules, Shepard actually does, and usually does it for a good reason. As a spectre, she’s tantalizingly above the law

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these are actual photos of a city that I went to sleep believing was safe and violence free. But yet again, an innocent black man was killed unjustly by an officer and the once calm Black Lives Matter movement turned brutally violent. Places I see on a daily basis littered with the bodies of injured civilians and getting shot with tear gas. My beautiful city I was once proud to call home has become a hub of terror and violence. The main highway has been shut down and the city has been declared in a state of emergency.

Even though I feel like the violence is a little out of hand, the pain these people feel is realer than ever - this is the 6th death of an innocent black man in our Queen City.

Please send good thoughts to Charlotte North Carolina and the families of the victims, both dead and injured. it looks like I’m staying home tomorrow. Update - Semi trucks on 1-85 were looted and then set on fire, setting loose wild monkeys. (This shit is insane???)


Favorite Sibling Relationships:

Tim and Sarah McGee


“Sarah, I’m a federal agent. I have a responsibility-”
“Tim, I didn’t come to a federal agent! I came to my big brother.”

“So your actions, or should I say inactions, did nothing to help your sister but they did impune the integrity of this agency.”
“Forgive me, Director, for not putting the integrity of NCIS before my sister. It won’t happen again.”

“I don’t know what my sister did or didn’t do, but I knew what it looked like and we say better ten guilty men go free than one innocent man get punished but I know from experience it doesn’t always work out like that. I couldn’t take that chance with Sarah. Not with the police, not with NCIS, not even with you. She’s my sister." 

"He just resigned because of you.”
“No! But Tim loves NCIS!”
“Evidently he loves you more.”

“My little sister could never kill anyone.”

     hiram lodge had been released and was parading around riverdale. whether people knew it or not, he was basically the godfather of everything running in the town, he had a lot more power than people knew and was he willing to use that power to benefit himself and those close to him?? definitely. was he an innocent man?? DEFINITELY NOT. but he was a free man nevertheless. he had been told the news of fp’s imprisonment whilst he himself had been confined and he knew that he’d make it his mission to get him out also, even if it was on bail. it was the least he could do to help out. was fp jones an innocent man?? not exactly. but if hiram wasn’t wasting away in a jail cell, the serpent didn’t deserve to be that way either. he had a family. he knew that his son was friends with veronica and if his little girl knew he could pull some strings, she would have already begged him to help fp out for jughead’s well-being.

     fp jones had been good to him, doing his dirty work for when hiram didn’t want to hold his head in shame — he did that constantly anyway. he appreciated fp. he didn’t consider him just a coworker or himself as his boss, more so, he was a friend. friends looked after friends and it wasn’t remotely surprising that he marched into the sheriff’s station at 9am on the dot. sheriff keller didn’t look slightly happy, more pissed than ever. but hiram had pulled some strings — he wasn’t a murderer, he at least deserved bail.

     he insisted on being right next to sheriff keller’s side as they made their way to the cell, his formal dunhill shoes clicking with every single step he took and making himself known to those around. “fp jones.. let’s go. time to be a…” he trailed off, toying with the cuffs of his suit jacket. “civilised man again.” a smile appeared as keller opened the cell door, sliding it across. “everything is taken care off.. papers signed, money paid. nothing to worry about.” without even waiting for a response, hiram turned on his feet, making his way out of the holding cell room and standing outside.


The worst global terrorism campaign under way right now is Obama’s global assassination campaign. The drone campaign. Notice that there’s a debate in the United States when he decides to murder Americans like al-Awlaki; is that legitimate or not?

What about the other people? The people that are being murdered are suspects.

Go back 800 years again to Magna Carta. We’re going to commemorate its 800th anniversary next year, probably morn its disappearance. The core concept developed in Magna Carta was what we call presumption of innocence. And what it stated is that a free man cannot be subjected to state punishment without due process, without trial by a jury of peers. Now, free man was a very limited concept in the 13th century. Of course it excluded women, it excluded people who weren’t free, and so on. It gradually expanded over the centuries. So it’s embedded in the constitution, also with limits, the 14th Amendment, other limits. But now it’s being contracted. The drone campaign eliminates presumption of innocence.

The way it works is, Obama and his advisers get together Tuesday morning and decide who they are going to kill that day. The concept ‘guilty’ means Obama decided to murder you. That’s a regression that goes back 800 years. That’s pretty serious.

And what’s more serious is it’s not discussed. The only thing that’s discussed is the killing of Americans. Are Americans a difference species? Who says you can kill other suspects? There is some talk about collateral damage; what about the people who are just standing around and get killed Well yeah, that’s bad, but what about the people you’re aiming at? They are suspects.

You haven’t shown proof of anything about them. Just somebody the government wants to kill.

—  Noam Chomsky | Talks at Google
The cast of Resident Evil 0 in 'Local Man' terms
  • Rebecca Chambers: Local woman resents being treated like a kid, crashes a train, fights a leech, and let's a convicted killer go free
  • Bully Coen: Local man innocent of crimes convicted for, fights giant bugs, gets a crush on a 18 year old, and escapes into zombie filled woods
  • James Marcus: Local man actually made of leeches
  • William Birkin: Local man more spineless that thought possible for person with spine
  • Albert Wesker: Local man is there for some reason

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Hey, I'm not looking to seem stupid and ignorant, but what has happened in Ferguson that has tumblr in an uproar? I haven't been on all day, and this is usually where I get my information and updates on the situation.

Darren Wilson (the cop who shot and killed Michael Brown) was found INNOCENT and so he will not have any charges brought against him at all. 

He is a free man, he murdered and was found to be innocent. This is why Tumblr is in an uproar just as they damn well should be, along with everyone else on the god damn planet.

Wow. I’m crying over a man I’ve never met in my life because his murderer was declared a free man today. I’m fuming over an innocent 18 year old who’s murder is trying to be justified with a robbery of $3 cigarillos. I’m crying because white people are not only supporting Darren Wilson, but because they’re giving him money for what he did. I’m crying over a man I’ve never met in my life.

I think that the fictional murder of Jolene Parker, The Cowboy, Red’s nameless asset with the tatoo, Eugene Ames, and his hand in the murder of Meera Malik and the attack on Harold Cooper are all proof of the fact that Tom Keen’s character is not an “innocent” man in The Blacklist universe.

Quite the opposite - TPTB let Tom kill with Eugene Ames an completely innocent man for his own manipulative purpose, not out of protection.

Tom might be a free man right now with a boat.

But he is not an innocent man.

Nor is he a good one. Because at least in the stories I read/watch good people don’t do things like this to the ones they supposedly love.

But I’m sure its going to be an “interesting dynamic” between Tom and Liz…


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Dangerous Love

When Stiles coincidentally shows up for notorious mob boss and psychopathic murder Derek Hale’s arrest after an anonymous tip to Beacon Hill’s finest, he doesn’t know what he’s expecting. What do you ask a guy who murdered his own family? Whatever he’s expecting, Derek isn’t it. And the answer to the only question Stiles can think to ask, “Why did you kill your family, Derek?” isn’t what he’s expecting either.

Suddenly Stiles is questioning the truth that everyone in California knows: Derek Hale is guilty.

But as he cracks open a six year old case, he’s itching with the question: Is he about to set an innocent man free, or is he being played by a killer?

Based on this.


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