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I have rarely smiled since January 15th as much as I did when I realized that for once I am free. Today is March 8th, and for many, March 8th has already passed. There was no Lost Special. I promised myself that this would be the last day of conspiring. I am free to accept that Series 4 was simply not as good as previous seasons. I am free to accept that Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are not the genius writers I believed them to be. I am free to accept that they ruined the characters John Watson, Jim Moriarty, Mary Morstan, Molly Hooper, and Mycroft Holmes. I am free.

Wait…what about TAB?

Current highly caffeinated mood - Filling my queue, working on gif requests, transferring high def video files to my new external hard drive to free up space, scrolling tumblr, making new posts on my overwatch blog, responding to comments and emails, debating if I can do some drabble fills at the same time

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Notice of Future Changes

Gonna overhaul the description of this blog later. Tritus has developed into a completely unrelated universe from her/his/their original concept. For those who are interested feel free to keep tabs on this blog as I slowly rewrite his origins and expand into his verses.

I have realized that this should still remain as an independent RP blog that will remain semi- active. I will post small memes or blurbs as I get things in order as his revamp makes no sense until the base story is set….The way that Tritus and his universe has and still is developing may not be to the liking of everyone. His universe stems from his original story of the steam universe and delves into several reincarnation arcs which may seem redundant but it also allows for story expansion and plot twists that occur in each of his new ‘strings’. This eventually leads to other parallel universes, which may or may not be too much change for some. -Shrugs- But I have found myself drawn to the pliability that comes with being able to hop from one verse to another.

Please feel free to unfollow or stay at your leisure but know that although Femme Tritus and her idea conception are one of my prized creations, her birth into Tritus Vitrailis Zenier the Orchid Mantis has been for the better. As a mun, I still feel awkward and pressured to make a good impression on other muns which may have caused rifts in our communication. Feel free to ask this new Tritus questions or send memes as he tends to be quite blunt with his responses.

I will be conceptualizing his other strings along with the massive amount of characters that have helped create this universe into what it is and what it can be.

Thank you all dearly for sticking around to read all of this. A special thanks to Unifyingspark and His-Lost-Horn for Tritus’ inspiration and conception. I know we rarely speak anymore but I hope all is going well for you both and that amazing project that you two have created. And to tailblinking for their kind friendship in the brief interactions we had together. Thank you truly from the bottom of my heart for helping me get over art blocks and essentially inspiring this monster of an obsession. Honestly, thank you all for being so kind to this novice and awkward mun/ Character, words cannot fully express how much you all influenced my creative career.

For now, This will be all that I have to say. Drawings and updates will be done slowly but surely. Thank you all for your time and may you be blessed by the winds. 😉

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After 24 hours of uni-induced tumblr exile on my part, the next major update is complete! It now contains 200+ links (this is an estimate, I’m too tired to count them right now). 

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johnfuckingwatson answered your question:Question for the masses…

it was off camera but I think we can assume it was one of the Furies ladies




I have absolutely NOTHING to back this up.  Just my gut.

I think Mary is the character running interference and keeping both sides turned upside down in BOTH timelines.

I think she is playing ALL sides.

And I think it all centers around killing Mycroft.

I think a major part of this gay fever dream is Sherlock trying to figure out his sexuality, yes…BUT, I also think a major part of this Mind Palace sequence is figuring out how to save Mycroft.

I am just guessing that Lady Carmichael’s husband would have been a HUGE target for the brides based on his house and presented social status.  It would have brought them a ton of attention, and cemented the whole “ghost bride” terror.  Same thing with Mycroft in modern day.  He would be a huge target for Moriarty to take out from the grave, solidifying his reign of terror and making him immortal as a ghost.  


So Moriarty/Brides spent the episode trying to distract Sherlock from protecting Lord Carmichael/Mycroft while Mary kept running interference in both timelines.

The brides needed a mastermind to keep everything in play.  How quickly would they have chickened out, lost interest without someone egging them on. Convincing Lady Ricolletti that she needed to die = MARY

Mycroft needs a spy to keep Sherlock in line = MARY

Sherlock must be distracted/stopped.  Kill Moriarty = MARY

Remove John from the equation once Sherlock is discovered alive.  Best way to do that = MARY

I think s4 is going to be a race against Mary to save Mycroft.  I think Mary is Moran in both timelines.  She is the one left pulling the strings.  

Was lucky enough to visit my Lush store on the exact day when they got in Halloween, and new permanent range products, plus the new catalogue! Heres my haul for the day: Dream Steam steam tab, Salted Coconut hand scrub, Beautiful shower gel, Lord of Misrule shower cream, Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar, and Lord of Misrule bath bomb!

So someone asked me to post this here :) I try to always put the free printables that I use under my free printable tab.

*PS for those wondering why I highlight some days on my “filled out one”, its because I have a test, a party, birthday or something important going on that day. 
Have a great day peeps! 

“I grew up around a lot of pain and violence, so I started my life with a lot of anger. At some point, I decided that I wanted to play basketball and get rich. I was a star player, and if you’re really good, they give you good grades to keep playing basketball. My mom found out, and she took me off the team. For her, education was more important than basketball. I held a grudge against her for 20 years. I said, ‘If I can’t play ball, then fuck school.’ I made bad decisions, got shot a few times, was in and out of jail.
“Now I’ve got three kids and I’m jail free—no warrants, no tabs. I feel like I’m starting my life over, and I’m gonna do it in a magical way. I can’t really explain it, but I live in my imagination now.”
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Hi there, everyone! I recently decided that I want my primary blog to be exclusively Supernatural. Therefore, I created a multifandom blog at @galaxyrosetyler! I’ll be posting Gilmore Girls, Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, Outlander, Agent Carter, Galavant, iZombie, Jane the Virgin, and anything else that doesn’t fit onto my primary over there. 

If you want to check it out, I’ll promo anyone who follows @galaxyrosetyler OR reblogs this update to 17k+ thru the end of Sunday. It would mean a lot if you check it out, because I’m very interested in blogging about things outside of Supernatural. Don’t worry; I’m not leaving the SPN fandom behind! I just want to blog about my other fandoms too.

Thank you!